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so this happened last year during my time working for the local zoo/conservation centre
  • me: *running my station at the red pandas like a good little volunteer*
  • some lady: *walks up to me* this is so sad ):
  • me: i- pardon?
  • lady: they're just sitting there, they don't have anything to do! ):
  • me, looking over the many toys and other enrichment materials we have: ...ma'am, there's plenty for them to do. they're just sleeping because it's noon. they tend to do that.
  • lady: and there's no room for them to do anything! ):
  • me, looking over the large enclosure that connects to an even larger enclosure in the back: ma'am, there's plenty of room for two red pandas here, and there's a gigantic part that's out of sight for when they don't feel like being watched.
  • lady: zoos are so sad ):
  • me, internally: then what the ever living fuck are you doing at a zoo/conservation centre like this one?
Never commit more than one crime at a time...

I own a large apartment complex dedicated to affordable housing. It’s basic, but the market rate in the area is low enough that people on welfare can easily afford the rent, I can run the business profitably and offer safe and secure housing.
It’s not the easiest job housing people on welfare, but I’m very proud to say that every apartment in the complex is at worst 8 hours of cleaning and 8 hours of painting away from a condition that I wouldn’t mind spending the night in myself.

One of the challenges of welfare housing is that people on welfare often suffer from mental health issues, physical health issues and addiction issues. The latter is almost exclusively a result of the former, as I’ve discovered.
These issues make my tenants especially vulnerable to low-level drug dealers who try to leverage their way onto my property.
Due to the Tenancy Act, if someone is invited into an apartment, it is quite difficult to get them out in the short term.
Unless I can catch them on camera committing some obvious criminal act, the police cannot remove them if a tenant gives them permission to be there. Since a sizeable percentage of my 200-odd tenants are current or former or future addicts, you can start to see the problem.

Typically what happens in a low level drug dealer will wait until the week before welfare day, when people are out of money. They will approach them and offer $100-$500 in cash to set up shop in their apartment. Once the dealer gets the keys, they might intimidate or threaten the tenant to leave their own apartment, or simply feed them drugs to keep them quiet.

My only legal recourse is to evict the tenant, in which case the dealer will hang on until the bailiff arrives, then move into another apartment. I lose money, the tenant loses their home and the dealer just finds another victim.

One particularly tenacious dealer had gone through about 5 apartments without getting busted. I had video footage of him, I had numerous complaints, but no statements and nothing concrete enough for the police to move on.

One older lady told me that he had offered her $300 to sell crack out of her apartment and she had told him to fuck right off. She told me she was willing to write an anonymous letter but was too scared of him to sign it or give a statement to the police. I put up signs in all the doorways warning tenants that they would be evicted if they rented their apartment to that particular drug dealer, mentioning him by name.

This offended him greatly, as for some reason he didn’t like being called a drug dealer. The next day his 10 year old white Cadillac Escalade pickup truck came screaming up to my office, and he got out and walked towards me, brandishing his smartphone.
“Are you accusing me of being a drug dealer? This is for my lawyer, he said you are slandering me with those notices, I’ve already got copies of them, I’m going to own your building..”
I can he’s lying about the lawyer part, because A) a lawyer would have said libel, not slander and B) he’s a fucking drug dealer so I just tell him he’s trespassing and to get off my property.
I told him this is his trespass notice and if he comes back I’m towing his truck.
He tells me that if I touch his truck I’m a dead man.

I’m not recording this, but I call the police anyways and tell them about the altercation. They seem to think my report of his threat is enough so that they can ask him to leave the property, even if he is invited by someone. They also encourage me to tow his truck anytime I see it.

About a week later, I see his truck is back so I get on the phone with the tow company. While I’m waiting for them, I load up the bed of his Escalade with about 10 bags of old drywall that we’ve removed during a reno. The drywall is asbestos containing, so it’s all double-bagged in bright yellow biohazard bags and ducted-tape closed.
The tow truck shows up, hooks the Escalade and takes it away to the city impound lot. A police car shows up and escorts the dealer off the property after tracking down the apartment he’s holed up in.

About a month later one of my tenants comes back from his court appointment giddy with excitement - while he was waiting for his case to be heard, he saw the drug dealer get sentenced.

Apparently the drug dealer had gone to the impound yard and retrieved his truck the next afternoon. Being colossally stupid, he had pulled outside the gates and dumped all 10 bags of drywall right on the curb, either forgetting that an impound yard is covered in cameras, or not realizing that dumping hazardous waste can be a felony.

The municipality saw the pile of bags screaming “Hazard - Asbestos” and checked the footage. They called the police, who then pulled over the Escalade that evening. Since it was after 4pm, the drug dealer was visibly intoxicated which resulted in a DUI arrest and… a search of his person and vehicle… and since he was on his way to the “trap house” aka my building, he was carrying over an ounce of heroin, a few grams of fentanyl and bunch of baggies and a scale. He is not a smart man.
Turns out he had less than a month left of probation so…..
He pleaded guilty to possession with intent, got the trafficking charges and some other fentanyl related charge dropped and was sentenced to 4 years in prison.

I checked BC Justice Online and confirmed that he did in fact get 4 years. I also saw some other charges which I didn’t recognize - 7(2), 10(1) and 120(12) of the Environmental Management Act, $2,000 in fines. Turns out they are “Release of hazardous waste, unauthorized transport of hazardous waste and contravene hazardous waste regulations.”

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Stop being you care with Orihime! I'am big fans of Rukia and Orihime, but I think its better IH and RR being end game in ending because of one. . .LONELINESS. 1. Ichigo (and his sisters) need a mother figure in their house. In WDKALY, both three of them admit that Orihime resemble masaki 2. Orihime need surround by a big family. SHe is so lonely, celebrate new year alone, her aunt stop to help her financial. But now, she work as baker and have wonderful family. (cont.)

(2) Orihime is not housewife ! in WDKALY, she work in baker. She is busy mom. EVen busy, she still watch her son with Tsubaki. Ichigo also need to take care the clinic, but they don’t need to worried about Kazui-chan because Kazui is strong as strong as DEMI-GOD 3. Rukia and Renji always together in their childhood and understand each other. Their relationship has so many challenge and mostly because of Byakuya Kuchiki. Rukia crying when she leave renji. Renji is so lonely and has no friends

(3),Yes he may surround by many people, but no one become his real friend because renji heart only for rukia rukia and RUKIA. He extremely scare with byakuya, this why he has no choice but hurting rukia BECAUSE ITS HIS DUTY not by his mind ! Renji maybe a big-jerk ,but he so pure, gallant and a man who hold feminist. And this why i wanted to said, THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH ICHIHIME AND RENRUKI. Its just you trap by your delusion who unable to know ICHIHIME and RENRUKI. MOVE ON ! WE ACCEPT YOU

Here we go again, the sadness continues. Alright, you clearly haven’t gotten it so far so I’ll try and put this as simple as possible for you.

I don’t care.

I don’t care about your attempts at validation. I don’t care if you support the ending. I don’t care about your ships or your opinion.

I could waste my time pointing out all the flaws in your messages but honestly, I have a life so I’ll refrain from pulling apart your sad attempts to convert me to your ship. Though what I will address is the “WE ACCEPT YOU” which I’d like to say is basically complete bullshit. Accept me as what, exactly? You and your fandom clearly can’t accept anything because you’re here in my inbox, on my blog, insulting me and my opinions. Your ships are canon but rather than just being happy with that and letting other people get on with their lives you won’t be satisfied until you’ve jumped on every other shipper in the fandom and tried to one, make them feel bad about their ships and two, tried to make them feel bad about themselves.

It’s pathetic.

If you ship the canon ships, that’s great. If you think Orihime, who had little to no story lines and was used as some kind of sex symbol (despite the fact she begins the manga as a 15 year old girl), was treated well by Kubo and that he has any respect for women or any of his fans. Fucking fantastic. I don’t want to be ‘accepted’ into your hateful, toxic cult of people who won’t respect other people’s opinions or just be happy with the ending they got.

Do it on your own blog, stay off mine.

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Synne! This Mercy nerf has me disillusioned about playing her ever again how do I cope?!

uHhghkgjkfjg to be honest…. i haven’t picked up overwatch since the first nerf……..if i did play it was only in mayhem mode where her cool down for rez was only 5 sec so she was barely playable… BUT NOW THEY TOOK OUT MAYHEM MODE BUT HEY THERE IS 3 VERSIONS OF LOCK OUT MODE smh 

AHAHAHAH TIME TO FIND A NEW MAIN u____u I heard ana can 3 shot tracer-genji again so maybe I will go back to ana or if moira is any good….////thinking face

gotta pour one out for us mercy mains

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“Sarada is so ugly!!11111 Sumirey-SAMA is so myuch prettier and more powirful than hir!1111″

(My girl even manages to look beautiful in Ikemoto’s style, fr)

Not only that, I wouldn’t trade our sassy, badass, Uchiha Princess for shit-

And people calling Sumire the main heroine, but last time I checked, she wasn’t the one who appeared in all the covers.

Obviously, this ain’t directed at the civilized Sumire fans. I actually know a lot of really nice Sumire fans. Actually, majority of them are nice. They just become bitchy when certain things having to do with Sumire may happen.

Also, PLEASE don’t start a ship war, what ya’ll ain’t realizing is Sumire actually is about to appear TREMENDOUSLY less than she does in the anime, so a ship war isn’t really necessary and is probably an entire waste of time.

late night tv watching jercicobeth doodles to try and coax my motivation back to life. I think it’s working! I know I’m never going to finish this but I like the look of it too much not to post it.

I feel Nico though, trying to sleep with the tv on is hard /:

me: hey can we see some bakugo character development because right now he’s really still nothing more than a bully

bnha: oh, we have plenty of plans for him! first, we’ve made him get attacked by a villain, have him get captured by a villain organization, and have him be hit and called worthless by his mother and scolded for wasting the pro heroes time making it clear she blames him for getting captured!

me: cool now he’s a sad bully and has trauma but where’s the character development

...the best Occlumence

“…he had learned control at last, learned to shut his mind to Voldemort”  (Harry) “Grief it seemed drove Voldemort out..though Dumbledore …..would have said that it was love”

Interesting part. Even though I believe Snape is a natural in Occlumency, maybe this is the true reason he is able to block his thoughts and tell lies even to the Dark Lord. He is in such deep grief for Lilys death and the loss of her, the Dark Lord is not able to penetrate too deep in his mind. And added to that not able to understand grief - or love. 

Because grief is just love with no place left to go. And Snape heart is filled with grief to the brim. If you are in such deep grief, all those petty sorrows of daily life dont matter any more. 

In the face of death you change your mind. And realize whats important and what not. Dont waste your time.

Many of Sakura's best moments involve Naruto

I loved Sakura before i thought of her being paired with anyone. I watched her grow into a brilliant kunoichi. However the ending she received was horrible and she did not deserve that.

If i were to pair her with anyone, it would have to be with the man who helped her grow, admire her growth and witness all of it. Uzumaki Naruto has the power to change people, right? Wouldn’t it of been so inspirational to see Sakura, the woman of Naruto’s dreams, have a change of heart to someone who loves her and who she can make happy. 

With Naruto, Sakura can be her gentle side,

as well as her hot-tempered side

as well as her shannaro side

The fact that Naruto is amazed by her skills

the fact that he encourages Sakura

this ability, her confidence, Naruto acknowledges it

along with such selflessness both ways.

Naruto is the reason for these beautiful smiles:

The morals it would’ve taught me… The value behind promises, remember to be selfless for the one you love, as a female- don’t stand for men to insult you all the time, never give up on the person of your dreams, and most of all:

and then people ask us why we ship Narusaku?

(Me wasting time like a pro by taking even longer on replies. 10/10 roleplayer wouldn’t recommend. 

I’m kidding. Anyway, I managed to do a good amount of replies actually. Just going to space them out so I really appreciate the patience. ♥)