Transgender Rights Rally, White House, 10/22/18


photo by Elvert Barnes


Just a reminder that the following issues are happening in the US right now:

  1. California is on fire
  2. puerto rico STILL needs relief
  3. there are children in detention centers that have not been reunited with their families
  4. nazis are marching on washington…

And what’s the president focusing on?

  1. militarizing space
  2. whether or not grown men stand up during a song that’s basically propoganda


The Snallygaster is a dragon-like cryptid found in Washington D.C. and Maryland. The Snallygaster is described as a dragon with the head of a bird, a metallic beak with teeth, and octopus like tentacles coming from its mouth. In the 19th century there were newspaper articles that talked of how it terrified locals Teddy Roosevelt even thought of postponing his African hunt to go and hunt the Snallygaster. The only thing that could ward off Snallygaster is a 7 pointed star which can still be seen on barns to this day.