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Chapter 25: Senior Trip


“Nae, move damn..” I mumbled, pushing Nae’s face out of mines. I swear she’s annoying as fuck when she’s bored. A nigga just wanted to get some sleep, and she won’t get out my face. She’s always does this. I don’t be in her face when she trying to sleep.

“Your daddy doesn’t love me anymore.” Nae mumbled to King as he started to clap causing me to roll over on my side and chuckle. Well, I might as well get up now. They ain’t gonna be quiet.

“Don’t say that shit.” I said, causing Nae’s head to snap in my direction. She smiled and immediately started placing kisses all over my face. She acted like she didn’t see me every damn second of the day. She practically lives with me.  
“You finally woke up. King missed you so much, not me.” Nae lied as handed King to me. Sitting up in the bed, I started to play with him and tune everything Nae was saying out. King had all of my attention. Nae and King were my everything. I was blessed to have my own little family. 

“Stop lying, he can’t even talk. Your ass missed me.” I said, chuckling at her childish ass. She always blaming stuff on King. When he starts walking and shit, he gone beat her ass.

“Oh y'all up in here about to make love? Passion!” Chris yelled out as he barged into my room. This idiot. Did he not see King in my lap? He gone get me in trouble, calling my moms name and shit.

“Really Chris? How we gone do all that when King right here?” Nae asked, rolling her eyes at Chris’. Dumbass. He always did some dumb shit.

“You know that video of plies when he was like ‘we in the bed & she tryna suck ittttt’? That’s gone be y'all.” Chris laughed as he took King out of my hands. He be hogging the baby when he come over here too. He needs to havehis own damn baby with Raye. They gone get back together, watch. I keep trying to tell him. 

“I hope we have our room together at the hotel,man. Aint tryna share with a stranger.” I laughed as I dapped Chris. Or I atleast hope that I get Cam, cause I dont really fuck with any other niggas at our school. On the basketball team and shit, but I dont trust them niggas that much to be sharing a room with them.

“Ugh, don’t talk about the trip when you’re around me.” Nae whined because she couldnt go. She didn’t wanna leave King, and I didnt either but she told me to go and have fun for her. I’m FT my babies every minute. Even though the trip aint that long, I’m gone miss the fuck outta them. 

“You driving us to the airport wifey?” Chris asked Nae, as she nodded and picked up King so she could go take him to my mom’s room. My mom didnt mind watching him either, she loved him. Hell, she treats him better than my ass.

“Hold up, let me tell him bye.” She stopped and gave him to me before I placed kisses all over hisface only for him to start laughing. Chris’ ass was making me mad, because he kept saying ‘aw’. After 5 minutes of playing with him, Nae finally took him to my mom before we all ended up outside.

“Damn, she got thicker since she had King.” Chris mumbled as he pulled down his shades to stare at Nae’s ass. He was right, she gained weight in all the right places. Just where I wanted them to be.

“Stop lookin’ at her ass!” I smacked Chris in the back of his head. He chuckled and tried to reach to touch it but I bucked at him and he ran on the other side of the car. This gonna be a long trip, fucking with Chris’ childish.


We were finally on our senior trip and a nigga was excited as hell. We were in Florida for Disney World, and this hotel we was staying in was niiiiice. I’ll never forget this trip. I wonder who I’m gone be sharing my room with. I hope it’s Ty or Cam, ion wanna share it with somebody that I don’t fuck with. 

Once I got everything settled in my room, I plopped down on one of the beds and pulled out my phone. I ain’t been on it all day, I knew my shit was probably blowing up. When I turned it on, my shit started vibrating like crazy. I didn’t check anything though. I just wanted to talk to one person and we all know who that is. 

Clicking on her contact name, I put her on speaker before it rang 3 times. “Okay, thank you.” She answered as if she were talking to someone. She was probably getting the key to her room. After a few seconds, she finally spoke. 

“Wassup Chris?” She asked in an excited tone. I could tell she was just as excited to be here as I was. Shit, who wouldn’t be? My childish ass loved amusement parks. 

“I’m chillin’, what you plan on doin’ when you get settled and shit?” I asked, hoping she’d come to my room. I know for a fact that we ain’t gonna get caught.

“Nothing but we need to talk, so send me your room number. Gotta go.” She said all in a rush before hanging up. Damn I wonder what we need to 'talk’ about. I know that shit ain’t good, so I ain’t ready for it. 

Maybe I could get a nap real quick. Slipping off my Jordan slides, I laid back on the bed and didn’t bother to take my hoodie off. Pulling the hood of it down on my face, I became satisfied and started to doze off until I heard somebody messing with the doorknob. Probably my roommate.

“Hello?” I heard a familiar female voice say as she shook my leg. Man, how the fuck a female get in here? Any other time I wouldn’t mind, but she seem annoying as hell shaking my leg and shit. Don’t know me like that. 

“What?” I mumbled after sucking my teeth. She sucked hers too and before I knew it, she snatched my hood off and I was ready to fight until I noticed it was Raye. Snatching my fucking hood off like we best friends. 

“Girl, I was bout ready to slap yo duck ass.” I chuckled, putting my hood back on. Wait, how the fuck she get in here? Ion’ wanna share my room with her after what the fuck she pulled after that kiss. 

“Man, what are you doing in here Chris? You’re supposed to be a girl. You’re always doing some sneaky shit!” She ranted on all at once, causing me to scrunch up my face. I’m really bout done fucking with Raye because she blames me for every-fucking-thing! Like damn bitch, I didn’t know we were gone be in here together. Tired of her. When I curse her out, she gone cry and tell August. 

“I’m tired of you blaming everything on me, man. When YOU kissed me, you gone argue with me and blame me afterwards. What kind of shit is that? Man, you need to go with August cause I’m getting tired of yo ass.” I said as I stood up right in front of her. My frame towering hers. She done fucked up my nap.
I still can’t believe she blamed me for that kiss. After it happened, she started crying about how I’m always messing everything up and shit. She’s a fucking hypocrite. Nobody told her ass to kiss me. I gotta get away from this woman.

“Don’t talk to me like that.” She shot at me, as she looked up into my eyes, rolling hers in the process. Bruh, she’s ruining my trip. I just wanted to travel, get some bomb ass head, and have fun.

“Duuuuude, shut up talking to me Raye foreal. You need some pads or some shit, cause I got that covered. Damn, you bipolar as fuck. Go get another fucking room, you not bout to fuck up my vacation. Nope, not today.” I shooed her off as I got a text from Bliss telling me to hurry and open the door. Raye just rolled her eyes and took her stuff in one of the other rooms. Oh well, she ain’t gotta sleep in here. Ion want her ass by me anyways. 

“Hey bae.” I greeted her as I gave her a quick peck on the lips. Embracing her in a hug, I inhaled her scent and surprisingly she smelled like vanilla. Usually she would smell like cake or candy. That shit be smelling good too. 

“Hey, where’s your roommate?” She asked, looking around confusingly. I mean, there is 3 rooms all in one. Raye don’t gotta be in the same room as me. 

“For some reason my roommate is Raye, and she went in the other room cause I made her mad.” I shrugged as Bliss nodded and sat on the bed that I was sleeping on. She kicked off her shoes and got comfortable in my bed.

“So what did you wanna talk about?” I asked as I started playing in her straight purple hair that stretched all the way to her ass. Damn it looked good as fuck on her. She was so fucking pretty. Her face, skin-tone, body, just everything. 

“Since you told me that you liked me, I’m gonna tell you that I like you too. But, Ima just get straight to the point. Drop all those fucking hoes of yours if you plan on going any further, cause I heard some girls in the elevator talking about you and that shit was embarrassing. It was like 5 girls, too. They were fantasizing about how big your dick was and ugh.” Bliss explained as she had a mug on her face the whole time. I wanted to smirk so bad, but I just kept it to myself because I knew she would get mad. 

I hope I ain’t gonna regret this shit, cause I dropped all my hoes for Raye and you see how we turned out. I mean, it’s nothing to get them back but still. “Alright, I gotchu’. But did you drop yours, cause you know you basically the female version of me?” I asked Bliss while chuckling at the same time. She had all the hoes. I see niggas all up on her fine ass at school everyday. 

“Yea, I been dropped them.” She shrugged as she looked into my eyes then started playing with my lips. Damn, I’m honored that she dropped all of them for me. I wanna jump for joy.

“Why you always smell like cake?” I finally asked her as she looked at me with her eyebrows furrowed and sniffed her shirt. 

“I don’t know, probably the lotion I use. Is that a bad thing?” She asked, tilting her head to the side with a confused look on her face which was cute as fuck. 

“Nah, that shit be smelling good. What you wanna do, though? I don’t think we’re doing anything until tomorrow because we got here kind of late.” We were supposed to get here earlier so we could go check everything out and all that, but they were some problems at the airport so we got here kind of late. I ain’t tripping, they got a game room in this bitch and that’s all a nigga needs. I hope the teachers don’t come check on us til later cause I plan on gettin’ it in. 

“Play games? And hmm.. after that, you know what I’m thinking.” She smirked as she stood up from the bed and slid her slides back on. See, I told y'all she was the female version of me. She was thinking the same shit I was thinking. 

“I gotchu’ B.” I smiled as I got up and found some other shoes to put on in my bag.  I ain’t wanna walk around with slides on. 

“Why you never call me Bliss?” She chuckled, grabbing the wallet out of her purse. Ima smack that shit right out her hand if she tries to pay for something. 

“That shit too exotic to be saying all the time.” I shrugged as she chuckled and playfully pushed me. I wonder why her momma named her Bliss. Shaking the thought out of my head, I searched around for Raye and finally found her laying down on FT with August, I’m guessing. Could’ve sworn I heard her sniffling. Like what the fuck is up with her, is she pregnant? Acting bipolar as hell.

“Aye Raye, stay in here while we go to the arcade aight’? If somebody asks, I went to the vending machine or some shit, I don’t know.” I chuckled as I tried to think of a lie for her to tell one of the teachers. I could’ve sworn I saw her mute her phone. She probably didn’t want August to know I was here cause he’d most likely flip.

“What if I wanted to do something?” She asked, rolling her eyes with a scrunched up face. What could she possibly do by herself? If she does anything here by herself it’s gone be boring as hell. I was gonna ask if she wanted to go, just me and her but she was bein’ a bitch and all distant so I just asked Bliss. Oh well, she got Ty and Cam. Nae didn’t come because she wanted to stay with King. 

“You ain’t even got no friends.” I blurted out on accident. It was true, but I didn’t mean for it to come out that way. That way was pretty harsh and rude. I hope she doesn’t pay too much attention to it. But knowing her, she’d probably feel offended as hell. 

“You know what? Just go.” Raye shook her head, looking down as she waved me off. I would’ve checked on her, but remember she said she ain’t wanna be around me so oh well. 

“What the fuck is your problem, man? You got a stank ass attitude with me for no reason! Fix that shit, you acting like a straight bitch!” I snapped at her as she threw her phone down on the bed and stood up like she was actually about to do some shit. See, I done been on my best behavior these past few weeks and she just had to fuck it up. Calm down Chris, calm down. 

“Don’t call me a bitch!” She yelled before slapping me dead across my face. Aw, nah I can’t let this shit slide. She been disrespecting me ever since she kissed me, and she goes and pulls this shit? Fuck nah, I ain’t with it. 

“Raye, you didn’t have to sl–” Raye cut Bliss off by yelling. See, she was just crying now she mad? 

“Don’t talk to me, you don’t even k-” Bliss cut her off from charging at her but I quickly pushed her back. They not bout to fight in here.

“Don’t ever talk to her like that or put yo’ fucking hands on me if you don’t want me to put my hands on you!” I gritted in her ear as I held her by her arms above her head. She then got quiet and rolled her eyes at me. My grip on her arms got tighter due to me staring at her because each second I stared at her I became more and more annoyed.

“Let me go!” She yelled as she somehow managed to get out of my hold and socked me in my mouth. Looking at her like she was crazy, I touched my lips and blood appeared on my hand. Fuck it, I tried to be civil with her ass.
In just a blink of an eye, Raye and I were really fighting like our lives depended on it. I kept hearing Bliss’ voice as she tried to pull us apart, but I started to tune her out.

“Chris please calm down!” Bliss yelled as she finally got me to sit down on the bed. I was still pissed that Raye even had the audacity to fucking hit me. I haven’t done shit to her but try to be a nice caring friend and this is the thanks I get? Fuck Raye, she ain’t bout shit.

“I’m sorry, B.” I apologized to her as I pulled her into my lap. I was completely a whole different a person a few minutes ago and I didn’t want her seeing that shit at all. Thanks to Raye. 

“Chris! Don’t ever put your hands on her again! She may have been rude to me so I shouldn’t be taking up for her, but still she didn’t deserve that. Go apologize!” Bliss demanded as she got off of my lap. Sucking my teeth, I stood up and stared down at Bliss as she looked up at me. 

Raye did deserve that shit. I’m tired of being nice to her and a nigga don’t get the same respect back. Treat people how you wanna fucking be treated.
Walking away to the room that Raye was in, she was still in the same position on the floor as she was when I left the room. She was on the floor curled up into a ball, wincing in pain. “Raye, get up.” I sighed as I stood in front of her. 

Ignoring me, she didn’t move one bit which scared me a little.
Picking her up bridal style, I laid her on the bed before sitting down right beside her. I noticed that her nose was bleeding, causing me to frown. Damn, it was that bad? “I’m sorry, Ray-” I apologized, but she put her hand up signaling me to stop talking. 

“Just leave me alone. Go be with your girlfriend."  Raye rolled her eyes as she turned to the opposite side of me. So that’s what this shit is about? That’s why her ass giving me hell, she don’t wanna see me move on. Now she know how I felt when she started fuckin’ with August. Oh well, at least I’m not fucking around with Nae or Bri. 

"You jealous?” I asked, smirking as not even a second later she snapped her head in my direction with as she scoffed. 

“Jealous of what? I’ll always come first. If I wanted you, I could have you.” She stated as if she was right. That she’ll always come first part was right but not the last part. She got me fucked up, she can’t have shit. When I wanted her, she ain’t want me so fuck that. I’m all Bliss’. 

“Yea, of course yo annoying ass gone come first. But nah, you can’t have me at all. I don’t want you anymore, August can have you.” I confessed and I swear she had a frown on her face but she quickly fixed it so I wouldn’t notice. Yea, she probably thought I was still stuck on her ass.

Once I made my way back to my room, Bliss was playing BBHMM and she was hype as fuck. “Like bla’ bla’ bla’!” I yelled as I slapped her on the ass each time. Since I did that, she mugged me and changed the song to Nobody by Keith Sweat. She always listening to slow jams. I can tell she grew up with her momma listening to that shit everyday.

“Let’s take a selfie.” I told Bliss as I held her in my lap. Once we did like 5 diff poses, all of mines were ugly so I just cropped myself out and kept Bliss in it. The one of her smiling was the best so I put it on ig. Everybody hating, we just call Em fans tho’.

fuckyopictures: that smile 😄😍😜😩💦🙌 

When I was about to speak, I got a FT call from Christina’s hard headed ass.   I ain’t talked to her in a minute though. Let me see what’s up wit’ my lil sis, cause she never randomly calls me unless she wants something. Once I answered, her big ass head appeared in the screen as Bliss laid her head on my shoulder. She was always telling me that Christina was pretty and my family has good genes. 

“Where you goin’? You look cute.” I complimented her as I stared at her face on the screen. She had on makeup but I was just gone let it slide cause that’s her talent. Can’t even front, she looks cute so I gotta give my baby her credit. 

“Thanks big bro, and we’re supposed to be having this ceremony. But before I go, are these ice pops yours?” She showed me her outfit before asking. Oh, that’s what her ass wanted. She knew I loved them ice pops and I’m stingy with them. You know, the ones in that lil red package? Those. 

“Yea, man just get one.” I sucked my teeth as her and Bliss chuckled. I better not come home to the whole package missing. Those ice pops were good as fuck. 

“Alright, love you Chris. Muaaaah!” She smiled as she blew me a kiss into the camera. I bet her shit had red lipstick all over it. She literally put her lips on the camera. 

“Love you too.” I said as I pretended like I caught her kiss before hanging up. Even though she gets on my nerves all the time, I still love her ass. That’s my baby right there.

“Why do you be having so many ice pops?” Bliss asked as she started counting the freckles on my face. Damn, she had to be real bored to be doing that shit. I ain’t ever seen nobody do that.

“Oh, after all my hoes suck my dick, I give them an ice pop if they deserve it. Remember, I gave you one?” I said with a straight face as Bliss covered her mouth in shock. The sad part about it was that I was serious as hell. 

“I’m just playing babe, let’s get ready. Ty said we supposed to be going out tonight because the restaurant closes late.” I explained to her as we headed for the shower.


“You look ugly as shit.” Ty laughed at me as him and Bliss dapped each other. They lil bond was cool, it was like me and Bri’s expect Bliss was older than Ty. He actually the one that introduced us. At first, I didn’t take Bliss serious at all but now that I spent some time with her, a nigga can’t get enough. 

“My best-friend slaying, though.” He smiled as her as she got up to sing her favorite dubsmash. Every time somebody said the word best-friend, she just had to sing it. I ain’t tripping cause she gone twerk and her ass is really poking in that dress. 

“That’s my best-friend, that’s my bestfriend. YAS, you betta’.” Bliss rapped in a ratchet voice as she started twerking causing me and Ty to start laughing. She wasn’t even twerking, she was wining her hips.

“Ima go check on Raye, that’s my date.” Ty said as he chunked up the deuces before leaving. Since him and Raye didn’t have their actual dates, they just decided to go together. We were going to some fly ass restaurant up in here. 

“You look so handsome in your suit.” Bliss complimented me as she started fixing my tie for me. Thanking her, Ty came in Raye and no lie they both looked good. Especially Raye. She had on a black two piece that hugged her body perfectly. 

“Aight, we ready. They want everybody to meet in the lobby.” Ty said as he checked his phone to see what time it was. Grabbing my Ray-bans, I made sure I had my key and phone before leaving.

Once everybody was finally outside the restaurant, the teachers was making sure everyone was present. Since we were already checked, I found a more private spot and pulled out my phone to take another picture of Bliss. I couldn’t get over how good she was looking. “Pose, baby.” I instructed her as she did what I said. Once she did her signature pose, I just made the pic black and white cause the background colors were ugly as fuck. 

fuckyopictures: my date ⏳ ☺️ #bliss #fineass #noimnottaggingher  

Damn I can’t wait to get back and tear her shit up. The way that dress fit on her body made a nigga dick jump. I swear she had every nigga looking at her. She was perfect. 

“Can you feel it babe, can you feel it baby?” I sang like Jacquees on Persian Rugs in her ear, to turn her on a little bit. That was her favorite song. Her ass was in love with Jacquees. 

“Chris stop, please.” She whined making me chuckle a little bit. Once we got in and found us a table, I learned that the name was 'Jiko- The Cooking Place’ or something like that. It was nice in here. Most of all the girls wanted to go to that Cinderella restaurant but nah, hell nah. 

“Is that your boyfriend?” One of the waiters smiled as she asked Ty and Bliss a question. Not even s second later, they both busted out laughing causing the waiter to look confused. The teachers were looking and everything cause they were loud as hell. 

“Oh no, I’m sorry he’s not my boyfriend.” Bliss said as she finally stopped herself from laughing. She always said she’d never date Ty cause he’s not her type and she be for ever gettin’ on his case. Saying shit like, he has the biggest lips ever, his face is fat, and he always looks high. That’s probably why she was so dead.

“I know who can be yo’ boyfriend.” I stated as Bliss rose her eyebrow. By now, all the students’ eyes were on us for some reason. Gahdamn, they acting like a nigga was about to purpose. I wanted some privacy. 

“And that is?” She smiled as she pulled her dress up a little bit because her cleavage was exposed due to her not wearing a bra.

“Stop playin’ and be my girlfriend, Bliss.” I said as I interlocked my finger with hers. Instantly, a big smile spread across her face as she nodded her head. I know she’s been waiting for my ass to ask her out. I couldn’t wait any longer. 

All the girls on our table mugged Bliss’, but she didn’t give 2 fucks. That’s what I loved about her. She could care less about what people thought about her. Besides the negative ass energy from the girls, most of the guys clapped and congratulated us.  I looked at Raye and she gave me a fake ass smile before looking back down at her phone.

I hope I made the right decision and also that I don’t get my heart broken again.   


As I was cleaning my face up, I got a phone call from August. Fuck, I’ve been feeling gulity as hell so I’ve been trying my best to avoid him. It’s been a week since he left and I still haven’t talked to him. I know he’s probably worried, but I just cant talk to him. If I do, I might end up telling him what happened and I really don’t wanna hear the sadness and angriness in his voice. Since he called again, I decided to answer anyway. I cant keep avoiding him. He didn’t deserve it, he’s been nothing but good to me. 

“Hello?” I answered, as I stepped on the elevator and put the key in my pocket. It was really quiet wherever August was at, so I’m gueessing that he was in his room or in the car. Usually I would’ve heard his nieces giggling or his mom talking.

“Damn Raye, where da’ fuck you been at? You just done forgot about me, huh? Talk all this shit about how you miss me, well I can’t fuckin’ tell.” August barked into the phone as I took the phone away from my ear a little bit. Okay, I deserved that so I wasn’t tripping. 

“August, I’m so sorry. It’s just that every time I think of you, I start crying.” I kind of told the truth. I did really do that, but that wasn’t the real reason why I wasn’t answering his calls.

“Bullshit Raye, you still could’ve talked to me. What’s really goin’ on?” He asked as I bit my lip. Nope, I can’t tell him. He’s gonna be so pissed. I just cant, not right now at least. 

“Nothing is going on August, I promise.” I lied as the line went silent for a few minutes. He was probably debating on if he should drop it or not. I hope he drops it, because if he asks more questions I’m gonna accidentally blurt out the truth.

“Alright, I miss you tho. What you doing, now?” He asked after sighing. Thank God he let it go. I still had a feeling that he didn’t believe me though. This is gonna be really bad when he finds out.

“I’m about to crash once I get up to my room at this hotel. We’re here for our senior trip.” I informed August as the elevator finally stopped on the floor that I was on. Surprisingly, my room was the first room that I saw which made me happy because I was just ready to lay down. Once I unlocked the door, I walked in and fell in love. This hotel was nice as hell. 

“Raye, tell me what’s really bothering you. I know you more than you know ya damn self.” He said sternly as I sighed and cursed to myself. Now I had no choice. He’s gonna be so pissed. 

“Fine, I.. kissed Chris after you left.” I bit my lip afterwards as the line went silent before I heard August’ bitter chuckles. Fuck, I feel so bad. This is why I didn’t want to tell him. 

“I ain’t been nothing but faithful to you Raye, and this is the thanks I get?! I fucking told you if you was still stuck on that nigga then don’t get in a fucking relationship with me cause I knew some shit like this would happen! I’m outchea’ bein faithful, making sure my moms aight’ while you bussin’ it open for Chris on sight. Why the fuck would you do some shit like that?! Did you think about how I would feel? Man, call me when you  get back to Cali cause we need to talk about this in person cause I got something for yo cheating ass. Ever since my ex found out I was possibly back for good, she been tryna fuck wit’ a nigga, but I turned her down EVERYTIME cause I thought about you. But that shit dead now, I’m bout to call her right when we get off the phone. Fuck you, Raye.” He ranted loudly in my ear before hanging up in my face. I didn’t even notice that I was crying until I saw a few tears drop on my screen. 

Wiping them off, I tried calling him back but it went straight to voicemail. Damn, I know he’s mad as hell. He’s probably even angrier than when Chris was in my bed because I was the one who started it this time. 

Going to Aug and I’s messages, our last messages were nothing but sweet things we said about each other when he landed. God, when he comes down here I hope we can work something out. I should at least tell him I’m sorry. He ain’t gonna answer so I’m gonna text him. 

Me: baby I’m sorry 😖

Baby: man fuck yo sorry don’t baby me either. I wasn’t baby when you kissed that nigga 

Me: it was just a kiss you act like I fucked him! 

Baby: Idgaf! Same fucking thing, it’s still cheating. Let me go out here and even stare at a bitch ass, you’d have a fucking fit. Matter of fact, is that nigga in your room cause I heard yall arguing yesterday? Why the fuck is he in yo damn room? Know what, never mind. Fuck off my line bitch 

Widening my eyes at the last part, I was shocked. He’s never called me a bitch. Damn, I really fucked up. I don’t even wanna be here anymore cause I’m not gonna be able to enjoy myself. All I’m gonna think about is Aug breaking up with me.

“Aye Raye, how you turn this shower on?” Chris came in my room with just some black Polo boxers on. Man, really? When I just got off of the phone with August. Why? He had an erection and everything.
“Chris! You got whipped cream in my hair!” I heard Bliss yell from Chris’ room causing me to roll my eyes. They must’ve been playing with whipped cream, because Chris had some on his chest and stomach. At least I thought it was whipped cream.

“Something else white bout to go in yo hair when we get in the shower!” Chris yelled out as he smirked before putting his attention back on me. Ugh, it’s bad enough that I have to hear Bliss’ moans and Chris’ grunts every damn minute. I even heard Chris scream. 

“Raye? I know you hear me.” He sucked his teeth as he took some of the whipped cream from his chest and licked it off his finger. 

“Ask your girlfriend.” I said plain and simple, before grabbing my phone so I could act like I was busy knowing damn well I wasn’t doing anything.

“She don’t know how either, that’s why I asked you but if it’s a problem, I’ll just ask Ty.” He shrugged before leaving my room. I just wanted to go back home and cry in my bed. Nothing could make me feel better. 

As I was about to reach for the lap to turn it off, I got a notification from August on Ig causing me to furrow my eyebrows. Once I clicked on it, it was a picture of him and a girl and the caption was 'reunited’. Everybody was in the comments asking did me and him break up. I can’t believe he did that. I need somebody to talk  to. 

Even though I was still mad from our fight, Chris was the only person that had good advice. “Chris!” I yelled out as him and Ty came in my room at the same time. Where did Ty come from? 

“What yo bipolar ass want?” He mugged me as he started wiping the whipped cream off of his chest. Ty’s gay ass kept pinching his nipples which was so funny to me because Chris kept getting mad. 

“I need a shoulder to cry on.” I frowned as my eyes started burning from the upcoming water works that were about to appear. 

“Nah, last time you needed a shoulder to cry on yo’ ass kissed me and blamed it on me. Ask Ty.” Chris stated as he looked at me like I was crazy. He told me I always came first. He just doesn’t wanna help cause his little girlfriend is here.

“Nigga, you know you gone always have a soft spot in yo heart for her. Getcho’ ass over here and comfort her.” Ty said as he pushed Chris on the bed to sit by me. 

“I’ll be in my room.” Ty assured us as he left through the door in my room. Once he was gone, there was nothing but silence until Chris cleared his throat. 

“Wassup?” Chris asked as he scooted over close to me and sat me on his lap. I stayed silent so I could think of how to say it, but I guess he thought I was ignoring him so he started tickling me.

 "Okay!“ I yelled as he started laughing along with me. Once our laughter died down, it got quiet again causing me to sigh.

"I think August is breaking up with me.” I mumbled before tears started streaming down my face like crazy. Mumbling a 'damn’, he buried my head in his chest as he rubbed my back. 

“You told him about that kiss?” He asked in my ear as I nodded. I was even shocked myself that I told him, because honestly I wasn’t gonna tell him at all. I was really trying to prevent this. 

“What he say?” He asked as I started to think back on what August said on the phone. Oh yea I remember, I’ll never forget that. 

“He said to call him when he gets back in Cali cause we need to talk about this in person and he got something for my ass.” I said as I started wiping my tears. Chris sucked his teeth and tried to grab my phone but I quickly stopped him. 

“Nah man, what the fuck do he mean 'he got something for yo ass’?!” Chris yelled as I felt his chest heave up and down. His fist were balled up and he was breathing super hard. 

“Chris just stop, he already thinks that I’m sneaking around with you and if you call him, that’ll make things worst.” I explained as he became silent before nodding. After a while all we heard was Bliss in the other room singing. 

“Chris wha– Oh never mind, I’ll be in my room.” Bliss faintly smiled at Chris as she blew him a kiss before leaving. Chris was about to get up, but he stopped himself. 

“I think we need to stop hanging around each other..” Chris mumbled as he started twirling his finger on one of my braids. 

“What?! Why?!” I yelled as I lifted myself up and turned around to face him. I know he wasn’t serious. We’ve came a long way to just end everything now. 

“You saw how Bliss just acted cause how cuddled up we looked? You know she mad as fuck, and I ain’t trying to fuck up my relationship. You ain’t want me around you and shit. August already feel like we doing some shit so if you wanna save ya relationship, I suggest that we just cut each other off or something. Ion’ think 2 exes should hang around each other anyways. We exes for a reason right?” He explained as I started crying all over again.

I didn’t wanna loose Chris as a friend. Why couldn’t we just set some rules for our friendship? But I guess if it’s going to save me relationship, it’s what’s best for me. 

“Don’t cry Raye, I’m just trying to help you out. It’s what best for us.” Chris said as he kissed me forehead. I was crying uncontrollably. 

“I love you, alright?” He said as he got up off of the bed to stand up. Nodding my head, he left a sloppy wet kiss on my cheek before turning around to leave.

“I love you too.” I finally said as he looked back before smiling then he left the room. Welp, this is the end of me and Chris. It’s worth is though, right? 

“Chris, wait!” I blurted out and he stopped dead in his tracks and turned around to face me. He looked confused as to why I was callig him. I didnt know if this was a good ideqa or a bad one, but I didnt want him to leave at all.

“Can you please stay?” I asked as he sighed and sucked his teeth. He was probabaly getting tired of me using him for comfort. “I got a girlfriend to tend to..” He answered as he gave me a faint smile to not disappoint me. 

“Please?” He groaned before finally giving in. 

“Fine, but this is the last time. Let me go tell her what’s going on first.” He said before he left.