• Washington: That's a lot of waffles
  • Tucker: you... ate all the waffles?
  • Caboose: Yes I did
  • Tucker: You could of asked us if we wanted any
  • Caboose: nu-uh! if i give YOU the waffles i wont get any
  • Washington: Tucker, would you like a waffle?
  • Caboose: There is no more waffles! I have them all.
  • Washington: I know it's an example
  • Tucker: why yes agent Washington, i think would like TWO waffles
  • Caboose: you cant- you want TWO of them?!
  • Washington: so if Tucker gets two waffles... And i get two waffles... That still leaves 8 waffles left for you
  • Caboose: I don't want 8 waffles i want 12. i want 12 of them
  • Washington: If you can seriously eat all those waffles i will personally call command and buy some more
  • Caboose: I just- i just don't know why you guys get all the waffles
  • Tucker: You still have more waffles than Agent Washington and me combined
  • Caboose: Their mine! I got them from the freezer and i put em on my plate
  • Caboose: you guys are being selfish

My half of an art trade with the lovely @fuckyeahrvb

I decided to draw you a Wash enjoying the sunset over Crash Site Bravo because that boy needs something good to happen fr

Let’s all pretend it really looks like the crash site area ok;;; because fuck mountains

(This is gonna look a looot better if you open it in a new tab and zoom in. I made it big - very printer friendly!)

Imagine Agent Carolina actually laughing in front of the Reds and Blues. And Tucker just stiffens and glances sideways at Wash. “Did you know about this? That this was even possible?” And Wash slowly shakes his head in slight terror and awe. Once Carolina notices, her no nonsense voice returns and she crosses her arms at the group. “What?”

Oh wow, you’re tall! (MaineWash AU)

[AO3] [Fic Tag]

Rating: Teen

Word Count: 3457

Summary: David Washington just wants to get through a normal day of work at his friend’s cafe, but of course his verbal filter decides to take a snow day. Of course it does.

Notes: This fic is based off an AU suggested by @carrionkiid​ over here in this post, and I basically just had to write even though I’ve never written an AU before. This also got much longer than I intended it to, but hey!

David Washington hummed along to the tune of his music as he walked to work, wrapped up tight in a thick winter coat. The streets were quiet, the route was familiar, and it was going to be another quiet day at work with the snow this heavy on the ground. He was relaxed; this day was going to be nothing out of the ordinary.

The door to the café opened with the familiar quiet ringing of a bell, and the heated air enveloped him with warmth. He let out quiet sigh, fumbling with his iPod as he walked towards the back. He’d just about managed to get the headphones wrapped around it and the whole tangled mess shoved into his pocket when he nudged the door to the kitchen open, and suddenly felt the weight of multiple pairs of eyes on him.

He paused, looking up slowly. His co-workers were all huddled together, and they were all looking at him. With a sigh Washington’s shoulders slumped, and with a deadpan face he simply said: “What now?”

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