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College Football teams and their stadium: Pac-12

2017 Top Games of the Week: Week 11

Week 11 is LOADED! We’ve got a bunch of great games up top including THREE top ten matchups! Let’s get to previewing!

Top Ten Games of the Week

10. #19 Washington State 8-2 (5-2) at Utah 5-4 (2-4)

Washington State is still very much in the PAC-12 North race. The Cougars have to survive a trip to Salt Lake City, a dangerous proposition, to keep up with rival Washington.

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A puppy a day keeps the Cougars away! 

New Year’s Six Prognostication: Week 9

We’re getting closer to the Playoff but the picture is getting murkier. At least in some respects. Certain teams feel like as much of a given as they’ve ever been, but many conference and division races are more muddled than I thought they’d be. Let’s check out what I think the most likely NY6 Bowls should be.

Cotton Bowl: 12-1 Wisconsin vs 11-2 Washington

This one stays the same as last week. I think both teams are in a pretty stable place and should be expected to play well for the rest of the year.

Fiesta Bowl: 10-2 Virginia Tech vs 10-3 TCU

I wanna call this the placeholder bowl. I have no idea what the committee is gonna do with the last couple of spots. I think that VA Tech will finish an underwhelming 10-2 but I don’t know if that’ll convince the committee to put them above potential three loss teams like Auburn or even Notre Dame who will definitely have better resumes. We’ll need more clarity on this one.

Orange Bowl: 12-1 Miami FL vs 11-1 Penn State

I’ve had this pick pretty stable. It has only changed once in the last four weeks.

Peach Bowl: 11-2 Georgia vs 12-0 UCF

UCF keeps looking better and better. I think they could leap into one of the “better” NY6 Bowls if they keep outplaying the other P5 contenders.

Rose Bowl (semifinal): 12-1 Ohio State vs 12-1 Clemson

Less sure about this one, but I don’t know what to do instead.

Sugar Bowl (semifinal): 13-0 Alabama vs 11-2 Oklahoma State

MUCH less sure about this one, mostly coming from Oklahoma State’s side. But again I’m not sure how things are gonna shake out in the Big 12 and PAC-12. 

New Year’s Six Prognostication: Week 11

Ok gang, hang on to your hats, things are getting WEIRD with my predicted Playoff field. With the real Playoff field thinning, either the committee’s precedent regarding two-loss teams or teams from the same conference going to the Playoff is going away. I don’t know which will happen, this is all based on what I think will happen based on a specific set of circumstances. I kinda hope it doesn’t happen because I don’t like this Playoff and NY6 field. We’ll see what actually happens, because this doesn’t seem right.

Cotton Bowl: 12-1 Wisconsin vs 10-2 Washington

I still maintain that this will be a good game, although probably boring if you like flashy plays and offense. It’ll be what I anticipate which teams emerge from the PAC-12 and Big Ten with the best records. So it’s kinda like a Rose Bowl right?

Fiesta Bowl: 12-0 UCF vs 10-3 Stanford

So…if Washington beats Washington State in the Apple Cup (which should happen) and Stanford beats Cal (which should happen), then Stanford will win the PAC-12 North. I think it’s a 50/50 chance that they beat USC in the PAC-12 Championship Game, since it’s a rematch I think the Cardinal might be favored. If that all happens then Stanford totally back doors their way into the NY6. And yet, it’s not the weirdest part of this post.

Orange Bowl: 9-3 NC State vs 11-2 Ohio State

I’m picking Clemson and Miami to make the Playoff, and the ACC is contractually obliged to put a team in the Orange Bowl. So that leaves NC State! I assume they get the tar beat out of them by Ohio State. If the committee puts the 2-loss Buckeyes in the Playoff instead this obviously changes. We’ll see.

Peach Bowl: 11-2 Georgia vs 10-2 Penn State

Georgia isn’t totally on the outside, but if they lose the SEC Championship they will be so that means the Peach Bowl. They’ll join former Playoff hopeful Penn State in Atlanta.

Rose Bowl (semifinal): 12-1 Clemson vs 12-1 Oklahoma


Sugar Bowl (semifinal): 13-0 Alabama vs 12-1 Miami FL

Rematch…of the 1992 Sugar Bowl!