A fine way of serving wassail is to put an apple in each mug and ladle the hot brew over it. Provide each of your guests with a spoon so they can eat the apple afterwards.


  • 12 small tart apples
  • 6 pints ale
  • 2 cups brown sugar
  • 2 tsp ginger
  • 2 tsp cinnamon
  • 2 tsp nutmeg
  • 4 whole cloves
  • Zest of 2 lemons
  • 2 pints red wine

Peel and core the apples, and dry roast them (no sugar) in a slow oven until they almost burst. (Low and slow and keep an eye on them.) Combine 1/3 of the ale with sugar, spices, and lemon zest. Summer over low heat for 20 minutes. Add remaining ale and wine and heat, but do not boil. Serve hot over the apples.

Serves 12.

[Source: Celtic Folklore Cooking, Joanne Asala, Llewellyn, 1998.]


I never thought id be so down with a cider bar in my entire life. Wassail, billed as a cider bar, may be one of the best restaurants I’ve been to. TOTAL sleeper, like hi we serve apple juice, oh wait our food it LITTTTT🌋🌋🌋 Tho cider always reminded me of going upstate to pick apples with the fam which was sort of fun. It was mainly depressing bc I cant really leave the city for even a day of the simple life without diving into a mass depression. I was born in nyc; blessing and a curse, blessing and a curse. The mega highlight at this orchard was always the cider donuts they made which were insane. The sleeper was the pizza tho. This apple farm had the best damn pizza anywhere. One year I got a bag of doughnuts and a pizza then climbed an apple tree. I got stuck in the tree but it was cool bc I was stocked with fresh pizza and donuts in a tree full of apples. I was definitely the only one in the family opting out of the unlimited apples and instead going full in on pizza and donuts.

Tip: Few times am I ever speechless when leaving a restaurant. This was one of those times.
Tip: Most dishes can be split as a sort of snack with a cider pairing. Epic date.
Tip: You wont want to split anything bc every dish is FIRE.
Tip: Get adventurous here, you wont be let down.

When to come here: On a date, cool business one on one, dinner with a cool fam, when you want cider, for a drink and an app.

Where: 162 Orchard St, New York


5:00 PM – 1:00 AM
5:00 PM – 2:00 AM
11:00 AM – 2:00 AM
11:00 AM – 1:00 AM
5:00 PM – 1:00 AM
5:00 PM – 1:00 AM
5:00 PM – 1:00 AM

Winter Starters
  • "It's SO COLD!"
  • "I'm not sure we're going to be able to go anywhere today."
  • "Would you like to build a snowman?"
  • "Whatever happened to global warming?"
  • "Everything's melting."
  • "I don't think there's enough snow."
  • "Looks like a green Christmas this year."
  • "Take these lights and cover the bushes."
  • "It's a winter wonderland!"
  • "I love the long nights."
  • "You need a pair of sunglasses today."
  • "Do we have any eggnog?"
  • "Looks like a night for alcohol."
  • "I need some soup."
  • "I made you some hot chocolate."
  • "Layers of blankets are needed here."
  • "I'm not getting out of bed today."
  • "I got a fire started."
  • "Look at all the snow!"
  • "What's the temperature outside?"
  • "It's raining again."
  • "I think I'll stay home."
  • "Tea is what's needed here."
  • "The holidays are overrated."
  • "Who wants to wassail?"
  • "Let's go shopping."
  • "Light the candles!"
  • "Is all this really necessary?"

ethandarke316  asked:

Do you know any traditional Celtic dishes for yule? Everything I found so far is just generic Christmas-y treats and someone adding a star or something and calling it Celtic.

Indeed I do, my friend! I have three lovely cookbooks in my collection which I highly recommend on the subject:

  • Celtic Folklore Cooking (Joanne Asala)
  • Witch in the Kitchen (Cait Johnson)
  • The Food and Cooking of Ireland (Biddy White Lennon & Georgina Campbell)

Celtic Folklore Cooking includes an entire section in the index on dishes for Yule. The Food and Cooking of Ireland has a number of feast-worthy recipes, and a very informative foreword which describes the holiday traditions celebrated in Ireland today. Witch in the Kitchen has a lot of tasty vegetarian options for any occasion year-round.

Dishes for Yule include:

Stay tuned, I’ll be posting the recipes for all of these throughout the day!

Yule - Winter Solstice

↢ Back to Wheel of the Year

Yule is the first minor sabbat of the year, celebrated at Winter Solstice (which is on December 22nd in 2015), the longest night of the year. This day marks the return of the sun, as the days will start to get longer again from here on, and the rebirth of the Horned God, as well as the beginning reign of the Oak King, taking the Holly King’s place and bringing the light half of the year.

This is a day for introspection, peace, planning for the future and new beginnings and spending time with your family and friends. Parallels can be seen in Christmas, Hannukah and other festivals around this time of the year, all with the same motifs: light and joy. Giving gifts and decorating a Yule tree (I decorate mine with candied oranges and other handmade decor!) are popular activities, as is creating a Yule log and burning it in honour of the sun returning.

Other activities include caroling, wassailing, kissing under the mistletoe, making wreaths, storytelling, sending greetings, lighting a fire, as well as charity, donating food and clothing, volunteering or putting up bird feeders.

Edit: It’s that time of year again! I’ll be reposting this for the upcoming Sabbat but will probably be updating it as I go along. Not everything at the bottom is a link yet but the ones that are there should work. If you guys find any problems just let me know! 

Symbols: yule log, evergreen boughs or wreaths, holly, mistletoe hung in doorways, gold pillar candles, clove studded fruit, wassail, poinsettias, christmas cactus

Altar decoration: mistletoe, holly, small Yule log, fairy lights, Yule/Christmas cards, a homemade wreath, presents wrapped in colorful paper

Incense: pine, cedar, bayberry, cinnamon

Herbs: ash, bay, bayberry, blessed thistle, chamomile, evergreen, frankincense, holly, ivy, juniper, mistletoe, moss, oak, pine, pine cones, rosemary, sage, sandalwood, yew, laurel, yellow cedar

Food: roasted turkey, mulled wine, dried fruit, cranberries, eggnog, pork, beans, gingerbread, cookies, caraway cakes, roasted apples, nuts, hibiscus or ginger tea, spiced cider, wassail

Colours: red, green, gold, white, silver, yellow, orange

Stones: rubies, bloodstone, garnet, emeralds, cat’s eye, diamonds

Animals: stag, wolf, hawk, squirrel, wren, robin, phoenix, troll

Deities: Brighid, Pandora, Tiamat, Isis, Demeter, Diana, Apollo, Balder, Ra, Saturn, Helios, Odin

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okay, as y'all may have noticed, i might kind of sort of a little bit love neal cassidy with all of my heart and soul. so idk here’s a list of some fanworks i really love by the lovely people in neal fandom. obviously, this is just stuff i’ve seen and liked and not at all comprehensive, so if there’s something you love that isn’t on here, please please please let me know, I’m planning to try to keep this updated! 


Gen (any ship is background/not the main focus)



  • street corner verse by nothingeverlost​ (homeless teen AU, collection of fics)
  • lost by fyre (AU, WIP. not entirely sure where to put this one, but it has mentions of past swanfire and past bae/graham, as well as potential future gremma.)



(Most ship-centric fic I read is swanfire. If anyone has any recs for a neal fic in another pairing, let me know!)

Video Recs


Neal Meta

The Mari Lwyd (Y Fari Lwyd) is an extremely old tradition within wales, dating back to at least the middle ages. Derived from worship of pre-christain gods, the horse is representative of the goddess Rhiannon. It is home version of the Saxon wassailing, to bring luck and no deaths within the year.

The idea is that, knocking on each door, the Mari and the home owner would recite poetry of eachother called a pwnco. The horse would try to win and if so would be allowed in the house and be given food. If the homeowner won, the horse would give thanks, luck and be on it’s way.

The mari lwyd consits of a mare’s skull, carved and decorated along with the eye sockets filled. Sometimes lights and sweet smelling herbs are placed inside to make it seem less frightening to the children. The man or women holding it is covered in a white cloth with ribbon or coloured cloth handing for the wind to pick up.

The Spae of the Volva

​Völuspá (Prophecy of the Volva, Prophecy of the Seeress) is the first and best known poem of the Poetic Edda. It tells the story of the creation of the world and its coming end related by a völva or seeress addressing Odin. It is one of the most important primary sources for the study of Norse mythology. The poem is preserved whole in the Codex Regius and Hauksbók manuscripts while parts of it are quoted in the Prose Edda. This is James Allen Chisholm’s English translation.

I bid a hearing from all holy wights,
the greater and lesser of Heimdall’s children.
It is your wish, Valfather, that I speak
the old spells of the world, the earliest I can recall.

I recall the children of Ettins,
who, in the days of yore, brought me to life.
I recall the nine worlds, the nine steads,
of the Glorious Meting Wood, beneath the ground.

It was in the earliest times that Ymir dwelled.
Neither sand nor sea, nor cold waves, nor earth
were to be found. There was neither heaven above,
nor grass anywhere, there was nothing but Ginnungagap.

Soon Bur’s sons heaved up the earth.
They shaped Midgard, the earth. The sun
shone from the south on the stones of the stead,
and green leeks grew from the ground.

From the south the sun, companion of the moon,
threw her right hand across the edge of the world
The sun did not know what hall it had.
The stars did not know what stead they had.
The moon did not know what main it had.

All the Regin went to the doom chair,
the Ginn Holy Gods mooted over this.
They gave names to night and the new moons,
they named midday, mid afternoon,
and early evening, to reckon the years.

The Aesir met on Ida Vale.
High they timbered hof and harrow,
they founded forges and smithied,
they shaped tongs and wrought tools.

They played tables in the garth and were blissful.
None of them lacked gold, until three maidens
came from the Thurses. Their might was awesome,
they came from Ettinhome.

Then all the Regin went to the doom chair.
They held moot to say who should shape
the Drighten of the dwarves
from Brim’s blood, from Blain’s bones.

There was Motsognir, the greatest in speech
of all the dwarves. But Durinn was second.
These dwarves made many man-like-bodies
out of the earth as Durinn had asked.

Nyr and Nithi, North and South,
East and West, Allthief, Entranced,
Nar and Nain, Nithing, Dain
Bifor, Bofor, Bombur, Nari,
An, and Anarr, Oinn and Meadvolf.

Veig and Gand-Elf, Windelf, Thorinn,
Thror and Thrainn, Thekk, Lit and Vit,
Nar and Nyrath, Reginn and Rathsvith.
Now are the dwarves rightly listed.

Fili, Kili, Fundinn, Nali,
Hepti, Vili, Hanarr, Sviurr,
Billing, Bruni, Bild and Buri
Frar, Hornbori, Fraeg and Loni,
Aurvang, Jari, and Oakenshield.

I speak of the dwarves in Dvalinn’s host
to tell of their kind down to Lofar,
of those who sought the abode of Aurvang
at Jorovallar from the stone of the hall.

Draupnir was there, and also Dolgthrasir,
Har, Haugsthori, Hievang, Gloi,
Dori, Ori, Duf, Andvari
Scirvir, Virvir, Skafith, and Ai.

Alf and Yngvi and Eikenskjaldi,
Fjalarr and Frosti, Finn and Ginhar.
The long line of down to Lofar
will be known while men live.

From the host came three,
mighty and powerful Aesir, to coast.
There they found an ash and an elm
of little might, and lacking orlog.

They had neither breath nor wit nor life hue
nor manner nor good looks. Odin gave them
the breath of life, Hoenir gave them wod,
Lothur gave them life and good looks.

I know an ash that stands, called Yggdrasil,
a tall tree, wet with white dews,
dews dripping down into the dales.
Ever green it stands over Urth’s well.

From there come three maidens, deep in lore,
from the water that stands under the tree.
One is called Urth, the other Verthandi,
the third Skuld. Scores they carved,
laws they laid, lives they chose.
They worked Orlog for the sons of men.

I recall the first battle in the world.
There they stabbed Gullveig with spears,
and burned her in Har’s hall.
Thrice she was burned, thrice she was born.
It happened often, and yet she lives.

She is called Heith, who comes to houses, the far
seeing spae woman. The wise volva knew gand
magic, she understood seith. She played with minds
by her seith. She was always dear to evil women.

Then all the Regin went to the doom chair.
The Ginn Holy Gods held moot
as to whether the Aesir should pay tribute
or whether all the gods should have a wassail.

Odin sped a shot into the host.
That was the first battle in the world.
The board wall was broken, the fortification
of the Ases. The fighting Vanes trod the battlefield

Then all the Regin went to the doom chair.
The Ginn Holy Gods held moot
over he who blended the sky with poison
and gave Oth’s woman to the tribe of Ettins.

Thor was then swollen with rage against the foe.
He seldom sits when he hears of such.
Oaths were broken, then word and oath,
powerful pacts made between them.

She knows where Heimdall’s hearing is hidden
under the holy sky scraping tree. Over it flow
the watery falls from Valfather’s pledge.
Do you want to know more, or what?

She sat out, all alone, there, where the old one came,
the awesome Ase looked in her eye.
“What do you ask of me? Why test me?
I know well, Odin, where your eye is hidden—
in the water of Mimir’s well. Mimir drinks mead
each morning from Valfather’s pledge.
Do you want to know more, or what?”

Herrfather dealt her rings and a necklace
to have her spells of spae and spae magic.
She sees widely over each of the worlds.

She sees valkyries coming from afar,
ready to ride to the Gothic host.
Skuld held a shield, and Skogul another.
There were also Gunnr, Hild, Gondol and
Geirskogul. Now Herjan’s maidens are listed,
valkyries ready to ride over the earth.

I saw Baldr, the bloodied God,
son of Odin, his orlog hidden.
It stood and grew, high among the trees,
slender and fair, the mistletoe teinn.

What seemed glorious when on the boughs
turned to a deadly dart when Hoth made his cast.
Baldr’s brother was soon born.
When only one year old, Odin’s son got vengeance

He never washed his hands nor combed his hair,
until he had born Baldr’s foe to the pyre.
Frigg wept in Fensalir for Valhalla’s woe.
Would you know more, or what?

Then Vali wound war fetters.
They were real strong bonds made of guts.

She saw one lying in bonds, in the grove of kettles.
It was the hated form of guileful Loki.
Sigyn sits there, sad by her husband.
Do you want to know more, or what?

A stream of saxes and swords flows from the east
through Poison-Dales. It is called Slith.

A golden hall stood in the North
on the vales of Nitha, it was the dwelling
of the tribe of Sindra. Another stood on Okaini,
it was the beer hall of the Ettin Brim.

She saw a hall stand, quite far from the sun,
on Nastrond. The doors face north,
drops of venom fall in through the smoke hole.
The hall is wound with the spines of snakes.

She saw there oath breakers and murderers,
wading the swift stream. There were also those who
deceived the female advisers of others. Nithogg
sucks dead bodies there, and the warg rips men apart.
Do you want to know more, or what?

The old one sat in the Iron-woods in the east
and raised the brood of Fenrir.
The worst one of them all,
shall take the sun in the shape of a troll.

He fills himself on the flesh of dead men, reddens the
seat of the gods with gore. The sun turned swarthy in
the following summers. The weather grew entirely
shifty. Do you want to know more, or what?

He sat on a howe hill strumming a harp.
He was the herdsman of a giantess, he was
the glad Eggther. The fair red cock called Fjalar
sang to him from the gallows tree.

Gullinkambi sang for the Ases.
He wakes the heroes of Warfather.
But another sings beneath the earth,
a soot red cock in the halls of Hel.

Garm bays loudly before Gnipa-Cave.
The bonds are sheared and he runs hungry.
I know much lore, yet see even more,
of Ragnarok and the powerful victory Tivar.

Brothers shall battle one another and fight to the
death. Sister’s sons bring ruin on their sib.
There is hardness on the world and great whoredom
An axe age, a sword age, shields are cloven.
A wind age, a warg age, before the world falls,
no man will spare the other.

Mim’s sons play. The Meter will be set alight.
Heimdall blows loudly on old Gjallarhorn
with the horn aloft.
Odin speaks with Mim’s head.

Yggdrasil, the standing ash, is shaking.
The old tree howls, the Ettin is loose.
All who walk the Hel-roads are terrified,
right before the kin of Surt swallow it.

How fare the Ases, how fare the elves? All of
Ettinhome is in an uproar. The Aesir met in things.
The dwarves groaned before stone gates,
masters of the mountain walls.
So do you want to know more, or what?

Garm bays loudly before Gnipa-cave.
The bonds are sheared and he runs hungry.
She knows much lore, but I see more
of Ragnarok and the powerful victory Tivar.

Hrym fares from the east, bearing a linden board.
The worm Jormungand is engulfed by an ettin rage
and churns the waves. The eagle screams
and its pale beak is cutting corpses. Naglfar is loose.

The ship fares from the East.
The folk of Muspell come over the sea,
with Loki steering. Kinsmen of fools
fare with Freki, Beylast’s brother

Surt fares from the south with the bane of branches.
The sun of the slaughter Tivar shines from his sword.
Crags shake, and fiends reel.
Heroes walk the Hel-road. Heaven is cloven.

Another sort of grief comes to Hlin
when Odin fares to fight the wolf
and the illustrious Bane of Beli to battle with Surt.
Frigg’s lover will then fall.

Then comes the mighty son of Victory-father,
Vithar, to vie with the deadly beast.
He struck the heart of Hvethrung’s son
and so his father was avenged.

The fierce jaws of the earth encircling worm
gaped from the hills at the holy sky.
Then Odin´s son meets the worm,
Vithar’s kinsman slays the warg.

Then came the mighty son of Hloth (the earth).
Odin’s son strode to fight against the wolf.
In rage Midgard’s ward dropped him.
All heroes shall leave the homestead.
Fjorgyn’s son strode nine steps
back from the serpent, not worried about fame.

The sun turned dark, and the land sank into the sea
The bright stars fell from heaven.
Steam and fire ferment.
Flames leap high to heaven itself.

Garm bays loudly before Gnipa-cave.
The bonds are sheared and he runs hungry.
She knows much lore, but I see more
about Ragnarok and the Powerful Victory Tivar.

She sees another rise up, earth from the ocean,
all agreen. Torrents flow
and the eagle flies above
scanning the fells and hunting fish.

The Aesir meet in Ida-Vale
and talk of the mighty Midgard worm,
recalling the mighty doom
and Fimbulty’s ancient runes.

They will again find the wondrous
gold chess pieces in the grass,
those they had owned in the days of yore.

The unsown acres will then grow. Evil will turn
better, Baldr will return. Both Baldr and Hoth
shall live in Hropt’s victory hall, the work of the gods.
Do you want to know more, or what?

Hoenir will then handle the lot wood, his brother’s
two sons will live there in the wide wind home.
Do you want to know more, or what?

She sees a hall, standing fairer than the sun,
thatched with gold in Gimle.
There the worthy drightens
shall dwell, forever in happiness.

Then comes the strong one, to the doom of the gods,
the awesome one from above who rules all.

The dark drake comes flying,
the flashing viper from under Nitha-Fells
She sees Nithogg carrying corpses in his feathers
as he flies over the valley. Now she shall sink down.

Solstice, Equinox and Sabbats.

Imbolc (EE-Molic) – feb 2nd:

Imbolc is the holiday when we see the first signs of spring, at this point winter is by no means completely over but we can see the first signs of spring with the first leaves/plants sprouting and often snowdrops coming through. This is the day we honour the rebirth of the sun and celebrate the goddess Brigid (a Celtic goddess) If you can make it, with your hands Brigid rules it, and Imbolc is the time to communicate and honour her by lighting multiple white candles along with yellow and red candles for to remind us of the passing winter and transition into spring. Imbolc can also be known as ‘candlemass’ or ‘Brigids’ (said breeds) day.

 Incense/herbs: Rosemary, Cinnamon, Frankincense, Myrrh.

Decorations: Spring Flowers, corn dolly.

Colours: Red, Orange, White.

 Ostara – Spring Equinox- March 21st /22nd:

 Ostara is the spring equinox along with being the pagan Easter, it is a day in which is nether harsh like winter but does not have the warmth of summer. Ostara is usually a time of wonder (often children) eggs are painted and used as decoration and spring flowers are placed in baskets.

This is often a good time to perform self-banishing spells or rituals to help with productivity, along with performing rituals to gain things we have recently lost or even gain quality’s we wish to have in the future.

 Incense/herbs: rose, jasmine.

Decorations: coloured eggs, spring flowers.

Colours: yellow, light green and pale colours.

 Beltane- May eve – April 30th/may 1st:

 Beltane is the union between the goddess and gods, so hand fasting and vows of commitment are quite popular around Beltane, it is also a time for fertility and the harvest a time for gaining wealth from the seeds that have been sown. Celebrations include, circling the maypole for fertility, braiding hair and jumping the Beltane fire for luck.

 Incense/herbs: frankincense, lilac.

Decorations: maypole, ribbons, flowers.

Colours: green.

 Litha – summer solstice (mid summer) - June 21st/22nd:

 The summer solstice is said to be the most powerful day of the year for the sun god, and because this is honouring the sun god fire plays a role in litha, fire is very easily seen and has a number of other uses such as; cook, consume, shed light and purify. As it is the longest day of the year this represents the god in full power, since this sabbat revolved around the sun and fire a candle should be lit for the full day, especially if its gloomy or raining.

 Incense/herbs: sage, mint, basil, lavender, st johns wort, sunflower.

Decorations: dried herbs, seashells, summer flowers, fruits.

Colours: Blue, green, yellow.

Lammas- july 31st/aug 2nd:

Lammas is a festival celebrating the results of the harvest, it is a time for baking bread and making corn dollies. Some people during Lammas go for a walk in nature (in the woods/park/fields/country side) and meditate to connect with nature and take in the beautiful soundings.

 Incense/herbs: grains, sunflower, heather, grapes, pears.

Decorations: corn/maize, corn dollies, bread,

Colours: Gold, yellow, green, brown, orange.

Mabon – Autumn equinox – sept 21st/23rd:

Mabon is in the middle of the harvest, and is on the day when the day and night are of equal length of time. Mabon is a time for giving thanks for what the earth has provided, and for finishing up on going projects and plans. This is a time to reflect on your life and make plans for the future, along with being a time for resting and celebration. Warm autumn days and cold nights, as the sun god moves back into the embrace of the goddess.

 Incense/herbs: Nutmeg, Cloves, Cinnamon, juniper, oak moss, ivory, sage.

Decorations: corn/maize, pumpkin, herbs, apples. (Items that have been harvested, and will last a few weeks).

Colours: Red, Bronze, Orange, Yellow, Rust.

Samhain – all hallows eve- October 31st:

Samhain is pronounced sow-en/sow-een not sam-hayne. Also known as Halloween.

Samhain is one of the highest holy days for witches, it is one of the last times to dry herbs for the winter, and it is also a day in which fairies are said to be afoot causing mischief.

Samhain is also a ‘day of the dead’ and is a time to honour and remember ancestors and loved ones that have passed, this time of year the veil between the two worlds is at the thinnest so spirits and souls of loved ones have the energy to come and visit us in our world at this time food and wine is often left out for the spirits.

Incense/herbs: sage, wormwood, mugwart, heather, cloves, rosemary, chamomile,

Decorations: Decorate your altar with photographs of deceased loved ones, pumpkins, oak leaves, apples, nuts and sage.

Colours: Orange, black, rust, bronze, red, yellow.

Yule – winter solstice- December 21st:

The winter solstice is the rebirth of the sun, and is quite important as it marks the shortest day of the year, it will also start the increase of the day time until the summer solstice when the darkness becomes ascendant once more. Yule is a celebration, and a time for a family to come together and celebrate. Yule logs are traditionally served along with wassail. A large red, green or blue candle is burned, the candle is decorated with sprigs of holly and/or evergreen sprigs. The candle is lit every night for 12 days.

Incense/herbs: bay, cinnamon, frankincense, birch, pine, ash.

Decorations: nuts, pinecones, acorns, yule log (wooden not cake for decoration), candles.

Colours: red, green, white, silver, gold.

Yule, it's that time of year

Yule falls this year on December 21st. This is the official beginning to the celebration which should last as long as you can manage (typically 12 days). Out of ease on my family we’re celebrating the twelve days before and culminating at Yule.

So, what can we do for Yule?
- give small presents on each of the twelve days
- drink cider, wine, or mead and go wassailing
- throw a party for your friends on the 21st and introduce them to Yule
- offer in a ritual
- have a bonfire shaped like a goat
- have a Yule log or a tree for inside
- enjoy your friends and family
- sing, be merry, eat, offer, pray, fill your day and night with joy

If you have kids, leave boots filled with hay outside for Woden to feed his steed and fill them up afterwards with doodads. This is an old equivalent to stockings but more pagan. It’s also a wonderful time for story telling about the gods and goddesses, your children should hear stories about them.

In all honesty, Yule is so intermingled with the western idea of Christmas that if you celebrate Yule it will be very similar to anyone you might invite over. Yule was appropriated by Christianity ages ago and they do a pretty good job of celebrating it. This means it’s obvious how to celebrate for the most part.

One thing of note worth elaborating on though: the night of the 20th is Mother’s Night (Modraniht). This night is sacred and should be devoted to the honoring of your female ancestors and motherly goddesses. I will be honoring my mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother as well as Eorthe and Frige that night. I will bake bread and leave a large and very safe candle burning on an altar through the night. As much time as I can devote to it will be spent in reflection and prayer that night. I will also be weaving some that night to link into that whole magickal process and activity. The Norns would be of great importance in the night’s feeling and thoughts so spinning and weaving will get you right in the feeling. It is a subdued night, not boisterous like Yule, but instead reverent and contemplative.

The ritual I am preparing for each of these nights will be forthcoming.

As a side note, what better time of year than this is there to give others a better image of us as heathens? Heathenry has an image problem that will only be solved by awareness. So invite people to your Yule party, go all out and wow them with the true spirit of the season.

You’re Perfect in my Eyes

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warning : May be Triggering + Angst.

Tate Langdon.

Tate… he was always there for herThrough thick and thin, always comforting her and telling her how beautiful and amazing she was. Whenever she felt down, he was there to raise her up. 

She loved him, he loved her

scratch that , she LOVES him

but during all her problems and her constant pain of facing the judgmental world, she seemed forget about him. 

She seemed to forget about his emotions, his depression, his life, she was consumed in her own life that she didn’t even bother to ask him .” are you okay ?” 

But he didn;t care, all that mattered was that his beautiful girlfriend was happy and no longer shedding tears.He didn’t care about how horrible day wassail he cared about was her. If she wanted to dispose of him, he’d leave for her, but he would always love her. 

He was insecure, she was beautiful, and he loved her, he thought he wasnt good enough, he thought he was just another depressed teen taking over her time, he thought she didn’t love him anymore. 

So he tried to dispose himself, for her. 

but little did he know, he was perfect in her eyes, he was the man of her dreams, the love of her life, but it went all down the drain. 

Their memories, their love, their times…. 

She walked into his room, there he was lying covered in blood, 

He wrote her a note

God , she shed tears, she wanted to dispose of herself… She felt useless.. 

“Pease Tate “ 

But he didn’t respond. 

She hugged the body, not caring that his blood spilled on her 

“ Tate please come back, i love you, you weren’t pathetic , youre perfect in my eyes, you’re my everything… please come ba…back “ 

He didn;t say i love you back ,nor could he comfort her, he did not wipe her tears this time. 

If only did she ask about his day or if he was doing okay 

if only she could’ve reminded him how important he was to her…like he did to her…. 

But no matter what Tate will always love her…