wasnt this just yesterday

"Do you think Im a failure?"
  • Spy: .... Well, yes. But that shouldn't stop you from trying to be something more.
  • Scout: what? Who the hell said that? We're the freakin' best!
  • Pyro: hm mfph mfph, hmf mfph fmph! (of course not, you're perfect!)
  • Demo: Even if I had two eyes I wouldn't see a bloody failure now would I?!
  • Engie: Now listen here.. You ain't no failure, you are more than perfect, son.
  • Soldier: I have seen many failures in my time! AND YOU ARE NOT ONE OF THEM
  • Medic: ah.. Hmm. Well that depends, do you believe you have a liver failure?
  • Heavy: Heavy sees no failure. Only better.
  • Sniper: Mate... If you were a failure, I would've shot you in the head by now.

INKTOBER DAY 1 - This Smug Bastard


I love him.

Actually drew this fellboy before the feelsy shitpost comic. While I was drawing this I had a very cool and ambitious idea but I have no ability to do it so take this ballpoint beauty and we’ll be done with it.




it’s children’s day today so what could be better excuse to draw this silly au again :B 

they are going purely on cues of flynn-once-mentioned and i-read-it-in-a-book which are both not very accurate and not good at explaining “obvious” stuff. mostly. in this case it was flynn mentioning that lil sam ate his crayons and thank god they were nontoxic. and since sam was normal kid that must be what normal kids do yes? after initial idea fiasco they decided to be creative on their own

fun misophonia things: when someone says “how are u gonna survive in the world if u cant stand [sound]” like ,,, i wasnt born yesterday, margaret, ive been out of the house before, just because i complain sometimes doesnt mean i dont deal with it daily, what the fuck is the thought process here

guess what dumbass triggered a huge ass hive of yellow jackets?


Sweater Curse Chapter 1 Part 6

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New pages on Mondays!!

me probably for the rest of my life

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imagine a couple years later, when they have a new group of students but theyre all still invested in nicky and ovi's romance. a few students who share classes with both nicky and ovi ask teasingly (because nicky is a Cool Teacher) about the hot date that ovi had shamelessly hinted at the day before. nicky shyly looks down at his hands, and the students notice a ring that def wasnt there yesterday. nicky just says "it was nice" before starting the class, and the whole class just about loses it



companions + colors

My secondhand beta fish just died at the age of ….6.5? 7? It’s unclear how old he was, but it was Ancient

I’m pretty sad, but also, I’m glad he had a good life

Bye Gizmo, you were old as balls


Day 283/365: October 10th 2017 | Chilly

I did nothing today except going to class omg???? I literally went home and watched youtube videos and that’s IT. I got a lump on my left eyelid (found it in the afternoon when I was removing my makeup) and I thought it was a stye but it turned out to be a chalazion (??) which is a stye but not red and painful. But as I am writing this??? I don’t see the lump anymore???? SO CONFUSED RIGHT NOW……. oh whale…..

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Hey. Last week I sent a prayer request last week about me possibly having a cancerous growth. I just got wotd yesterday that it wasnt cancer or anything to be worried about. So I just wanted to say thank you to you and any followers who prayed for me

Thank God!