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What antis says: You know what Hinata and Sakura deserve? Better character development. Goals and aspirations other than winning over guys who display no attraction to them. Husbands who do not neglect them and their children. Fulfilling lives and careers that utilize the skills they worked so hard to acquire. That is what they deserve.

What I hear: When I say that they deserve ‘better’ development I mean Hinata to be forced to become the Clan leader against her own free will and Sakura to remain single like her master and live in misery than to be happily married to two guys who grew up loveless and are now happy that they have families. 

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late night tv watching jercicobeth doodles to try and coax my motivation back to life. I think it’s working! I know I’m never going to finish this but I like the look of it too much not to post it.

I feel Nico though, trying to sleep with the tv on is hard /:

Many of Sakura's best moments involve Naruto

I loved Sakura before i thought of her being paired with anyone. I watched her grow into a brilliant kunoichi. However the ending she received was horrible and she did not deserve that.

If i were to pair her with anyone, it would have to be with the man who helped her grow, admire her growth and witness all of it. Uzumaki Naruto has the power to change people, right? Wouldn’t it of been so inspirational to see Sakura, the woman of Naruto’s dreams, have a change of heart to someone who loves her and who she can make happy. 

With Naruto, Sakura can be her gentle side,

as well as her hot-tempered side

as well as her shannaro side

The fact that Naruto is amazed by her skills

the fact that he encourages Sakura

this ability, her confidence, Naruto acknowledges it

along with such selflessness both ways.

Naruto is the reason for these beautiful smiles:

The morals it would’ve taught me… The value behind promises, remember to be selfless for the one you love, as a female- don’t stand for men to insult you all the time, never give up on the person of your dreams, and most of all:

and then people ask us why we ship Narusaku?

Just read ‘We Are Not Stable Bodies (Lessons in Gravitational Collapse)’ by thedisassociation and it’s just super super good. I started this as Doctor!Myka but I was really feeling HG… So Doctor!HG… But I think at some point, will revisit Myka as The Doctor…

The second piece is fantastic. Really really gorgeous. Ah these lines from: 'The only difference between past and present is semantics’

(“I love you,” she will never say. Isn’t saying.)…(“I love you,” she will always say. Is saying.’)

So beautiful…

Planned parenthood is given half a billion dollars every year by the federal government. This money goes to the administering of HIV tests, cancer screenings, and prenatal care to make sure babies are born healthy.

The last government shutdown cost 1.5 billion dollars every day.

Congressional Republicans are threatening to shut down the government over Planned Parenthood funding.

You can claim to be neither pro-life nor fiscally conservative if you support shutting down the government over this.