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my school was the first one in the district to have multi-stall gender neutral washrooms and the qsa teacher leader told me the board is expanding it to other secondary schools as well and i am so happy that the board is getting woke

i never thought i’d hear someone say that a school board is getting ‘woke’ lmaooo but srsly that’s so good !!!! im glad that change is happening in ur area!

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Trans man takes on selfie campaign to fight 'ridiculous' bathroom bans

A transgender man has taken on the bathroom selfie campaign to protest against US laws that want him to use the women’s toilets.

Michael Hughes, from Minnesota, was inspired by several trans women who posted pictures of themselves next to urinals.

Using the hashtag #WeJustNeedToPee, the bearded activist posted pictures of himself next to women entering cubicles and doing their makeup.

He says: ‘Do I look like I belong in a women’s bathroom?

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The  politicians who want to ban trans women from using women’s restrooms probably does not even consider that their legislations will force female to male trans men into the very same bathrooms.

This is because their transphobia  is driven by a deep felt misogyny. According to their belies any male bodied person who wants to be a woman must be a sexual pervert, since no sane man would want to climb down to the bottom of the social hierarchy. 

Furthermore, according to these beliefs only men can be sexual perverts (as only men are considered sexually driven and motivated). Because of this the politicians are unable to make sense of the existence of trans men. Which is most likely why they didn’t even consider the fact that they are now forcing women to share their bathrooms with men.

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Canadian National Exhibition unveils gender-neutral washrooms, signage
The new portable washrooms, which will be fully rolled out over five years, feature signs on each stall door with the saying, “We don’t care,” and picture a half-female and half-male individual merged together.
By Nick Westoll

The Canadian National Exhibition has become the latest Toronto organization to introduce gender-neutral washrooms and signage, but advocates say there is still more to be done to promote inclusivity.

The new portable washrooms, which will be fully rolled out over five years, feature signs on each stall door with the saying, “We don’t care,” and picture a half-female and half-male individual merged together.

Virginia Ludy, the CNE’s general manager, said she originally found the signs online and wanted to use them for the new facilities.

“I just absolutely love them because they’re so easy to understand – anybody can use those washrooms,” Ludy said.

She also said gender-specific washrooms have resulted in long lines, so Ludy hopes this will help address that issue.

Jack Hixson-Vulpe, an education and training specialist with The 519 Centre – a local organization dedicated to providing services and community spaces for the LGBTQ community, said seeing gender-neutral washrooms and signage is a good indication that the organization is thinking about providing safer, more inclusive spaces.

Hixson-Vulpe said gender-specific washrooms are still difficult for many individuals, such as those who identify as transgender or two-spirited.

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Concerning Accessible Washrooms

Callie says:

To the anon that was talking about only having one female accessible washroom at your school, depending on what country you are in, this is probably illegal and definitely discriminatory. If you feel comfortable, you should bring this up with your school’s administration, and if it turns out you were mistaken, they will probably show you where the other washrooms are.

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hello i'm a dfab gender fluid person and i'm going to high school next year and i don't know what bathroom i should use. they have men's and women's restrooms and although i identify as male 75% of the time, no one knows except for a few tumblr friends. people at my school know i'm biologically female so i automatically have to use the ladies' room. i'm worried about getting thrown out of the ladies' room if i can't go to the men's and with the men's i'm worried about rape. can you help out???


(Hello fair anonymous human!

Although it really leaves a bad taste in Sea Bear’s mouth to say this, Sea Bear has to. You have stated that you are biologically female. Unfortunately, this means you must use the washrooms for females, despite the fact that you are genderfluid. You can try and get a movement in your school for gender neutral washrooms so that you don’t experience a situation like this, but while it is going, you will have to use the female washrooms.)

a small list of things of immediate importance:
• the pH of public toilets
• the medicine cabinets of friends and family
• the urgency and fear of a public restroom
• the timeless sense of safety of your own bathroom
• a bowel movement in complete silence
• the unspoken shame of farting anonymously in the stall of a public restroom
• peeing a little bit in the bath
• sobs drowned out by the sound of a dormitory shower
• not having to wipe your butt at all
• being legally prevented from using a public restroom
• a facebook post penned on the toilet
• too-thin toilet paper
• your soft body lying curled around the toilet of a frat house bathroom, the edges of your mouth caked in vomit