Last taping

I had the most amazing opportunity to go to episode they taped last night. Sorry I coulnd’t post any spoilers, my phone was out of battery and I just came back from LA. 

I just wanted to say: JIM SMILED AT MEEEEEE!!!! And Kunal gave me thumbs up!!!!

As always, between takes and scenes, the audience needs to be entertained and Mark, who’s been there since the pilot as he said it himself last night, encouraged people on the audience to play some games and have fun. Once, he wasked if someone wanted to share some talent in fron of the audince, I raised my hand and I was asked to go down there and do it. So, my talent is that I know how to do Sheldon’s rock-paper-scissors-lizard-Spock speech. I did it once, and the audicne was really surprise. I was facing the audience, so I couldn’t see behind my back. One of my friends told me Kunal was staring at me. So, once I finished, Mark asked me to turn around and do it again for Kunal, Jim was there, but her was distracted. I believe he was reading his lines again, so anyway, I did the speech again, Kunal raised his thumbs at me and then JIM LOOKED AT ME AND HE SMILEEEEEEED!!!!!!!!!!!HE DID IT!!!!!! it was like 4 seconds, but believe me that’s the best moment in my life. JIM PARSONS SMILED AT ME!!!!!!!!!!!! 

I still cannot beliebe how lucky I was, then I understood that it is not just about luck, we have to do our part to, and have courage and make things happen. I could’ve just stayed there instead of gathering the guts to stand up and do my speech.

I just wanted to share that with you guys.

If you want to know spoilers about the last episode, I’m open to it!!

BTW, Mayim’s mom was three lines in front of me, she looks just like Mayim!! same nose, same smile, everything!



I love my editing skills~! *Q*

Anyway, I added Turkey into it because one part of his country IS part of the Balkan peninsula soooo…and the same goes for Serbia and Croatia

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