So I know julian is not on the flash anymore and the ‘thing’ he had with/for caitlin was super short, but bitch I’m still bitter over the fact barry invited julian for a drink and  nothing happened but then caitlin does it and then he suddenly wants to be with her LIKE TALK TO ME ABOUT FORCED HETEROSEXUALITY.

Like I even remember when I “joked” barry was inviting him out on a date and people were like ‘omg no, they’re just friends, why do u have to make everything G A Y’ but then cait wasked him and everyone was like ‘OMG THEY’RE SO PERFECT FOR EACH OTHER!! THEY’RE OBVIOUSLY IN LOVE’ 

tooru184  asked:

Kyouhaba pleaseee!! I'm so in love with them ❤😢

  • my babies
  • kyoutani is a huge softie on the inside and he has 2 dogs
  • one is a shiba inu and the day yahaba comes over and plays with her is the day he’s deceased
  • after their high school years they become a very domestic couple after living together for a couple of years
  • they enjoy coming home to each other and cooking
  • or attempted cooking
  • usually they order take-out after deeming the food poisonous
  • whenever kyoutani comes home to yahaba napping with his dogs his heart melts
  • they seldom really fight anymore it’s usually variations of “okay fine do whatever you want” and “no babe i’m sorry”
  • they still make out as feverently as they did in high school
  • okay but on a more serious note
  • it took them a long time to get to where they are now 
  • and a lot of trust and assurance and sweet gay feelings
  • that’s why their relationship is so strong
  • i love these boys

send me a character/pairing & i’ll tell you some headcanons!!


ok so like u know those docs tagged like “Steve/reader” and then in the fic the author fucking names the reader and gives them a fucking body type like is it a reader insert or a fucking OC SPECIFY BITCH! Also I’m fucking sick of seeing one million “ships” example: on the fucking fic the ships will be “Steve/Reader, Natasha/Reader peter/reader tony/reader, Bruce/reader” when its a fucking fic about the romantic relationship between the reader and Thor. Like why would you fucking deceive me like that I gotta mow my fucking grass so I can get rid of the snakes! I can’t trust shit, not a summary, not the tags, not even the first chapter reader insert fics will go completely left in a fucking paragraph. I’m ALDO sic an tide of these “you cheeks turned pink from their usual pale pallor” bitch I am the same shade as muthafuckin kunta kente the only pink I have on me is my tongue and my tongue is too busy cursing out the fucking tags because they don’t clue me into what this shit ass story is about. God I HATE WHEN THE AUTHOR FUKCING DESCRIBES THE READER I HAVE SAID THIS BEFORE BITCH DO NOT DESCRIBE WHAT I LOOK LIKE YOU DO NOT KNOW ME PEOPLE ARE TRYING TO FUCKING EMERGE THEMSELVES IN THIS WORLD TO ESCAPE MY REAL LIFE PROBLEMS AND COMPARTMENTALIZE YET HERE YOU ARE EMBEDDING PICTURES OF A LITTLE WHITE BABY ON THE AVENGERS PREFERENCE OF HOW I LOOKED AS A KID! I am done with reader insert all of it sucks it’s all people who haven’t taken a fucking basic class of English and think every word in a sentence that a character speaks when troubled should start with 5 fucking stutters to emphasize the problems that they are in. PLEASE DO BETTAH PEOPLE!🙏🏾🙏🏾🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️tag ya shit as it should be tagged for the sack of my sanity

Also Check out my YouTube channel help a bitch out and watch all of the videos on there: https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCEISETc5odi_SFRti7ODNMA?itct=CAEQ8DsiEwi2sYiepKXVAhUJCgMKHf-WASk%3D

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I don't know if you are taking requests or prompts but maybe a fic about Lance having been captured by Lotor and when he's rescued his hair starts Turing white from the PTSD and bottled up stress. Which Lance would be ashamed or scared about/of telling the team or something?

Ooohhh interesting!!! Sorry if this is a bit long, I kinda got carried away. Hope you like it! 🖤
When the team rescued Lance from Lotor, to say that he was relieved was an understatement. He had been missing for a few weeks after some of Lotor guards captured him on a solo mission. Lotor had took a interest to him and wanted him as a pet, all to himself. When Lotor quickly discovered that Lance wasn’t going down without a fight, he put Lance through various torture, physically, emotionally, and mentally. He now had scars covering his back, arms and thighs. But that couldn’t compare to the mental scarring. Lance was often plagued with nightmares, him hurting his team, the team telling him he was worthless and replaceable. And it didn’t end there.

Lance would have to stop himself from flinching every time one of his friends touched him. His instincts would tell him to get away, to fight, stop them, convinced that they were trying to hurt him. He also couldn’t stop the panic attacks. He could feel them coming on, but they always happened randomly, often while he was training with the others. He would give a lame excuse, ignoring the concerned looks from the others, and went to his room to shut them all out, to ride out the attack on his own. All these attacks and stress was pulling a toll on Lance, he was often exhausted in every way, bags under his eyes. It wasn’t until one morning that he noticed that something else about his physical appearance had changed.

Lance had woken up from a fitful sleep like many nights before and went into the bathroom to wask off his face mask. He cupped the water in his hands, splashing it in his face to wake himself up and wash his skin. He grabbed a blue towel and began to dry his face. When he finally dropped the towel to look at himself in the mirror, that’s when he noticed. He jaw fell opened and he vigorously rubbed his eyes to make sure he wasn’t dreaming. Nope, he was awake. Slowly, Lance brought a hand to his hair. His warm brunette hair was just as shaggy as every, but it was now streaked with white. Several white locks drastically stood out, Lance pulling at them gently. He kept toying with them in shock, staring at them in disbelief, he quickly grabbed his brush and went to work, trying to cover as much of the white as possible. After a few unsuccessful minutes, he threw his brush to the floor, running his hands through his newly colored locks. He quickly stumbled out of his bathroom, going back to his bedroom, rummaging around the drawers and cabinets.

“Aha!” Lance smirked as he found a blue baseball cap in one of the compartments.
He then changed out of his pajamas and into his normal clothes, putting on the hat as the final touch. Lance looked at himself in the mirror one last time. He frowned at his reflection. He didn’t want the team to find out. It was kind of embarrassing and he was ashamed of it. He didn’t want the team to view him differently or seeing him as weak. So, he decided he would keep it to himself. With a determined nod, he stalked out of his room, ready to face the day.
“Uhh…Lance?” Pidge asked, dropping the pen cap they had been chewing on. “What are you wearing?”
Lance turned toward them and striked a pose, trying to cover up his nerves.
“Oh you mean THIS?” He explained, pointing to his new hat. “Just trying out a new style. I mean, I look great in everything, don’t you agree?”
Pidge scoffed and rolled her eyes, the others walking into the dining room where they were. Keith arched an eyebrow when he took in Lance’s appearance.
“What’s with the hat?”
Lance wriggled his eyebrows and gave him a smirk. “Why do you ask mullet? Are you jealous that I can pull it off better than you? I used to play baseball with my family, so I can totally rock this look.”
Lance striked a few more poses, causing the others to laugh and shake their heads. They finally dropped the subject and went about their business. Lance let out a sigh of relief and walk out of the room, trying to go about his day as normal as possible. The day had come to an end and the team was all getting ready for bed. Lance had managed to pass by with flying colors, nobody finding about his new look. When he told the others good night and shut his room door behind him, he ripped off the hat and practically ran to the bathroom mirror. With a sigh of relief, he noticed that he hair hadn’t changed. Sure there was still some white, but it hadn’t spread. He stripped out of his clothes, and tried to get a peaceful night sleep, hoping that all would go back to normal.
When Lance woke up the following morning, he felt refreshed. It was the first night that he didn’t have any dreams or nightmares. A small smile began to spread across his face. He thought things were finally going his way. He kicked his covers off of him, and made his way to the bathroom to do his morning routine. He hummed to himself as he put toothpaste on his toothbrush, raising it to his mouth. When he saw his reflection, however, the toothbrush fell to the counter, dropping toothpaste all over. With a shaky hands, Lance softly touched the mirror, willing that what he was seeing was just some sort of nightmare, anything other than reality. Lance closed his eyes and took a few deep breaths.

When he slowly opened his eyes, his heart sank. His reflection, HE, ran his fingers through his hair, but this time, there was no brown color. His hair had completely turned white. Lance couldn’t help the tears that spilled from his eyes. He cursed under his breath and stormed out of the bedroom, looking for the baseball cap. He placed it back on his head and willed himself to take a few calming breaths. He went back to the mirror to look at his reflection. He braced his palms on the counter, gripping the edges so tight that his knuckles began to turn white. He closed his eyes and straightened up. He couldn’t let the others find out. He wouldn’t. Whether he had to keep wearing that stupid hat or find some hair dye at a space small, he would find someway to keep this secret to himself. He didn’t want to be viewed as weak, as a freak. He had to be strong. He opened his eyes and muttered to his reflection while glaring.
“Fake it ‘till you make it.”


August 13th - More oak wasp galls, which I’ve gone all out to find this year for no other reason than they fascinate me.

On a small sapling by the canalside track at Hopwas, hundreds of thousands of almost annular, ring-like growths on the leaves, looking maybe like fungus or some odd egg. These are the delightfully named common spangle gall for the flat ones, and silk button galls for the rounder, more sharply defined ones.

These are all created by the same mechanism - a small wasp injects an egg into the leaf, and a chemical coating the egg disrupts the plant DNA to grow the gall, which leaves a light patch on the upper surface of the leaf where nutrients have been leeched away by the larva growing underneath.

I’m not sure why galls like this captivate me so much but they are absolutely fascinating.

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Hey Ki! Hmmm how about some Otayuri in coordination with my URL lol ;3 I hope that you're doing well and that you have a lovely day! ^^ ♡

omg gabby!! thank you so much love hope you’re doing well yourself!!! hehe it’s my first time trying otayuri

  • majority of their early relationship is just Yuratchka having the biggest festering crush for an oblivious Otabek
  • when Otabek finally asked Yuri on a date for the first time, Yuri got so red and quiet from instantly combusting that Otabek thought he was angry
  • of course Yuri said yes in the end (“no, i’m not upset… yesi’llgooutwithyou”)
  • they don’t get together until Yuri’s 17
  • Otabek is a gentleman the first time he kissed yuri he asked for permission first. Yuri was too stunned to reply so he kissed Otabek to make up for it //laughs
  • they’re adorable their favourite thing to do is go to arcades and carnivals because Yuri loves them
  • the first time they play DDR Yuri falls in love with Otabek and how his body moves when he dances
  • Yuri is a dead man after that
  • they also enjoy racing games at arcades and water gun shooting at carnivals
  • Otabek always gives the stuffed animals he wins to Yuri
  • the only one he kept was of a tiger (that reminded him of Yuri)
  • he respects Yuuri and Viktor and treats them as he would Yuratchka’s parents
  • he finds it endearing how Yuri has a soft spot for them both even though he may be too tsudere to admit it 
  • but he also tries his best to avoid Viktor while alone because Viktor asks the most embarrassing of questions (”have you and Yurio done it yet?” “I wonder what kind of cute face Yurio makes when he comes, but alone you know that!”
  • shudders
  • Otabek also gets along really well with Yuri’s grandfather!! they’re both the quiet type and they enjoy playing chess together!
  • i see these headcanons as a timeline at this point Yuri is 20 but Otayuri will definitely grow old together and no one can convince me otherwise

send me a character/pairing & i’ll tell you some headcanons!!

The difficulty of dating



Request : Hi! Can you make a Peter Parker x Reader where the reader is Tony’s cousin and she has superpowers too (Telekinesis and Pyrokinesis and she’s kinda more serious than Tony) ans she’s an avenger and Peter has a crush on her and he asks the Avengers for advice and each one gives him an advice and they all fail until he tells Tony about it? ( by @zainab-al-huwaizi )

Characters : Peter Parker x reader

Word count : ~1650

A/N : Okay this is the first part guys, I had fun writing the summaries on my phone and I can’t wait to write the other parts (there will be 3 parts for this actually). ENJOY and don’t forget to tell me what you thought and that my requests are open !

The Stark Tower hadn’t been so occupied for such a long time. It was like a family reunion, everyone was there. Bruce Banner was in the lab all days doing no one knew exactly what, some experimentations Tony and him talked about all the time as if the health of the Earth depended on it, Steve  Rogers watched the television with Sam Wilson making up for lost time with the most important films of the century, Natasha Romanoff passed by everyday to check on everyone but she was also busy outside doing some minor missions for Nick Fury and for herself sometimes, Scarlet Witch was locked inside of her bedroom yelling at Vision when he came in her room through the wall without even knocking or warning about his entrance. And there were two new persons in the tower, Peter Parker who didn’t live here but loved to hang out with the Avengers, and Y/N Stark, Tony’s cousin, whom he offered to stay in for few months since she had helped the Team a couple of times and he needed to learn more about her powers.

For a reason no one knew, Y/N was a mutant, one of the last on Earth after the X-Men things. She was born with powers and it was a total mystery for the Stark family since she was the only one to have some. Y/N was really powerful, she was gifted with telekinesis but also pyrokinesis. She spent her days training with her cousin Tony to figure the limits of her powers and how dangerous she could be because she didn’t fully control it. Anyways, she only showed up for dinner or when she needed some rest, despite she hated to lie down doing nothing.

The first time Peter had seen Y/N was when he fought Captain America standing by Iron Man’s side. She was there, in his team, and he already had a pinch to his heart. She seemed to have his age,or maybe she was a little older, and the seriousness stuck on her face had him shook. When he was all friendly with his enemies and talking, Y/N screamed at the other team having no pity for them, she even had sent Hawkeye at the hospital.

Peter entered the living-room, where Captain was still watching TV and Falcon threw pop corn on some intelligent machines Tony had made, laughing his ass off since the robot was searching where the food was coming.

“Here’s the baby spider !” Sam exclaimed. “Don’t you have school ?”

“It’s five pm Mister Wilson, it makes hours now that school is finished.”

Peter joined the team months ago, but he still couldn’t call the Avengers by their names, it was either their last names or their heroe names. Not that they didn’t want him to, but he was just too intimidated to do so. He always felt like a kid in front of them and May had taught him to call the older oned by their last names. He was just following the rules.

“Is it your juice time already ?” Falcon giggled, loving to treat him as a child to annoy the spider.

“Shut up Sam, I didn’t hear the reason why the gremlins can’t eat during the night !” Steve retorted.

Peter felt discomforted right away, he came today for a special reason and he was starting to think he would look like a damn fool after he’d ask his question. Why was he asking them anyway, and not aunt May ? Oh, right, because the last time he asked, he finished with his girlfriend’s father as an anemy. Not that it was aunt May fault but… Maybe she just wasn’t her lucky charm. Plus, Steve and Sam were both men, maybe they had some victory stories to help him.

“Actually, ehm…” Peter took the speak back. He was blushing and all, rubbing his arm by unease. “I… I need an advice.”

Both superheroes watching TV looked up to the spider boy, immediately interested on what he was willing to tell even if they had no clue what it was about. “Okay kiddo, we’re listening.”

“Okay, so…” It was hard to launch into explications but once he started he couldn’t stop. “I like Y/N. Like, she’s always on my mind since I saw her the first time when I stole your shield Captain and she’s just so wonderful and we talked few times but she doesn’t seem to be interested in me which I understand because I’m sort of a loser and she’s the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen but I was wondering how I could catch her attention up, right I don’t want to give up before even trying but obviously flirting is not for me and I need help you guys please don’t let me down. She… She’s great.”

Sam and Steve were arching an eyebrow, speechless of what Peter just confessed. But he was only fifteen and they knew how hard it could be at this age to be confident with girls. Steve knew it the most, he also was a loser back in his childhood and everyone was into his best friend Bucky forgetting about him.

“Well, first you should learn how to breathe when you talk and also how to pause.” Sam assured. Peter sighed, he didn’t take any pause because he was too stressed to do so, it was the first time he admitted someone -Ned didn’t count- he liked Y/N.

“I know what you need to do, Parker.” Steve said, making his representative smile with hope. “You just need to buy a bouquet of roses, and take her to the bal.”

Sam and Peter both remained speechless. The bal, was he kidding ? What was that supposed to mean anyway, the bal ? There was homecoming, but beside that… ? “Bal isn’t a thing anymore nowadays, Captain.” Sam made fun of him.

“Are you telling me I’m old ?”

“You’re like 100 ! Of course you’re old, such a handsome guy but still old.”

“Do you mean I should take her to a club ?” Peter cut them in their little fight. “I’m only 15, do you know that or… ?” He passed his hand in his hair awkwardly. That wasn’t his best idea to ask Captain some advice.

“Really ? Tony told me you were 14.” Peter groaned, Tony really had to learn how old he was. “Anyway don’t take on board what this relic just said, he’s out-of-date. I'mma tell you what you really need to do. Take her anywhere so you’re both alone, and talk to her about things, and other things, tell her things you like and dislike, don’t be too distant, then tell her you like her, be honest, she’ll notice anyway.”

“Somewhere we can be alone… I don’t know such a place.”

“Take her on the rooftop, girls love height.”

Peter came back to his apartment to change his clothes and put some perfume. He wanted to be as handsome as possible for Y/N, make a good impression. Earlier he had the guts to ask her if she wanted to join him at nine on the rooftop to help him with some homeworks, and she agreed even if she didn’t understand why he wasked her and not someone else. They weren’t that close and she certainly was less brilliant than him.

He was back at the front of her door at 20:53 but waited 21:02 to knock. The poor little boy was so stressed he didn’t want her to think he was ahead of time, anyway he was. She opened her door, she had just brush her hair and Peter could smell her shampoo flavor coming right to his nose. A real delight. She hadn’t take the trouble to change, which was normal since she thought she was just going to help him with his homeworks.

“So, how old are you, I don’t even know.” Asked Peter while climbing the stairs to go to the roof of the tower.

“I’m seventeen, but I know I look quite your age. Puberty had not hit me yet.”

Peter bit his lower lip. “You don’t need puberty.” He whispered and Y/N smiled, not answering. “So, uhm… Do you… Do you like heights ?” Y/N frowned, what was that question, really ? Peter was only trying to have a discussion with her and he remembered what Sam said. “Okay, that was weird. It’s just… It’s for class, my homeworks you know” He started lying. “I have a presentation and…”

“Am I the subject of your presentation, Peter ?” Y/N noticed he was nervous, and decided to gently play with it. She wasn’t dumb, and she understood by his clemsiness that he might have a little something for her. She thought it was cute. Peter was the only boy of her age or almost she talked to.

“No ! No you’re not you’re ! Not that you’re not interesting enough to have a presentation all about you but.. Okay there’s no presentation.” Peter sighed and he sat down on the side of the building, his legs in thin air. He remembered what Sam also told him. Be honest. “I like you.”

What Y/N responded him made his heart stop for a second. “I know.” He was so shocked he lost his balance, and suddenly fell of the roof. Wearing his web bracelets as always, he catched up on a window stopped his fall. The coincidence had him stopped right in front of Captain watching TV, and Sam whom turned his head to see Peter. He giggled, thumbs up.

“Good job kiddo !” Peter could read on his lips.

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possibly a scenario where dazai notices that his best friend (chuuya's s/o; in the agency) and his ex-partner are in love with each other and does his best to help them end up together?

“What are you doing?” You ask, voice hushed but anxious. You and Dazai were out on a mission when he suddenly pushed you against the wall, presence just a tad too close, frame closing you in.

“Shh, just trust me,” he says.

“What—” you started, but a voice cuts you off.

“What the fuck are you doing?!” 

There’s a hand grabbing at Dazai’s shoulder, and Chuuya shoves him away. He’s enraged, hands balling into fists, looking like he’s about to throw a punch and neither you nor Dazai doubts that he will.

“Calm down, Chuuya. I don’t mean any harm.”

“Then what were you trying to do, huh? Pinning her against the wall like that… Unless you’re telling me that it’s mutual…” he glances towards you.

“No,” you say, “it wasn’t.”

Chuuya turns back to Dazai, looking even more pissed than before. He glares at Dazai, who only gives a nonchalant grin in return.

“Damn it, Dazai, you can’t harass her like that!”

“No need to be jealous, Chuuya. I was only trying to make you confess.”

“Confess?” you ask, and Chuuya doesn’t turn back around to face you.

“I’ll leave you two to it,” Dazai smirks, and you watch him walk away, all the while waiting for some kind of response from Chuuya.

“Shit,” he cusses after a while. He’s still at first, straightening his posture, squaring his shoulders, before spinning around.

He takes your hand, and upon your knuckles places a kiss.

“I’m in love with you,” he admits, “that’s why I got jealous when I saw you and Dazai like that.”

He lets your hand go.

“It’s alright if you don’t feel the same. I’m from the mafia, after all. I’m a bad guy and—”

“Chuuya,” you interrupt, your voice hard as steel. He looks up at you with surprise.

“I love you too.”

He doesn’t react so you take his hand again, placing his palm on your cheek as you step towards him. He snaps out of his trance, thumb brushing against your cheek, other hand tangling into your hair. 

“You’re sure?” he asks, uncertain, hesitant, but it’s wiped away by the look in your eye.

“More than I’ve ever been.”

He places a kiss upon your forehead. You smile.

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if ur comfy with it how about maybe some oihina or iwahina headcanons?

always down for oihina my friendo!!!

  • oikawa and hinata are the dorkiest boyfriends is2g
  • imagine hinata buying flowers for oikawa on their anniversary ((because oikawa is a romantic and loves flowers))
  • hinata also got them candles for a candle-lit dinner and bath bombs to enjoy in the bathtub together ((because oikawa is a HUGE romantic))
  • although they are both early risers they like to stay in bed and cuddle and exchange sleepy morning kisses
  • tickle fights often ensue 
  • IMAGINE oikawa going over to hinata’s house and swooning his whole family
  • hinata’s mother loves him because he’s tall handsome and charming
  • hinata’s father loves him because he’s a gentleman
  • they make flower crowns together, natsu, hinata and oikawa
  • they also play dress up and every variation of it
  • every time natsu suggests to make cookies though, oikawa skillfully escapes
  • the one time he doesn’t, hinata learns never to let oikawa into the kitchen, ever.
  • oihina are sunshines but imagine
  • insecure oikawa being comforted by his boyfriend’s tight hugs because hinata just has so much genuine faith in him that?? he’s the best?? and that he deserves to be happy??
  • hinata feeling comfortable enough to show his weak side to oikawa?? he doesn’t need to say anything oikawa can just tell when he’s feeling a bit off and he’s extremely dedicated in showering hinata with love to bring back his confidence
  • they're so emotionally supportive of each other in such intimate ways 
  • they’re also snotty boyfriends who cry together often
  • i love them oihina i do

send me a character/pairing & i’ll tell you some headcanons!!

anonymous asked:

Matsuhana for the headcanons please

thank u me friendo for the beautiful pairing :”))) i have so many personal headcanons for matsuhana 

  • i love the idea of makki being super envious
  • he’s envious of oikawa and his relationship with iwaizumi because of how he seems to have the perfect life
  • and the reason i love this idea is because makki will have a lot of inner turmoil
  • he’s so guilty over the fact that he’s envious so he tries his best to hide it
  • but one day he accidental breaks and the one to find him and hold him is matsukawa
  • matsukawa never knew of this side to makki until that day
  • but their relationship blooms from there. matsukawa never judges him or gets angry over hanamaki’s envy and instead all he tries to do is understand and support hanamaki
  • that’s how makki gets sO fUckED
  • mattsun falls for makki when he starts to intimately understand him as a person, not just his joking side, but all of him
  • yes this is my greatest matsuhana hc that i will swear by forget the memes gimme some heart-wrenching shit

send me a character/pairing & i’ll tell you some headcanons!!

anonymous asked:


omg yES this is my calling


  • all of them can take it strong, but dazai is the lightweight out of them and ango is the most tolerant.
  • oda prefers dry beers and soju, while ango likes rum and whiskey.
  • only oda and dazai have ever gotten drunk before. ango is too proper.
  • drunk dazai is evil mass-murdering dazai. thankfully he falls asleep 10 minutes later.
  • once, dazai let himself get drunk and fell asleep on the counter. oda and ango debated for 30 minutes who would bring him home.
  • in the end, oda relented and brought dazai back with him. he woke up to an awful smelling empty couch and an empty fridge.
  • dazai wasn’t actually drunk or asleep. he was just being dazai.
  • the second time it happened, both of them left him there.
  • there was once oda got drunk and started telling the two about his mother who died when he was a child. they didn’t have the heart to interrupt.
  • oda and ango secretly enjoy dazai’s chatter when they’re drinking. his childish enthusiasm is infectious on their moods. that’s why they always go to the bar after a long and tiring mission.
  • ango isn’t the talkative one out of them, but he tells pretty good jokes when he opens his mouth.
  • one time, he made dazai laugh so hard vodka came out his nose.
  • he wailed about the burn for 3 minutes straight.
  • “ango, my nose is on fire you asshole—!”
  • “I didn’t tell you to laugh at my joke.”
  • “odasaku, did ango just—!”
  • oda just sighs in response, puffing on his cigarette
  • he can’t help the slight smile on his face though

that’s all from me for now, but hmu w buraiha headcannons omg i love them so much!!!!

hanamacki  asked:

21 for the ask game !!

Hq Rare Pair Game!

Send a number from 4 to 30 and I’ll have to put a rare ship together that adds up to that with their jersey numbers and make up some headcanons for them.

kageyama (9) + kindaichi (12) — i’m sorry i couldn’t resist

  • ends up in the same college and somehow ends their (kindaichi’s) long spiteful rivalry because kunimi forced them to
  • it’s 6 months of awkward-feelings-and-friendship before they get their shit together (also again because kunimi heavily hinted at them to)
  • they don’t actually start dating until much later but it’s all over their body language and awkward selves
  • kindaichi often gives kageyama neck kisses and kags falters at whatever he’s doing and blushes furiously
  • kags enjoys sitting all over kindaichi’s lap but he’s usually too shy to initiate
  • kageyama drives but he’s bad with roads so kindaichi’s usually the one giving him directions to a new dinner place
  • kindaichi likes to sing when he’s doing stuff on his laptop and he can play the guitar. sometimes he sings when he spaces out due to habit and kageyama pleasantly surprises him by joining in and making it a duet
  • kageyama doesnt notice but when they’re out together he likes to put his finger through kindaichi’s belt loop to get his attention like “hey, look” as he points with his other hand but kindaichi’s heart is just doing little flips at kags’ cute quriks

r i p  my soul i love them