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GAHHH I read an awesome fic recently that was Jack/Bitty/Shitty, and that’s now my CP OT3! Maybe that? Or if not, perhaps some Ransom/Holster. They share everything. No, for real, EVERYTHING.

I appreciate the idea of the OT3, but separating Shitty from Lardo makes me sad. But Rans/Holster I can handle. Rated PG for language. Bros forever.

Oct 4: “I’m using your toothbrush,” Ransom called though a mouth full of toothpaste. Holster shrugged.

Nov 13: “All my underwear is rank. Borrowing yours, brah.” Ransom was buckling his belt, boxers presumably already deployed. No big. Holster’s mother always included some new ones in care packages. Everyone in the Haus had a pair.

Nov. 15: “Ransom!” No reply. Holster rage-slumped on the dubious green couch with his laptop. Like some things are just never okay to do to a friend. “JUSTIN OULARANSI, GET DOWN HERE!”

Ransom came thundering down the stairs. “Dude! What? Are you dying? Do you have a pain in your left arm–”

“What,” Holster said slowly, sounding a lot like Professor Snape, “have you done to my Netflix queue?”

“Uh…” Ransom sat down and looked at it. “I added some things?”

Holster slapped his laptop closed. “Everything was in a specific order. Carefully calibrated.”

“Does the order matter? Can’t you just–”

Holster tossed his laptop aside. “It’s like you don’t even know me. You put Steel Magnolias behind fucking Michael Bay’s Ninja Turtles. What were you thinking?!” He stormed out of the Haus. 

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