wasilla alaska

My first day at my new job is today. How the hell am I supposed to focus on work when I am still shook by the new trailers?

on the alaska note, can i just say for a second how sick and fucking tired i am of sarah palin jokes? now i know she’s awful and ridiculous, but see, that isn’t our fault. she was actually p moderate (for alaska, we are an abysmally red state) and sane and apparently willing to compromise up until she was picked for vp. it was the lower 48 that threw her off the deep end into the tea party. all of her ridiculousness is on your shoulders, not ours. we may have elected her governor (well, not me, i was not of voting age), but some combination of national attention and pressure and what the fuck ever else turned her into the absurd reality tv show mess that she is.


Alaska Aurora by Mike Criss
Via Flickr:
The Northern Lights over my house in Wasilla, Alaska