waste less food

so far the only thing having a degree in psychology does is enable me to dissect my problematic behaviors lol

Imagine you’re standing in 2011 Japan, surveying the devastation left in the wake of the tsunami. What would you do? We know what we would do: We would fill our drawers with a relentless stream of liquid terror poo. Shigeharu Shimamura, on the other hand, is apparently immune to such humanly fears. Instead, he surveyed what looked like the aftermath of a vengeful god dick-slapping a Sony semiconductor factory and said, “Yep, I can use that to solve world hunger.”

So, his company Mirai Industry Co., Ltd. transformed the factory into the world’s largest indoor farm, and, according to the figures, they’re off to a damn good start: It’s 100 times more productive than traditional dirt farming, uses 40 percent less electricity, 99 percent less water, and wastes 80 percent less food.

The 7 New Wonders Of The World Made By Man

Update: I managed to make all the foods for the meal plan experiment (which included trekking out into the cold to go to the grocery store). My fridge is filled with food which should theoretically last me most of the week (with a few nights more cooking dinner but mostly from leftovers). We’ll have to see if I get bored or otherwise frustrated with it but I’ve chosen recipes that I love for this week to reduce variables.

Come next week I’ll get to see how I do planning and cooking-wise when I teach most of the day Saturday meaning I’ll probably be fried on Sunday but for now things seem to be going well.


Oh Monday, you’re back. I did not want to get out of bed this morning but mostly because it’s so dang comfy! Well that’s usually the case for people so that’s nothing shocking.

Kevin and I are switching some things up with our eating. Mostly to see if it’ll save him time and effort and we’ll waste less food. The new breakfast is fried egg, bacon, and a slice of ham on an English muffin. He originally planned for us to have 2 every morning but actually it was filling enough where I could eat one with some fruit.

Now that my birthday has come and gone I would like to lay off the treats as much as possible.

We bought a watermelon from SAMs yesterday and its not too shabby for it to be so early in the year. Half of our bottom shelf in our fridge is also La Croix for days. It’s going to be a good week based on those two things alone.

I hope everyone has a good Monday! Kevin’s off work so no Zumba BUT the extra light and warmer weather seem to be the perfect combination for an after work run!