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ok because I read some of your fanfics about Klaine and I think they are really cute and so good and I love AUs, I wondered if you take prompts (or how do you say it? sorry my english is not the best :D)? I found this post with lots of them and well here's one I really like: "found their phone number in a library book au" and omg I think you could write something adorable! so yeah it would be really cool!

I can definitely try - i’m sorry I took the liberty to let my inner bibliophile free :)

Blaine would love to own all of his favorite books.

Who wouldn’t ?

To have all of them, all of those great novels and stories that have been his companions during his childhood and teenage years, the books that are his best friends, just in his reach should he ever want to grab them and read a page or two - that’s the dream.

But alas, he has to deal with one - no, two major problems that can be summed up in one.

He’s a college student. 

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