wasps are jerks

I’m sick to death of seeing misinformed posts like this come up on Instagram and Tumblr! Yes bees are important and super cute but wasps are not the useless jerks people make them out to be!

Wasps, like bees, play an important ecological role – as pollinators, predators and parasites.

Almost every pest insect has at least one wasp species which preys on or parasitises it, thus preventing their populations growing uncontrollably and wreaking ecological and agricultural havoc.

Unlike bees which are typically out and about year round, many wasps disappear during particular seasons or keep to themselves entirely. Only a handful of species nest inconveniently close to human habitation on account of their tendency to scavenge for the dead insects found in abundance around urban and suburban dwellings.

Just like bees, there are many different types of wasps with different temperaments and behaviours. We don’t hate every bee on account of the aggressive tenacity of the Africa honey bee so why are we hating on every wasp because yellow jackets have a bad rap with humans?

Just because wasps don’t make us commodifiable consumables like honey, honeycomb and beeswax doesn’t mean they do bugger all and serve no purpose.

Wasps are just as important as bees and just as cute, damn it, and nothing will ever convince me otherwise!

ceruleaniris  asked:

11. Are you afraid of wasps/bees or can you just calmly walk by them?

Bees I can! Wasps, hell no. Wasps are mean little jerks. I mean I don’t scream and freak out like most people do but you can be damn sure that when I see one I immediately turn around and go the other way.

thank you for the ask @ceruleaniris
@jellyrollin-yo you asked me this one too!