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In 1980, Congress established Superfund, a federal program tasked with cleaning up sites contaminated with pollutants and hazardous waste. Many of these sites now have housing developments on or around them, because what could possibly go wrong with that?

As you might have guessed, many, many things could go wrong with that. At the West Calumet Housing Complex in East Chicago, signs are posted warning residents of the 109-building complex to stay the hell out of the dirt. Contaminated with arsenic and lead from a defunct factory, the EPA is racing to remediate the site and make it safe. In Brooklyn, homes lining the industrial waterfront are experiencing “vapor intrusion” – fumes rising from contaminated soil and groundwater carrying airborne pollution inside homes. Also in New York, a Halloween night rave – a legal one – was shut down by the fire department. The problem? Nobody realized the warehouse used for the rave was a toxic site that was flooding party-goers’ bodies with harmful chemical substances (of the non-recreational variety).

What are the effects of living on or near a seething pool of toxic sludge? That’s not an easy answer to give, and not just because the EPA isn’t super eager to divulge just how deeply into shit we’ve waded. 

6 Under-Reported Ways Big City Life Is Slowly Killing You

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Is it true Republicans are wanting to reopen Yucca Mountain? I hope not. Nancy (Henderson)

Nancy from Henderson, Nevada! Hello. Thanks so much for your question.

Yes, unfortunately, this is the reality we’re dealing with in this new administration. President Trump released a budget last week that outlined a $120 million proposal to restart the licensing process for creating a nuclear waste site at Yucca Mountain. I have said this before, but I will say it again: this attempt to revive Yucca is naïve and would be a colossal waste of taxpayer dollars! Yucca Mountain is nothing more than a hole in the ground that we all know is not a viable solution for dealing with nuclear waste. Nevadans won’t stand idly by while President Trump irresponsibly forces our backyards to become the country’s dumping site for nuclear waste.

Earlier this year, I worked with Senator Dean Heller and the Nevada Congressional delegation to introduce legislation to keep Yucca from being resurrected. The bill would require a binding agreement between the federal government and the Governor, local government, and tribes before a state receives nuclear waste so Nevadans won’t be forced to receive another state’s waste against our will. I’ll continue to work with Governor Sandoval and my colleagues in good faith – and on both sides of the aisle – to fight against this and any other attempt to reverse this reckless project. I can promise you that.

imagine if like every so often, Soundwave lures Starscream around the ship/base/whatever and they always end up at a waste disposal site and Starscream’s like “why are were here Soundwave” and Soundwave just goes “it’s my turn to take out the trash” and they squabble like children while Soundwave tries to shove Starscream headfirst into the bin/compactor thingy and Megatron has to come seperate them

Incidental Kazuichi Souda x Reader (VERY SHORT ONESHOT)

“Kazuichi, you’re gonna die up there!” ~~~~ deadpanned while holding tools for the mechanic. He had been asked to help fix one of the cranes at a construction site, due to it becoming jammed while attempting to lift a lead building beam. Naturally, he agreed to it, but also decided to call his close friend up, insisting they go with him. Once they arrived at the construction site, Souda wasted no time climbing up to hook of the crane to inspect what was going. This did not seem so bad, however the crane had already been lifted quite a ways of the ground, leaving  ~~~~’s friend to be dangerously hanging up in the air with no harness.

“Relax ~~~~! I will be fine!” Kazuichi reassured while wiping the sweat from his forehead. He had only been working for about twenty minutes now, and though nothing had happened yet, the (Color) haired friend’s nerves were still sky high. “Will you at least come down and take a break?” ~~~~ bargained while carefully watching the pink haired boy. “Fine!” He agreed with a long sigh. “Why don’t you go get us some drinks from vending?! I’ll pay you when you get back!” He offered while beginning to climb down. “You better.” The grounded teen mumbled before walking off to buy the two some Dr.Hopper, leaving the shark tooth’s tools on the ground.

After a quick trip, ~~~~ had returned carrying two waters as they were already out of the caffeinated soda. As the teen finished taking a gulp from their bottle, they quickly recapped it as they met back up with the beanie wearing boy. “Thank you ~~~~!” Kazuichi hummed while grabbing the one his friend had been previously drinking from. Opening the lid, he began to take a sip, as ~~~~ lifted up the unopened bottle in their other hand. “Hey Kazuichi. I’m pretty that’s my water.” They said in a stating tone as the pink haired boy became flustered and choked on the water he was sipping. “Relax, it’s not that big of a deal!” ~~~~ tried to consult as the boy stared at the bottle.

“So…~~~~ and I shared a drink?” Kazuichi asked before suddenly tilting his head up excitedly, his eyes twinkling and had he a big, goofy smile on his face before excited exclaiming: “That technically means you and I had an indirect kiss!”


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Ironton Iron Incorporated (Pt I)

Ironton Iron Inc. was an iron casting company that manufactured iron ductile castings primarily for the transportation industry. Originally built in 1908 as the Ironton Malleable Iron Company. The plant covered an area of 25 acres and an annual production of 70,000 tons of castings were made. In 1916 it was
acquired by the Dayton Malleable Iron Company and then by the Amcast
Industrial Corporation after that. Over the years Amcast faced several EPA violations for the toxic waste disposal site that it shared in Ironton with Allied Chemical known as the Goldcamp Disposal Area. Amcast used the disposal site along with Allied from 1945 until Allied closed the site in 1977. In 1983 the EPA added Goldcamp to the National Priorities List for Superfund cleanups. Many years later Allied sued Amcast to recover half the cost of an estimated $20 million-plus cleanup of the former Goldcamp Disposal Area, which according to court documents, Amcast never paid it’s share. Lengthy court battles followed for years. The Goldcamp disposal site was not the only environmental litigation Amcast has faced. 

In April of 1984 Amcast decided to close the Ironton plant putting over
600 employees out of work. Two months later the former employees  
met with a consultant about the possibility of reopening the plant with it
being operated under an employee stock ownership plan (ESOP). As part of
that plan the former workers would have to buy at least $2,000 worth of
stock in the new company, now to be known as Ironton Iron Inc. The plant
operated for about four years after that but it simply could not turn a profit.
In 1988 the shareholders agreed to let the company be acquired by another
iron company, Intermet. Part of that agreement was that the
employee-stockholders would get their initial investment of $2,000 back once the plant turned a profit, but it never did. In December of 1999 Intermet announced plans to close the Ironton plant the following year due to consistent financial losses. In addition, the Ironton plant was one of Intermet’s oldest facilities and the cost of modernization would have further impacted weak operating results. “The decision to close the Ironton Iron foundry was an extremely difficult one for us,” said James F. Mason, group vice president for Intermet. “Intermet has been working for years to make this plant efficient. We invested over $100 million in the plant and lost every penny of it, and more. We feel that all avenues were explored, but unfortunately, the loss of business dictated the eventual outcome of our efforts." 

In the later part of 2000 Intermet leveled most of the Ironton site. As common with most old plant sites, issues with environmental contamination has prevented the site from being redeveloped. In 2007 the property was set for a year long $2.5 million cleanup project funded by the Ohio Department of Development that would make the property viable for the city of Ironton. Intermet was to turn over ownership of the property to the city once the property was cleaned up. A couple of companies expressed interest in the property once cleanup was to be completed but now eight years later the site still sits empty with only a few reminders of it’s previous occupants.

Lakes, Reservoirs and Unused Runoff

EarthSurface Graphics, 1985

This was designed to graphically depict leaking toxic and hazardous waste sites in California’s lakes, reservoirs and runoff system.

Silver Tree Redox Reaction

Description:  A copper wire coil in a spiral shape is allowed to sit in a solution of silver nitrate.  Within an hour silver metal needles form on the wire.

Concept:  Copper metal is oxidized by the Ag1+ to Cu2+ and the Ag1+ ions are reduced by the copper metal to silver metal.

Cu0 = Cu2+ + 2 e-

2 Ag1+ + 2 e- = 2 Ag0


  1. ·  0.1M Silver nitrate
  2. ·  Distilled water
  3. ·  1000-mL beaker
  4. ·  copper wire (about 2mm diameter)
  5. ·  stirring rod


Silver nitrate stains skin and clothing and is slightly toxic.  Wear gloves when preparing the silver nitrate solution.


Dissolve 16.987g silver nitrate in about 1.0L of distilled water.  Form copper wire into a coil.

Set the stirring rod or straight piece of copper wire across the top of the beaker.  Hand the copper wire down into the beaker into the silver nitrate solution. And then play the waiting game.

Clean-Up:  Dump the contents of the beaker and rinse the copper wire into a waste bottle and take to EH&S waste collection site (or not).  Once the copper wire is rinsed, put it into the broken glass bucket (it may be sharp depending on how much copper metal was lost from it).  

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An underground garbage fire is burning right next to a nuclear waste site — and little is being done

Up to 200 feet of rotting garbage is slowly burning underground thanks to an uncontrolled fire at the Bridgeton Landfill outside St. Louis, resulting in a constant stench. But worse is the fire’s proximity to the neighboring 200-acre West Lake Landfill Superfund site full of radioactive waste from World War II-era nuclear bomb tests. Residents are calling on the EPA to do more, but it may be a complete no-win disaster.



Uruguay-based architects MAPA UY took a different approach when designing their latest house EDE. They prefabricated the home allowing them to limit the impact of construction on the site, minimizing waste and travel staff. 


Museums are banding together to bring attention to an important issue facing artist Michael Heizer’s sculpture CITY in the Nevada Desert. Heizer is nearing completion of his dramatic, monumental sculpture—a massive, 1.5-mile-long collection of abstract forms he has developed over the last 43 years. The land surrounding Heizer’s sculpture has faced numerous threats of development into military testing and nuclear waste sites. Help protect this area to preserve Heizer’s life’s work. 

[Michael Heizer. CITY. Photos by Tom Vinetz, © Triple Aught Foundation]

You know what’s great? People who understand that “strong female characters” come in several forms. A “girl” who compromises often can be just as strong as a “bitch” who doesn’t bend to anyone ever. Female characters don’t have to be liked or disliked to be considered strong. A soft-spoken, unsure heroine can be just as compelling as her self-assured, vocal counterpart. A female character doesn’t have to be an asshole, she doesn’t have to be an angel. She doesn’t have to anything except strong in some way to be a strong character. The word strong has more than one meaning. I’m tired of the “strong female character” having to be one thing and one thing only.

In addition, one can dislike a character and still respect them. People need to stop confusing dislike for a character as viewing them as lesser. It’s entirely possible for someone to hate a female character (or any character, for that matter) and still see their strength and respect it. Just because it doesn’t happen often doesn’t mean it can’t happen at all.