iwazumi x reader x oikawa

“Oikawa-saaaaaaaan,” you heard one of his fan girls call for him. Oikawa entertained them longer while you and Iwazumi and you waited impatiently.

“I should beat his ass,” Iwazumi grunted annoyed. You crossed your arms over your chest, impatient with Oikawa. Iwazumi and Oikawa had just won an intense game and Iwazumi had no intention of waiting any longer. You came to support your two best friends but after watching them work so hard, you had grown an appetite as well.

Just as Iwazumi was about to leave your side to lecture Oikawa, he turned around to start walking in both your direction. When he finished waving goodbye to his fangirls, his eyes met four annoyed ones.

“I dont even know what the girls even see in you, you’re so annoying” you commented as all three of you walked together.

“Aw, no need to be jealous, ____-chan!” Oikawa teased playfully “I’m sure there’s a boy out there that will love you just as much as I am loved. You never know he could be right next you”

You didnt catch Oikawa peek over to Iwazumi. Iwazumi looked over at Oikawa with red cheeks and silently threatening to hurt him later.

“Ew, if youre in love with me, not happening. I’ve seen all there is to you, Crappykawa. And believe me, there’s not much.” you replied back unimpressed.

“There’s even probably a dead bug more interesting than you, Shittykawa.” Iwazumi added in. You laughed at Iwazumi’s joke as you high fived him.

“____-chan and Iwa-chan are so mean to me,” Oikawa complained, “What would you guys do without me?”

As Oikawa opened the door for you and Iwazumi, you heard the waitress gasp towards your direction. “I’m so sorry, I just- I just have never seen a good looking model.”

You and Iwazumi groaned in unison as you looked back at the modest smile Oikawa was giving the waitress. He and the waitress flirted with one another as she guided you to your table. You poked Iwazumi on the side to get his attention.

“I’m pretty sure we wouldnt have to deal with him and his fan girls squaking all over him” you giggled and Iwazumi agreed with a smile.

As Oikawa overheard your giggle over the waitress’s talking, he peeked over to see your smile. He watched as you smiled at Iwazumi, happy as ever. He watched as you would laugh and not notice Iwazumi have pink cheeks the whole time he looked at you. He watched you two have a loving atmosphere around each other, yet you were so dense to how Iwazumi felt towards you. He watched and frowned just a little as you would look at Iwa-chan and not him like that.

“Oi, Shittykawa. What are you ordering, I said!” Iwazumi called out to Oikawa. His face was surprised, as if he was brought back down to earth. Oikawa looked at the corner booth you all had to sit at because the place was pretty busy, and you didnt want to sit outside because it was a little chilly. Even after Oikawa offered his jacket with a sincere smile, you joked saying you didnt want to catch his fan girls slobber on him. Iwazumi laughed with you and Oikawa brushed it off. He had gotten used to you and Iwazumi siding against him, being a good team against him. He had gotten used to you being on Iwazumi’s side and not his.

You raised an eyebrow to Oikawa confused. You moved his hair out his face and placed your hand against his forehead. Oikawa blinked confused towards you. “Are you okay, Crappykawa? You seem out of it. You just won a game, whats wrong?”

Iwazumi noticed Oikawa’s cheeks become a little pinker than usual. Just as Iwazumi was about to thoughtlessly ask a blunt question, Oikawa replied to you. He took your hand and placed it against his face, rubbing his face against the back of your hand. Your eyes opened wide with shock.

“Aw, ___-chan!! You actually do care about me. I knew you would take care of me when the time came.” Oikawa exclaimed with his usual stupid self. You took your hand back and told Oikawa to stop being dumb.

“But of course I’m gonna take care of you. I’ll take care of you both. As long as I can. I dont want you guys going anywhere or getting hurt. I want to be there for you guys.” you added on quietly. Both Iwazumi and Oikawa looked down to you surprised. You could only smile up at them because what you said was the truth. Your smiled caused their faces to both go pink from cheek to ear. You laughed at their sillyness of being embarrassed.

“You know, you guys dont have to walk me all the way.” you whined “I’m a big girl.”

“Yeah, but its late. You never know what can happen.” Iwazumi replied. What he said wasnt wrong, but you still insisted.

Just as Iwazumi was going to tell you other wise, Oikawa interjected. “Actually, youre right. I’m not feeling well, ___-chan. Iwa-chan better be the one to take you home.”

You both looked over to Oikawa. Iwazumi raised and eyebrow as he noticed Oikawa looked fine. You noticed different. You walked over to Oikawa and cupped his face. Oikawa looked at you even more confused and flustered. What were you about to do? What were you trying to do? And in fact, in front of Iwazumi too! Oikawa looked over to Iwazumi for some sort of answer but he was red as well. He was just about to ask what you were about to do but he just kept stammering. Oikawa was about to speak until you moved and brought his forehead to your. You noted Oikawa’s face being warm, along with him stammering.

“Wha- wha-, ___-chan!!”

“Oikawa! Shhh!” He didnt realize it was just your foreheads touching even though his eyes were open. “Your hot. Maybe I should come over tonight and take care of you. I’ll call my parents to let them know I’ll be spending the night.”

Oikawa face grew red at your suggestion. You let go of his face and grabbed into your pocket. You motioned to Iwazumi and Oikawa you were going off to the side to talk to your parents about staying the night.

“What’s going on with you lately?”

Oikawa’s face went back to its regular color as he looked towards Iwazumi. Iwazumi’s face was serious and curious all in one. It was silent between the two. The aura was strange. It was an intensity that they felt during a game, but something stronger.

“Nothing, I just dont feel good.” Oikawa lied flatly. He avoided Iwazumi’s gaze. Oikawa knew that Iwazumi knew he was lying. Oikawa knew that Iwazumi wasnt going to let this go. But he just couldnt tell his best friend that they were both in love with the same woman, let alone both their childhood best friend.

“Bull shit” The silence grew longer between the two. It felt as though five minutes had passed. “Just tell me youre in love with ___-chan.”

Oikawa looked up to Iwazumi shocked. “Ho- how long have you known?”

“For awhile. I think I knew you were in love with her before you knew it.”

“Oh…” Oikawa’s trailed off. He didnt know what to say for once. Even though Iwazumi hadnt confessed to you, it still felt wrong to fall in love with you when Iwazumi was in love with you as well. “I didnt fake bein sick for ___-chan just to be with me”

“I know. And I know you didnt want to tell me because you knew how I felt, Shittykawa. Its kind of annoying.” Iwazumi grunted.

“How mean, Iwa-chan!”

“But, “ Iwazumi continued. Oikawa continued listening tensely. “like I told you before. ___-chan is my best friend before anything. I’m not going to ruin that or tell her that. Even though I want to be with her, I couldnt handle losing her. Or breaking us all apart.”

Oikawa was about to reply, but you came back. You somewhat felt the weird vibe between the two. You were going to question it, but decided it later. “My Mom and Dad are going to meet us at your place Oikawa so they could drop my clothes off. And give you some food. They know your parents are out of town so they didnt want me cooking. Because we all know what happened last time…”

Oikawa and Iwazumi looked at each other with fake smiles, remembering the time you burned the beef curry you tried surprising them with after their lost against Shiritorizawa. You just wanted to cheer them up with some good food after they were so prepared to get their revenge back on that Ushiwaka guy, but you were in need of the cheering up after you almost gave your two best friends stomach pains. Your face grew annoyed after seeing them look back on that meal.

“By the way, Iwa-chan, you sleep over too.” you added in. The both of the boys looked to you confused. “What? Itll be like when we were younger. I kinda miss when we would all sleep over together!”

Oikawa and Iwazumi noticed your blushing after admitting that. They blushed and laughed at you as well. You just were so cute. Just as you were about to complain, they both patted your head. “Us too.”

You looked up at them and smiled. You walked ahead of the boys in the direction of Oikawa’s house. You walked far enough for them to say the last of what they wante to say to each other.

“But just because I’m not going to confess, doesnt mean I’m not going to protect her. Or lose to you Shittykawa. If she’s gonna fall in love with someone else, I’d hate it.” Iwazumi said strongly He then added, “But I would hate it even more if I were to lose to you all because I didn’t try for her.”

Oikawa noticed Iwazumi’s serious look. And all Oikawa could do was smile and laugh, entertained. “Iwa-chaaan, is this you telling me you change your mind? Youre going to confess to ___-chan?”

“I dont know.”

“Huuuuh? Well. I kind of get what youre saying. If she were to fall in love with one of us, she should be the one to confess. And I know its not going to be easy. But I’m gonna fight for her.”

You looked back behind you to see Oikawa and Iwazumi competitively smiling at each other with such strong passion. What were they talking about? You let the thought escape you as you looped your arms around one of Oikawa’s and Iwazumi’s. Theyre passion over you escaped their face and looked down to you confused. They both tried looking back on when you had gotten so strong. So strong to pull them.

“Cmon guys. I want to change already and watch movies like we did when we were younger!!” you smiled back up at them.

Thats when they both had a flashback to when you were scared and they both took one of your hands. They both promised at the same time they would protect you no matter what. Then they both looked at each other and nodded.

I’ll protect you because I love you.


He loved everything about her, except the fact she wasnt his.

 -because you guys wanted more psycho!5sos. Enjoy! (it kinda sucks)


It was just a stupid crush Calum had with y/n, having butterflies in his stomach whenever she was near and a bit anxious. It grew more everyday having a real effect on Calum, making his heart wanting to explode with fireworks. He was beginning to fall in love with her. He adored everything about her, her beauty, her quirky personality and the how she always changed the atmosphere of the place whenever she stepped into the room.  He always dreamed of being the perfect soul mate for y/n giving her nothing but affection and lust, only problem was that she was Luke’s girlfriend. He was always jealous of Luke seeing them together he wanted the same thing Luke was having, and not with just any girl. Only with y/n. It was obsessive, having thought of being with y/n was taking over. 

The boys went to celebrate their success at a night club sharing drinks and having a good laugh among themselves.Y/n joined in with them sitting on Luke’s lap laughing with Ashton as Michael was telling a story.  Calum glanced at y/n and Luke noticing how his arms around her tiny waist giving her light kisses. His jaw clenched becoming envious seeing them like that made him want to punch something, especially Luke. He wasnt doing anything wrong but he hated him seeing with her. Calum just chugged the rest of his beer not wanting to think about it anymore.

Y/n became wasted after a couple of drinks laughing at everything and saying nothing but nonsense. It was pretty funny seeing her like this but Luke felt like it was safe for her to go home. “Baby I think you need to go home.” Luke shouted over the music. 

“What! No way! I’m having fun!” she giggled kissing his cheek hugging him tightly. Luke kind of chuckled seeing how ridiculous she was acting. “I think your just tired y/n. I’ll call a cab and I’ll be home soon okay.” y/n gave her boyfriend a sad face pouting at him, “Your not coming?” 

“I will later baby, dont worry.” kissing her cheek. Calum couldnt stay here anymore, he wanted to be with y/n alone for a bit. “I’ll take her home.” Calum suggested standing in front of them. Luke just shrugged agreeing with him, y/n stood up stumbling a bit towards Calum as they walked out together in the dark. 

Y/n latched onto Calum’s toned arm leaning her head on his walking carelessly. He tried acting normal as possible, pretending that having y/n close to him was a huge deal. “That was fun wasnt it Cal.” she giggled. Calum shrugged continuing to walk to his car. “It was, seem liked you had more fun than anyone.” 

“I only had a beer!” she slurred. 

“You dont even remember how many drinks you had? Wow you are wasted.” nervously laughing. A million thoughts were going on in his head at once. This was possibly the only time they’ve been together alone and Calum didnt want that to end. He wanted her all to himself. 

Calum escorted her to his car, making sure y/n was able to get in. She was half asleep on the passenger side while Calum buckled her in. “I wish Lukey was here.” she frowned taking a long blink.

“He’s coming back y/n.” reassuring to her, y/n’s face lighten up remembering what Luke said. 

Y/n fell asleep in the passenger side of the car quietly snoring with her head leaning against the window. Calum constantly looked over at her deciding whether or not to take her home. Of course it was out of the line to do something like that to Luke, his friend and y/n but he didnt care at the moment. 

Calum grabbed y/n’s phone out of her purse going through it still focusing on the road. Seeing Luke’s contact he texted him pretending to be y/n, he broke it off between them saying ‘she’ never wanted to see him again. Then blocking his contact he turned off the phone throwing out the window landing into an empty grass field driving from the city of LA taking y/n with.

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hinata: this is the only athletic shirt i have, it’ll have to do–

leon: no, dude, wear my shirt, trust me

hinata: *squints*

leon: you’ll look cool, i swear.

hinata is convinced. wears the shirt. it’s a tad too tight around his chest and when he’s playing outfield and he stretches to reach a fly ball, it shows off a bit of his midriff.

leon: NICE

once when i was on a school trip we were having hot dogs for lunch and im a really picky eater so i just sort of nibbled at mine and this guy who was in gsa with me was like “what’s wrong” so i said “i guess i’m just not much of a hot dog person” then he was like “mhmm, are you more of a fish taco person?” aND IM

My thoughts on things that need to happen with character arcs before homestuck ends RE: character arcs

Lets go in a sort of order i guess

John is the only one i feel is very arguably at the end of his arc. He learned to control his retcon powers, he cleaned his planet and played his song, freeing the fireflies, he confronted his denizen and made his Choice. Now that hes reunited with Dad, he really feels like hes made it. This isnt to say that there isnt still stuff for him to do tho.

Rose still needs to learn to play the rain. I dont know how or when this will happen but it needs to especially after how much her quest has been talked about, especially by Dave when he pointed out how clearly it was designed to piss her off by giving her a pretty rainbow land like “princesses first adventure” or whatever he called it.

Dave seems close to the end of his arc i think. hes deconstructed toxic masculinity, come to terms with what happened with his bro and bonded with dirk, and he had a pretty heroic moment in collide with his 3x decapitation combo. In that action he finally broke the unbreakable katana which was some nice symbolism, and he also time traveled for the first time in years. I am not sure if him killing Lord Jack there lets him off the hook of the highly touted “Dave has to be the one who kills LE” though.

Jade has come a long way and ive seen it pointed out that it is beautiful how shes clearly nearing the end of her arc when during collide she deliberately and consciously REFUSED be be asleep when important things were happening. Jade still needs to do more things after being sidelined for so long but she was great during collide and i agree with davepeta in saying im so proud of her.

Jane still needs to do more things. she was great in collide but even still she has been sidetracked by the comic for too long. i feel her big moment is yet to come. many theorize that Condy isnt dead yet and if she isnt i feel Jane needs to be the one to put her down in round 2.

Roxy is possibly near the end of her arc. She went on retconquest with John, using her void powers to make the matriorb, and killing Condy. Roxy killing the batterwitch that killed her mom was such a cathartic moment for her character development. While roxy has done many cool things, I still think there is room for her to accomplish even more.

Dirk has made great strides (heh) in growing as a character, and is learning from the shitty things he has done. He may yet confront his denizen, especially since its the same denizen as Caliborns, Yaldabaoth. I theorize/hope that he will confront the fact that one of the many splinters hes haunted by is contained within LE.

Poor Jake needs to believe in himself and receive some genuine love and affection from his friends. I believe in him, especially since he still needs to make his MASSIVE GAY HOPE BUBBLE

Karkat needs to step up once more as the leader, perhaps even becoming Ultimate Friendleader. Its been understood/theorized for a LONG WHILE NOW that blood is the aspect of bonds, and that karkat wasnt wrong when he said leadership is in his blood. Even ECHIDNA seems to think Karkat needs to be the leader that will make the new universe a happy one.

Kanaya obviously still needs to hatch and take care of the matriorb, but she seems to have that well in hand. with Karkats help I know she can do it. This doesnt preclude her from doing other important things, after all, she fought with everyone to kill Condy.

Terezi. I dont know man. [S] Terezi: Remem8er was pretty heavy stuff. I, like many others think that her arc might have something to do with what Davepeta referred to as the ultimate self, since that makes sense for a mind player. However she does it, Terezi needs to figure out how to happily live with herself, and possibly be less dependent of Vriska.

As for Vriska. Well. Ever since the retcon ive been giving the hussman the benefit of the doubt. That he is GOING SOMEWHERE with Vriska, that bringing her back is serving a narrative purpose other than just “Vriska fixes the timeline.” Its time for SOMETHING to happen to Vriska, be it a big kick in the ego that finally maybe makes her less bad at being a decent person, or some shenanigans that swaps or fuses her with (Vriska), just… SOMETHING needs to happen with Vriska, and while i have no clue, I hope and believe (to an extent) that Hussie knows what he is doing on that front.

Calliope. Alt-Calliope said she should just live, but it would also be nice to see her help and do something important and i think she would like that too

Gamzee needs to die.

For a long time now I have thought that WV must be super important, because unless he serves some greater narrative purpose, why wasnt he killed off in cascade like AR was? While im not sure if he should don the ring, as im sure he doesnt want to, it would be an obvious way for him to make a difference in the battle to come. Or he could just help rebuild as the mayor of the new universe. that could be cool.

Im so proud of PM. the mail never fails and she finally delivered a big FUCK YOU to Jack. I would not be surprised or upset if she and WV just marched up to Jades volcano ant threw the rings in lord of the rings style.

I dont even know what will or should happen to Davepeta and Jasprose (though i hope Davepeta does something cool or at least doesnt die) because now that they exist as all-experiencing hyperfurries they are more detatched from anything thats going on, and they no longer really have arcs to fulfill by grace of their all encompassing existence.

Those are all the characters i have specific thoughts on right now. Like im not too sure about ghosts like dead Tavros and Meenah, or ARquius.

These are just my thoughts feel free to agree or disagree if you want

all about you -harry styles smut

you sighted as you opened the door of yours and harrys shared flat, you where annoyed , tired and a bit hurt. you where not the thinest, you had amazing curves, your hips where great and your breasts where big but then again the prefect size for harrys hand. you where insecure and had some troubles with selfhatred and selfharm in the past but you where feeling much better now, all thanks to harry. he loved you, more than anyone ever loved another before. people at your work where cruel tho and it started get to you.

after you stepped inside the door you shook of the snow and hung your coat before you called your boyfriends name.he came out of your living room, a lighter in hand. 

“ hello there my darling” he said and gave you a kiss, before you had a chance to answer he was walking back to the livingroom

“ive started a fire, it´s freezing” he said and looked up at you as you looked at the fireplace. “amazing ” was your only answer, thats when harry noticed something wasnt right.

“Whats wrong?” he asked and you turned away. he hugged you from behind and kissed your jawline before he said “are they at you again?” you nodded and then you started telling him about how your boss was  unfair and how pressured you where. 

“ babe you need to calm down, well do like this, you go to the bedroom and strip and then you come to the bathroom and I´ll fix us a bath  okay hun?” you gave him a kiss and the walked off towards the bedroom. 

inside you took of everything you hade on, and quickly looked at yourself in the mirror and you where disgusted, old scars and stretch marks made you look away. you threw on your short purple robe that you knew harry loved and then you walked towards the bathroom there was a scent of christmas coming for the room and you knew exactly which bathbomb from lush that harry had used for this bath.

“there´s my beautiful girl” harry said as he removed his shirt that sexy way only guys manage to do, when the rest of harry´s clothes where removed he pulled at the string of the robe to open it and you looked down as he removed it, when it was off harry fell to his knees and pressed his lips to your thighs , they where your biggest insecurity and harry knew it. “ i love you so much” he said and rised to go into the bathtub “and i love you” you answered and sat down in the tub.

for a while you just sat there and he held you close as he hummed some songs in your ear , after a while you felt harrys hand move to your breast and you smiled to yourself while thinking “he´s horny”

he placed a kiss on your jaw as his left hand made its way down between your thighs. you let a small moan leave you mouth.

“ tonight is all about you my love” harry said and grabbed the shower head and you smiled 

he guided the shower head to you right nipple as his other hand started to rub your clit and it all felt amazing, you lifted your arms and burried your hands in his hair .

harry spun the two of you around and whispered “ look at your beautiful self” you opened your eyes and saw yourself in the mirror at the same time harry put a finger inside you. you gasped and he smiled his dimples showing. 

“tell me what you want” he said and gave you a lovebite on your neck. 

“another finger and the shower head ” you moaned 

“ anything for you princess” harry said and followed your instructions.

harry looked at you in the mirror as you moaned in pleasure.

all the pleasure soon became to much for you and you came over his fingers. he gave you a great big kiss and then he got both you out of the tub and helped you into the robe and then he lead you by your hand to the livingroom where he sat down in a loveseat before he undid the towel from his waist and pulled you on top of him.

you made love in there that night 

with passion, sparkles and and fireworks

song: I`ll make love to you- boys II men 

creds to gif owner

hopefully this left someone sexually frustrated  ;) 

xxx S 

shut the fuck up finn 

you and lincoln are not the same dont fucking start

you had a CHOICE and you CHOSE to slaughter unarmed people

lincoln was FORCED to be a reaper and couldn’t CONTROL HIMSELF

god stop fucking treating finn like he wasnt wrong



Hamk Pym assigned numbers to his ants while Scott tried to name all 2000+ of them and that right there tells you everything there is to know about their characters

Dont Trip || Sammy Wilk ||

Requsted, do something sweeter than usual. I cant really do good fluff shit so here you go I tried.

     “(Y/N) can you stop being mad at me please?” Sam begged me “No Sammy you should have thought about that before you were a dick to me.” I said looking at my phone and not even giving him the simple courtesy of looking at him.

     “Ughh” He groaned getting up from the couch and walking over to the counter and getting his car keys then leaving, he had pissed me off a lot lately I wouldn’t know how he would get his bitch ass out of this one. “Fucking dick.” I said once he had left, I got up off the couch and decided to make something to eat.

     I was cracking my eggs when I heard Sammy come through the front door. “Baby” He called through the house in search of me, but I was keeping my mouth shut. 

     Once he was smart enough to check the kitchen he walked up from me and hugged me, I stiffened at his touch “Can you get off of me?” I asked my bitchey tone flowing through each of my words, Sammy unwrapped his arms and backed away “Sorry” He said under his breath, I just shook my head he was so aggravating sometimes. 

      “Well I got you something, in hopes you wouldnt hate me.” He said grabbing a bag. I out my eggs in the pan and turned around and looked at the bag “A present wont get you out of this.” I said before taking the bag out of his hands “Oh I know I have to do alot more kiss ass shit before we will be 100 again but hopefully you will accept this as an I really am sorry for being an ass hole.” He said biting his lip, he was nervous I could tell but I didnt know why. 

     I looked suspiciously at the bag It was pretty big what the hell did he get me that would be this big? I wondred to myself, but I took out the paper at the top of the bag to reveal a White Givenchy bag. I picked it up out of the bag and let the other bag fall to the floor.

     “Are you fucking kidding me Sammy, this is a 2,000 dollar purse!” I said shocked, not growing up with money had prevented special gifts like these from ever happening. “Yeah I know, but you deserve it and all. Dealing with all of my shit you should win an award but for now this is the best I can do.” He said putting extra emphases on for now.

     “No take it back I dont need a 2,000 dollar purse Sammy.” I said handing the bag back to him and taking my eggs out of my skillet and putting them a plate. "No baby you deserve something for all of the shit you do for me and this is what I want to give you and I know you want it.“ He said handing it back to me, he wasnt wrong I did want the purse and I did put up with all of his shit. 

      "Your not out of this, but thank you baby.” I said wrapping my arms around his neck “Dont trip baby, I love you.” Sammy said “Love you to Sammy.” I said pressing my lips to his then quicly ripping the kiss apart to look at my new bag. “Its so pretty” I squealed.

I honestly have no clue what I just wrote, I took a nap and this is what it was about and I thought It was cute but now that I wrote it its not so hot… sorry


Okay everyone always rags on Tim for this scene and claims it ” victimizes” Damian and makes him more hurt than he can possibly deal with or something. Or that Tim is taking stuff out on Damian. Really? Give Damian more credit. Give Tim more crdit. Here’s my 2 cents.

1. I like Damian. I like that he’s a kid who’s insecure and is becoming aware of his own issues, but I also like that he is perfectly capable and secure enough to take a hit and bounce back. I will later delve into why I don’t think this was a slight against him nor was it meant to hurt him, but I also understand that Damian is understandably angry regardless. Which makes sense. But he isn’t some helpless baby nor is he a victim of any sort. Never has been and never will be. He doesn’t go into waves of man pain and he gets better. He is not a victim, never has been. He has weaknesses and can be hurt but to say that or to act as if this list brutally put him down and made him insecure implies that Damian never recovered from this, which simply isn’t true.

2. This list is not a list of personal vendattas. Dick points out that he, and only he, isn’t on this list. Implying at EVERYONE else is. And it looks to be the case because even without seeing the whole list, we see a nice chunk of the Justice League up there. Superman. Wonder Woman. Even Supergirl is up there - Kara and Tim are friends and they do trust each other. They were on the Teen Titans together. And I bet if they went further down, other Titans are on that list as well. Tim isn’t making this a hit against Damian. Damian is up there because when you do objective threat assessment for an objective list, he should be up there (and note he is under “good guys” list with all the heroes/former-heroes). If it were just Damian and Jason and Rose up there I might raise an eyebrow, but this is an all encompassing list. ANYONE who could be a threat, so EVERYONE (once again), is on that list. This isn’t a personal thing and it isnt to “victimize” Damian. It shows how Tim thinks and compartmentalizes objectively. The only bias on the entire list is that Tim couldn’t bring himself to put Dick up.

3. THESE ARE CONTINGENCY PLANS. Circumstances allowing, these are never ever supposed to see the light of day. That’s part of the reason why they are hidden away in a password encryted file. As Tim even says, it’s a plan IN CASE a good guy goes rogue for WHATEVER reason. Tim isn’t planning on attacking Damian, or any of the good guys for that matter, but he knows will if he has to and so he’s prepared to fight the good fight like he AND Damian were taught to. You can’t fault him for that.

4. Can we all agree that Dick likes Damian? Yes? Good. Now, does Dick remove his name, or anyone’s name? NO HE DOES NOT. In fact, he only rags on Tim for having a shitty password and then says that HE GETS IT. He can’t honestly look Tim in the eye and tell him this is wrong because he doesn’t completely believe it is. And he even makes it so HE can freely access the plans. Because, while he is skilled and incredible, Damian is new to this whole planning and performing jobs thing. However, Dick and Tim have been around long enough that they know the value of being prepared and they know how important it is to have a contingency plan for rogue heroes. Dick probably has one himself (though maybe it doesn’t look the same because it’s probably different for everyone). We all know Bruce did this. If you don’t think Barbara and Jason do this, you’re lying. Cassandra probably has one too. They know the value in them and how important they can be in a desperate situation because they’ve seen it, just like Tim has. That’s why he made it and that’s why Dick didn’t say it was wrong and kept it.

The real point of this scene is to show how much Tim has grown from Robin and how much yet another death has weighed on him. Tim was always the rational compartmentalizer, but now it’s even more so. Tim is isolated and removed. He doesn’t feel like he can trust anyone except Dick, and they’re still a tiny bit frayed from Dick not believing Tim about Bruce. Tim has had so many tragedies and lost a lot in a pretty short time period, and now wuth Bruce dead? His new adoptive dad? Tim is removing himself from the equation and while is stand by the fact THAT HE WASNT IN THE WRONG WITH THE PLANS, he also doesn’t fully trust anyone if they are all on the list excluding Dick. He’s lost so much that he’s withdrawing. And whether his newfound compartmentalization is “good” or “bad” is an opinion matter, but the fact is that things between him and Damian are a tragedy partially due to that. While Damian’s trick with the severed head grenade helped nothing, Damian now is adjusting and craves the trust of others, while Tim has been through enough that he doesn’t really give it out ever anymore. So the two clash and it’s inevitable. It’s kinda tragic for both sides.

And it re establishes Tim’s place as the thinker. He thinks ahead to impossible scenarios that others don’t want to entertain. Tim is like Bruce in many ways the others aren’t, which is ironic because he doesn’t really try at it, but unlike him in other ones (obviously).

This is Tim as he is now; recovering from his isolation, reconciling with Dick, and compartmentalizing and thinking objectively. This is the Tim he grew to be, still retaining a bit of himself but is changed by losing so much. He is now at the point where he’s so removed he literally can’t understand why Dami is that mad, which kinda implies that he himself would not be because he’s that objective and far away from all this nowadays. And it’s not his fault that all that shit went down and I probably would have a hard time trusting others too. It’s a little sad though.

On the up side, it’s also Tim and Dick reestablishing a bond here so that’s good for them.

That’s what I got out of the scene.