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Comics to Read, 1/4/17 - It’s a New Year and Here’s New Comics!

Time for a brand new year of comics. Perhaps it will help us deal with what is sure to be a frustrating year. There are few first issues this week so let’s go!

Marvel has found success with lighter fare starring some of their female characters such as Squirrel Girl and Patsy Walker and this book seems to fit in that trend. The new Wasp is introduced to things by some of her fellow Marvel ladies and it is a fun, optimistic book that embraces STEM (Science Bros move over!) A great all-ages adventure.

Ryan Choi is back with his own title and I couldn’t be happier. (Well I could but let’s not nitpick).

Did you get the first issue of Kate Hawkeye by the talented Kelly Thompson (and I’m not just saying that because she’s my friend?). I loved it and am looking forward to this issue as well!

If you do like it and aren’t reading Thompson’s Jem series here’s your chance to double down!

I gave Batman a try under the new team but wasn’t sold. This cover by Stephanie Hans makes me want to give it a new try.

That’s it for me. What are reading that you love that you would recommend? Let me know.


A thing I did on Sudo I thought I should post here to inform y’all more about Bee and Wasp. I have another one on Wasp coming up; this is just a break from the OC dump

Sorry it’s so long tho; I thought about just typing it up, but I’d already converted everything already so w/e. My handwriting isn’t that nice either omg sorry about that too maybe I should’ve just typed it up


Jarvis supporting Tony is kind of a big deal to me. 

Avengers vol 3 #38 (2001)

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Is it happening is drone x wasp a thing???

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