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Goodbye my friend, you’ve messed up again
You’re going to prison, you’re off to the pen
You’ve gotten off easy so many times
But I guess no one told you how to get a life

The judge wasn’t lenient like he was before
You got three to five and a kick out the door
The public defender really did try
Too little, too late, you didn’t get a life

Hi! My name is Haylee, I’m 15 from Washington state

I love theatre, and reading and anything indie. I’m on the queer spectrum (I don’t like to label myself, not to be pretentious it just stresses me out to figure out which boxes I fit in, and they don’t help me) I’m a feminist and super liberal. I’m pretty obsessed with Harry potter as well. I’m learning both Norwegian and French but I’m fairly beginner with both

I’d love friend that I can send snail mail to! I’ve always thought it would be so cool to send aesthetically pleasing letters to someone haha. It would be really cool to have someone from norway (especially if you like skam!) But anywhere is fine!

My email is S-farrellha @bsd405.org
My tumblr is @loving-your-light

An anti-transgender bill was just pre-filed in Washington state!

And Washington state residents can do something about that immediately

A harmful anti-transgender bill, HB1011, was just pre-filed in the Washington legislature for the 2017 session.

If passed HB1011 would write discrimination into state law by prohibiting transgender people from using the restroom consistent with who they are. This is exactly the kind of law that has put North Carolina in the (negative) national spotlight.

It’s clear anti-transgender forces are more determined than ever to overturn our state’s nondiscrimination protections in 2017, so we need to fight back.

If you live in Washington state, go to the following link and enter some info to find out who your legislators are, and send them an email (there is a form letter provided):  http://action.wawont.org/page/speakout/hb1011

Violent antisemitic confrontation on Capitol Hill last night in Seattle

A young man threatened to shoot a Jewish man, using racial slurs and saying “I hope the Nazi’s come back and kill your whole fucking family”. When the victim asked him to put the gun away so they could talk, he responded “I don’t need to listen to a Jew”.

This is my city. This is the neighbourhood I spent my high school years in. My brother lives on Capitol Hill.
Seattle Jews, please, please be safe. I cannot believe that this is my new reality.

@antisemitismalert @antisemitism-us @returnofthejudai