i’m seeing y’all praising and loving and saying how mr. mxyzptlk is WAY better than mon-el and how mr. mxyzptlk and kara is a better love story than kara x mon-el when mr. mxyzptlk is clearly an STALKER. entering a girl’s apartment without her permission and forcing her to be with him just because the sake of it. y’all are reaching a point where i don’t even know if you’re being serious or just joking around. it’s okay to hate a character. it’s okay if you don’t like mon-el. you’re entitled to like or dislike any character you want, but please you’re contradicting yourselves. i mean. mr. mxyzptlk (a villian, an stalker, etc) is way better than mon-el just because you don’t like mon-el? y’all reaching out over here. bye.


thANK GOSH my sis saved my ass xD i think she was amazed with how fast i gave up //buT HEY I spENT hoURS thAT i’lL neVer gET bACk
ugh gotta learn from mistakes! gonna go for something more simple next time
anyway i need to finish up hw and drawings that i started like 3 days ago oh boi so late but i really want to get this stuff done today so hopefully there might b actual art content today i dunno


You know what? Eff it. I’m still in a Writerly Mood, and I forgot about the Shakedown characters, which is a travesty on my part. I’m gonna answer my own questions! (and put them behind a readmore in case you want to avoid my self-indulgence)

So let’s talk about Korbin Vorek.

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Lmao what discrimination do straight asexuals face?

okay so this is the only ask i’m answering about this lol

i’m 99% sure that you don’t give a single fuck about my answer and you’ve probably seen a billion arguments but your head is too far up your ass to care what i say either way bc nothing will change your mind so i don’t wanna bother explaining since it’s a waste of time but on the off chance that someone out there is seriously curious about this, here’s a couple posts [x] [x

Bad things at the Tops: Benny’s face

Good things at the Tops: Swank gave me 100 caps

Worst thing at the Tops: When you accidentally offend Tommy Torini’s show and he seems genuinely hurt and you wanna reload your three day old save just because