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hello, i’m late. nice to meet you, dad... yuu-san seems to have had quite a day playing around with mika


Wakaba Higuchi || JGP Linz, Free Skating [x]

3Lz+ 3Lo (11.10+1.10GOE=12.20)

3Lz+3Tx (11.33+1.40GOE=12.73)

If Mavis, Zeref and Rakheid were real…

I’d think they’d look something like this.

I looked at some popular japanese actors, and thought that Kento Yamazaki and Mamoru Miyano would be great as Zeref and Larcade. I don’t know who the girl is though, and I wasnt quite sure whether I used Kento or Yamashita Tomohisa for Zeref.

Although I’m not naturally talented, I worked hours on this, so please offer feedback, and please don’t sue for unflattering pics or misrepresentation. I’d really appreciate it. THANKS!

(click for actual size)

AAAAHHHHH – did my first art trade with the wonderful @jazzinjuke!!! thank u so much– this was so much fun!!!! ╭(♡・ㅂ・)و ̑̑  i hope it’s alright, i wasnt quite sure about sabo’s design but i tried to google as many refs of him as i could so hopefully it’s not too far off!!

7x10 recap/review

-the worst way to start a midseason finale is with Fuckboy rivers

-Hanna was BADASS

- why is the entire investigation taking place at spencers house lmaoo? Dont they need labs and security cameras and shit

-JEALOUS ALISON i live for it

- Paige is so Irrelevant?????

- Mona is the only person on this entire show who knows how to do shit

-The Haleb scene was so so so fucking cheesy. It was horrible written. Just awful. Not to mention he was literally begging for spencer not even 2 weeks ago, but now he randomly decides he wants to spend the rest if his life with hanna????

-Poor Ali already has been through sm she honestly doesnt deserve any of this.

-Baby Daddy Em

-EMISON = My soul has been cleansed, my face cleared, pollution has ended, world peace has been achieved.

- Ezra skipped town on aria??? Not quite sure what happened but it definitely wasnt good.

-Jaria will rise im so alive


-theyre so cute

-Why is paige still here??

-noel isnt the baby. what a suprise !!11!!11!1!!

-he got away?? Dont get how but obviously the liars suck at everything they do OR mona is secretly on team Noel and let him go


-how tf do u mistake sydney for jenna bc sydney is so so much taller than jenna what fresh hell

-the liars are th biggest fools

-they went back for a fuckin phone are they even real

-Noel is very bitter for reasons unknown

-jenna i get ur mad but its been like 7 yrs

- Noel was decapitated

- Can i keep Noels beautiful face

-is jenna even really blind bc this girl is too spot on



-A.d. is also up there wtf??

-Leads me to believe that A.D and Mary were having a meeting when the shots went off

-the liars are so stupid they literally forgot spencer up there im

-IF all the doors are locked, howd A.D get Jenna out of there?

-Mary is spencers mom comeon we ALL called it in the first fucking episode



-feel so bad that yvonne is probably dead bc shes just getting caught in the crossfire between the liars and A

- Thats either A.D taking Jenna or Mona saving the day

Overall yes it had drama and yes it had suspence, but no questions were answered. Again, they hyped it up a lot but it wasnt all it was cracked up to be


  • you started following her for her Black Widow cosplays but now shes a major weaboo
  • she was actually always a major weeb and is only just starting to reveal it
  • you slowly started watching the shows shes reblogged and are now emotionally compromised
  • you are slowly turning into a major weeb
  • she will continue turning everyone until the whole world has learned her ways
  • congrats agentriza has completely her mission of taking over the world by posing first as an innocent(ish) hiddlestalker, then pretending to be agentrodgers before now fully revealing herself

3 shows + 3 ships
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