Love this positive message of support from Tracee Ellis Ross for Kerry Washington’s Emmy nomination!

This woman!!! @kerrywashington she is just perfection!!! An example of grace, intelligence, humility, talent, heart…she is a wonderful human and as #OliviaPope she is the SHIT!!! This pic is from 2004 when I hosted NAACP awards and she showed up to support me and be my cheerleader. This weekend I am her cheerleader! I hope she takes that #EMMY home. Not that an award matters cause she is a winner no matter what but I hope she does so she has a chance to stand there and let us all see who we are!!!! Love you #KDUb !!!!

Kerry Washington’s nominated for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series. The 65th Primetime Emmy Awards airs THIS Sunday night on CBS at 8/9c, Gladiators! (ICYMI: Kerry will co-present with Diahann Carroll. #WashingtonForTheWin)

The 65th Primetime Emmy Awards Live Feed

Gladiators, here are some links to all things Emmys from live streams to instagram pages to check out tonight!