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All this time i was reading ur url as 'bionic wasok' but then i just realized that its 'bionic was ok'

lmao its not the first time i get this and i guess it wont be the last one <3

adptt12  asked:

Imagine this scenario: The bad beer pouring is included in the show. Chuck powers a beer for the boys. Dean would say something, Sam might sit in agony over if he should say something.


ok, so

technically chuck was the bar that he created in 11x20, and he had control over everything. remember when metatron got himself a drink? remember the head on that thing?

he poured himself a GLASS OF FOAM

but imagine: he didn’t say anything because he forgot that chuck can not pour a glass of beer whatsoever so he just nursed a glass of foam for the rest of the ep

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When did 5sos live in London??

oh god that was like 72 years ago, Luke, Mike and Ash all had that bloody metro hair cut and Ashton used to straighten his hair and gah what a time to be alive it was

ok no but seriously um they lived in London for like five months or something from December 2012.

but remember when they did livestreams every second week, what the fuck happened, I want another dorky livestream :’)