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kuroken sentence 19?

from this. (send me some more!! completed reqs here.)

19. “So why did I have to punch that guy?”

“Kuro!” Kenma calls, and for once Kuroo sees him speeding through the hallways (well, as speedy as Kenma gets, anyways,) desperately trying to reach for his best friend. Among the crowd, Kuroo spots a shadow with quickened pace, eyes narrowing at the second year chasing Kenma. 

Kuroo instinctively moves towards Kenma. Thankfully the hallway isn’t too crowded, Kuroo reaching Kenma with ease.  Kenma gets behind him, hands pressed flat on his back, hiding behind him, Kuroo a shield. 

“Who’s that guy?”

“Don’t know,” Kenma replies quick, the second year getting closer by the second.

“What does he want?”

“Don’t know,” he says, and Kuroo can feel Kenma’s tight grip on his shirt, shaky hands surely causing the fabric to crumple.

“Oi, Kenma—” the second-year boy shouts. Kuroo squares his shoulders. The boy reaches around him, grabs Kenma by the shoulders.

“Don’t you dare try to run you lil’—” 

Without a warning, Kuroo pulls his fist back and punches him. The boy stumbles to the floor, holding his bleeding nose. The whole hallway is silent, Kuroo turning around and pushing Kenma out of the area. They go into an empty class, and Kuroo checks if Kenma is alright. When his anxiety calms, Kuroo asks.

“So why did I have to punch that guy?”

“He beat me at a game and I threw his phone at the wall.”


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omg yES this is my calling


  • all of them can take it strong, but dazai is the lightweight out of them and ango is the most tolerant.
  • oda prefers dry beers and soju, while ango likes rum and whiskey.
  • only oda and dazai have ever gotten drunk before. ango is too proper.
  • drunk dazai is evil mass-murdering dazai. thankfully he falls asleep 10 minutes later.
  • once, dazai let himself get drunk and fell asleep on the counter. oda and ango debated for 30 minutes who would bring him home.
  • in the end, oda relented and brought dazai back with him. he woke up to an awful smelling empty couch and an empty fridge.
  • dazai wasn’t actually drunk or asleep. he was just being dazai.
  • the second time it happened, both of them left him there.
  • there was once oda got drunk and started telling the two about his mother who died when he was a child. they didn’t have the heart to interrupt.
  • oda and ango secretly enjoy dazai’s chatter when they’re drinking. his childish enthusiasm is infectious on their moods. that’s why they always go to the bar after a long and tiring mission.
  • ango isn’t the talkative one out of them, but he tells pretty good jokes when he opens his mouth.
  • one time, he made dazai laugh so hard vodka came out his nose.
  • he wailed about the burn for 3 minutes straight.
  • “ango, my nose is on fire you asshole—!”
  • “I didn’t tell you to laugh at my joke.”
  • “odasaku, did ango just—!”
  • oda just sighs in response, puffing on his cigarette
  • he can’t help the slight smile on his face though

that’s all from me for now, but hmu w buraiha headcannons omg i love them so much!!!!

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iwaoi dialogue #8 please!!

from this. (this was requested 3 times so i filled it first!)

1. “Come here.”
“Just come here.”
“No. You’re gonna hit me.”

“I won’t. Just come here.”

Tooru slowly stands up from where he’s been, leaning slumped against the door frame, tentative as he walks towards Hajime sitting on his bed. The boil of the fight 30 minutes before has simmered, but the sluggish way Tooru is moving tells Iwaizumi that he’s jumpy with guilt.

Hajime opens his arms, and when Tooru comes, he’s enveloped, Hajime’s warmth and safety and comfort, and Hajime hears Tooru sniffle.

“I’m sorry,” he hears and Hajime just wants to shush him, to kiss him and shut him up because it’s not Tooru’s fault, it’s him as well. But Hajime’s quiet, lets Tooru let it out, lets his damn break.

“I shouldn’t have pushed you away.”

Hajime kisses his hair, let’s Tooru talk, the swirl of the storm raging within him, fierce, but Hajime’s resolve is fiercer. He’s patient with Tooru, holding him close until Tooru stops talking. Peppered kisses, cupped face and a whispered promise is what he gives.

“I’m not going anywhere.”

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kuroken # 6 from sentences?

from this

6. “I taught you how to pick locks, and this is how you use that skill?”

“Hey, it’s Kuroo, keeping you company this evening! Now, I want to do something a little different this evening.”

“You and I are going to bare all, and I’d love to hear about your favourite memory from when you were with your ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend. So, do give me a call! This is ‘All we know’ coming up next.” 

Muting his mic, Kuroo pushes his headphones down, checking how much time he has before having to go on air again. It’s cold in the radio studio, and to make things worse it’s winter. Luckily, he brought gloves today, or he’s sure his fingers would freeze off. 

A ring sounds through from the station phone, right about time, he thinks, and Kuroo brings his headphones back up. 


“Hey! I’m just gonna take a minute to brief you before we go live in about a minute, okay? Can I get your name, please?”

“It’s me,” and Kuroo stops breathing, eyes shot wide.

“…Kenma?” He asks, breathless, ears red hot, blood racing in his chest because, could it be?


“Hi—Hi!” He says, stumbling because how long has it been since he last heard from him? The soft voice continues to lilt through the phone.

“How’ve you been?”

“Uhm, good, good! I’ve been good! Somehow ended up as a Dj, y’know? Never even thought of it back then,” he laughs, flustered; how is he even supposed to act? He checks the time on the display.

“Hey, we’re gonna go live in about 20 seconds, are you sure you wanna do this? We can always—”

“Don’t worry,” he hears, “I won’t mention your name.”

“Okay then,” his heart continues racing, “We’re going live in 3, 2, 1…”

“Hey, it’s Kuroo here keeping you company and I have someone on the line with me right now, let me just put him through…” a click, and, “Hey there!”


“Tell me about your favourite memory with your ex.”

“I was on the volleyball team in high school. In my second year, my team made it to nationals. We trained hard, I even had blisters on the tips of my fingers and I always tried to avoid training back then. We lost though, at nationals. At the time, my ex and I used to live on the same street. When we walked home together, I cried because it was frustrating to have lost. It was the first time I felt any kind of emotion after a match.”

“Seeing me cry, must have shocked him. He took me back home and we ate ice cream and cake under my blankets. Eventually, I fell asleep while he was holding me.”

“That’s nice,” Kuroo’s smiling, a root of regret in his heart. “Do you still think about him?”

“It’s been 5 years since we broke up,” the soft voice replies. Kuroo’s smile turns crooked. He knows, he knows.

“But,” the voice continues, “I do. Often.”

The call has gone on longer than what he’s allowed, but Kuroo can’t help himself. He wants to know. “Do you have any regrets?”

“Yes but,” there’s a click behind him, Kuroo whips around.

“I don’t want to regret anymore.”

Kenma taps on his phone screen, ending the call. Kuroo watches his phone screen go black, hears the beep through his headphones.

Five years.

And now Kenma is right in front of him.

In a second, Kuroo’s got him in his arms, tight, Kenma pressed against his chest. 

“Hey,” he says.

“Hi,” Kenma replies, a familiar silver pin glinting between his fingers. Kuroo let’s our a hearty laugh.

“I taught you how to pick locks, and this is how you use that skill?”

From Kuroo’s smile, Kenma knows he’s not complaining.

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possibly a scenario where dazai notices that his best friend (chuuya's s/o; in the agency) and his ex-partner are in love with each other and does his best to help them end up together?

“What are you doing?” You ask, voice hushed but anxious. You and Dazai were out on a mission when he suddenly pushed you against the wall, presence just a tad too close, frame closing you in.

“Shh, just trust me,” he says.

“What—” you started, but a voice cuts you off.

“What the fuck are you doing?!” 

There’s a hand grabbing at Dazai’s shoulder, and Chuuya shoves him away. He’s enraged, hands balling into fists, looking like he’s about to throw a punch and neither you nor Dazai doubts that he will.

“Calm down, Chuuya. I don’t mean any harm.”

“Then what were you trying to do, huh? Pinning her against the wall like that… Unless you’re telling me that it’s mutual…” he glances towards you.

“No,” you say, “it wasn’t.”

Chuuya turns back to Dazai, looking even more pissed than before. He glares at Dazai, who only gives a nonchalant grin in return.

“Damn it, Dazai, you can’t harass her like that!”

“No need to be jealous, Chuuya. I was only trying to make you confess.”

“Confess?” you ask, and Chuuya doesn’t turn back around to face you.

“I’ll leave you two to it,” Dazai smirks, and you watch him walk away, all the while waiting for some kind of response from Chuuya.

“Shit,” he cusses after a while. He’s still at first, straightening his posture, squaring his shoulders, before spinning around.

He takes your hand, and upon your knuckles places a kiss.

“I’m in love with you,” he admits, “that’s why I got jealous when I saw you and Dazai like that.”

He lets your hand go.

“It’s alright if you don’t feel the same. I’m from the mafia, after all. I’m a bad guy and—”

“Chuuya,” you interrupt, your voice hard as steel. He looks up at you with surprise.

“I love you too.”

He doesn’t react so you take his hand again, placing his palm on your cheek as you step towards him. He snaps out of his trance, thumb brushing against your cheek, other hand tangling into your hair. 

“You’re sure?” he asks, uncertain, hesitant, but it’s wiped away by the look in your eye.

“More than I’ve ever been.”

He places a kiss upon your forehead. You smile.

Last taping

I had the most amazing opportunity to go to episode they taped last night. Sorry I coulnd’t post any spoilers, my phone was out of battery and I just came back from LA. 

I just wanted to say: JIM SMILED AT MEEEEEE!!!! And Kunal gave me thumbs up!!!!

As always, between takes and scenes, the audience needs to be entertained and Mark, who’s been there since the pilot as he said it himself last night, encouraged people on the audience to play some games and have fun. Once, he wasked if someone wanted to share some talent in fron of the audince, I raised my hand and I was asked to go down there and do it. So, my talent is that I know how to do Sheldon’s rock-paper-scissors-lizard-Spock speech. I did it once, and the audicne was really surprise. I was facing the audience, so I couldn’t see behind my back. One of my friends told me Kunal was staring at me. So, once I finished, Mark asked me to turn around and do it again for Kunal, Jim was there, but her was distracted. I believe he was reading his lines again, so anyway, I did the speech again, Kunal raised his thumbs at me and then JIM LOOKED AT ME AND HE SMILEEEEEEED!!!!!!!!!!!HE DID IT!!!!!! it was like 4 seconds, but believe me that’s the best moment in my life. JIM PARSONS SMILED AT ME!!!!!!!!!!!! 

I still cannot beliebe how lucky I was, then I understood that it is not just about luck, we have to do our part to, and have courage and make things happen. I could’ve just stayed there instead of gathering the guts to stand up and do my speech.

I just wanted to share that with you guys.

If you want to know spoilers about the last episode, I’m open to it!!

BTW, Mayim’s mom was three lines in front of me, she looks just like Mayim!! same nose, same smile, everything!



I love my editing skills~! *Q*

Anyway, I added Turkey into it because one part of his country IS part of the Balkan peninsula soooo…and the same goes for Serbia and Croatia

Serbia, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, and Montenegro © Tix91

Albania © ask-aph-albania

Bulgaria, Greece, and Turkey © Hidekaz Himaruya

*I do not know who owns the Bulgaria chibi picture, but I will give credit to you once I know who you are, and if you do not want that picture on this post, I will oblige and take the picture down*

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Dialogue 1 with MatsuOi, if you could please! If not, MatsuHana is fine : D

from this.

1. “If someone gets nosy, just shoot ‘em.”
“Shoot them?”


“Don’t worry,” Matsukawa says as he places his finger on the trigger. “I got you.”

He grabs Oikawa’s face and gives him a kiss. Gentle, then hot, passionate and wet; the hand without the gun sneaking to his hair, tugging the curls.

He hears Oikawa moan, the other’s body pressing him into the wall, hips aligned, thighs touch.

“Mattsun,” Oikawa whispers against his lips, careful of being quiet, the adrenaline of being open and vulnerable coursing through them.

Matsukawa himself growls, tilting downwards to press his teeth gently into the flesh between Oikawa’s shoulder and neck.

They hear two shots, two resounding smacks and Matsukawa feels something hard hit him mid-back, his body convulsing against Oikawa. He notices Oikawa has got some red on his face and hair, his nose scrunched up in shock.

“I would ask what you guys are doing, but I think your position and that mark on Oikawa’s neck makes it obvious enough.”

Matsukawa quickly turns and points his paint gun at Hanamaki, firing at him once before Oikawa joins in. Hanamaki runs back behind the artificial wall, effectively concealing himself from the flying balls of paint.

Now that he’s gone, Oikawa huffs, fingers combing through his hair, his impatient attempt at removing the paint. A few seconds pass before he gives up, knowing the effort was futile. He puffs, cheeks round with air, annoyance prominent on his features.

Matsukawa chuckles, kissing him chastely before readjusting his grip on his trigger.

“Don’t be angry, sweetheart. Let’s can settle the score with revenge.”

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TsukkiYachi dialogue 14 please? =)

from this.

14. “You’ve gotta stop doing that.”
“Saying things that make me want to kiss you.”

Yachi blushes, because Tsukishima isn’t one for romance, let alone to say something even remotely romantic.

“W-What?” she asks, face ablaze because she can’t think of anything she said that could’ve made Tsukki say that.

“It’s nothing,” he starts, squinting his eye slightly, and Yachi recognises that expression. He’s thinking. 

“It’s just… when you talk about art, or photography, or design,” he names, “you get very into it,” Yachi’s face lights up more, “and it’s cute.”

‘Cute’ is the last straw, and Yachi’s brain fries as her whole body glows with red.

“I can see the steam coming out your head,” Tsukishima teases. Both him and Yachi can’t help but smile. 

“Stop it,” she chides, fingertips lightly touching his forearm, ghosting along the length of it before slipping in between his long fingers. His thumb strokes her hand, small and soft within his own calloused ones, and it feels like home.

“You wanted to kiss me?” she asks, and Tsukki tries to keep his calm expression but she reads him, sees the way the tips of his ears turn pink and he nods his head yes. She challenges him before her courage is lost.

“Then, do it.”

Their lips collide.