waste site


In the next several years, the United States Depart­ment of Energy (DOE) will bury some 500,000 barrels of radioactive waste a third of a mile be­neath New Mexico’s shifting sand desert, in a geophysical-inert thick salt formation. The waste will remain dangerous for 10,000 years.

DOE wants to make a permanent warning at this burial site of its dangers, to help prevent inadvertent release of radioactivity into our descendant’s food chain, water supply, and air. The warning must endure, be found and un­der­stood.

There is no guaran­tee of U.S. gov­ernmen­tal control 100 years past intern­ment. No built plac­es have lasted for 10,000 years.



1. Landscape of Thorns

A random forest of concrete thorns or oddly shaped claws, 50 feet high, the shapes of which suggest punctures, wounding of the body. These thorns all rise up from below and reach out like an uncon­trolled growth of something dangerous‑-perhaps mutations.

2. Menacing Earthworks

Immense lightning-shaped earthworks radiating from an open-centered Keep‑-emanations of danger seen best from the air, or from vantage points on top of the highest, 70-feet earthworks. At ground level, these massive earthworks crowd in, cutting off the horizon and making a loss of place. The square sandy Keep is vast and desolate, except for a walk-on map locating the many other radioactive waste sites in the world.

3. Black Hole

A dark masonry slab, evoking an enormous “black hole;” an immense no-thing; a void; land removed from use; worthless. Uninhabitable, and often ex­ceedingly hot because its blackness absorbs the sun’s heat and re-radiates it. The slab’s many joints have an irregular pattern, like the cracks in parched land.

4. Spikes Bursting Through Grid

A regular grid, about house-sized, inlaid in a ma­sonry slab that covers the Keep. The heavy, order­ing lid cannot stop the wounding energy from burst­ing up from below. The spikes/teeth/barbs first ripple in the Keep’s cover, then deform it, then puncture it; finally, the grid’s reliable and hu­man-imposed order is de­stroyed by a more power­ful force‑-chaos.

5. Rubble Landscape

Under the sand is a layer of stone. Its square outer rim is dynamited into boulders and bulldozed into a crude pile over the Keep, a cover different in height, material and vegeta­tion from the surround­ing desert. This rubble is an effort to keep some­thing dangerous in its lair‑-an inhospita­ble place that feels destroyed rather than created.

6. Forbidding Blocks

The stone under the sand is dyna­mit­ed and cast into black, house-sized, con­crete-and-stone blocks set in a deliberately irregular square grid, with a five-foot-wide “street” run­ning both ways. These streets go nowhere and are hot, omi­nous, and too nar­row to live or meet in. The scheme is a mas­sive effort to deny use. The land­scape is crudely or­dered, forbidding and uninhabit­able.

7. Spike Field

Stone spikes pierce the sand, pro­jecting from the Keep, uncon­trolled and cha­otic. The area is walled, with the spikes imprisoned and the outside safe.

- Michael Brill, art by Safdar Abidi

Sugar: Where do I find my Daddy?

In this age, you can find an SD a lot of places. Let’s break this down for you. This post isn’t about the couple hundred per meet SDs, this is for the SDs that will actually sponsor you, offer you a monthly allowance and aren’t bedroom bandits.

Seeking Arrangements: This site is developing into men who feel “I don’t have that much money, but really want to fuck a 20 year old bare, but I can’t afford a hooker and/or I think they all have HIV.” (I’m an escort, most of these dudes can barely afford my hourly) If this is your MO, or you aren’t looking for a big payout for your time, and you are ready to compete with millions of other girls, this is for you.

Other sugar sites: a waste of time. SD4Me might have some redeeming qualities, cause I did have a guy who paid for my laptop from there, but there’s so many time wasters and its a badly set up site. Also many non-SA sites have very inactive guys, but you can’t see when they were last logged in until you pay or whatever. time/money sink.

Tinder: Most 40+ guys on tinder aren’t looking for an SB, mostly because they can’t afford it. Some are open to it but will bail on you. You can use a fake Facebook, if you’re trying to conceal your identity. Don’t ever try to get money for a relationship on the chat. never say sugar baby.  Like I’ve said before, unless he offers up the money amount and everything, don’t push for it too early. He has a lot of girls who just want his money, don’t become one of them. Block guys as soon as they say their not interested in an arrangement, just block and move on. Find out if he actually has money buy doing research. The flashy BMW pic? He went to a car show once. Not real. Also flashy does not equal generous.

Other dating sites: YES.


If you’re looking for a Sugar Daddy and you’re not on a sugar website. Don't put it in your profile. Just don’t. Say you are interested in older men and yachting or fine dining or whatever, but don’t put arrangement in your profile. 

Ballad of Campus Accomodation Shaw

(A short piece, inspired by Elsewhere University, based on the Ballad of Minepit Shaw)

The bellow of a brass hunting horn broke the chilly night air, echoed by the baying of hounds as Suzie and Kath sprinted across the building site waste ground in front of Pelham house. Suzie held her high heels in one hand, and a bottle of vodka which was not hers in the other, while Kath had dropped her shoes a few metres back, and clutched two bottles of what she had assumed were fancy coloured spirits. They shifted in their bottles against rhythm of Kath’s run.

“Fucking Pelham house!” Kath panted. “Party flats my arse!”

“Of course he’s a fucking Gent!” Suzie groaned in exasperation. “Of course he is!

Neither of them risked a look behind them, but they both swore they heard thundering hooves and slobbering hounds. In their panic, they had made a bee-line for the muddy expanse where builders were already sinking the piles for the new Shaw House accomodation. Kath spotted a large bulldozer and grabbed Suzie’s shoulder, pulling her towards it. They ducked under it’s backhoe and pressed themselves against the shadows behind it.

They stood there holding their breath, hearing pad of paws against soft earth drawing closer. Suzie muttered and mumbled what sounded like prayers, fiddling in her purse for a packet of salt, or a bolt, or some little iron trinket. Kath leaned towards the edge of the bulldozer, about to risk a glance around, when a hand clamped on to her shoulder.

She was too startled to scream, but Suzie wasn’t, letting out a short, sharp squeak of terror. A man stood before them, dressed exactly like a campus security guard, except for the fact that every inch of clothing on his body was green. He wore a green cap, green shirt, green slacks, green boots, forest green hi-vis, even his maglite cast a pale green light over the two girls.

“Goodness, you’re in a mess aren’t you?” he said, almost off-hand, as though commenting on the weather.

Suzie looked fit to scream again, but Kath spoke first.

“Please, you have to help us. There’s a guy out there hunting us!” she said, her voice almost cracking with fear, both real and exaggerated.

“Sounds like Lord Pelham,” the green guard said with a little grimace. “A powerful lad and no mistake. Getting suspended would be the least of your troubles. You must’ve done something pretty bad to rile him like this.”

Kath frowned, shifting the bottles awkwardly in her hands.

“Well, okay. We did something pretty stupid. But please, we’ll do anything.”

Suzie shot Kath an appalled look, and Kath sighed.

“Alright, I’ll do anything.”

The green guard smiled without showing his teeth.

“Lucky for you I’m no friend of Lord Pelham. Although, it would certainly be nice to have some kind of recompense for my magnanimity….”

Suzie (a Biomed student) frowned, but Kath did Literature. She laid her bottles on the ground, and nodded for Suzie to do the same.

“Well, I’d say that’s an ample gift. Step this way.”

Kath and Suzie stepped forward, and plunged into absolute darkness. Kath felt her hip bump into something hard, like a metal table edge.

“Ugh!” Suzie said, somewhere nearby. “What’s this?”

“Just my little home. You’ll pardon me keeping it dark, but power bills are atrocious for my thousand crystal chandeliers,” came the voice of the green guard.

Suzie felt along the table edge and hopped up on to it, sitting on the edge.

“Not much in the way of furniture,” she said, shifting uncomfortably.

“I apologise,” came the guard’s voice. “I’ll admit that solid gold furniture inlaid with precious stones tends to be a little hard on the backside. I’ve only arrived recently, and haven’t had time to unload my thousand silk cushions.”

Suzie and Kath were silent for a moment. Kath ran her hand over the tabletop, feeling little lumps and bumps across its surface.

“It can’t really be gold, can it?” came Suzie’s voice.

“Even if it isn’t,” said the guard, “you’re a long way away from Lord Pelham, aren’t you?”

Kath didn’t respond. She supposed she owed him that much. She lay down on the table and closed her eyes, for all the difference it made in the dark.

When light came, it was harsh and hard. A bright autumnal morning dawned across the campus, bringing a cold breeze that blew across Kath’s sleeveless arms. She leaned up and looked around, and saw where she was. Then she let out a laugh.

She and Suzie had tumbled in the night and fallen into one of the pilings for Shaw House. She’d spent the night lying at the bottom of a muddy hole on a half-buried I-beam, and she could already feel the bruises where its rivets had dug into her. Suzie roused herself beside her, mumbling darkly about a headache.

At the top of the piling pit, a human head in a hard hat shouted down to them.

“Oh thank God!” it said. “I thought you were dead!”

“No!” Kath shouted up, smiling. “Although my friend may wish she was.”

* * *

It wasn’t until later that Kath got back to her room. On her desk was a note dotted with rhinestones and written in glittery green gel-pen.

It simply read, “Whether he was a security guard or a Gentleman, remember: ‘there’s more things told than are true, and more things true than are told’.”

At the bottom it had been signed by a ‘Lord Shaw’, in long looping handwriting.


In 1980, Congress established Superfund, a federal program tasked with cleaning up sites contaminated with pollutants and hazardous waste. Many of these sites now have housing developments on or around them, because what could possibly go wrong with that?

As you might have guessed, many, many things could go wrong with that. At the West Calumet Housing Complex in East Chicago, signs are posted warning residents of the 109-building complex to stay the hell out of the dirt. Contaminated with arsenic and lead from a defunct factory, the EPA is racing to remediate the site and make it safe. In Brooklyn, homes lining the industrial waterfront are experiencing “vapor intrusion” – fumes rising from contaminated soil and groundwater carrying airborne pollution inside homes. Also in New York, a Halloween night rave – a legal one – was shut down by the fire department. The problem? Nobody realized the warehouse used for the rave was a toxic site that was flooding party-goers’ bodies with harmful chemical substances (of the non-recreational variety).

What are the effects of living on or near a seething pool of toxic sludge? That’s not an easy answer to give, and not just because the EPA isn’t super eager to divulge just how deeply into shit we’ve waded. 

6 Under-Reported Ways Big City Life Is Slowly Killing You

From a Comrade (We should all be furious):

This is fucking tragic. I’m so fucking angry.

Here’s the most recent update on the situation in PR:

The state of Puerto Rico

1. No clean water.

2. Food shortage (people are eating rotting meat).

3. Power grid completely destroyed.

4. 12 hour wait for gas, but it runs out before everyone can get supplies

5. 15-16 hour wait for food & water

6. Jones act won’t allow aid from other countries (that are an hour away!!)

7. Promesa bills and corporate vultures created economic slavery In Puerto Rico

8. Dams are breaking and structurally unsound (because of debt crisis caused by corporate greed).

9. Elders and the sick are dying because electricity ran out.

10. So many trees are destroyed that heat waves have intensified triple fold.

11. Banks only allowing 50.00-100.00 per day per person withdrawals.

13. Plane tickets cost 2,000 dollars.

14. Trump uses island-wide disaster to take a jab at Puerto Ricans and the debt crisis.

15. Mosquito populations are soaring - soon to be followed by tropical diseases.

16. Oh, and gangs are starting to take over gas lines.

17. And you can smell shit for miles.

Also forgot to mention

18. FEMA & Red Cross are withholding supplies.

19. Communications are down.

20. Over 60 years of USA bombing debris in Vieques are dislodged probably heading for mainland Puerto Rico so we’ll be seeing even more cancer.

21. Let’s not also forget about the toxic ash.

22. Whatever agricultural industry we had left is gone - probably won’t be back for a year.

23. Puerto Rico has 23 superfund sites - hazardous waste up the fuck'n ass.“

- Raja Machete

Jose Luis Rodriguez waited in line Friday to fill plastic jugs in the back of his pickup truck with water for drinking, doing the dishes and bathing.

But there is something about this water Rodriguez didn’t know: It was being pumped to him by water authorities from a federally designated hazardous-waste site, CNN learned after reviewing Superfund documents and interviewing federal and local officials.Rodriguez, 66, is so desperate for water that this news didn’t startle him.

“I don’t have a choice,” he said. “This is the only option I have.” (X)


Muchacha Fanzine Issue #13

Theme/Tema: “Madre Tierra”

“La Madre Tierra, militarizada, cercada, envenenada, donde se violan sistemáticamente derechos elementales, nos exige actuar.”- Berta Cáceres

Whether it’s indigenous water protectors or led-poisoned black children, communities of color are disproportionately impacted by the effects of environmental degradation. While the oppressors in power harm & exploit the Earth and it’s inhabitants, we have & continue to fight on the frontline of the struggle but we are not always heard and this needs to change. In an effort to center the importance of our voices, Muchacha Fanzine’s “Madre Tierra” (Mother Earth) invites people of color to share short stories, visual art, photography, comics, thoughts, poetry, rants, doodles, and essays all related to environmental justice. Women, queer, transgender & non-binary folks of color are especially encouraged to submit their work.

Ya sea que se trate de protectores de agua indígenas o de niños negros envenenados con plomo, las comunidades de color son desproporcionadamente afectadas por los efectos de la degradación ambiental. Mientras los opresores en el poder dañan y explotan a la Tierra y sus habitantes, luchamos en las frontera de la lucha, pero no siempre somos escuchados y esto necesita cambiar. Con el objetivo de centrar la importancia de nuestras voces, Muchacha Fanzine’s “ Madre Tierra” invita a las personas de color a compartir cuentos, arte visual, fotografía, cómicos, pensamientos, poesía y ensayos relacionados con la justicia ambiental. Las mujeres, personas gay, transgeneros y personas no binarias son especialmente alentados a presentar su trabajo.


Send Submissions to/Envíe sus contribuciones a muchachafanzine@gmail.com 

Please limit written submissions to 2500 words & attach .jpg art images. Including a short bio/contact info is encouraged but optional. All of the contributors will receive free copies including domestic/international shipping! / Por favor limite las presentaciones por escrito a 2500 palabras y adjunte imágenes de arte .jpg. Incluyendo información de bio/contacto se recomienda, pero es opcional. ¡Todos los contribuyentes recibirán copias gratis incluyendo el envío nacional/internacional!

(Topic ideas include but are not limited to: *Environmental Racism *Anticapitalism *Indigenous Resistance *Decolonization *Black & Brown Resistance Movements *Ecofeminism *Queer Ecology *Industrial Pollution *Coal & Oil Companies *Air, Water & Soil Contamination *Greenhouse Gas *Global Warming *Toxic Wastes Sites *Fossil Fuels *Fracking *Radioactive Material *Health hazards i.e. cancer, asthma, lead poisoning *#WaterisLife *Keystone XL Pipeline *Natural Disasters *Deforestation *Heat Exposure *Gentrification *Public Housing *Transit Justice *Migration *Prison Industrial Complex *Police Violence *Military Occupation *Imperialism *Climate Change Denialism *The Trump Administration *EPA *Reproductive Health *Animal Justice *Endangered Species *Factory farms & Slaughterhouses *Food Justice *Food Deserts *Gardening *Public Policy *Power in Decision Making Processes *Sustainability *Renewable Energy *Grassroots Activism *Green Anarchism *Green Socialism *Environmental Spirituality *Healing *Where do we go from here?)

🎨: “Mother Earth Nourish” by Malaysian artist Jennifer Mourin

anonymous asked:

I just saw your post about homemade toothpaste being unhealthy so I'm just wondering ow bad are the abrasive properties of baking soda and do you know a zero-waste alternative??

Sorry for the delay, Anon, I just got this message today!

Minerals are given a hardness rating using something called the Mohs hardness scale, which goes from 1 (talc) and 10 (diamond). The harder a substance is, the more difficult it is to scratch. Tooth enamel is around 5, and baking soda is 2.5; a lot of zero waste and natural health sites have used this fact to say that baking soda is not capable of scratching teeth.

However, softer substances can scratch harder ones. For a non-dental example: iron and steel have a hardness of approximately 4 while glass is 5–despite being harder, glass is easily scratched by iron, it’s just that the iron is damaged more than the glass is in the exchange.

Baking soda crystals are less abrasive than steel, obviously, but have been shown to cause small abrasions over long-term use, which is why a number of medical professionals caution against brushing with baking soda. These tiny grooves provide the perfect habitat for bacteria to grow, and can make you more susceptible to cavities further down the line.

On the other side of the coin, a number of commercial toothpastes contain silica (hardness 7), and have been known for at least a decade to abrade enamel, the results of which are worsened by regularly drinking acidic beverages (this study has a lot of good information for those interested in reading more about the above).

The take home message of the dental literature I’ve read (disclaimer: I’m not a dentist nor a doctor, not giving anyone medical/dental advice) is that baking soda is less abrasive than some commercial toothpastes, but still too abrasive to be using on a daily basis. It has been shown to be good at removing plaque, but this is a once a month rather than daily type of requirement.

What I do personally is brush with water daily, and dissolve baking soda in a glass of water to make a mouthwash. This gives you the pH-balancing action of the baking soda while getting rid of the abrasion. I do brush with baking soda, but only once a month to once per two months, depending on whether or not I see plaque buildup. This is actually how old-fashioned tooth powders were used a century ago, on an as-needed basis. They have become popular again, but people have forgotten how to use them (and there are plenty of 1950′s and before patents and papers demonstrating their effectiveness when used in this fashion).

Hope this helps!

Hello it is I, Spilly, Beep beep im a sheep…..

Okay jk this is actually a quick update from your friendly neighboorhood @forksalesperson who is kinda keepin this blog updated on the Spilly sitch? I guess???

Anyways I’m here to tell you that the wonderful, beautiful, kind, amazing, b e s t, Spilly is doin just swell!! She might not admit it but she’s been doing like so good since she’s been off this time wasting blackhole site. She’s been drawing more and going on adventures and she’s just s u c h a good friend.

She has been kinda sad that she hasn’t been able to talk to all her good good friends on here, but the time away is something she really needed, so thank you all for worrying about her!!

Her house was fine after Harvey by the way so she and her family have been doing really well!

(Disclaimer: I’m not going through her inbox or messages and reading that stuff bc that’s not cool y’know xD)

Anyways!!! Speaking of adventures!!!!!!! SHE WENT ON A TRIP UPSTATE AND WE MET!!! IN REAL LIFE!!! G U Y S!!!!

Yes the pic is blurry but we were having so much fun and this was one of our favorites so xD



Sorry for screaming but I had to. OOOO We also made Build-A-Bears for eachother to take home so we could have things to hug when she left ^^ sadly she only visited for two days but it was wonderous and felt like I had already met her and we had been like neighboor friends for y e a r s. She is oh so speacial guys.

Right tho, our bears xD

First, Nerd McGondle, the one she made me

And second, introducingggggggg!!!


I can’t even begin to explain how much fun we had but guys!! It was great!!!


*channo voice* we back !! and we back and we back…. rap just made me anxious !  -no okay but we back with another installment of crybaby cancer’s follow forevers. y’all i really tried to find another peach pun ( not really spent like 3 minutes searching and gave up ) but i really outdid myself in stupidity with my first follow forever. sorry i wish i was funnier, but all cancers do is cry according to every tumblr blog so it ~must~ be true, so jot that down. i’ve had so many of these for all the godforsaken blogs i make smh, but i don’t think i disclosed why i make them. i’m gonna be real like this is one big ass promo/celebration for you guys. like i couldn’t give a rat’s ass how many 0′s i have behind my followers, i’ve really made really cool friends over all the years i’ve wasted on this ridiculous site. so i’m just here to spread some positivity and love and shit. alright let’s get to @’ing people bc we all loveeeeee to be @’d~ ( bro i’m sorry like right fuckin now… i’m really gonna forget to tag someone and i’m gonna freak out but i love y’all and i have my blogroll up bc i’m #nostalgic and bc i want you guys to see the awesomeness that i follow )

i mean they cute or whateva…

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Ironhawk #8

“You what?” Clint almost yelled. He stared disbelievingly at Tony. “You threw it away?”

“It was dirty and torn and…” Tony started carefully.

“Of course it was dirty and torn! It’s thirty-five years old! What do you think it would look like?” He threw his arms in the air in frustration.

“I… I had no idea. It…” Tony started again. He shifted from one foot to the other and scratched the back of his neck.

“Just because you’re the futurist, just because you don’t kling to the past doesn’t mean…” Clint stopped himself before he would say something unforgivable.

“Clint, I…” He started but Clint shook his head.

“There was only one thing from my past, one thing, that meant everything to me, Tony. And that was this teddy bear!” He ran his hands through his hair. “It was the only thing I ever got from my gramma, because she died when I was three years old!”

Tony looked miserable right now and sat down on the bed. “I… I had no idea.”

Clint leaned his back against the wall, slid down to sit on the floor

“I managed to keep it through my time in the orphanage after my parents died, I had it in the circus and all the time till… well…”

“Till I threw it away,” Tony finished his sentence. He was pale like a sheet by now and swallowed hard.

“Till you threw it away,” Clint repeated and nodded slowly. Tony straightened his back, rose and went to the door.

“Where are you going?” Clint asked and Tony looked at him for a moment.

“I will put things straight,” he said with a determined expression. Clint looked after him open-mouthed. He hadn’t expected that and so he could only stare.

Twenty-nine hours later Tony came back, tired, dirty and stinking like the hell. But he held Mr. Hinckles in his hand and smiled at Clint.

“Oh my god!” Clint called when he saw the bear. “Why… how… where have you been?”

“I went to the waste disposal site, payed them a shitload of money to dig through all the garbage they had collected the last few days and we found it,” he said. Clint’s eyes went wide.

“We?” he asked and a small smile appeared on Tony’s lips.

“Yes, we. I hired hundred people to help me search,” he said. “Or did you think I just sat there and watched them dig?”

“No, I… I have no idea what I should say,” Clint admitted but he held the dirty bear close to his chest. Tony’s smile broadened and he shrugged.

“It’s okay,” he said. “Just… let me take a shower and then a nap and…”

“Thank you,,” Clint said.

Tony smiled again. “I love you, Clint.”

Human Interference Task Force, or Nuclear Semiotics

I was talking with a friend about nuclear waste, its storage and its safety, and we did a bit of googling. Turns out there’s some interesting (and at times, frankly weird) proposals for this already.

The idea behind nuclear semiotics or the HITF is that, with nuclear waste having a very long period of being dangerous to people, how do we communicate to future generations about the dangers of sealed nuclear waste storage sites across tens of thousands of years? Language changes, after all, and symbols also change shape and meaning over time. Humans as a species have only had written language for some 5000 years, give or take some - how do we tell people 10,000 years from now that “behind this enormous vault is extremely dangerous radioactive substances, sealed away forever, please don’t go in or touch anything”, in a way that anyone understands?

To quote the Wikipedia page on the matter, there’s three parts to the message that needs to be conveyed in the first place:

“Three parts of any communication about nuclear waste must be conveyed to posterity:

  1. that it is a message at all
  2. that dangerous material is stored in a given location
  3. information about the type of dangerous substances”

The ISO warning sign about dangerous radiation zone looks like this:

We understand what this means pretty easily today, but when I was talking to my friend about it, I imagined an alternative interpretation from an archaeologist 4000 years from now:

“The symbol at the top is known in some of our oldest texts as the late 20th century symbol for their Sun God, whose rays brought light to the world. The bottom left sign is associated with a slightly earlier time from the 16th century onwards, as a symbol for pirates. Clearly this is a symbol for a prayer, basically that the Sun God will smite pirates and make them flee. Perhaps this area in particular was in danger of pirate raids in those times, or perhaps there is something inside that the builders did not want pirates to take. We should go and investigate.”

There’s some pretty exotic suggestions from very smart people to this solution, with varying likelihoods of success that I’ll leave to your imagination, such as

  • Forming an Atomic Priesthood to run what amounts to a hierarchical religion with legends and myths about dangerous sites and protection from them
  • Encoding math-based warnings into the DNA of Atomic Plants that only grow near nuclear waste sites, so future generations can decode it from those
  • Breeding Radiation Cats (or Ray Cats) that change color when irradiated, and putting this information into songs, art and cultural consciousness across time
  • Putting up warning signs, and every couple of generations makes new warning signs a bit farther away without removing the old ones so it’s possible to translate through the translations of the translations to get the facts straight
  • Building storage sites in such a way that only highly technical cultures are able to get into the vaults in the first place, and those cultures ought to already know about radiation so they’ll understand what’s up

I suppose we’ll find out in the near future what they’ll actually come up with, because in 2020s a permanent nuclear waste repository named Onkalo will be built in Finland, the first of its kind in the world. There’s actually a documentary about it, and focusing specifically on the communication aspect of the matter, named Into Eternity, directed by Michael Madsen (no, not that Michael Madsen, I mean the Danish one). I hear it might be on Netflix, so possibly worth checking out if the subject is interesting.

itsclowreedsfault  asked:

hey dear, in case you're still taking tdbk requests, how about a sentence prompt: "You can make any kind of magic potion, but you can't even boil an egg properly?"

AH thank you!! This gives me a perfect excuse to write more domestic bs for of cats, coffee, and crystals

Warnings: mild language i guess

Bakugou’s apartment was a goddamn disaster zone of new magical projects every afternoon he returned home from work. There had been ground rules to Todoroki moving in with him- water the plants with real water not the weird stuff he conjured out of thin air, no more magic laundry, and if he was going to pile Bakugou’s tiny ass apartment high with all his witch nonsense, the least he could do was keep it clean.

Which the little peppermint haired mess of witch was failing to do. Miserably.

The second he opened the door, there was the sound of glass breaking, and he was hit with the strong scent of turpentine and something akin to… licorice?

“Todoroki! If you’re making those slug things again, I swear I’ll-“ He stopped in the hallway, slamming the door shut behind him at a lightning speed. “What the hell is this?”

His kitchen was a mess. No, it was worse than that- more like some hazardous waste site with Todoroki flitting between strangely boiling concoctions, the ingredients he needed floating around his head.

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Source (X).

Even though @bethgreenewarriorprincess has already covered this tweet (X), I wanted to add my thoughts, as I have received many asks about it. I am not concerned about this tweet. The account is not trolling. The Skybound account promoting Beth has been going on for two years. They even tweeted “Beth lives” on three separate occasions (X), and they are not the only source of promotion for Beth/Emily (X) (X) (X). I warned you guys that the promotion and seeding would become heavy in the back half. By tweeting that the person is Beth, TPTB are preparing for the reveal. No one is going to actually believe that Boots is Beth. Most people will think the account is joking. Once Beth does return, TPTB will be able to prove that her return has been the plan all along, rather than fan service. As Christy and @allatariel discovered, hardcore Beth fans (those that signed the petition), make up less than one percent of the show’s average viewership (X). The network will also cut corners for its big programs in order to save money (X), so the network would not allow several of its related social media sites to waste time and materials in order to promote a dead girl.

You guys need to remember that this tweet exists as a part of a pattern. Repeat after me: The promotion of Beth is part of a two-year pattern. This isn’t one or two incidences; this is a marketing campaign. The marketing campaign also exists in context of the other Beth-stuff, such as her missing body and the missing spoilers, Emily not having panels, etc. Everything is interconnected.

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Memories of You: Ch. 3

Sam x Reader


Word Count: 2.8K [not sorry]


Series Summary: Our story begins during 2x22, All Hell Breaks Looks Part Two, where Sam wakes up from death after Dean makes a deal with a crossroads demon to bring him back to life. What will Sam do when he finds out nobody remembers his girlfriend Y/N?

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i’m here again
a thousand miles away from you
a broken mess, just scattered pieces of who i am
i tried so hard
thought i could do this on my own
i’ve lost so much along the way

imagine if like every so often, Soundwave lures Starscream around the ship/base/whatever and they always end up at a waste disposal site and Starscream’s like “why are were here Soundwave” and Soundwave just goes “it’s my turn to take out the trash” and they squabble like children while Soundwave tries to shove Starscream headfirst into the bin/compactor thingy and Megatron has to come seperate them