waste of two bucks


I wasted two bucks on this issue just for two pages worth of content so ya’ll are gonna have to listen to me rant about these two perfect henchgirls.

  1. Echo (the short black hair girl) has always seemed closer to Ed than Query. When they usually talk to/about Ed, Echo will address him as Eddie whereas Query usually calls him boss. In one issue when they work for someone else while Ed’s in Arkham, Echo goes so far as to stand up for him, saying “Eddie’s okay, and he’s not so grabby.”
  2. Another thing to consider is they’re working on their own right now. Riddler is more than capable of escaping from Blackgate on his own and this hold up is too messy for Ed to have come up with. I dunno, I think it’s really cute they want their boss back and are willing to go to these measures to do so.
  3. Query has great aim! A lot of henchmen just fire aimless at Batman and can’t land a single shot but she was able to hit him seven times all in a kill zone while he was coming after her. The only reason he’s not dead is because of his batsuit (that’s cheating batman)
  4. Echo’s name is actually something I’ve debated about a lot because what does Echo have anything to do with riddles? But after reading this comic it makes so much sense. She’s called Echo because she’s always repeating herself. Three times in this span of ohh– five minutes, the theme comes up. So what if she named herself that? Riddler wanted to go with Quiz and Query but she steps in and says she wants the name Echo instead and after bit of a fight he agrees to it.
  5. Echo probably has more common sense out of the two. Both of them are pretty smart, I mean they have to be to run with the Riddler for so long. Did you know Riddler will spout off riddles throughout their jobs and most of the time his henchman won’t answer them. But Echo and Query answer every last one of them. Usually with the right answer and I doubt that Ed gave them that answer at the beginning.
  6. This has nothing to do with panels above but I love how much they touch Ed. For a guy that hates being touched by practically anyone, it says a lot that he lets two women have almost free range over his body and trusts them not to do anything out of his comfort zone.
The Journal of Rebecca Barnes September 2, 1935

Bucky x Steve x Rebecca (Bucky’s sister) Drabble series

Summary – These are the journal entries of Bucky’s little sister, Rebecca.

Warnings – None

Word Count – 588

Notes – I’m not going to be writing an entry for every single day, I’m just randomly picking some days that I think may be fun to write about.  I did some research on Rebecca Barnes, and there really isn’t that much info about her or about Bucky before the events of Captain America:  The First Avenger, so I’m using a lot of creative license with this Drabble series.  I hope you enjoy!  As always, feedback and questions are greatly appreciated!


Journal Masterlist

Originally posted by danskjavlarna

September 2, 1935

Today is Labor Day and I’m so excited!  Steve and I have to go back to school tomorrow.  I’ll be a sophomore and Steve will be a senior.  Bucky graduated back in May and got a job with the Works Progress Administration helping to construct public buildings and roads.  It’s hard work, but at least its work, and since today is a holiday, he’s got the day off!  He and Steve decided to go to Coney Island and Bucky invited me to go along with them!

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