waste torches

I’m playing a Pixie Wizard by the name of Warren in a second ed campaign. The other members have taken to referring to him as “The Flying Dick” due to his morbid sense of humor and disregard for mortal life. The town we’re staying in has been attacked and set on fire during the night by a small army of skeletons. These in particular cause flaming sores to erupt from the wounds of their victims.

Dm: You see several skeletons running to the well, and the peasants are making an attempt to keep them back.

Me: Oh, that sucks, how are they doing?

Dm: Several of them are lying dead or dying on the ground, two of them are still on fire.

Me: Well, at least those two were considerate enough to light my way.

Dm: What? Really?

Me: Yeah, now I don’t have to waste my torches, good job villagers.


Waste - Foster The People @ Hangout Music Festival 2015