washoe city


Went to Virginia City with a visiting friend yesterday, was surprised to see that the Washoe Club is now doing tours and immediately signed up. The Ghost Adventures crew have returned to the Washoe Club a few times because of how much activity the get there. The “X” on the floor was where the GA crew had their camera set up when they caught a full body apparition following Nick out of the ballroom in their documentary. ❤


Ghost Adventures: Full Body Apparition

In the original Ghost Adventures documentary made long before they started the show, Zak Bagans and Nick Groff capture a full bodied apparition walk across a room in the Washoe Club in Virginia City, Nevada. The video was studied by experts and decided to be authentic. This is undoubtedly one of the reasons the Ghost Adventures Crew has become as famous as they are now, with their show being the number one rated show on Travel Channel. The Ghost Adventures Crew has a reputation of honesty and attempting to debunk their evidence before labeling it as unexplained/paranormal. The footage is compelling, and is agreed by most to be Class A evidence of the paranormal.