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Thank you so much for that post of yours mentioning Anzu prefering Atem wasn't equal a negative judgment on her. I was so tired of seeing some stories that label her as bitch if she so much as basically expresses her right to have her own feelings in not returning yugi's feelings. Btw I'm curious: what are your views on the whole love triangle revolving around Yugi, Anzu and Atem in canon? What do you think about it?

Oh my goodness, no problem, Anon! I can never spend enough time defending Anzu, particularly on the topic that her romantic preferences do not equal her worth. Goodness gracious- How she treats people should always outweigh who she likes in assessing her as a person.

But my gosh… if you want me to assess the triangle between those three, we should first make some things clear on my OTHER opinions on the characters/ships:

Puzzleshipping is my die hard OTP.
Peachshipping I low-key ship depending on the presentation or scenario.
Revolutionshipping is… I kind of place it close to Prideshipping in my mind, actually. In both cases, I really appreciate Anzu/Kaiba’s feelings for Atem, the role their feelings play in their personal arcs, and their dynamics with Atem in general. I also think Atem cares deeply for both in some capacity. But in both, it just, doesn’t ‘do’ anything for me, for lack of a better word. And while I might like to explore the emotions in writings at times, I’m rarely drawn to them as active ships.

I also tend to see/write Yuugi as bisexual (with a preference/stronger awareness of liking girls), Atem as demisexual, and Anzu as heterosexual. 

These views definitely affect my opinions on the Anzu/Atem/Yuugi love triangle, and it’s better I just acknowledge that than claim I’m unbiased.

But let’s do this. (Get ready for a text wall)

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Better late than never right? Just a short little something for the @txf-prompt-box first challenge:
Flukemen, shape-shifters and alien bounty hunters–these things are easy for Fox Mulder.  Buying tampons?  More of a challenge then he thought.

“Scully, it’s me“ „Oh Mulder, I’m glad you called“ Well, that’s new…”Why? What did you find?” “Nothing yet, it still looks like Mr. Harrington died from getting his head smashed in” “Ok so what’s up doc?” “Are you planning on getting down here anytime soon?” It’s late and he may be tired, but is she coming on to him right now? “Uhm yeah, I was gonna finish up some stuff here and then head down to the morgue.” “That’s great…” What is happening? “Hey Scully, do you miss me already?” ”No, not particularly” Damn! “Mulder, could you do me a favor?” “Sure what do you need?” “Could you pick up a box of tampons for me?” “Uh yeah, no problem” “What did you want to tell me?” What did he want to tell her? “We’ll talk when get there”

Now what? Mulder was staring at shelves full of female hygiene products for at least ten minutes already, none the wiser. She wasn’t specific. Why wasn’t she anymore specific? Maybe it doesn’t matter. No, that can’t be right, there are too many options and Scully surely has preferences. Normal sounds good,  no leaning to one direction. A happy medium. What could go wrong? Next decision to make is applicator or digital? That’s a tough one…Scully probably wants to avoid unnecessary waste so digital it is?

“Foooox Muldeeer? Of all the dark and scary places on earth, I’d never expected to meet you in the well lit aisle of female hygiene” Of course, of all the stores in Washington at any time of day, he just had to be in exactly this one. Mulder’s head already was swirling of tampon boxes and how Scully would verbally rip him a new one if he brought the wrong one and now him! Wayne Federman is grinning like the devil, obviously having the time of his life watching Mulder in his misery. “I didn’t know you had a lady friend, I’m gonna have to put that in the movie. A little jealousy slash romantic triangle never hurts. What does she have to say about your very ‘close’ partnership with Agent Scully?” “Wayne, I’m so not discussing this with you” “Oh don’t go all mysterious on me, Mulder. What’s the story with tampon girl?” “There is no girl. What are you still doing here anyway?” “No girl? So who are the tampons for?” If there is ever a right time for that famous hole in the ground, this would be it. Mulder puffs audibly. “Oooh” Mulder can see the revelation in his eyes. “They’re for Scully and you’re completely overwhelmed with the task. Honestly, that is so cute” He hates the way Federman emphasizes her name. “Anyway, I was meeting up with the Skinman to have him sign some documents. You know, disclosure agreements and stuff. I’ll call you about my actor choices for your character and you make sure to come to the premiere. And bring Agent Scully!” Finally, that bouncing ball of annoyance turns to leave. “Oh and Fox my boy…” Could this situation get any worse. “…take those. It’s the most popular brand. I’ll see you next year”

As he enters the examination room, Scully is elbow-deep in Mr. Harrington’s intestines. “Mulder, it’s weird. It’s seems like his stomach slowly started digesting all his other organs. I don’t know how…” Mulder puts the box down on the table, she turns around. “Oh thank you. Sorry you had to make a detour.” “It’s ok, hope I got the right ones” “Yeah yeah, those are fine” Damn you, Federman. “So, who digested what?”

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I know this is weird or maybe because I'm a Destiel shipper, but I just feel bad that with Season 10 ending, there wasn't much of a reciprocity in Dean's part towards his concern on Cas. I mean, we have too much of Sam and Cas lately and that's ok. But, I just miss the days wherein Dean and Cas where like super buddies and Dean's always worried about his friend. This time around, we only see them in dialogues.. :(

still the talkative anon — And the writers seemed to treat Cas differently this season. And they made Sam leave Cas twice now, and forget about him. And Castiel’s blaming himself for Charlie’s death.. and then…him being controlled by Rowena…. I mean, really? An angel being controlled by a witch?

Hey there! :)

Yes, I feel you on all of this. And frankly, I think that it’s time for the writers to pick a side. As in; everyone knows that I’m a huge fan of Team Free Will/Destiel, but Cas shouldn’t be forced to be ‘their friend’ in this way. 

It keeps being pushed in every dialogue ever that Cas is their friend ”I can’t leave, because I’m your friend” and “the people who love me” and “we all love you”, but the way we’ve seen them (the Winchesters) treat Cas in this season; that’s not how friendship works. 

Which, you know, could also make for a good story. Which is why I am saying ‘pick a side’. It could be interesting, Cas going on this journey where he learns his self worth, where he learns what friendship means, and that whatever he’s got going on with the Winchesters at this moment; that ain’t it. Where he does his own thing, finds his own friends, and has his own story arc etc. I mean, that could be cool, if they go about it the right way.

So what I am saying is; I wouldn’t be as bothered by it if the show actually ACKNOWLEDGED that Cas is pretty much being ‘used’, and that this is not how a healthy friendship works, and that this is not how you treat a friend. I’m not saying that he has to be BESTEST BUDDIES with the Winchesters, I am just saying that if they are claiming that he IS, it has to show.

Imo the only acceptable options here are: Either next season he keeps following the Winchesters around, helping them with all of their problems once again, but there is some ACTUAL affection/gratitude from their side, 

Or Cas goes his own way, becomes a simple ally to them, and gets offered a chance to build his own life outside of them. That’s the least this character deserves after 7 years. Whatever they choose, the writers need to stop treating Cas’ character like he doesn’t have feelings…

The same goes for his powers; apparently one sec he can resurrect people from the death, then all of the sudden he can’t anymore, without explanation. (And so many other things regarding his powers that are way too random, and the randomly changing limits to what he can or can’t do, being used however it’s convenient for a certain episode.) 

They need to make a choice; tell us what he can’t or can do, and stick with it. 

But oh well, I guess I’m just a bitter Cas girl. :p 

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i'm tired of cas stans & their double standards, claiming dean is abusive to cas mainly based off on dean beating up cas in s10, forgetting that dean wasn't himself he was controlled by the MoC, like cas wasn't himself all the times he beat up dean when he was mind-controlled, how is dean held accountable for things he can't control while they don't do the same when it's cas, it's frustrating, please i need some thoughts/proof that dean cares 4 cas & not abusive from some1 articulate, can you?

Hi there. Yeah, I think most of the bitterest Cas girls blocked me last year because I was overly-excited about what I saw as the beginning of an amazing arc for Cas’s character development, so I admit I don’t really see a lot of their posts anymore. I don’t know what the current rhetoric is on that front, but it’s kind of disturbing to read your description there. I don’t really know what the heck to make of that.

Sam, Dean, and Cas have each made their fair share of terrible, awful decisions. They’ve collectively done some horrible shit to each other. Since we’re specifically talking about Cas and Dean for the purposes of your question, I guess I’ll try to leave Sam out of this and just focus on the crap that Dean and Cas have done to each other, both in the name of the greater good and in the misguided attempt to “protect” each other, as well as those things that fall into the category of “done while mindfucked so probably is entitled to at least a little leeway and not 100% responsible for the fuckery.”

*flashback harp noises and rippling effect*

S4 Cas demanded that Dean torture Alistair for info. Granted it was a trap for both of them set by Uriel, and they both nearly died because of it, but still. It was one of the worst things I have ever seen. Dean practically begging not to, and even Cas saying if there was any other way he wouldn’t be doing this, but… yeah. Ugh. I mean, even making Dean choose to save that town in 4.07 was pretty awful, especially when Dean learned the truth about Cas’s test.

But IT LED TO CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT! CAS GREW A FEELING! ANOTHER DOORWAY TO DOUBT! It began to change him in all the best ways. And every time Cas and Dean have purposely or inadvertently hurt each other, it’s been a push to do something different. It’s character growth.

And ugh, I can already hear the chorus of but why do they have to beat each other for character development! That’s SOOOOO not healthy! It’s abuse! UGH!

This is a story. These are plot devices. They are not real people.This is not real life. In real life, we don’t have literal angels and demons trying to start the apocalypse, and men who were born to be the true vessels of Michael and Lucifer who were fated to destroy the world, either. Okay, moving on to your actual question.

I guess I should just focus on s8-11 here, because this is getting more specifically to the point. Because of the crushing weight of his guilt, Cas left Dean– a squishy nougat-filled human– to fend for himself in Purgatory. It was the least he felt he could do to protect Dean from the Leviathan. When Dean got out, Cas chose to stay behind. It pushed every abandonment issue button Dean had.

When Cas came back, he was unknowingly being controlled by Naomi who’d trained him to kill thousands of copies of Dean. Was he responsible for his actions in the crypt in 8.17? He broke free of Naomi’s control and healed Dean, but protecting the Angel Tablet was hardwired into him. Instead of staying with Dean, he flew away to protect the tablet. I’m not convinced that he had any other choice. The tablet was now controlling him, demanding his protection above everything else, even his feelings for Dean. Even though Dean still was technically in danger from Crowley and Naomi.

Do we blame Cas for that? I mean, Dean sort of did at the time. He cold-shouldered Cas until he came to a sort-of understanding about Naomi. Until he got a glimpse of the bigger picture. And then Cas abandoned him again, and then the angels fell.

So, Dean was in an impossible situation largely of his own making but spiraled so far out of his control that it’s literally sickening. Based on Cas’s word that “Ezekiel” was a good angel that could be trusted, Dean trusted Gadreel… and then paid the price for it. Desperate times and all that… (and because of the nature of your question, I’m leaving out all the crap with Sam at the moment because that’s a whole other can of worms).

So this angel’s essentially holding Sam hostage and making demands on Dean. He’s got the equivalent of a gun to Sam’s head when he tells Dean that Cas can’t stay at the bunker. Yeah, as far as we know Dean just pushed Cas out the front door without a damn thing, but really? You don’t think he at least gave Cas a bag of gear and a couple of fake credit cards or a wad of cash? Okay. And yeah, I HATE that that whole scenario happened at all, but again, Cas was human and the only angel Dean had to help him keep Sam alive was making this demand on him. DEAN hated it, too, but at least Cas had a chance of survival out on his own. Without “Zeke,” Sam was as good as dead. No takebacksies. It wasn’t Dean “choosing Sam over Cas.” Considering his options, he chose life. Sending Cas away wasn’t issuing him a death sentence, after all.

And yes, that’s what I imagine was going through Dean’s mind at the time. I didn’t say it was good or healthy or right, just honest and hella heartbreaking.

Do we blame Dean for this? Really? REALLY?!

I saw something once that said that Cas hadn’t really been responsible for hurting Dean in the crypt because he didn’t choose to be mind-controlled, but that Dean could be blamed for all the crap he did because he chose to let Gadreel into Sam, and he chose to take on the Mark of Cain. Well, yeah, but do you think he would’ve chosen if he had a crystal ball and could’ve seen into his own future? Do you think he would’ve chosen either of those things if he’d known what the consequences would be? Possibly, but THEN I would’ve blamed him for all of that. As things stand? Yeah, Dean had no idea what he was signing up for.

So that brings us to the horrible things Dean did under the influence of the Mark. Yeah, we know it amplified his own darker tendencies, but it was FAR more than that. It was literally the keyhole into Amara’s prison where she could whisper through the cracks and control Dean’s actions.

Look at 10.09 (and I JUST wrote something about this the other day). That was all the proof I needed that the Mark didn’t just amplify Dean’s “dark side.” It actively controlled him. He didn’t even remember what he’d done. Even Crowley told him that the mark had to be fed, and if he hadn’t been supplying regular feedings, it would’ve taken control and driven Dean to lose control. It was the mega-intense non-fatal version of the Darkness sickness from 11.01 (and from 11.20). He was literally being controlled by the Darkness.

The fact that Chuck said in 11.22 that Dean couldn’t take on the Mark again so it had to be someone else (and I cringed through that whole scene because it was just one more instance of Chuck avoiding taking responsibility for what eventually happened in 11.23, of reuniting HIMSELF with the Darkness, as it always should’ve been). Dean was somehow immune to it at that point. Amara couldn’t kill him, she couldn’t “eat his soul,” she couldn’t infect him with her death fog.

So, was Dean responsible for the actions that the Darkness drove him to commit? Sam wouldn’t think so. I mean look how hard he worked to cure the zompires in 11.01. He didn’t blame them for their actions while they were infected. He just wanted to save them. Same thing goes for Dean with the Mark.

Yes, what he did to Cas was terrible, but remember Cain’s words in 10.14. Dean had been “fated” to murder Cas, and he resisted. The combined weight of Cain’s prophecy and the influence of the Darkness, and DEAN RESISTED. He couldn’t do it. So, yeah. That’s pretty damn powerful.

CAS UNDERSTOOD ALL OF THAT. Cas forgave Dean, and probably blamed himself for not beng able to break through to Dean despite having not fought back. Despite probably remembering what he’d done to Dean all the way back in 8.17. Despite wanting nothing more than to make his friend whole again.

And then at the beginning of s11 when Cas was under Rowena’s attack dog spell. Yeah he seemed to have a bit more control over himself than her other victims of that spell (hooray angel grace, I guess?), but he was still fighting a losing battle against it. Dean, still feeling the pain and guilt of what he’d done to Cas in 10.22, took the beating Cas gave him as retribution for his actions against Cas.

Do we blame Cas for that? Do we blame him for hurting Dean? He’d been about to take his wrath out on an innocent girl before Dean stepped in and stopped him. Do we blame Cas for that?

Their actions weren’t their own. The two things were being used as NARRATIVE PARALLELS to show that both Dean and Cas WERE NOT THEMSELVES. Neither of them would’ve chosen to act that way. Neither of them were in control of their actions or in possession of reason.

Does that somehow cancel out their actions and clean the slate? Not by a long shot. Does that make their actions forgivable? Probably not entirely. Does that help EACH OF THEM UNDERSTAND WHAT THE OTHER WAS GOING THROUGH AND MAYBE CONTRIBUTE TO WHY THE CHARACTERS THEMSELVES BEAR NO GRUDGES AGAINST ONE ANOTHER?! Well, yeah.

So why should we bear grudges against either of them?

Dammit, they live some pretty fucked up lives. But again, they are fictional characters. We only get to see about 17 hours of their lives out of an entire year. Should we assume they’ve had conversations that we’re not privy to? Probably. Should we assume they’ve apologized to one another off screen and that’s why they seem to have gotten over this? It’s likely that we’re to assume something of the sort, because Dean and Cas themselves are behaving as if they have gotten over these things.

Are we ever going to be shown A Very Special Supernatural Group Therapy Episode, oh god no I hope not.

When the characters on tv shows seem to have put their issues behind them, it’s okay to accept that they’ve forgiven each other and move on. And then write fanfic to fill the gap.

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Ok here's a really weird a adulting question for you Sam. So 6-7 years ago when I had just moved out of my parents house, I was going through a bad depression and one of the things I couldn't do was look at mail. I'd get my mail, throw it in a pile, and once the pile got too big and I felt guilty looking at it I'd sweep it into a bag and throw it in a closet I didn't use. My parents got copies of my bills and stuff, so it's not like it wasn't getting taken care of, but I couldn't look at it. (1)

I have not looked at it since. The thing is I would really like to have that closet back, but it’s filled with bags full of shit. My question is, can I just throw those out as is or do I need to go through them and shred crap? Like there’s definitely credit card bills, insurance stuff, pay stubs etc in there, but it’s all over 5 years old. Sincerely- a girl who can now deal with mail responsibly and wants her closet back but doesn’t want to go through 8 shopping bags of ancient mail.

You’d be surprised what someone can do with a five-year-old document that still has your social security number on it, Anon. :D

I am glad that you’re in a much better place now and that you want to get all the backlog cleared out. And honestly? I think people freak out way more than they need to about identity theft. But that being said, it does happen, and throwing out a bunch of documents that all have bits and pieces of your identity on them is not going to help your odds. Also, you never know which of those letters might have money in it…

The thing is, I love paper – I love sorting and organizing it, I love cataloguing different types of mail, and I love the feeling of taking a shitload of it to a shredder. So if I could do this FOR you, I would, because I think it’s fun, possibly because I am bonkers, and that necessarily skews my perception a bit.

But what I would do is one of two things.

1. Set up a few minutes of every day to sort through the mail, one bag at a time. Throw out junk mail, old magazines, and yes, old credit card offers. This will probably be 99% of what’s in there anyway. Make a separate pile of pay stubs, personal correspondence, bank statements, letters from your doctor’s office, etc. Once you’ve just got those left and everything else is in the trash, open anything you think you should open and shred the rest – either buy a cheapo shredder, use your shredder at work, or sometimes local communities have a “shred day” where you can take all your shit to a central location and they’ll shred it for you for either free or a nominal fee.

2. All of the above, but instead of just doing a little every day, have like, all your friends/family come over, put on some fun movies, and make them help you sort over the course of a Saturday, with pizza as reward. They can help you get everything taken care of and then you can deal personally with anything they didn’t know what to do with. JUNK MAIL PARTY. (Oh my god this sounds like so much fun I want to save up my junk mail just to do it.)

You do have a third option, which is to take a deep breath, throw it all out (or burn it, if you can do that SAFELY and SECURELY), and dust your hands cartoon-character style to demonstrate how DONE YOU ARE.

That might be honestly the most sane option. I’m too invested in the idea of a Junk Mail Party to tell.