wasson peak


Today we walked up Wasson Peak, which was a hike I wanted to quit 2 miles in. So hot. So UP! But we went two more miles and met many friends; Jonathan the sittin rock. Spencer the Harris Squirrel. Roger and Stacy the crows who live at the top of the mountain. We saw many tiny lizards. So many wild flowers.

The top of the mountain was spectacular and felt like an accomplishment. I peed on it (not as a conqueror but as a woman who had to pee, and it was a remarkable place to squat). The walk down (another 4 miles) was so good and fast that when we stopped to listen to a rustling in the bushes or to notice petroglyphs, my eyes experienced the Tetris effect – things kept moving forward in my vision even though I was stationary. I have never had that happen outside of a screen.

We climbed down washes and maneuvered small rock faces.

We bought beer and ate pork roast and watched No Reservations.

I have never climbed a mountain before. I have been on top of several mountains, but this is the first one my own feet carried me up. I earned some sort of merit badge today. Explorer. Greenhorn Mountaineer. Poppin a Squat on Mountaintop. Seeing new places makes me feel important.