washington state peaks


Diablo Lake by Jonathan Percy  


Daily Grind 32: I may have eaten a box of girl scout cookies for breakfast, but I did squeeze in a 2 mile, 1000+ ft, hike during my lunch hour (55 min office to office with changing and eating).

That makes up for the cookies, right?

Unnecessary Crossovers: The Twin Peaks Department of Parks and Recreation

“This is a complete list of every slogan Twin Peaks has ever had.  

  • Twin Peaks: The Paris of America.  
  • Twin Peaks: The Akron of Washington State.  
  • Twin Peaks: Welcome, Martian Invaders.  (After the War of the Worlds broadcast, our mayor kinda panicked.)  
  • Twin Peaks: The Logging Disaster Capital of America.  
  • Twin Peaks: Welcome, Grey Invaders.  
  • Twin Peaks: Engage with the Black Lodge.  (For a brief time in the seventies, our town was taken over by a cult.)
  • Twin Peaks: The Black Lodge is Dead.  Long Live the Black Lodge.
  • Twin Peaks: It’s Safe to Be Here Now.
  • Twin Peaks: Birthplace of David Bowie.  (That was a lie, he sued, and so we had to change it.)
  • Twin Peaks: Home of the World-Famous David Bowie Lawsuit.
  • Twin Peaks: Welcome, Reptillian Invaders.
  • And our current slogan- Twin Peaks: First in Friendship, Fourth in Demonic Possession.”
  • Twin Peaks: calls its protagonist like notorious hijacker D B Cooper who vanished in Washington state
  • Twin Peaks: sets him up as the King of Spades
  • Twin Peaks: and also as the black king in chess for good measure
  • Twin Peaks: makes him an Aries while spending its entire lore pointing out that Fire is Bad
  • Fandom: what