Trans!Tucker, very much implied tuckington, period cramps and Wash coming to the rescue, stuff like that

So normally I don’t really like trans Tucker but I’ve got mega period camps rn and I thought about Tucker and Carolina suffering and having wash come to the rescue and I word barfed. So anyway enjoy this midnight bullsht, excuse the cussing (Tucker and Carolina curse a lot I had to add some in!) and offer some constructive criticism or compliments if you like!



“This is bullshit!” Tucker groaned miserably, rubbing at his sore abdomen. Period cramps were a bitch, and oh what the aqua soldier wouldn’t have given for a heating pad right about then.

“Tell me about it.” Carolina hissed, face scrunching up as her muscles clenched and unclenched. “It feels like little daggers are trying to rip their way out of my uterus!”

“Amen!” Tucker huffed, rolling onto his side. The two soldiers were in Tucker and Washington’s room, the shorter male was curled up on the floor, and the Freelancer wasn’t fairing any better as she lay with her face stuffed in a pillow on one of the rooms two standard issue cots.

“When the hell is Wash getting back? I can’t take this shit!” The red head barked, gripping the thin blanket under her and almost tearing the gray fabric.

Suddenly, foot steps could be heard, and the door creaked open. The two soldiers bolted up in excitement, only to slump back down when they realized it was just Palomo.

“What the hell do you want, Palomo?!” Tucker demanded, glaring at the frightened Lieutenant.

“Ah- I’m, well-” Carolina shot him a death glare and the subordinate squeaked. “Doyle wanted to talk with you two.” He offered nervously.

“Tell Doyle he can stick it!” Tucker growled, even in his immobile state, he gave Palomo a glare that sent off warning signs in the poor soldiers head.

“Y-yes Sir!” He stuttered, slipping out of the room as quickly as he had come. Before the door had even closed Washington was poking his head in.

“Heyyy, how are my two favorite gals?” He joked.

“Wash I swear to God…” Tucker’s voice held a venom that rivaled Tex.

“Sorry, sorry.” Wash quickly mended, holding up the plastic bag in his hand as if it could protect him from his boyfriend’s rage.

“Did Grey give you the stuff?” Carolina grumbled, her voice slightly muddled by the pillow she seemed so set on making out with.

“Yeah, yeah here.” Wash quickly pulled out twin heating pads along with a few bottles of pain killers.

“Oh my God, thank you so much babe.” Tucker gushed, reaching out to swipe away one of the heating pads, quickly clicking it on and laying the soft pad over his traitorous abdomen, sighing with relief as heat spread over the clenching muscles.

“And one for you, Carolina.” Wash said, offering up the pad to the grumbling Freelancer. She quickly accepted the gift and turned it on as well, practically moaning as the warmth of the device was laid over her abdomen.

“Jesus, how bad could it possibly be?” Wash huffed, slight amusement in his voice.

“Oh you shut the hell up.” Carolina growled, eyes closed in bliss.

“It hurts like a bitch and that’s all you need to know babe.” Tucker mumbled, his face lax with relief as well.

Yeah, periods were a bitch, but at least they had Wash to help them out.

I need more stuff about Wash and the guys between seasons 8 and 9.
Like, when Caboose keeps calling Wash by Church’s name he tries to correct him, but mostly just accepts it, because he knows its his fauly that Church is gone, and he doesn’t blame them for missing Chuch. But when he keeps doing it, over and over it starts to bother Wash. Its not like Caboose never knew his name and its Wash, hell, he’d even settle for “Washingtub” if it would make him feel less guilty. Until Tucker off handedly mentions how much Caboose looked up to Church and always wanted to impress him and be his friend. And the idiot must like Wash if he keeps calling him by his “best friend’s” name.
And I want Wash trying to subtly train the Blues and failing most of the time but still laughing about it and enjoying it because they all know its not real military stuff but they like playing the games anyway. And Wash can’t help but enjoy the “friendly” rivalry. How they’ll all still be friends, more or less, and it doesn’t matter that Wash basically destroys the Reds every time because there isn’t a leaderboard.
I want to see Caboose celebrating Wash’s birthday and roping Tucker into it who at first doesn’t want to but when he realises how awkward it makes Wash he goes in 100% to make Wash even more awkward.

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I managed to stop myself right after solona ran off in denerim (NOOOOO :((() because at least Alistair and Elissa were having a good moment and I didn’t want to keep going until something else went wrong…

Something else go wrong? For those two? Perish the thought…

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What kind of video games (if any) would elden like? Or board games? Hopscotch? Not interested in games at all?

Elden would love playing video games and board games, but he has a complicated relationship with anything competitive. He likes playing and competing and he likes to win, but he tends to feel guilty about it for various reasons. He’d refer to either play a supporting role or play games that require cooperation. He’d like most single player games though as long as they weren’t too dark or overly violent.

He would probably be descent at games like chess, but he had to be good at strategy growing up so has unpleasant connotations. If he gets talked into playing he usually doesn’t even try

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I LOVE IT I LOVE IT SO MUUUUCH <3<3<3 He’s so beautiful and he’s going on my wallll.

ahhhhhhhh <3<3<3 i’m SO GLAD i was so excited abt you getting himmm
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Wow it’s so good…. It’s beautiful…. Absolutely worth knocking ppl aside for

ISN’T HE JUST? absolutely so i was like CHARGE!!!!