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Okay, so the part where I said I could draw? Malarkey. But GOD HELP ME, I will show you this. Note, this cape does not posses sleeves or a hood, but those would not be difficult to add, should you choose to do so.

Step 1: acquire mannequin.

Step 2: Drape inside layer of cape(the lining?) over your mannequin in a manner not unlike a clothesline. Pin in place, try it on several times to make sure it’s sized the way you like it. Mine is snug in the shoulders.

Step 3: Sew those shoulders together and cut the excess fabric. Also add a hole for your neck.

Step 4: Eat a snack.

Step 5: Embroidery! Fit your outermost layer over the inside layer already on the mannequin and cut it to shape. Once it’s the size and shape you want, separate the layers and get ready to either get carpal tunnel or get really, really friendly with your sewing machine’s embroidery feature. This, I actually did make a pattern for, if anyone wants to use the deer. The lines on the side of the head are where the antlers go.

This spans from my lower back to about my shoulderblades.

Step 6: After you put the deer on, put the layers back together. If you want to use the optional middle layer for extra warmth, go ahead. Because it doesn’t face anything, the middle layer can be whatever shape and size you want. Mine just sort of hangs like a sheet and adds weight. At this point, you can round the shoulders out or leave them pointy for Extra reasons. Mine are pointy, they give the funfur a little extra shape.

Step 7: Sew all of that together. It will not be easy on your patience or your sewing machine. Next, the fur!

Step 8: If your machine isn’t some kind of beast that laughs in the face of danger, sew the trim on manually. It hangs freely in the back, so you may want to ground it to something. I made the trim thicker above the chest specifically to attach it to the back, holding it more firmly in place.

Step 9: Latching! I used two heavy-duty hook-and-eyes to clasp the cape together at the chest, but you can also use buttons, a fancy broach, all sorts of things.


2yds black fleece, inside 

2yds black wool, middle 

2yds blue satin, outside

1.5 yds funfur, trim

And that’s the cape! If you make it, pleeeeeease show me, I wanna see it!

My friend is reading The Unstoppable Wasp
  • Friend: What Nadia needs is a team up with Silk
  • Me: What?
  • Friend: They don't get cultural references, so at least they could misunderstand things together
  • Friend: 'I never understand these references'
  • Friend: 'Me neither! :D'
  • Friend: And Steve cries in the background

I got inspired by @charminglyantiquated‘s Elsewhere University idea, and wrote up a little something. (All credit for the ‘verse goes to the aforementioned blogger.)


I swear that being under that thing’s cold gaze was like staring down an oncoming truck. It promised nothing but death and pain, and I was terrified.

It was bright, and shone gold in the sun; but its mouth was like two swords, and its wings were razor-edged. Its great compound eyes, which should have been faceted like a geodesic dome, were entirely too human. This was one of the creatures I had been warned about, the reason you shut and locked your windows until the cold came and drove them away.

My phone buzzed in my hand and I risked looking away from the creature to see who’d texted me.

are you seriously telling me that you’re trapped in your room with a wasp

“This is not just a wasp,” I muttered, looking back up at the monster on my window ledge. A wasp would be bad, but this was worse. Wasps are what, an inch long? This thing was as big as my hand. If it was a wasp, it was a mutant wasp. And given where I was, it was probably worse than that. 

It looked away from me, antennae waving, and crept along the windowsill. It was then that I noticed–one of its legs was broken, and it was really creeping. More like dragging. Had it been hurt? How?

just swat it with a shoe, my friend texted.

The rules–the ones the RAs told us at the beginning of the year in hushed whispers, and then never spoke of again–said not to hurt insects. You don’t drown spiders, you don’t burn ants, you don’t swat at moths. And, just like all the other sometimes-nonsensical rules, I’d kept to them.

But there was another rule, one that got passed by word of mouth and rumor-has-it, that spoke of helping those who needed it. Of an injured football player who’d helped an old woman cross the street, and found his injury miraculously healed. Of the girl who fed a stray dog, and found herself in possession of a cereal box that was never empty. Of the kid who’d ignored the pleas of a man with a misspelled cardboard sign on the corner, and had never been seen again.

I took a deep breath. This wasp thing–whatever it was–was a strange thing, like all the other strange things at this university. And when you’re dealing with strange things, the rule goes, you follow all the rules. Which meant no swatting or shoes. It also meant–

“Do you need my help?”

The wasp-thing looked at me with glittering eyes.

Regally, it nodded.

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anonymous asked:

the wasp thing made me remember one time, at senior year, a huge ass spider came into the class. the teacher tried to make us ignore it and let it be, but one girl in the class was super arachnophobic and was starting to hyperventilate. so this dude turned to her and said 'i got it', picked up a deodorant spray and a lighter from his backpack and FUCKING BURNED THE SPIDER TO DEATH ANd needless to say he was suspended but that was the most badass shit to ever happen in my school

lance is the girl and keith’s the guy