waste of feelings

anyone else kinda terrified you’ll never be able to hold a job in the future because of your mental illness

kara and maggie things we’ve been robbed of:

-the “shovel talk”, which would be kara attempting to be intimidating, but maggie is so understanding and straightforward about her intentions with alex that they end up just hanging out and bonding instead.

-supergirl showing up to maggie’s crime scenes unannounced just to “check in” and maggie realizing that kara keeps an eye on her when she’s on the job bc she cares about her safety.

-kara talking about game night and assuming maggie will be there because she’s part of the family now. maggie’s heart swelling at having people who love her.

-kara being all up in sanvers’ business all the time bc she has no concept of boundaries. alex being semi annoyed, and maggie being amused.

-maggie giving kara sound advice about something and kara telling her she’s grateful that now she has two sisters to look to for help.

-both of them getting together for a regular tv night, exchanging theories for the outcome of the show. maggie sitting at her desk the next day loving all the “ooh but what if…” texts from kara.

-kara helping maggie set up a perfect date or surprise for alex. maggie thinking kara will for sure ruin the surprise because of her giggles, but she’s better at keeping secrets than maggie thought.

-kara blowing out her powers one day and maggie not passing up the opportunity to try and beat supergirl at arm wrestling.

-maggie and kara getting to know each other, protecting/supporting each other, and slowly becoming sisters like they should be.

HAPPY EASTER!!♡ U( ˃ㅅ˂ ✿)U

the tumblr art scene as I’ve seen it for the past 4 years
  • Aesthetique ™ you’re not a true cool kid until you draw on graph paper or on overlapping sticky notes. You’ve taken pics of your sketchbook next to an aloe or cactus plant at some point. 
  • The Fanartist That one artist pretty much everyone who evenly remotely likes the show/book/movie/whatever knows. You watched their empire rise and you might watch their empire fall. Is that guy who somehow makes a full on illustration 20 min after the episode airs. 
  • The Portrait Artist The paintings are stylized just enough, everyone uses their photoshop brushes, and their art is so good you don’t realize all they do is draw the faces of hot people facing left.
  • The Professional Their stuff is so good. It is sO GOOD WHY ARE THEY SO GO– oh they’re an art director who has been in the industry for 25 years ok makes sense. 
  • The Sketcher: You’ve never actually seen a finished product from them, but you don’t actually care. Sketchbook pages packed top to bottom just to make you feel inadequate
  • That Asshole: *insert photorealistic painting* Caption: “drawn in PS. 5 hrs so it’s messy.”
  • The New Kid: They just bought a tablet, they still think art is fun, bless their little hearts. Every post comes with a 2 paragraph long explanation/apology. Motivate them, they’re still learning. 
  • That girl who just draws cartoon characters beat up I don’t know why That’s a thing why is this a trend
we are young, we play our music loud,drink until we can’t stand, we sneak out, get grounded, fail tests, run wild, we make friendships that only last a month, lie about where we are, cry in the bathroom, try new things, sleep for hours, binge eat, go through lovers like we go through our expensive clothes. we are young,we are the corrupted youth.
we are the hated generation,but they forget who raised us.
—  diaryofasocialintrovert

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O-OH. i wasn’t expectin’ this at all !t-Thank uuuu !  (๑♡⌓♡๑)

i love your art so im very flattered to receive this from u!

Hope you didn’t waste too much time on it tho’, i rly appreciate this but u shouldn’t not have done it… (;*△*;)

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In other news Hiryuu’s too cute and I’m weak

I've been reading some things on here lately that have really upset me

Traumatised sexual-based child alters are still traumatised child alters

Traumatised sexual-based child alters are still children


Yes this is my opinion and I rarely give those out here and if there was ever a time to speak how I feel this is the time

If you were a caretaker would you sleep with a hypersexual child?

Your answer should be no.

There is no difference between a traumatised minor and a traumatised minor alter - what they believe they need to do or feel to be loved or whatever else should not just be “accepted” - regardless of whether or not they hold part of the systems sexuality

It is NEVER okay for a partner to knowingly sleep with and/or sexually touch/groom a minor alter or allow the child to try it back

They need to be supported, taught other methods of dealing with their urges and responses and furthermore, if your partner disregards this, I would seriously question their morality

And honestly for once I don’t care who I upset. If you sympathise with partners that do think it’s acceptable to sleep with traumatised child alters (regardless of if they feel they ‘want it’), I have absolutely ZERO time for you.