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the tumblr art scene as I’ve seen it for the past 4 years
  • Aesthetique ™ you’re not a true cool kid until you draw on graph paper or on overlapping sticky notes. You’ve taken pics of your sketchbook next to an aloe or cactus plant at some point. 
  • The Fanartist That one artist pretty much everyone who evenly remotely likes the show/book/movie/whatever knows. You watched their empire rise and you might watch their empire fall. Is that guy who somehow makes a full on illustration 20 min after the episode airs. 
  • The Portrait Artist The paintings are stylized just enough, everyone uses their photoshop brushes, and their art is so good you don’t realize all they do is draw the faces of hot people facing left.
  • The Professional Their stuff is so good. It is sO GOOD WHY ARE THEY SO GO– oh they’re an art director who has been in the industry for 25 years ok makes sense. 
  • The Sketcher: You’ve never actually seen a finished product from them, but you don’t actually care. Sketchbook pages packed top to bottom just to make you feel inadequate
  • That Asshole: *insert photorealistic painting* Caption: “drawn in PS. 5 hrs so it’s messy.”
  • The New Kid: They just bought a tablet, they still think art is fun, bless their little hearts. Every post comes with a 2 paragraph long explanation/apology. Motivate them, they’re still learning. 
  • That girl who just draws cartoon characters beat up I don’t know why That’s a thing why is this a trend
Conservatism. Is. A. Scam.

Conservatives: “There is a finite amount of dollars in the world, we can’t help everyone. The debt is too high. We need to tighten our belts. Healthcare reform and college education reform are too expensive. There’s no such thing as free stuff. Taxes are the government stealing. Let’s take care of our own needy first. These deficits are out of control.”
Conservatives: * Support wasting 20+ billion dollars on a useless vanity project wall for Trump to metaphorically blow himself with*

To put some things in perspective re: My Job Situation/Being a Freelance Social Media Person: you know how we are always saying artists are underpaid and their art is undervalued? How people don’t wanna pay for commissions?

That’s my existence when I try to onboard new clients. People don’t understand the amount of actual work it takes to build a proper social media presence that is SPECIALIZED according to their needs and audience. I don’t even ask for much compared to professional firms because I’m young and don’t have the advantage of having a MASSIVE portfolio of work yet although the QUALITY of what I’ve managed to get done in two years is amazing. And yet, despite my pricing not even being as high as it SHOULD BE, people don’t wanna take this seriously.

i’ll stick you in a wormhole
i’ll stick you in a wormho
i’ll stick you in a worm
i’ll stick you in a wo
i’ll stick you in a
i’ll stick you i
i’ll stick yo
i’ll stick y
i’ll stick
i’ll stic
i’ll sti
i’ll st
i’ll s
i a
i ac
i act
i actua
i actual
i actually
i actually do
i actually don’t
i actually don’t ha
i actually don’t hate
i actually don’t hate yo
i actually don’t hate you r
i actually don’t hate you rig
i actually don’t hate you right n
i actually don’t hate you right now

Dinner Invitation from Maxwell Roth (Hidden Audio)
Maxwell Roth
Dinner Invitation from Maxwell Roth (Hidden Audio)

Dear Mr. Frye,

Perhaps you have not heard of me for our mutual friend prefers to bury my existence under a pile of Blighter corpses. 

My name is Maxwell Roth, and I have acted as somewhat of a father to the ones in red. I write to you because the Blighters’ decline has caused a quite of stir in the underworld. Quite a stir indeed. 

But let us get right to the point–enclosed, please find an invitation to dine with me this evening at the Alhambra Music Hall. 

I would be honored to have such an esteemed guest.


Maxwell Roth


If I were to be asked whether I was Goo Seo Jin or Robin, I’d only have one answer to that question. I’m just a man who has loved you, who still loves you, and who only wants to be loved in return. Ha Na, I love you.

                                  Spar and Wes are getting married!

If you remember the engagement post(s) from here then you’ll realize that story time they’ve been engaged for a little over two years.

But anyway that’s not why I’m making this post, I need guests for the wedding!

If you are interested you can read more below if not I hope you’re having a nice day and you can continue scrolling now.

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anonymous asked:

You don't have a FAQ so I wanted to ask - how did you realize you are attracted to girls and did you doubt it at first ?

I always realized but always ignored it until one day I was crying on my bf’s bedroom floor after attempting to have sex w him who btw was beyond anything a (straight) girl could ever ask for a v v v v v sweet human. and then it all hit me I was forcing myself to feel a way I couldn’t and then I unexpectedly met a girl maybe a year later and fell in love w her. After years of dating guys, i felt nothing. As much as I tried. Meeting her I felt everything. And when we kissed, I didn’t dread it. I didn’t hate kissing. Now every time I kiss a girl I’m like holy fucking shit fuck wow sad I wasted 20 years of my life not kissing girls but glad I am now bc holy shit fuck wow!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND EVER SINCE IVE HAD AN ADDICTION TO KISSING GIRLS I love girls and I love lovin girls shits da bombsicle dot comsicle