wasian girl


So during my trip to Japan there was a Chinese boy in my group. I’m gonna call him DEEP. We all thought DEEP had a thing for this wasian (White & Asian) underclassmen that also came on the trip. He said he didn’t like her but he was lying. We didn’t talk to each other so much on the trip, but we were cool. I knew about him before the trip because he was once a stepper at my school but never thought to much of him. So i never considered him as a close friend.

So I was walking around after school ended with my guy friend one day and we ran into DEEP. Me and DEEP never really talked like that while we were in Japan or in our Japanese class. Hey saw us and said hey. When he said hey to me i didn’t think too much. I thought he just said it because we were classmates. It wasn’t until he kept walking with us that i realized he wanted to actually talk to me. He’s all like “hey”, “what’s up”, “why are you still at school?”. (He’s staying after school waiting for his little brother to be done with his club)In my head I’m like why is he talking to me like we’re close friends… Me and this guy are cool but we’re not besties. So while he’s talking to me my friend decided to speed walk and leave me behind!

Now it’s just me and DEEP walking. I’m thinking DEEP is going go on his way too. NOPE. He asked me where i was going and I tell him i’m going home. I’m thinking that would get this guy to peace out. NOPE. he’s like oh don’t you live close by. I’ll just walk with you. We make small talk and whole time i’m suspecting somethings up because he was TOO COMFORTABLE. we get half way to my place and i’m like okay he needs to bounce now. NOPE. YOUR BOY STILL TALKING TO ME! He asks me why most of my friends are guys. and i’m like because they are chill. Hey’s says i think some of them like you, like you. I’m just like….-___- where tf is this going? Like my guy friends aint shit (sorry, i love them though <3) But if they were my type i would had said something by now. Anyways i explain to him that they were just friends and ask him why he thought they liked me.  he ’s like because your the package. and i’m like O-O what do you mean. he’s like because (speeding through his answer) you pretty, your body. and i say oh and start laughing cause i was like….my body? (in me head: mmm so you’ve been looking at me ;D)

While we’re walking (yes we’re still walking! xD) we are almost at my place and i’m thinking he’s going to turn around and go back to the school anytime soon now. NOPE. we get near the entrance of my place and he ask if it would be okay he killed time with me and if my parents would mind if he came him. i’m like….boy what? if you were Jay Park i might say bring that ass in but uhhh… he walked me to my door and my sisters are home and he asked my older sister if he could come in and she’s like yea that’s fine. i didn’t rally care because he was gonna leave soon and i was actually getting comfortable with him. he asked if we had anything to eat and i’m like nope “unless you want some rice and stew, but idt you eat African food, right? ” Here’s where he shocked me. This sheltered Chinese boy told me “I LOVE AFRICAN FOOD” i took a break and ate a twix because i had to digest this unbelievable moment. i’m about to make us both separate plates and he’s like i’m not that hungry is it okay if we just share. i just said okay because i was snacking hard at school that day anyways. so i make the food. here’s how it played out. 2 spoons and 1 plate of rice and stew. This boy was not lying. he ate it. (lol i didn’t realize we were doing some couple shit until later).

We were asking each other why we never talked and i guess that day we became close. So i walk him back to school and we say our see you later’s. I walk into class the next day and he’s sitting in the seat next to mine (that’s not his seat at all) and i’m like :) that’s cute. and we go through class but the whole class he didn’t look me in my eyes like a shy kid and i’m like :) this is kind of cute. after class he’s waiting for me (he’s always the first to leave, and i am the last to leave) and he’s like oh let me walk with you to your next class and i say okay (it’s kind of odd though since his class is no where near mine) That’s when i realized he had a crush on me because he did it the next couples of days. but than i think i messed things up. i said something, maybe something that he took a different way (it was hard to pin point because i didn’t say or do anything bad to him) and he changed back to his original seat. he didn’t wait for me after class anymore nor did he talk to me often if it wasn’t class related and i guess that was an end of what was beginning. 

Couple months later we were at a table during a Japanese activity and everyone else left to play a game and we were there sitting alone at the table. he’s like i’m hungry and i had left overs from a class party and i gave it to him so he could eat some and he ate it….all -___- i asked him who he was going to prom with and he’s like someone that doesn’t go here she’s cute (was i supposed to get jealous?). and i’m like oh that’s cool. turns out he took the wasian girl he didn’t “like.” I just didn’t understand why this guy wasted me time and lied. I didn’t like him romantically before he stopped interacting with me so i wasn’t hurt by anything, but it was just so shady how he swore up and down he didn’t like her and took her to prom… anyways i moved on with my life. We haven’t talked since graduation so pretty sure that’s dead.

Thanks for reading my long story guys ! <3

KPMBW: aw I’m sorry that happened! :( Seems like he didn’t know what he wanted.