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iiiiiiif you're still taking requests, then what about a scenario where Saeyoung and MC were fighting and he kept talking badly about himself saying he wasn't good enough for her and she deserved someone better ect, then he notices her start to cry and break down and when he asks why it's because she can't stand to see him talk like that about himself? I am in desperate need for that 707 fluff

we love you, Seven!


this would probably be going on duing Sevens route,

  • everyday MC offers to make Seven food
  • breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • “Seven, are you hungry?”
  • and she always get the same answer
  • “no. just let me work. if im hungry i’ll get my own food”
  • after three days of this, when dinner time rolls around MC once again asks
  • “Seven, i think i’m gonna um…start dinner. do you…do you want any?”
  • Seven answered without looking up from his laptop
  • “no. stop offering”
  • MC sighs, Sevens rejection sucking all of the energy out of her body
  • she sits behind where Seven was on the floor, leaning against his back
  • “i thought you were gonna make food”
  • “i dont feel like it anymore”
  • they sit in silence for a few minutes, the only thing MC can hear is Seven’s fingers tapping against his laptop
  • “hey…Seven?”
  • “what?”
  • “why wont you let me make food for you? you must be hungry, i dont think ive seen you eat all day-”
  • Seven stops typing and interrupts MC, but still faces the wall
  • “because i dont matter, alright? its not worth your time to worry about me. after this is all over you’ll forget about me, just like you’re supposed to. just like i want you to”
  • Seven lifts his hands slightly, showing frustration
  • “so, so just stop with all this meal stuff, alright? dont waste your affection on someone as invisible as me. if you try to hug a ghost, you’ll just fall through it and hurt yourself, right? so just stop it, already. i’m not worth it”
  • Seven goes back to typing for a few minutes, before he notices something strange about the atmosphere
  • MC had god completely silent, he couldnt even feel her breathing
  • he sets his laptop down on the ground and turns around
  • “hey, are you-”
  • MC starts to sob aloud, her breath suddenly hitching as her silent facade crumbles
  • “woah, hey, why are you crying?”
  • she doesnt turn around to look at him
  • “why do you have to say things like that? dont you know…”
  • MC feels hot tears spill down her cheeks as her entire world becomes a blur
  • she cant even finish the sentence
  • “its just that, you mean a lot to me and when you talk about yourself like that it really hurts me and i just-”
  • all of a sudden, she feels Seven grab her arms and pull her back
  • she sees his legs come around either side of her as he hugs her from behind, pulling her into him
  • “please…please dont cry”
  • she grabs both of his hands, squeezing them tightly
  • “dont you know that i love you?”
  • she hears a heavy sigh from Seven, as well as feels his chest rise and fall slowly against her back
  • “i wish you wouldnt say things like that…”
  • he leans forward and kisses the top of her head
  • for that moment, MC feels like the world stopped spinning
  • she couldve sworn her heart jumped straight out of her chest
  • she never thought something like that would happen
  • “hey, i think i know a pretty good way to cheer you up”
  • MC sniffs, rubs at her eyes, and turns around to face Seven
  • “hows that…?”
  • “lets make dinner together, okay? i’ll take a break and we’ll both have something to eat”
  • “really?”
  • “really. i’ll even try not to burn down the kitchen”
  • MC smiles making Sevens heart secretly melt
  • that night MC lies awake in bed for like two hours just replaying the moment Seven kissed her head over and over
  • his mouth was so warm and comforting and gentle and sweet and-
  • is it weird to think that about someones mouth?
  • probably
  • gosh, how is she supposed to sleep with all of this on her mind??
  • she wonders what Seven’s thinking about
  • little does she know, Seven was lying awake on the couch, staring at the ceiling
  • and all he could think about was how good it felt to have her that close to him
  • the way she fit in his lap was so perfect, like the final piece of a jugsaw puzzle
  • even crying, she felt so warm and soft and kind and-
  • is it weird to think things like that about someone when they’re crying?
  • probably 

thanks for reading!!!! that got away from me a lil but its fine LOVE YOU, LOVE SAEYOUNG, THANKS FOR READING

as someone who used to engage in the yuri genre as a teenager, i was pretty darn desperate to find/watch/read anything that had some girlxgirl romance happen in plain sight, like i didn’t give a shit about quality of the story or whatnot because back then there wasn’t much actual femslash i could engage in within the US so…i took whatever to satisfy myself: 

Kannazuki no Miko - guilty pleasure, but i still enjoy it to an extent despite the bad writing

Strawberry Panic - i think the writing is just as bad and i think everything about it is trash but i appreciate it for being the first yuri/shoujo ai anime that introduced me to yuri overall

Girl Friends - okay this one is actually good…or at least thats what everyone says, but unfortunately im not a huuuge fan of the style and while the main couple develops rather nicely and realistically, the manga isn’t something i can find myself reading over and over again

Candy Boy - i think i remember this one having twincest in it (*thinks about my two incest ships*) and while it looked cute, it was simply okay, nothing really too special IMO 

Sono Hanabira (OVA) - guess what I only watched that for…  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Sasameki Koto - I literally only watched this, never finished but i skipped around, and i found it be kinda boring (if y’all like fluff then i can see why ppl like this)

Aoi Hana - i think this one is worth a watch (if not, then read the manga) at least for the way it handles the topic of homosexuality and developing feelings for your friend; though i wouldn’t say its the best written cause the anime decided to stop before any “real” progress could occur between the main couple (or idk wtf i dont remember its been awhile and i think i was starting to get bored with the yuri genre for how repetitive it kinda got)

skip to about 5 years later and there’s a fair amount of yuri i could go back to or start reading again and when i tried to…i just couldn’t? like people who’ve read a fair amount of yuri/shoujo ai say that Kase-san is one of the best out there, and i can see why, but i just couldn’t get invested into it. NTR (Netsuzou Trap) is another one out there thats pretty popular, but i tried it out and honestly while people say they’re repelled by the cheating and unnecessary bullshit drama that goes on, i kind of found all of it to be really boring, ironically

The only few yuri/shoujo ai that I’ve come across and found myself enjoying were:

Hanabi and Sanae/Ecchan from Scum’s Wish (Kuzu no Honkai) - which don’t watch for the yuri cause you’re only gonna torture yourself and spoiler to anyone who hasn’t read the manga or watched the anime, they don’t end up together TT_TT


Citrus - which I’ve been reading since the day it came out, and despite it being riddled with so many cliches and tropes and unnecessary drama, for some reason I find myself coming back to the manga…and yes I know there’s going to be an anime adaptation and prays it does well (ಥ ͜ʖಥ)

In the end, I’m pretty much doomed to continue waiting for the US to make more worthwhile animated canon femslash pairings, and shipping pairings that have the chemistry but are unfortunately not canon (´༎ຶ ͜ʖ ༎ຶ `)♡ (see: Madohomu, Elsanna, Diakko (eyy), YumiKuri (i know they’re canon, but see ch. 93 of AoT manga) etc.). 

Anyway, I think the point I was trying to come across was simply just I wish there were more yuri/shoujo ai that have a bigger story to it rather than just being set in your typical all-girls school or being simply a slice-of-life or just be focused on as a straight-up romance. The last thing I mentioned is fine, but…ugh I think at this point from anime, I want something along the lines of when Victuri (Yuri on Ice) became canon.

Draco Malfoy x Muggle Girl
  • Draco x Muggle Girl
  • Draco Malfoy walked the streets of London. He was far away from the Malfoy Mansion and his family.
  • The boy had a lot on his mind, he was torn between what is right and wrong. Draco was sure he is a bad person, doing terrible things and that he is just like his father. He didn't realize he couldn't be someone else even if he wanted to. Lucius and Narcissa tried their best to raise him in a proud pureblood wizard, worth of his family name.
  • But Draco Malfoy wasn't a bad guy. No one who doubts in his actions and questions if he did a right thing or not could ever be a terrible person.
  • The truth was, Draco wasn't the saint, not even close, tho he tried his best to be better in the past few weeks.
  • Why? Maybe because he felt this guilt inside him.
  • One can only imagine what Draco went through his years. He couldn't betray his family name, his father and aunt Bellatrix were both Death Eaters and Draco knew long ago, he will be asked to join them once. Not like he had a choice, if he turned them down, he'd not only risk his own life, but his parents too.
  • And now Draco was wondering, he knew the day of him becoming a Death Eater was coming close.
  • He made a few steps down an empty street. The houses were nothing like those of the wizards, muggle's have quite of a strange taste, he thought.
  • It was a beautiful and peaceful day in July, the weather was perfect and it seemed like everything in the world is going just fine. But it didn't.
  • Draco took a deep breath as he sat on the bench in the park. He was looking at his feet, while his hands rested on his knees.
  • Silence was broken by a laughter which made Draco look up from the ground.
  • His eyes searched across the trees until they landed on a girl, not far away from him. The girl was smiling, her eyes were full of happiness, something what Draco's missed for a long time.
  • Everything on the muggle girl spoke she wasn't a witch. She wore short jeans and white Chuck Taylor's and Draco couldn't help but admit the red shirt she was wearing really complimented her long (y/h/c) hair.
  • The girl laughed again, as a dog brought her a tennis ball. She picked it up and threw it in Draco's direction.
  • And then it hit Draco's head. It didn't hurt pretty much, but still Draco rubbed the side of his head while he stood up.
  • The girl's eyes widened.
  • "Oh my gosh, I am so sorry!" She shouted as she rushed to Draco.
  • "Are you okay? I really didn't mean to throw it at you." She spoke softly.
  • As she was closer, Draco noticed her beautiful (y/e/c) eyes and a few freckles spread across her nose and cheeks.
  • She was pretty, he thought.
  • "Um, it's okay." Draco blurred out. He picked up a green ball, turning it around and watching it closely.
  • He saw that for the first time in life, until then he only knew for the Quidditch balls.
  • He went to pass her the ball, but before he could do that the dog jumped on him.
  • "Marley! Stop it, leave him alone." The girl shouted as Marley winged his tail, looking at Draco.
  • Draco smiled and patted his soft fur.
  • "I'm (y/n)." The girl spoke suddenly and Draco looked up from Marley.
  • "..I'm Draco." He smiled.
  • "That's your name?" She questioned and then Draco reminded his name wasn't used in the muggle world.
  • "Yeah, um it's kind of a nickname.."
  • "Oh..cool." The girl said and smiled again.
  • From her eyes to her mouth there was this positivity she had, the kind Draco has never seen before. Like she was smiling all the time and couldn't stop.
  • "Is this your dog?" Draco asked.
  • "Yes, I found him two years ago on Christmas. Someone must have had abandoned him and then I took him home. We're inseparable ever since." (y/n) said.
  • Draco smiled. "Do you live near here?"
  • (Y/n) nodded. "Just around the corner. But I never seen you around here."
  • "Yeah, well I'm from Wiltshire." Draco replied.
  • You nodded. You looked up at him, in his eyes. He was different from you and all others you have met. He smelt of peppermint and warm ocean breeze. Draco, even his name was strange, beautiful, but strange just as him.
  • "Are you visiting someone here, or..."
  • "No, no I just wanted to get away from.."
  • Silence. Draco was out of words, should he tell a total stranger about his family? What he feels? Would she judge him? Think he's a coward and arrogant?
  • As his gaze fell, your lips curled in a slight smile. He wasn't shy, you thought, he was more of a thinker and a loner. The one who keeps their mind for themself and reveals nothing to the world. You suddenly realized he was hurt. In his eyes you could see the sadness and despair.
  • "I understand," you spoke, "I to get away from time to time too."
  • Draco looked up at you and smiled.
  • "Care to join me and Marley on a walk?"
  • Draco nodded "I'd be glad to." He replied and you two continued on walking.
  • Draco told you about his strict parents, about his doubts and fears. You realized all people he told you about had strange names and it felt like Draco lived in another world. Yet, you understood him. You could feel what he felt. Fear or letting other people down, fear of disapproval and not becoming what you want to be. The person who you really are.
  • "Sometimes," Draco said "the greatest fear of mine, is being myself."
  • His eyes were staring up in the sky, like they were looking for something.
  • He then sighed and gave you a broken smile.
  • "You shouldn't be afraid of who you are and what you fear, Draco. Even if you did bad things, that doesn't make you a bad person."
  • The two of you continued on walking, talking about your families, friends and the world around you. Draco was very sweet and nice person and even if he told you he wasn't you truly believed he was.
  • It was getting darker, you and Draco forgot about the time and stars already appeared in the sky.
  • "I'm really glad I met you." Draco said.
  • Marley sat at his legs, looking up and begging for his attention. "Both of you." Draco added and patted your dog.
  • "The pleasure is ours Mr. Malfoy." You said and he chuckled.
  • "I hope I see you around (y/n)."
  • You nodded slightly. You too, hoped on seeing him again. But there was this feeling that you won't.
  • Again Draco's gaze fell, but this time he wasn't silent.
  • "You are the only one that thinks there is something good in me. I appreciate that, (y/n), really. You are the kindest person I have ever met."
  • That gave you chills. It wasn't the typical compliment one gives you when you first meet him. You smiled at him before you spoke "I'm sure I'm not the only one, Draco. And you really are a good person. I feel...I feel like I've known you for years. And I believe there is more good than evil in you."
  • The street lights went on and there was only you, Draco and Marley. It was like a dream, standing there, looking up at Draco who looked like he was made in heaven.
  • You couldn't believe how someone like him felt so bad about himself. Why couldn't he see what you saw.
  • "There should be more people like you. At least there where I come from. But today, here with you, I felt so much better. Like I'm in another world." Draco spoke.
  • His eyes were telling he was being completely honest to you and you were honored.
  • You took his cold hands in your warm ones and your heart was no longer the center of your body, but in that moment every conscious part of you was in the hand that Draco held.
  • "We cast a shadow on something wherever we stand, and it is no good moving from place to place to save things; because the shadow always follows. Choose a place where you won't do harm - yes, choose a place where you won't do very much harm, and stand in it for all you are worth, facing the sunshine." You said, before you let go of his hands, knowing well you will never see him again, even tho every single inch of you hoped that you will.
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So I saw your tags in that Naruto moms and kids post - what do you mean by regardless of how you feel about the ending? Is there a post that you made about your thoughts on the ending? B/c honestly, I wasn't all that impressed with the ending, and it's only because I think the kids are damn cute that I was able to resolve my not-so-happy thoughts on the matter. I really want to know your thoughts on it.

Oh man


This ask has been in my inbox tantalizing me for over 24 hours and let me tell you I have thought a lot about this. I feel a rant a-brewin’ so batten down the hatches we’re about to go for a wild ride.

I really feel like the ending of Naruto (as in, chapter 700 exclusively) was adequate. But that’s it. It honestly shouldn’t have been included at all - chapter 699 was pretty much perfect the way it was, what with the whole conclusion of the “Sasuke plz come back” arc (which, frustratingly enough, ended with him fucking leaving again), and the fact that “PEACE HAD BEEN RESTORED TO THE LAND” and whatnot. (My opinions of Kaguya and the ass-pull that that whole clusterfuck was notwithstanding - but that’s a story for another time)

Really, we should have never seen any pairings. We should have never seen any children, or any progression of the story whatsoever with new characters and new baddies and new problems because obviously people are gonna want to know what happens next. Granted, it’s more of a knee-jerk reaction; one of those “train wreck, can’t look away” kinds of things. Even if you really could not give less of a crap about the Boruto anime, for example, there’s a pretty good chance that you’re checking in on it every month when the new chapter is released. That’s the boat that I’m in right now, and a lot of the others I talk to on Reddit about the whole “next generations” universe are doing the same. It’s… almost a morbid fascination at this point. I have zero expectations. 

But I can tell you explicitly the reason why Kishimoto ended the series the way he did. He knew that there was going to be a continuation. Because you can’t just let a successful series like Naruto drop. (At least, Shounen Jump can’t just let it drop.) It’s what’s happening to Dragon Ball. It’s what’s happening to Star Wars now with all the big new mainstream films, and it’s what’s been happening to all the Marvel/DC/whatever comic book movies for the past umpteen trillion years. (Amazing Spider-Man 2, anyone?) Kishimoto’s having his intellectual property milked like the massive cash cow it is, and it’s honestly kinda sad to watch.

And I can tell the poor guy is tired. Hell, the entire reason he wrote the Boruto movie the way he did was because he himself felt like Naruto did with his son - he was working all the time, never around, always busy, and his family (or, at least, he felt like his family) was suffering because of it. It doesn’t take a degree in rocket science to see how ridiculously overworked mangaka are, and Naruto’s development was no exception.

Here’s Kishi’s schedule during peak Naruto production, for example:



That’s fucking suicide. Full stop. Fifteen years of that? Good lord.

It’s for that reason that I view “Boruto: Naruto the Movie” almost as Kishimoto’s cry for help. It’s his way of asking forgiveness, almost, from his fans. But it’s also him saying, “Yeah, okay, so I’m done now. This is my last hurrah. I’m so damn tired of this same damn universe and the same damn characters. I want to try something new. So I’m gonna blow you away with some badass fight scenes in a new movie with a plot that’s really nothing special, but still heartwarming, and then go start work on my next massive ridiculous project retire. Please don’t be too mad.”

That’s, essentially, my macrocosmic opinion of the epilogue/Boruto universe/Naruto ending. It’s a forced deal, because there’s a demand for Naruto content and the supply is fast running out. The manga lost its shine after the Pein arc, and it’s very sad to see how exhaustion and overexertion to meet deadlines can turn around and bite someone in the ass and sap all creative freedom and expressiveness out of something. Because that’s what the ending is: forced.

But in terms of how I felt about it as content to be consumed alongside the whole… that’s a whole other story.

First of all there’s the pairings. Now, I’m not gonna get into shipping wars, because that’s just a waste of everyone’s time, but I have to agree that several pairings were pretty blatantly just fan-service. They had no development, had no buildup, and are just… like… not there for any other reason than to produce children through which the lens of Shounen Jump’s money-generator can be focused. It would have made sense if the relationships had been developed more in the actual manga. It would have made sense if there had been some sort of emphasis towards romantic relationships in the canon storyline, because there sure as hell wasn’t. (And yes, I am aware of the fact that this is a general criticism of most manga/anime endings in general. But you know what? Good. Because this whole last-minute, “Shit! Better start pairing my characters off ASAP” thing runs rampant and needs to be stopped.)

And relationships in Naruto are everything. They’re the foundation of Naruto’s ‘power’, so to speak, and give him the tools he needs to stop those in his world that are both evil, and alone. Naruto’s relationship with his father showed him that there’s more at stake than just one’s one blind rage, and to forgive the events of the past. Naruto’s relationship with Jiraiya taught him loss, and how to love someone like a son would love his parents. Iruka’s relationship with Iruka taught him how to learn, how to be accepted, and that there are good people in the world that are worth fighting for. Relationships in Naruto are what drive the damn plot, after all. Naruto’s relationship with Sasuke is, when not the focal point, pretty damn close to being the main plot of the story. Sasuke is Naruto’s foil, and represents everything that Naruto could have been. It directly gives Naruto something to compare himself to, and serves as a good grounding point for himself, for the others in the series, and for us - the readers. And in the end, Naruto is able to ‘tame’ Sasuke too. The fact that Kishimoto didn’t bother to go into more depth when he paired the characters off with one another is a bit… bizarre. And that alone tells me that it was forced.

And… just… everything about Naruto himself in the epilogue/ending/whatever is wrong. There’s none of the spirit, or the spark, or the creative, innovative, determined drive to get shit done that there was for 699 other chapters. It’s like he abandoned his principles. Instead we see a tired, sad, and (for all intents and purposes) lonely man stuck with a job he hates in a world that’s too dull for him. As @rei-scarlet mentioned in this lovely post about the “The Day Naruto Became Hokage” OVA, “seeing our ball of sunshine turn in that guy with the bad haircut is not easy.” He’s just a shell of what he could be, tumbling along until the sweet embrace of death lulls him into blissful insignificance. And yeah, I get it - it’s a more realistic approach to things, because that’s how most people feel about their lives and their jobs and their families towards middle age. But… am I the only one who fucking read the other 699 chapters that preceded it?! The entire fucking point of Naruto was to show that there’s a strength to do the impossible ‘underneath the underneath’. That there’s bonds and friendships everywhere - some physical and some metaphysical. That being with family, even when they’re gone and no longer around, is important. 

Yeah, that manga? It ended with the MC just bailing on his family, sleeping on his couch all the time, and just generally being a massive fucking hypocrite. Because of course that makes god-damn sense.

Naruto was hopeful. Sure, maybe it was unrealistic - what with the fancy ninja magic and the plug-and-play, USB port eyeballs… but that’s kinda the point of fantasy, right? To be a bit of an escape, and to give us something we can point towards and say, “Hey, you know what? I want to live in a world like that. Where friendship is important, where bonds are important, where never giving up and always being faithful to who you are is important”?

Come the fuck on.

In that sense, the epilogue spits all over the thousands upon thousands of frames of character development and worldbuilding that came before it. It doesn’t make sense under the framing of canon, and feels forced. 



I will say that Boruto is probably one of my favorite characters. (And that’s not just because my fanfic pretty much revolves around him.) Kishimoto, while terrible at a lot of things when it comes to character development, did a fantastic job in creating Boruto’s character. He made sure that the kid wasn’t a total Naruto clone, gave him his own strengths and weaknesses, and made him nuanced and individual

In general, manga artists (and writers in general) tend not to be all that creative when it comes to creating children for their main characters towards the end of the story… and at first glance, Boruto is most certainly a clone of his father, right down to the hair color. And that also tends to be the case with MC’s children - they almost always favor the personality of one or the other, never an independent person or a combination of their two parents. Shikadai and Chouchou, for example, are almost identical to their parents in almost every discernible way, and that’s a real shame.

But upon further inspection, it turns out to not be the case with Boruto at all.

Imagine a Naruto that’s reasonably intelligent, emotionally flawed, a bit power-hungry yet too lazy to work for it, and surprisingly arrogant. Imagine a Naruto that grew up under the shadow of his frequently absent father, with everyone holding him to these ridiculously high expectations. Imagine a Naruto where everything in his life has been handed to him on a silver platter, even though he doesn’t want it to be. Imagine a Naruto that’s jaded, lonely, and confused with what he wants to do in his life.

Put all that together and you have Boruto. When you sit Boruto and Naruto down side-by-side, they’re both loud, boisterous, flagrant, adorably egotistical, headstrong, and yet very emotionally sensitive - despite what they’d want you to believe. For this reason, they tend to butt heads a little - with Boruto doing most of the butting and Naruto being none-the-wiser to it.

Still, despite all of that, he holds Naruto in extremely high regard, and strives to make him proud. It makes him feel whole - like he’s doing something right in his life, even though he’s not entirely sure what it is that is right. Should he break the mold and be someone different? Or should he do what everyone says he should do and become Hokage like his father? (Of course not, lol)

That’s Boruto’s struggle. Not wanting to be acknowledged or loved like Naruto wanted, but rather wanting a purpose in life. He’s got the raw talent, he’s got the skill and the ability… he just has to overcome his own personal hurdles before he can make something out of himself.

Boruto’s nuanced. That is why I love his character so much. And why I’m writing a story revolving around him, honestly.

So that’s characters. I’m mostly okay with the kids on a subjective level - they’re all pretty damn cute, after all, and Boruto is a little fiery clone of his grandma with an inferiority complex big enough to crush somebody to death. That can make a fantastic story if executed properly, and I largely think that given the circumstances, that’s what the movie was.

But the biggest problem I see with the Boruto manga, and the ending, is the power scaling. Good lord. Because I know they’re not gonna go the sensible route, and it’s gonna go full Dragon Ball again. Hell, it was even implied in the newest Boruto manga chapter that Boruto is going to surpass Naruto… and I don’t honestly think that’s such a good idea.

How can they pull of power scaling without it turning out like crap? I kinda already talked about that here, if you’re interested.

So yeah, anyways, long story short (because I have literally spent two days writing this and it’s starting to turn into an incoherent mess) is that I feel as though the manga should have ended at the scene where Naruto is giving Sasuke back his headband. Yeah, I know - Naruto wouldn’t have technically become Hokage at that point, and I bet that Kishi felt he had to make Naruto the Hokage as endgame, but it was kinda already stated early on that Naruto had already become “Hokage”. As in, he was acknowledged. Maybe have Kakashi slip in a line at the end saying that he was grooming Naruto to be his successor, maaaaybe add that shot of Naruto wearing his Hokage outfit looking out over the village at the very end just as a kinda teasery end… but that’s it. Full stop. No epilogue chapter 700, no Naruto Gaiden, no Boruto, no “The Day Naruto Became Hokage” (seriously, fuck that thing - made me so angry when I first read it)… just end the damn thing already.


Special thanks to @blackkatmagic and her fantastic reblogs in helping me see the light, because damn - yeah, I am not a fan of the ending now.

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Don't know if you're still doing these, but worth a shot. I wish you would write a fic where Soul Society finds out about how Isshin treats Ichigo. Maybe Unohana sees some bruises that look strange because she knows he wasn't hit there in battle. Or Urahara hears some pretty strange stories about Isshin attacking his son from neighbours. Or Rukia sees Isshin try a surprise attack and NO ONE treats her best friend like that. Basically I want someone to defend Ichigo and why not the shinigami.

(Please don’t send me anymore. I still have a few to get through but I’m not taking more than that.)

You people really love to bash Isshin. Even I’m almost feeling a little bad for him. Almost. But okay, Isshin is still technically under Shinigami jurisdiction and Shiba Clan Head jurisdiction so he would either have to run or find himself under arrest/punished if they find out. Kuukaku would eviscerate him. But maybe Rukia’s the one who finds out first. Urahara’s stayed out of Kurosaki business as per the request of Isshin. Isshin said he wanted his children to have a normal childhood, and Urahara doesn’t think this is the best idea but he agrees because Isshin is the father after all.

First night Rukia stays, she’s woken up at dawn by a crash and almost kicks the closet door down in her haste to see what’s happening and try to help even if she doesn’t have her powers anymore.

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The fault in our ARMYs(it's okay, I cringed at the title too)
  • BEWAre it'S VerY LoNG!!!!!
  • OHOHOOHOOO~. So a couple weeks ago, I wanted t write something. A couple weeks ago I was afraid of getting hate. A couple weeks ago, we still had a problem. But I honestly don't care about getting hate anymore, but the fact that it had to come to a point like this before I spoke out? I'm really sorry. Nevertheless, I'm going to speak out now. Let's address the first problem.
  • BTS in Sweden and Germany:
  • - Rap Monster was CHASED into a changing room and ARMYs kept following and trying to peek inside.
  • - Jimin was approached by a girl at an ungodly hour, she shoved her phone in his face, asking for a picture. Being the polite muffin he is, he tried to say "ah-ah no.." But bitches gonna be bitches : )
  • - NEXT UP (yup, there's more), Jin and Kookie were chased down the street by ARMYs they tried to run away no- they were sprinting away but this ARMY followed after them "like a wild animal"
  • -V, my precious baby angel, (I'm not saying that he never gets angry, but he's good with his idol image) Got visibly mad, he looked on the verge of tears
  • -YOONGI had to SHOUT to get the ARMY's away.
  • May I remind you that this was their VACATION, they were trying to relax before they went to a French, New York(Newark really) AND LA KCON. After a comeback, 3 mv's, concert stages and all the fucking promotion, OUR BABIES CANNOT GET A BREAK???? This is exactly what happened in Mexico with them last year. "Fans" threw PHONES at them.DO YOU WANNA KNOW THE BEST PART? Their excuses lmao "If you saw BTS, you would want to talk to them" : )))) these are shit excuses from shit people.
  • PLEASE NOTE: These bitches do not represent the ENTIRE European ARMYs and International ARMY fan base. but they do put on an image and just hint to changes that must be made. BTS, and every other idol or famous person, they are all people, normal people like you and I. So treat them as such, not as fucking ZOO ANIMALS. Also, I hope y'all know how dehumanizing it is to be greeted with a phone.. Like wherever they go, people don't look at them through their eyes, they take a video of it. It's not always fun to be treated like a lab animal, guys.
  • Why don't we talk about army's in general. Okay,
  • @overdosescenarios wrote something like this too and they got hate for it.
  • - ARMY is a big fan base but guess what? THEY ARE NOT THE ONLY BIG FANBASE. (Surprise Surprise) But regardless, SOME army's have this disgusting habit of thinking ARMY's or BTS are above any other groups...huh..weird.
  • - Not all ARMYs but we have a habit of doing this other thing, any video, regardless if it's kpop or whatever, some ARMY comments something and other flock there saying "OMG ARMY" or "JIMIN GOT NO JAMS XDDdDDDDDddd" like ???? Yes I know you're excited to see a fellow ARMY but come oN. Even on Seventeen's "pretty U" they were all over there saying that the video resembled "RUN". Sorry, it really didn't. Like...I guess seventeen ran? But that's it though. Also Carats are like the chillest FANBASE but they got peeved at all the ARMYS. Because if it wasn't someone calling out the resemblance, it was an ARMY apologizing or a CARAT addressing the problem. And you had to scroll all the way down before you reached a comment that addressed the hard work SEVENTEEN put into THEIR video. Smh
  • - DO NOT cOMMEnT EVERYWHERE. It's okay to comment but a good 150 of you flock when someone either has an ARMY shirt, or the word BTS is mentioned. Like one or two, fine. Good.BTS is so great. ITs just cursed by a really annoying FANBASE.
  • - Don't call V an alien, Don't say RM breaks everything, don't do shit like that. They don't like to be known as that stuff It's like getting the superlative for "weirdest kid" in High School. That should not be their legacy, okay?
  • - Don't hate on other groups and DON'T HATE OF OUR MEMBERS. YO I saw people giving v a hard time. What that boiiii ever do to you, huh? Tayang's song wasn't for him. Idols aren't perfect okay?
  • - Don't get mad when BTS isn't included in react videos. I saw so many comments on Buzzfeed about "WHY ISN'T BTS HERE". And I have an answer, BTS isn't the only kpop group worth a mention.
  • - You gotta understand that Rap mon and Suga and Hobi aren't the only good rappers out there. I know that calling Chanyeol (I love yeolie but really lmao) a better rapper than them is a damn disgrace but there are other talented people. And if you are only into BTS and you're calling them better rappers, better dancers, better singers, then you aren't a real fan bruh.
  • BTS started off small, they made their way up and in no way am I,or other good army's letting those little shits crap all over it. THere are people who don't even wanna join our fandom because of the bad apples. Just cut it out please. I don't know if it's new army's or the ones that got in from FineBros or Buzzfeed *shivers* but just stop.
  • Sorry for the rant.

Jaime/Sansa Modern AU off-the-cuff snippet: Social Lights

They honestly hadn’t even said one word to each other and, if either of them could have done so tactfully, then they each would have avoided the other entirely. This event, it was a charitable one and they each had a reason to be there, but they had no reason to be there with each other.

And they most certainly weren’t.

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Chapter 67
  • (My computer crashed TWICE while writing this chapter.... ugh.)
  • (INT: the half-destroyed crystal cave.)
  • Eren: Unnnngghhh
  • Mikasa: EREN! Can you hear me?
  • Eren: Huh? What happened?
  • Jean: You finally managed to get hard!
  • Eren: I- what?
  • Connie: You got SO HARD and it was EPIC!
  • Sasha: Yeah, and none of us thought you'd be able to get hard like that, but you did! There must've been something in that bottle...
  • Eren: *turns pink*
  • Levi: And it's not going away, either. It's still hard.
  • Mikasa: Aren't you supposed to call a doctor if it doesn't go away after 4 hours or something?
  • Eren: *crosses his legs* Guys... can you not...
  • Levi: Anyway, Eren, now that we know you can get hard, your next objective will be to use that hardness to fill up Maria's massive hole with all those stringy white tendrils that came out of it.
  • Connie: *snickering* Yeah, Eren... plug up that hole REAL NICE AND TIGHT...
  • Eren: *looks up to see his crystallized Titan form holding the cave together*
  • Eren: OH.
  • Eren: So *that's* what you guys meant...
  • Levi: Why? What *else* could we have *possibly* been talking about?
  • Eren: ...never mind.
  • Levi: Well, now we know that the Titan powers can be transferred through serums...
  • Historia: Hey guys! I found the Titan serum bag!
  • Everyone else: *descends on Historia like a flock of vultures*
  • Sasha: Dibs on the gummy bear Titan!
  • Mikasa: A Titan with superior battle skill...
  • Historia: And... it's empty.
  • Armin: Hey guys! You okay?
  • Mikasa: Armin! You're alive!
  • Armin: Yeah. Thanks for noticing. Hange's fine, too.
  • Mikasa: But... *how*? Hange was critically injured, the roof was caving in, Squad Kenny was heading towards you guys, and you wouldn't have been able to lift her by yourself! It doesn't make sense!
  • Armin: Oh, some guy named Hajime Isayama gave us a lift.
  • Eren and co.: *climb out of the cave*
  • Eren: Is that... a giant rotisserie chicken?
  • Armin: And it doesn't seem interested in humans either...
  • Jean: Do you think it's an abnormal?
  • Historia: Yep. DEFINITELY an abnormal.
  • Levi: Hey guys, remember? We're the Survey Corps! This is what we do! FOLLOW THAT TITAN!
  • Later:
  • Hange: So basically, if you get the mind control powers, you get mind controlled yourself?
  • Historia: Yeah.
  • Hange: Sucks.
  • Lev: But if we can figure out a way to undo the brainwashing...
  • Eren: So does this mean I still get to commit suicide!?
  • Hitch: *random creepy smile*
  • Mikasa: *screaming internally*
  • Historia: *facepalms*
  • Historia: It's not that simple. The Reiss family has been trying to undo the First King's will for decades- it's just not working. In fact, when your father killed my sister, Eren...
  • Eren: Huh?
  • Historia: All along, he was trying to save humanity from the First King.
  • Eren: I don't follow.
  • Historia: Let me put it this way. THAT'S *jerks her thumb toward Titan!Rod* the Gendo Ikari of this manga. YOUR dad is Itachi Uchica.
  • Eren: Oh...
  • Eren: Wait a minute. You still read Naruto?!
  • Historia: NO.
  • Mikasa: *coughs* Historia's taste in manga aside, THAT must be why Dad gave you that key, Eren. There must be something in that basement that you could use to break the will of the First King.
  • Eren: And all this time.... I thought it was just his porno collection.
  • Eren: But... if I can use the Coordinate to its full extent... *sniffle* then does this mean... *sob* I'm still necessary?
  • Everyone: *gives Eren a massive bear hug*
  • Hange: I hate to interrupt the feels, but we still need to do something about that Titan.
  • Hange: Historia, in other words... you'll have to kill your father.
  • Historia: *gulp*
  • Eren: *bigger gulp*
  • Connie: *biggest gulp of all*
  • Historia: Eren... about that time in the cave...
  • Eren: Yeah?
  • Historia: ...I really was going to kill you.
  • Historia: And not for the sake of humanity or anything noble like that... I just didn't want my father to hate me.
  • Historia: But then I realized... that even if the world hates me, I can still learn to love myself. That my life has *value*! That I want to be ME, Historia Reiss! And even if I wasn't supposed to be born, I want to continue existing in this world! My life is worth living!
  • Eren: Congratulations!
  • Mikasa: Congratulations!
  • Armin: Congratulations!
  • Hange: Congratulations!
  • Levi: Congratulations!
  • Jean: Congratulations!
  • Sasha: Congratulations!
  • Connie: Congratulations!
  • Frieda (in Eren's memories): Congratulations!
  • The ENTIRE DAMN FANBASE: Congratulations!
  • (INT: Erwin's squad.)
  • Erwin: IDK!
  • Squad Levi: *enters*
  • Erwin: LEVI!
  • Levi: ERWIN!
  • Eruri shippers: NOW KISS!
  • Levi: So, Erwin, how was your day?
  • Erwin: Oh, Darius Zackly has some... issues. How about you?
  • Levi: Got in a fight with my serial killer uncle, then Rod Reiss decided to serve Eren for dinner, Historia said fuck it, Rod got high, and long story short, we've got the largest Titan EVER recorded heading towards the inside of Wall Sina.
  • Erwin: So, same as usual?
  • Levi: Pretty much.
  • Erwin: Anyone get injured?
  • Levi: Only Hange.
  • Erwin: Oh. So no one important then.
  • Hange: HEY!
  • Levi: Anyway.... COORDINATE TESTING TAKE 1!
  • Levi: (aside) You know, if I'd known that you could LITERALLY ASK THE TITANS NICELY TO STOP, my life would've been a LOT simpler.
  • Titan!Rod: *continues doing nothing*
  • Historia: YEAH! LISTEN TO HIM!
  • Hange: ...It's not working.
  • Levi: Eren, think. Did you do anything else that one time?
  • Eren: I... uh... kinda waved my arms around?
  • Levi: Okay then.
  • Eren: *waves his arms around*
  • Jean: Eren... why are you doing the chicken dance?
  • (INT: Sina border town of Olbd.)
  • Erwin: Isn't that the POINT of the border towns in the first place, though? To concentrate the Titans' attention into one area?
  • Erwin: That's ... uh... classified information.
  • Erwin: Uh... *turns towards the town square* NEVER FEAR, PEOPLE OF... of... what's this place called again?
  • Garrison dude: Olbd.
  • Erwin: And it's pronounced... how?
  • Garrison dude: *sigh* Just kinda impersonate a fish and you've got it.
  • Random citizen #1: Wait, you mean THE Colossal Titan? The one that broke down Wall Maria five years ago?
  • Erwin: NO. ANOTHER ONE.
  • Garrison dude: AND THE GARRISON!
  • Random citizen #3: Didn't the Survey Corps lose 90% of their members in four years?
  • Unpronounceableville citizens: uhhhh...
  • Erwin: THAT WAS A FALSE ALARM... never mind. I can't speechify for shit. Levi, wanna take over?
  • Later:
  • Levi: Historia! You're not supposed to be here! I *thought* I told you to stay out of this.
  • Historia: *hair flip* I have a score to settle.
  • Levi: No, you don't. Get back inside.
  • Historia: >:) Yes, I DO. After all, weren't you the one who told me to fight rather than run away, *Captain Levi*?
  • Levi: *sweats* No, no, no! I take it back. Running away is GREAT! I LOVE running!
  • Historia: Oh. So you're okay with letting all these people die then?
  • Levi: Well... fuck.
  • Levi: GUYS! IT'S COMING!
  • Garrison dude: OH MY GOD IT'S GODZILLA!
  • Historia: *cracks knuckles* HEY ROD! WHAT'S 1000-7?
  • Eren: Oh SHIT.
  • Mikasa: what?
  • Eren: Mikasa, have you seen my key?
  • Survey Corps: *collective facepalm*
  • END
Round the World (and home again)

25 Days Christmas Romance Challenge || Day 20

Character A returns to their birth-town for the holidays. Character B is their estranged childhood best friend.

(header by the incredibly sweet and talented @katie-dub)
This is kinda short and kinda different and kinda weird but I hope you like it.

Round the World (and home again); ~ 1, 400 words; FF.NET || AO3

It’s December and Emma has never seen the sky that angry at the world. But, to be honest, she doesn’t spend that much time gazing at the sky. She is too busy throwing clothes in a duffel bag.

She is, clearly, without a doubt, certifiably, insane.

Another pair of jeans for sure.

She is absolutely out of her mind.

And her sneakers.

She is not considering the consequences and all the possible ways this could blow in her face.

And an extra pair of socks never hurts, right?

She has been aching all day at the memory of his face when she said she won’t be there to send him off and now-

Maybe two extra pairs?

She is not considering or thinking or rationalizing or analyzing. She is going with her gut. Heart. Whatever.

Fuck it.

She zips up her duffel, takes the stairs two at a time and consequently almost falls on her face. She wrenches the Bug’s door open, throws her bag in the back and breaks every traffic law on her way to the docks.

She misses him.


“Did you go home?”


“Did you go to Ireland first?”

“Ah, no. No, I thought… a journey doesn’t start at home, it ends there, right?”

“… Right. I mean, I don’t… I guess.”


“So where did you start?”


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anonymous asked:

Julie actually said that the 'this is my story' line from the pilot was unintentional and pointless... I'm so ??? Is she really that stupid? Thats a pretty clear line, at the beginning of the pilot of your show. Its a pretty darn important line. And now she wants to say it wasn't planned/doesn't matter? Either thats always been true or she's just saying it to retcon, its stupid as heck either way. TVD is absolute trash and always has been.

When did she say that? I’d say I can smell the retcon. That woman can try and downplay Stefan/Stelena all she wants but it won’t change the facts. There’s actual footage by the producer (or someone high up) saying that for the SHOW to work the chemistry for Stefan and Elena had to be magic. They did chemistry reads to make sure the two actors playing Stefan and Elena had that chemistry to make everything believable. Those two characters, together and individually, were supposed to be the heart and soul of the series.The ANCHOR for the entire series. That’s not to say that Damon’s character wasn’t important or didn’t deserve attention and focus. But not ALL the attention and focus should have been given to Damon/Delena. After losing over TWO MILLION viewers, they just sound like idiots trying to say that Damon is the reason people watch. But Julie has to politic. She lost all those viewers and now she has to save face, and go back on everything that was important to the show before because the only viewers left are the ones watching for Damon/Delena. So now that’s what it’s all about and she has to nurture that.  And I’m almost 100% sure that most of those viewers who left didn’t even leave because they were unhappy with a ship not happennig. It’s because absolutely EVERYTHING was abandoned and left secondary (or worse) in favor of Damon/Delena. Stefan and Elena, as a couple AND as characters, were just left in the dust and were shit on time and time again. The brother’s story was non-existent but JP was always trying to claim that they were the true love story of the series. FOOTAGE NOT FOUND. And bringing in Dries was the biggest fucking mistake. There was no mythology anymore. All the characters were reduced to plot devices and romances. But it’s okay because all Damon has to do is read the phone book and everyone is totes cool with it. Again, Suz is right. After this colossal blunder, the writers just aren’t at liberty to tell a different story at this time. And the saddest part is that there’s nothing more to tell. It’s closing in. The only thing worth tuning in for at the end is to hopefully watch Elena Gilbert walk away from Damon and get the normal, human life she’s always sought after.

~Bolt & Sarada Story: Right on Time~ Part V [ 5 ]
  • [Meanwhile @ Naruto's house]
  • *Himawari rushes in her house crossing the door entrance as its a finish line, starting to jump up & down with Naruto running in right behind her*
  • Himawari: I DID IT! Papa I beat you!
  • Naruto: You sure did! Man Ima have to start training some more before you knock me out my hokage seat. Dattebayo.. *rubs the back of his head*
  • Himawari: *giggles* I'm not that strong Papa..
  • Naruto: Of course you are, your stronger then you think!
  • *Hinata enters the room*
  • Hinata: Your fathers right Himawari *smiles*
  • Himawari: Mama! *runs & jumps into Hinata's arms* Thanks.. Papa, Mama. I will get stronger.. to protect our family, the village from bad guys, maybe even to become the next Hokage! You know why..?
  • *Naruto walks next to Hinata putting his arm around her*
  • Hinata: Why?
  • Himawari: *closes eyes smiling* Because I made it my ninja way too!
  • Naruto & Hinata: *eyes open wide and looks at eachother with Hinata blushing smiling looking away and Naruto closing his eyes smirking with his hand behind his head*
  • Hinata: Thats beautiful Himawari *face starts to think a bit then looks at Naruto* ...Naruto-kun, Wheres Bolt?
  • [Back at Sasuke & Sakura's house]
  • Bolt: YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING ME?! I must have dropped them on the way here.. I knew I should've-
  • *Sakura returns upstairs only to be peeking on them through the door, eyes looking unamused* (Bolt...You broke that window?!! But I guess this will make it worth it, for Sarada's sake..) *eyes loosen up with a smile*
  • Sarada: *gets up off bed* (He came all the way here?..Why.. though..) Bolt..what are you doing here..?
  • *Sasuke appears behind Sakura scaring her but her still keeping quiet turning around fast!*
  • Sakura: *whispers* Sasuke-kun your back..!
  • Sasuke: *pulls her close to him* Are you ok? Is Sarada ok?? Sakura, wheres *Sakura covers his mouth*
  • Sakura: *whispers* Speak lowly Sasuke-kun. We're fine *smiles*
  • Sasuke: ......*whispers* Where's Sarada? *pulls out her glasses* I found them broken like this.
  • Sakura: *kisses Sasuke on the lips* *whispers* Shes fine safe in her room with her friend, Bolt talking about it. She broke it during a spar with him.
  • Sasuke: Hm. *smiles a little* .............................*smile fades away* Wait what?!
  • Bolt: Look, Sarada... I don't know, how to say this. I saw you run off and I mistook your way of fighting for trying to make me look bad okay.. I didn't mean to make you cry.
  • Sarada: (Oh great.. he seen me cry a little..I'll never hear the end of this..) *eyes turn a bit mad* Hm. It wasn't crying. It was tears of how bad your fight was against me.
  • *Sakura & Sasuke listening in, Sasuke starts smirking Sakura sees this and makes a little pout face shoves his arm a little shaking her head smiling*
  • Sasuke: *whispers* *Trying to hide smile* Heh.. What was that for?
  • Sarada: Just forget it, and go home.. its not a big deal Bolt.. *eyes loosen looking away folding her arms*
  • Bolt: Hey! Don't try to turn this around, and act like nothing happened!... I won't leave until you listen to me! I never-
  • Sarada: (Baka.. I am listening..) What, your going to make fun of my eye sight & how its useless to have a sharingan to the point you need glasses to fight too, is that it?
  • Bolt: Why would I do that?
  • Sarada: Because.. almost everyone else did. And made it loud and clear.. *faces back towards him with arms still folded looking down*
  • Bolt: I'm not everyone else. Who cares what everyone else thinks? Hell I don't!
  • Sarada: *eyes widen & picks up head* (Huh..? What did he just say..?) *turns around half way arms still folded looking at him*
  • Bolt: I never.. seen you cry-
  • Sarada: I told you.. it wasn't crying!
  • Bolt: Hurt then, hurt! I never seen you that hurt before Sarada. As much as you want to deny it. *eyes close then looks down* This is going to sould really.... weird *grabs shoulder and starts rubbing it* It just hurt me to see you like that.
  • Sarada: (........ ) I-I don't know what you want me to say.
  • Bolt: Heh. You don't have to say anything! *smiles a little*
  • Sarada: *blushes a little, smirking, unfolds her arms* (I..never seen this side of Bolt before...)
  • *Sasuke starts twitching his eyes & face, as Sakura's eyes start twinkling*
  • Sakura: *whispers* This is so sweet.
  • Sasuke: *mouth drops a bit looking at Sakura*
  • Bolt: (Man.. this is starting to feel reallllllly
  • Bolt: *starts looking confident* Now if you want to feel better about yourself, just know your old man's sharingan with perfect eye sight couldn't even beat me! *laughs a bit*
  • *Sasuke starts to try to make his way into the room with Sakura holding him back*
  • Sarada: *blush goes away and smirks turns to gritting her teeth* Thats it! I want a rematch dobe! Right when I get my new glasses! SHANNNAROOOO! (This baka! What family does he think hes messing with??) *clenches fist with small electrical currents moving around hitting the side of her wall with cracks starting to show*
  • *Sakura & Sasuke fall to the ground with Sasuke on top of her and Bolt & Sarada seeing them*
  • Sasuke: *a sparkle in one of his eyes* Long enough..
  • Bolt: *gulps* hehehe.. Is that so!
  • Sarada: Papa!!!! Your back *jumps in his arms with Sakura sitting up smiling joining the group hug*
  • *Sasuke smiles and hugs them back real close*
  • Bolt: Well, I don't want to ruin this beautiful family moment.. so Ima just head outta here, my folks are probably wondering where I am anyway *starts backing up to the window*
  • Sasuke: *looks at him* Leaving so soon? I thought you would want to have a match with me. *smirks*
  • Sarada: Yes Bolt how about round 2?
  • Bolt: Yyyyyeahhh I'm pretty tired from today but just you guys wait till- *ehh - ahhhh falls out window*
  • Sasuke: Yep.. Thats Naruto's.
  • Sakura: Bolt! Are you ok * runs to the window looking down*
  • Sarada: Hes fine Mama that thick head of his broke his fall. (Thanks Bolt.. I hope you come over more. And i will beat you no matter what it takes.)
  • Bolt: Why me?.. Dattebasa... *gets up & wipes off dirt*
  • [End]

opalhonors  asked:

My boyfriend would like to know what a Godiva chocolate bar would run on the galactic market? I wasn't sure, given what you had said about Hershey bars, since I don't have a frame of reference.

Well, obviously there’s a lot of room for subjectivity about this. Some collectors (Galactic or otherwise) will feel differently. But generally speaking, I suspect the collectors’ opinions will roughly match mine.

Ranking gets complicated because old chocolate companies and brands keep getting bought by bigger companies / conglomerates, and the brands and the quality of their chocolate tend to suffer as a result. By and large, though, the best chocolate tends to be made by companies that do so-called “bean-to-bar” production. The longer the history of this, the better. In general, artisanal chocolate, especially single estate/single bean chocolate, and organic and free-trade chocolates, will also be preferred by the discerning intergalactic collector.

Ranking chocolate from worst to best: (and yes, for those who’re wondering, I’ve eaten all of these, normally on their home turf):

North American chocolate: Almost routinely no better than poor-to-middlin’ quality: the bigger the producer, routinely, the worse, as they keep trying to do it cheaply and good chocolate can’t be done cheaply: it’s too energy-intensive, especially as regards the time and energy required in the conching process that’s absolutely key in giving merely okay chocolate a chance to become great. Hershey’s is the worst of the lot because they’re purposely catering to that spoiled-milk taste that’s become traditional for them. …The exceptions to the poor-to-meh quality rule are invariably smaller producers like Ghirardelli. Meanwhile it should probably be no surprise that when the Lexington Avenue Local worldgate was resited following the refurbishment of Grand Central Terminal, it wound up behind Li-Lac Chocolate’s satellite branch in the food hall. One might suspect Carmela’s straightforward hand in this.

European-based chocolate generally: Significantly better. …Subdividing into:

British Isles chocolate: Pretty good most of the time. Many small classic brands (Fry’s, Rowntree) were subsumed into bigger British chocolate companies over time, with only slow degradation of general quality. Cadburys is probably at the top of the heap, despite what’s happened to the Creme Egg over the years. (mutter)  …And naturally I would be remiss in not mentioning, on the Irish side, Lir, Lily O’Brien’s, and Butlers. (When we go to visit friends in Switzerland, we bring them Lir.) Additionally, there are people who are vocal about their claims that Irish Cadburys is better than British Cadburys, due to local/regional differences in the mix. Myself, I refuse to get mixed up in local chocosectarian stuff. Life’s too short.

Italian and French chocolate: Perugina, Valrhona (as in “I’d rather be in Valrhona than Valhalla”), Caillebaut, Agostoni, Amedei, and Bernachon stand out. There are many more smaller makers in the region worth looking out for: check this list for some.

Belgian chocolate: Almost always really good, even at the mass-produced end (Guylian); sometimes terrific (Leonidas) or more than terrific (Neuhaus, Galler, Dumon). This is where Godiva fits in. (I first had it when its initial New York store opened in 1972: it was far better then than it is now. Then again, having been owned by Campbell’s Soup can’t have been good for them.)

Swiss chocolate: Probably the best: certainly routinely seen as such (and collectors will be aware of the implications of this). Again, the smaller the producer the better. The great/old houses like Lindt and Sprüngli are being given a run for their money by newer competitors like Teuscher and Läderach (attn @petermorwood: Stengli!!).

…I’ll complete this later as I just splashed some tea on my keyboard and I seem to have a membrane problem. (sigh)

(Resuming after prying off all the keycaps and cleaning out what could have been the start of a small tool-using civilization if it was let go much longer:)

So anyway, we were attempting to tease out how Godiva would do on the Galactic chocolate collectors’ market.

It’s all so relative. But there are a number of different factors in play, so better to take them one by one.

(a) Provenance / authenticity. Real Chocolate From Earth (SM*) still has to be specified, these days, in some parts of the Galaxy: as with any unique collectible, there are always counterfeits out there. But none of them work perfectly, not even those produced by atom-by-atom matter duplication. There’s just something about genuine Earth-grown cocoa beans that cannot be duplicated. (If we pulled Dr. McCoy into this discussion he’d simply snort and say, “It’s soul. Why d’y’think I hate that damn transporter so much?”) And the bad fakes…  (shudder) Well. You know the correlation between flavors (and everything else) of chocolate versus carob? The comparison between real chocolate and bad fake chocolate is like that. But generally worse.

(b) Reputation and/or scarcity on planet of origin. Godiva is not hard to find, but its lower-end-of-high-midrange reputation would affect the going price. Many artisanals or single-estates would bring in much, much more on the collectors’ market. But Godiva still would not be cheap.

© Freshness and state of packaging. Fresh and perfectly packaged Godiva obtained before the first of the large corporate acquisitions via timeslide would bring a way higher price than the stuff available on the high street right now.

(d) The present state of cocoa futures. Believe me when I tell you that none of Earth’s financial markets are so closely scrutinized off-planet as the cocoa futures market. A serious ripple in the world’s cocoa production figures can send shockwaves through the collectibles and personal-chemical-enhancements markets galaxy wide (in the latter case, for those species who use chocolate as an aphrodisiac, mood-altering drug or hallucinogen). If anything was going to bring on the classic aliens-arrive-from-space-to-save-Earth-from-itself scenario, it would be news that we had fucked up our climate so totally that the cocoa bean was going to die out. The intervention wouldn’t happen because of any particular altruism, oh dear me no… but because with the death of Earth’s cocoa, many extremely currency-sensitive aspects of the Galactic economy would take a hit that would make the Earth’s recent nearly-worldwide-bank meltdown look like an insolvency involving a kid’s lemonade stand. 

Anyway, the state of the market pushes the day to day price of collectible chocolate up and down in unpredictable but interesting ways, and the smart investor keeps its ears (or legs or abdomen or whatever it listens with) to the ground to stay informed about what’s going on in Earth’s so-called “soft commodities” markets.

(e) Preparation. How much actual chocolate is in the confectionery and how has it been prepared? Plain solid chocolate is always preferable for collectors’ purposes. (The two-pound solid chocolate ingots that Kron Chocolatier in Manhattan used to sell back in the day would have been seen as very choice.) Dark chocolate is always preferable to milk: the milk is seen as an adulteration, as 18K gold is seen as inferior to 24K by precious-metal collectors. Some additives, if psychoactive or otherwise seen as valuable on their own, are viewed as positive (see the chocolate business with Nita and Kit at the Crossings here.)

(f) Demand. Is the product hot right now? Has some buzz about it in the collectors’ networks kicked the price up for some reason? 

…And there are other factors, but you get the general idea. So if you were offering a Godiva bar on the open market, say one of these, depending on where you planned to do your shopping afterwards you could probably exchange it for enough currency in one of the smaller spacefaring cultures that’s chocolate-using in one of the valuable ways (meaning as a recreational chemical) to get yourself a small private island on some planet where the climate suited you. Or a nice little space yacht. (Nothing really huge. After all, you need to pay for crew services too, and berthing, and… Never mind.)

Hope this helps. :)

*Service mark is the property of Gaia Protectorate CRLLC: for more information see here.

anonymous asked:

Different anon, but I always feel like you're respectful and fair with your opinions, so forgive me for harping on the topic. I think my issue with the "good" is that the shirt is completely unnecessary. The song can be released on its own, why tie the two together? I completely understand Darren needing to be compensated in some way, and I realize that it wasn't just Darren who put in work to produce the song, but it just seems excessive and "milking it" for all it's worth....

Okay. So if one refrains from immediately and incorrectly (people, really - do you think anyone makes any money off of selling a thousand or so $22 t-shirts and effectively GIVING AWAY a song) assuming that Darren Criss (remember, the guy who priced his VIP Listen Up tix at the lowest possible price to increase access to fans, who spends hours and hours of his personal time meeting and greeting and signing at no benefit to him at all)  is trying to “milk” anything at all from fans by selling $22 T-SHIRTS…There is actually an honest question buried in this…

The question is: Why did Darren decide to sell t-shirts and give away the song with the shirt,  instead of just releasing his song on itunes and selling it there? This question, without the incorrect assumptions, is actually an interesting question.

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Annie (2014) full movie sentence starters
  • "Okay, ____, your turn."
  • "You sure there's time?"
  • "I don't wanna keep anyone from vacation."
  • "Where's your essay?"
  • "You gonna make it in time?"
  • "Luck's for suckers."
  • "I said 'freeze', you little rat!"
  • "You think the world wants some smart-mouthed little girl/boy?"
  • "Hey, you little monster, I wasn't done with you! Get back here!"
  • "Shhh! The witch will hear us."
  • "No-one wants a teenager."
  • "We all have families somewhere."
  • "She/He's sitting playing piano."
  • "Betcha he/she reads."
  • "Betcha she/he sews."
  • "Won't you please come get your baby?"
  • "It's so early."
  • "Thanks for the time and date. Now over to Stormy for the weather - it's raining!"
  • "Aren't I supposed to be married to George Clooney?"
  • "I hate her/him so much."
  • "If you find any loose change over a nickel, it's mine."
  • "I was having the best dream! I was ice-skating on real, live ice!"
  • "Now, clean like your life depends on it.'Cause it does!"
  • "Wait. What does 'hard knock life' mean?"
  • "It means our life sucks."
  • "It's the hard knock life for us!"
  • "Instead of treated, we get tricked!"
  • "Instead of kisses, we get kicked!"
  • "Less singing and more cleaning!"
  • "Santa Claus? What's that? Who's he?"
  • "No-one cares for you a bit when you're a foster kid."
  • "Yank the whiskers from her/his chin!"
  • "Jab her/him with a safety pin!"
  • "Send her/him to the loony bin!"
  • "I said no singing and dancing!"
  • "We love you, _____!"
  • "Take it down a thousand. Nobody's gonna believe that."
  • "My maiden name. But I'm not married to it, if you know what I mean."
  • "What's a scoso curcurity murder?"
  • "Can we talk about this after the handsome/pretty inspector with no wedding ring is gone?
  • "Can I have some floss? I think I have some nutritious breakfast stuck in my teeth."
  • "I believe in hard work. I don't just settle for 'okay.'
  • 'Great' is all I know."
  • "Are you going to stare at me the whole time?"
  • "Can you read it? I'm too nervous..."
  • "What does 'no further data' mean?"
  • "The sun'll come out tomorrow."
  • "Just thinking about tomorrow clears away the cobwebs and the sorrow 'til there's none."
  • "When I'm stuck with a day that's grey and lonely, I just stick up my chin and grin."
  • "Watch where you're going, kid!"
  • "You could've got run over."
  • "Don't be sorry. You be careful."
  • "Why're you running?"
  • "Little kids. Kids with germs."
  • "Maybe that'll teach you to stop running your mouth."
  • "Kids love candy, huh?"
  • "Maybe I should come with you and make sure that everything's USDA Grade A awesome, huh?"
  • "Hey, you wanna go out tonight? I got my dance pants on."
  • "I haven't hit that rock bottom yet!"
  • "I love it when you throw me shade!"
  • "Whoa! My hair's gigantic!"
  • "I'm ten. I'm not an idiot."
  • "I bet if I moved in with you, you'd become president."
  • "I think I'm gonna like it here."
  • "Wait, I think it and it comes to me?"
  • "I couldn't do that yesterday!"
  • "Can it teach me to swim?"
  • "The water's cold!"
  • "Everything you've ever dreamed is at your fingertips!"
  • "Damn right, you're gonna like it."
  • "I know you're gonna miss me."
  • "I'm not looking for temporary companionship.".
  • "God has a path for us all. Your path should be away from the car."
  • "You think you're better than me? Is that what it is? You think you're better than me?"
  • "You think your life is a fairy tale? There is no happily ever after. And the worst thing is to get a little taste of something good 'cause it never lasts."
  • "Just let her/him talk when she/he gets like this, remember?"
  • "I don't like you in Harlem. Why would I like you
  • on Facebook?"
  • "Those things are evil. They steal your private information
  • so that big business can spy on you and crush your soul."
  • "Sorry. He/she just doesn't like you."
  • "Don't pick that one, it's licking its own hoo-hah."
  • "I'll never leave you again, I promise."
  • "She/he really likes you."
  • "I think people surround themselves with other people
  • just so they can feel loved."
  • "Wow, you ask a lot of questions."
  • "I'm kid-intolerant."
  • "You gotta learn to stop spitting. You're not a camel."
  • "I know this sounds crazy, but do you guys spy on people with your phones?"
  • "You can't trust the fish people."
  • "I think when people say no, they're just really scared of saying yes."
  • "Everywhere I turn I can see them."
  • "I should be anywhere but here."
  • "Please kill me. I'm serious, please kill me. I'm not singing, I'm asking."
  • "I'm ready for stardom after all these years."
  • "I'm done with little girls/boys!"
  • "I wanna be someone in this world."
  • "Your voice matches your beauty."
  • "I don't start things I can't win."
  • "This is just the start of your story."
  • "If you got guts, you'll get glory."
  • "It's worth fighting for."
  • "You know what? When did this stop being my house?"
  • "I'm in a dress that feels like a cloud."
  • "I'm standing in the middle of a giant cinnamon roll."
  • "You're witnessing my moment, you see?"
  • "I can't read."
  • "Get back! He/she's a kid!"
  • "This is our chance to get out of this place."
  • "Let's run for it."
  • "Oh, darling girl/boy! It's so good to see you after all these years!"
  • "You ever do anything that you thought was really a good idea at the time, but then after, it's like you're not so sure?"
  • "What did you do? Because, whatever it is, you know I'm here to help."
  • "Under all that bitter, there's a sweet lady/man with a big heart. She's/he's just been gone for a while. That's all."
  • "You don't care about me. I was just an opportunity to you."
  • "I can't trust you! I can't trust anybody!"
  • "I've always had a problem with realizing what's right in front of me."
  • "I don't need anything but you!"
  • "You've wrapped me around that cute little finger."
  • "Nothing on Earth could ever divide us!"
  • "Today was a straight-up nightmare."
  • "Together at last!"
  • "Together forever!"
  • "The city is full of opportunity. It's yours to take. The sun will come out tomorrow."

anonymous asked:

Wasn't one of your new years resolutions to be more accepting of your body? How is that going? I hope it's going great because you're seriously gorgeous and I love you.

Thank you, you are so sweet! Personal answer and ramblings:

I’m doing a lot better really. I used to need weekly psychologist visits and missed a lot of classes because I didn’t want other people to see me. But I started to switch focus from the feeling that I should be and feel beautiful to be good enough for society and that it’s a personal failure that I’m not in my eyes, to the feeling that I don’t have to be beautiful and don’t have to measure my entire worth that way. Not everyone is conventionally attractive. Not everyone feels like they’re attractive. That’s just how it is. Goals are fine. But goals that I can’t achieve and then feel horrible over aren’t. I need to accept that my body won’t look the way I want it to no matter how little I eat or how long I hide etc. The body I live in can’t become my dream body, I have to deal with that. I can’t really feel beautiful myself, but I can feel like beauty is less important than when it messed with my life daily. I’m working on that to take the pressure away.

I’m pretty okay with where I am now. I still struggle with stuff and my face has always been the thing that bothered me the most, but I’ve been eating okay and I think that my bodyweight right now is okay too. I don’t feel like hiding anymore. I am who I am. So that’s progress!

I hope that your year is going great so far! It’s really sweet of you that you remembered and were interested in an update, you sound like a wonderful person.