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so this happened last year during my time working for the local zoo/conservation centre
  • me: *running my station at the red pandas like a good little volunteer*
  • some lady: *walks up to me* this is so sad ):
  • me: i- pardon?
  • lady: they're just sitting there, they don't have anything to do! ):
  • me, looking over the many toys and other enrichment materials we have: ...ma'am, there's plenty for them to do. they're just sleeping because it's noon. they tend to do that.
  • lady: and there's no room for them to do anything! ):
  • me, looking over the large enclosure that connects to an even larger enclosure in the back: ma'am, there's plenty of room for two red pandas here, and there's a gigantic part that's out of sight for when they don't feel like being watched.
  • lady: zoos are so sad ):
  • me, internally: then what the ever living fuck are you doing at a zoo/conservation centre like this one?

i’m sorry, guys. but there’s literally no fucking point to debate the ltd at this point. in two years or less, everything will be solved. there won’t be any ambiguity about it and anyone saying otherwise is living in denial. people claimed there wouldn’t be canon couples in bleach and naruto and look what happened. MASSIVE sized fandoms for ships were destroyed and fans were left feeling shocked and devastated. they fought for years and honestly thought the ambiguity would continue for years to come (even with the manga’s end) and everyone would be able to go on fighting and rivaling each other. then the mangas ended and, big surprise, ships got nuked and people were left dumbfounded.  

it will be the same for one of the biggest and most well loved video games ever. either clerith or cloti are going to reign supreme in a huge way and these back and forths we’re all having now will all be in vein. no matter how much proof we have currently, it could all change in an instant and every “proof” we have will be rendered as mere opinion. nothing we say now will change that and nothing we say later will change it, either. fandom sizes won’t save you, either. underdog fandoms have won before so don’t go thinking you’re safe just because your side is bigger. 

in fact, the winner has already been chosen by square enix, it’s just a waiting game until we find out–once and for all– who they chose.

 we’ve seen how winners treat losers and we’ve seen how losers treat winners.     so prepare yourselves now, there will be a winner and hearts are going to get broken. so save your time and enjoy your ships while you can before antis rub a win in your face. 

i’m going to keep writing essays for my ship, don’t get me wrong. but i’m not going to waste the last years in a fandom i’ve been apart of since i was 13, on talking to morons that refuse to listen to reason.

so peace and good luck with yourselves. i hope you treat others how you would want to be treated. 

late night tv watching jercicobeth doodles to try and coax my motivation back to life. I think it’s working! I know I’m never going to finish this but I like the look of it too much not to post it.

I feel Nico though, trying to sleep with the tv on is hard /:

...the best Occlumence

“…he had learned control at last, learned to shut his mind to Voldemort”  (Harry) “Grief it seemed drove Voldemort out..though Dumbledore …..would have said that it was love”

Interesting part. Even though I believe Snape is a natural in Occlumency, maybe this is the true reason he is able to block his thoughts and tell lies even to the Dark Lord. He is in such deep grief for Lilys death and the loss of her, the Dark Lord is not able to penetrate too deep in his mind. And added to that not able to understand grief - or love. 

Because grief is just love with no place left to go. And Snape heart is filled with grief to the brim. If you are in such deep grief, all those petty sorrows of daily life dont matter any more. 

In the face of death you change your mind. And realize whats important and what not. Dont waste your time.

Many of Sakura's best moments involve Naruto

I loved Sakura before i thought of her being paired with anyone. I watched her grow into a brilliant kunoichi. However the ending she received was horrible and she did not deserve that.

If i were to pair her with anyone, it would have to be with the man who helped her grow, admire her growth and witness all of it. Uzumaki Naruto has the power to change people, right? Wouldn’t it of been so inspirational to see Sakura, the woman of Naruto’s dreams, have a change of heart to someone who loves her and who she can make happy. 

With Naruto, Sakura can be her gentle side,

as well as her hot-tempered side

as well as her shannaro side

The fact that Naruto is amazed by her skills

the fact that he encourages Sakura

this ability, her confidence, Naruto acknowledges it

along with such selflessness both ways.

Naruto is the reason for these beautiful smiles:

The morals it would’ve taught me… The value behind promises, remember to be selfless for the one you love, as a female- don’t stand for men to insult you all the time, never give up on the person of your dreams, and most of all:

and then people ask us why we ship Narusaku?

Creepypasta #721: MILF

Length: Super long

Another night alone, sitting in front of the computer with a mouse in one hand and a vodka on the rocks in the other, trying to kill time before complete exhaustion overtakes me, hopefully before the sunrise. I aimlessly click back and forth, page after page of news prattle, stupid people doing stupid things in stupid videos, social media sites to catch up with friends and family, playing free unskilled games in hopes of draining your wallet that I had no intention of ever purchasing, and the occasional bit of fantasy self-fulfillment porn. 

The most amusing thing that I find from all of this cyber-wandering is the constant bombardment of cheesy ads supposedly directed at me personally with my hometown shoehorned in the text that has been gathered from my IP address, a half-assed attempt to impress me into thinking, “Oh, golly! This MUST be legit! Let me just click on this and download what couldn’t possibly be a trojan virus!” Idiots. I’m not new to the ways of the internet. I’m a goddamn pro at wasting as much of my adult time as possible with my little two buttoned friend!

Later on into the night and into my fifth beverage, I notice one of these banner ads blinking with neon red letters at the top of a news site. I only noticed it because it had my name flashing as the first word. “James!” it read, “MILFs in your area want to meet you! One MILF is just 10 miles away!” 

I laughed heartily to myself, nearly spitting out some of my precious vodka. Who still uses that term these days? MILF? Just another example of how the advertisement industry is way out of touch with the world. I swallow my almost airborne mouthful and furrow my brow a bit. How did they know my name? I didn’t think you could get a name from an IP address, just a location. Damn, these programming nerds are getting really good at their jobs these days! I click refresh for the latest news articles on the site.

When the page fully loaded, I was knocked back in my chair, mouse flung from my hand, and a single ice cube fell onto the floor and slid behind me. I was assaulted by an extremely loud, shrill dinging sound from the computer speakers, as if a deranged slot machine was trying to murder me with my winnings. I gather myself and reach to turn the speakers off. I don’t ever remember turning them up that loud. I hardly even needed the speakers when I browsed the web. I scanned the page for what could have possibly made that audio attack. 

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This year is a very important presidential election, as I’m sure you are all aware. 
The candidates who will be on the ballot in enough states to have a possibility of getting enough electoral votes to actually win are as follows:

Donald Trump (Republican)
Hillary Clinton (Democrat) 
Gary Johnson (Libertarian)

(Now, there are other candidates, but because of BS ballot access laws they will mathematically not be able to win, so…)
(Also want to add that although I don’t agree with Bernie Sanders on most economic issues, he did awake a large number of people to many issues like corporate welfare– but the corrupt democratic party made sure Hillary Clinton won the nomination. If you were a Sanders supporter you must realize that Clinton and the Democratic Party do not represent you… Clinton does represent Banks and Large Corporations though)

Let’s break this down–

The establishment candidates are Trump and Clinton.  
Both are members of political parties which are corrupt to the core, and want to more or less keep the status quo. 
Both of these parties have a track record of not upholding the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights.
Both Trump and Clinton are in favor of the PATRIOT Act, NSA spying, Internet Regulation, The War on Drugs, etc

Both Trump and Clinton are terrible.
But there is another choice: 

Gary Johnson 
 - End Corporate Welfare and Bank Bailouts
 - End War on Drugs
 - Pro-Individual Rights (LGBT, Women, Everyone)
 - Against foreign intervention 
 - End Warrantless NSA spying on Americans
 - Repeal PATRIOT act
 - Lower taxes
 - Break up Government corruption
 - Cut wasteful spending 
 - Pro-Choice
 - Pro Free-Speech
 - Pro-Constitution
 - Pro-Bill of Rights 

Johnson is the only major candidate who wants to shake up the status quo, end corporate welfare, and stop the infringement of our rights.

Election after election, the Democrats and Republicans use the “lesser of 2 evils” argument, and after every election things get worse regardless of which one is in charge.

Vote for actual positive change.
Vote against the corrupt two-party monopoly on our government.
Vote Libertarian.
Vote Gary Johnson.

1. You can be a feminist and be pro life.

2. You can be an atheist/pagan/agnostic/not christian and be pro life.

3. You can be a liberal/Democrat and be pro life.

4. You can be disabled and be pro life.

5. You can be young and be pro life.

6. You can be LGBT+ and be pro life.

Pro life doesn’t just mean being against abortion. It means supporting pregnant people, especially pregnant people of color and pregnant people in poverty and pregnant LGBTQ+ people. It means demanding changes in the adoption system and foster care. It means supporting rape victims and demanding justice for them. It means supporting Planned Parenthood in providing people with vulvas, uteruses, breasts, and those who identify as women with healthcare, as well as prenatal care for pregnant people. It means pioneering sex education and free birth control.

Being pro life does notmean being racist and talking about “welfare queens” and other disgusting stereotypes like that. I does not mean speaking ill of rape victims and being an apologist. It does not mean standing outside of Planned Parenthoods screeching at pregnant individuals and being disgusting human beings. Being pro life doesn’t mean bible thumping at pregnant people who want abortions, and bible thumping at them some more if they decide to keep the baby. Being pro life does not mean teaching abstinence only and not supporting free birth control.

If you follow the first paragraph: congrats! You’re pro life! No matter what other traits you possess. If you follow the second paragraph: reevaluate your existence and remove yourself from society’s presence, you’re being a waste of air.