wast of space

i h8 not being cis i wish i was a fucking cis lesbian i hate being a stupid ugly trans fag who still has a stupid soft body and im not allowed to call myself butch but im not a fucking boy or a girl or anything im a stupid waste of space i crave death
i fucking hate my existence im this close to slitting my fucking throat thanks dysphoria and hellacious internalized transphobia that im clearly aware of and yet its still eating me fucking alive

anonymous asked:

Welp, after spending faaaar too much time arguing with a white supremacist online, I can say that I feel your pain when talking to these congealed lumps of pond scum. Ugh. -H.N.

White supremacists aren’t exactly blessed with braincells.

The same goes for any supremacist. They’re complete wastes of space. 

The only good supremacist is an ex-supremacist that genuinely regrets all that they’ve said, done and believe in the past.