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Kyouhaba pleaseee!! I'm so in love with them ❤😢

  • my babies
  • kyoutani is a huge softie on the inside and he has 2 dogs
  • one is a shiba inu and the day yahaba comes over and plays with her is the day he’s deceased
  • after their high school years they become a very domestic couple after living together for a couple of years
  • they enjoy coming home to each other and cooking
  • or attempted cooking
  • usually they order take-out after deeming the food poisonous
  • whenever kyoutani comes home to yahaba napping with his dogs his heart melts
  • they seldom really fight anymore it’s usually variations of “okay fine do whatever you want” and “no babe i’m sorry”
  • they still make out as feverently as they did in high school
  • okay but on a more serious note
  • it took them a long time to get to where they are now 
  • and a lot of trust and assurance and sweet gay feelings
  • that’s why their relationship is so strong
  • i love these boys

send me a character/pairing & i’ll tell you some headcanons!!

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Hey Ki! Hmmm how about some Otayuri in coordination with my URL lol ;3 I hope that you're doing well and that you have a lovely day! ^^ ♡

omg gabby!! thank you so much love hope you’re doing well yourself!!! hehe it’s my first time trying otayuri

  • majority of their early relationship is just Yuratchka having the biggest festering crush for an oblivious Otabek
  • when Otabek finally asked Yuri on a date for the first time, Yuri got so red and quiet from instantly combusting that Otabek thought he was angry
  • of course Yuri said yes in the end (“no, i’m not upset… yesi’llgooutwithyou”)
  • they don’t get together until Yuri’s 17
  • Otabek is a gentleman the first time he kissed yuri he asked for permission first. Yuri was too stunned to reply so he kissed Otabek to make up for it //laughs
  • they’re adorable their favourite thing to do is go to arcades and carnivals because Yuri loves them
  • the first time they play DDR Yuri falls in love with Otabek and how his body moves when he dances
  • Yuri is a dead man after that
  • they also enjoy racing games at arcades and water gun shooting at carnivals
  • Otabek always gives the stuffed animals he wins to Yuri
  • the only one he kept was of a tiger (that reminded him of Yuri)
  • he respects Yuuri and Viktor and treats them as he would Yuratchka’s parents
  • he finds it endearing how Yuri has a soft spot for them both even though he may be too tsudere to admit it 
  • but he also tries his best to avoid Viktor while alone because Viktor asks the most embarrassing of questions (”have you and Yurio done it yet?” “I wonder what kind of cute face Yurio makes when he comes, but alone you know that!”
  • shudders
  • Otabek also gets along really well with Yuri’s grandfather!! they’re both the quiet type and they enjoy playing chess together!
  • i see these headcanons as a timeline at this point Yuri is 20 but Otayuri will definitely grow old together and no one can convince me otherwise

send me a character/pairing & i’ll tell you some headcanons!!

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possibly a scenario where dazai notices that his best friend (chuuya's s/o; in the agency) and his ex-partner are in love with each other and does his best to help them end up together?

“What are you doing?” You ask, voice hushed but anxious. You and Dazai were out on a mission when he suddenly pushed you against the wall, presence just a tad too close, frame closing you in.

“Shh, just trust me,” he says.

“What—” you started, but a voice cuts you off.

“What the fuck are you doing?!” 

There’s a hand grabbing at Dazai’s shoulder, and Chuuya shoves him away. He’s enraged, hands balling into fists, looking like he’s about to throw a punch and neither you nor Dazai doubts that he will.

“Calm down, Chuuya. I don’t mean any harm.”

“Then what were you trying to do, huh? Pinning her against the wall like that… Unless you’re telling me that it’s mutual…” he glances towards you.

“No,” you say, “it wasn’t.”

Chuuya turns back to Dazai, looking even more pissed than before. He glares at Dazai, who only gives a nonchalant grin in return.

“Damn it, Dazai, you can’t harass her like that!”

“No need to be jealous, Chuuya. I was only trying to make you confess.”

“Confess?” you ask, and Chuuya doesn’t turn back around to face you.

“I’ll leave you two to it,” Dazai smirks, and you watch him walk away, all the while waiting for some kind of response from Chuuya.

“Shit,” he cusses after a while. He’s still at first, straightening his posture, squaring his shoulders, before spinning around.

He takes your hand, and upon your knuckles places a kiss.

“I’m in love with you,” he admits, “that’s why I got jealous when I saw you and Dazai like that.”

He lets your hand go.

“It’s alright if you don’t feel the same. I’m from the mafia, after all. I’m a bad guy and—”

“Chuuya,” you interrupt, your voice hard as steel. He looks up at you with surprise.

“I love you too.”

He doesn’t react so you take his hand again, placing his palm on your cheek as you step towards him. He snaps out of his trance, thumb brushing against your cheek, other hand tangling into your hair. 

“You’re sure?” he asks, uncertain, hesitant, but it’s wiped away by the look in your eye.

“More than I’ve ever been.”

He places a kiss upon your forehead. You smile.

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if ur comfy with it how about maybe some oihina or iwahina headcanons?

always down for oihina my friendo!!!

  • oikawa and hinata are the dorkiest boyfriends is2g
  • imagine hinata buying flowers for oikawa on their anniversary ((because oikawa is a romantic and loves flowers))
  • hinata also got them candles for a candle-lit dinner and bath bombs to enjoy in the bathtub together ((because oikawa is a HUGE romantic))
  • although they are both early risers they like to stay in bed and cuddle and exchange sleepy morning kisses
  • tickle fights often ensue 
  • IMAGINE oikawa going over to hinata’s house and swooning his whole family
  • hinata’s mother loves him because he’s tall handsome and charming
  • hinata’s father loves him because he’s a gentleman
  • they make flower crowns together, natsu, hinata and oikawa
  • they also play dress up and every variation of it
  • every time natsu suggests to make cookies though, oikawa skillfully escapes
  • the one time he doesn’t, hinata learns never to let oikawa into the kitchen, ever.
  • oihina are sunshines but imagine
  • insecure oikawa being comforted by his boyfriend’s tight hugs because hinata just has so much genuine faith in him that?? he’s the best?? and that he deserves to be happy??
  • hinata feeling comfortable enough to show his weak side to oikawa?? he doesn’t need to say anything oikawa can just tell when he’s feeling a bit off and he’s extremely dedicated in showering hinata with love to bring back his confidence
  • they're so emotionally supportive of each other in such intimate ways 
  • they’re also snotty boyfriends who cry together often
  • i love them oihina i do

send me a character/pairing & i’ll tell you some headcanons!!

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Hi! I'm sorry you keep occasionally getting anons about Margoe losing weight. ): I wanted to tell you that I love her the way she is, and it's lovely to see someone with a body shape closer to mine. You have my favorite Legacy story and it's really important to me that Margoe is fat, because I see so few characters who are! So I just wanted to thank you for creating this beautiful Sim and story! <3

Hey there! It’s okay, it’s not fun to get them though..
Thank you so much, non! It makes my heart happy to know that you and others can relate to Margoe and are so glad to see her! She is really is beautiful, like you. ♥ And if you really want to thank someone for Margoe, thank Baylee and Jasper lol; they made her for me. ;)

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omg yES this is my calling


  • all of them can take it strong, but dazai is the lightweight out of them and ango is the most tolerant.
  • oda prefers dry beers and soju, while ango likes rum and whiskey.
  • only oda and dazai have ever gotten drunk before. ango is too proper.
  • drunk dazai is evil mass-murdering dazai. thankfully he falls asleep 10 minutes later.
  • once, dazai let himself get drunk and fell asleep on the counter. oda and ango debated for 30 minutes who would bring him home.
  • in the end, oda relented and brought dazai back with him. he woke up to an awful smelling empty couch and an empty fridge.
  • dazai wasn’t actually drunk or asleep. he was just being dazai.
  • the second time it happened, both of them left him there.
  • there was once oda got drunk and started telling the two about his mother who died when he was a child. they didn’t have the heart to interrupt.
  • oda and ango secretly enjoy dazai’s chatter when they’re drinking. his childish enthusiasm is infectious on their moods. that’s why they always go to the bar after a long and tiring mission.
  • ango isn’t the talkative one out of them, but he tells pretty good jokes when he opens his mouth.
  • one time, he made dazai laugh so hard vodka came out his nose.
  • he wailed about the burn for 3 minutes straight.
  • “ango, my nose is on fire you asshole—!”
  • “I didn’t tell you to laugh at my joke.”
  • “odasaku, did ango just—!”
  • oda just sighs in response, puffing on his cigarette
  • he can’t help the slight smile on his face though

that’s all from me for now, but hmu w buraiha headcannons omg i love them so much!!!!

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Matsuhana for the headcanons please

thank u me friendo for the beautiful pairing :”))) i have so many personal headcanons for matsuhana 

  • i love the idea of makki being super envious
  • he’s envious of oikawa and his relationship with iwaizumi because of how he seems to have the perfect life
  • and the reason i love this idea is because makki will have a lot of inner turmoil
  • he’s so guilty over the fact that he’s envious so he tries his best to hide it
  • but one day he accidental breaks and the one to find him and hold him is matsukawa
  • matsukawa never knew of this side to makki until that day
  • but their relationship blooms from there. matsukawa never judges him or gets angry over hanamaki’s envy and instead all he tries to do is understand and support hanamaki
  • that’s how makki gets sO fUckED
  • mattsun falls for makki when he starts to intimately understand him as a person, not just his joking side, but all of him
  • yes this is my greatest matsuhana hc that i will swear by forget the memes gimme some heart-wrenching shit

send me a character/pairing & i’ll tell you some headcanons!!

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I can totally feel for Margoe. I remember I was about to surprise my husband when I found out I was pregnant so asked him if he was ready for more kids, setting it up, only for him to say he didn't think so. I got really upset and he couldn't understand why until I caved and told him anyway. He immediately 180d but yeah, I can understand where she's coming from and why she's upset. Where perfectly happy now, but I wanted my hubs to be excited at the idea and not dismiss it like Wolfgang did too

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21 for the ask game !!

Hq Rare Pair Game!

Send a number from 4 to 30 and I’ll have to put a rare ship together that adds up to that with their jersey numbers and make up some headcanons for them.

kageyama (9) + kindaichi (12) — i’m sorry i couldn’t resist

  • ends up in the same college and somehow ends their (kindaichi’s) long spiteful rivalry because kunimi forced them to
  • it’s 6 months of awkward-feelings-and-friendship before they get their shit together (also again because kunimi heavily hinted at them to)
  • they don’t actually start dating until much later but it’s all over their body language and awkward selves
  • kindaichi often gives kageyama neck kisses and kags falters at whatever he’s doing and blushes furiously
  • kags enjoys sitting all over kindaichi’s lap but he’s usually too shy to initiate
  • kageyama drives but he’s bad with roads so kindaichi’s usually the one giving him directions to a new dinner place
  • kindaichi likes to sing when he’s doing stuff on his laptop and he can play the guitar. sometimes he sings when he spaces out due to habit and kageyama pleasantly surprises him by joining in and making it a duet
  • kageyama doesnt notice but when they’re out together he likes to put his finger through kindaichi’s belt loop to get his attention like “hey, look” as he points with his other hand but kindaichi’s heart is just doing little flips at kags’ cute quriks

r i p  my soul i love them

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i really love the fact that margoe is considered the beauty she is and is considered "worthy" of wolfgang even if she is a bit on the heavier side. it's really comforting and realistic and i love it. :)

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TsukkiYachi dialogue 14 please? =)

from this.

14. “You’ve gotta stop doing that.”
“Saying things that make me want to kiss you.”

Yachi blushes, because Tsukishima isn’t one for romance, let alone to say something even remotely romantic.

“W-What?” she asks, face ablaze because she can’t think of anything she said that could’ve made Tsukki say that.

“It’s nothing,” he starts, squinting his eye slightly, and Yachi recognises that expression. He’s thinking. 

“It’s just… when you talk about art, or photography, or design,” he names, “you get very into it,” Yachi’s face lights up more, “and it’s cute.”

‘Cute’ is the last straw, and Yachi’s brain fries as her whole body glows with red.

“I can see the steam coming out your head,” Tsukishima teases. Both him and Yachi can’t help but smile. 

“Stop it,” she chides, fingertips lightly touching his forearm, ghosting along the length of it before slipping in between his long fingers. His thumb strokes her hand, small and soft within his own calloused ones, and it feels like home.

“You wanted to kiss me?” she asks, and Tsukki tries to keep his calm expression but she reads him, sees the way the tips of his ears turn pink and he nods his head yes. She challenges him before her courage is lost.

“Then, do it.”

Their lips collide.