washington sq park

After a Yankee game last month, a few buddies and myself adventured into the village for some drinking, pizza, and good times. Compliments to Uber for hooking it up with a ride across Manhattan. Upon arrival, we came across a dollar slice place called Percy’s Pizza located on Bleecker Street. If you know a thing or two about dollar slice places in NYC, they are usually run down and sketchy. Percy’s was not. Very clean and brick-walled counter serve, had a Little Italy feel to it. Without saying a word, we walked in and this little spanish guy goes “HOW MANY?” I first picked up one to see if it was worth a second. And for a dollar slice it was well worth over a dollar! Probably one of the best dollar slice spots I have ever been to. Now I know the photo is a tad deceiving, but trust me it is worth it. 

However… my friends and I ventured back an hour later and decided to get a pie. $8 is worth a pie. The guy wanted to charge us $12! Now I’m no mathematician but there are eight slices to a pie and at a dollar a piece how are they selling pies at $12?! Nonetheless, I just ordered 8 SEPARATE slices *puts on cool dude shades*.

Rating: 3/5

- Paul

My little sister asked why I was no longer nice
I had to admit I’ve lost the space within
awoke to the impossibility
a hunter and healer
wandering thru capitalism.

No longer wearing the smile she needs for security
I can’t tell her what it means to be a femme fatale
because she’s buried in suburbia hungry for children
unprovoked by the horrors of the world
unable to understand that I no longer long to smile
I want revenge for the people who’s problems are created by the few controlling the world
for my neighbor Judy struggling to raise her children fully aware her children are growing up in a dying land with no where to run to
still she rises up every day and laughs and loves and tries her damnest to give them everything she can grasp
the few creating problems so their stagnate bank accounts can continue growing
every dollar they acquire enslaves another - person, animal, tree, living thing trying to breath - to the will of the corporation
corporations claim to be people but I’ve never fucked one
literally rimmed a corporation as I fought off a rat infested room
and had to tell my lover, sorry, gimme a second
as I beat a rat with a broom.

The other night I skinny dipped beneath the moon
screamed to the waves I’m sorry I haven’t loved you more
sorry my species is polluting every molecule comprising the sea
sorry I’ve not given myself over sooner to the one who’s nourished all life
visions of the first creatures crawling out of the water formed
as the waves beat me into baptismal
and then the waves calmed and I understood
even the ocean sighs and laments death.

The ocean mother to an unfathomable plethora of creatures
caving glaciers expand her reach
unless another star forms
a frozen tomb
my point of view eclipsed
the constellations within my galaxy fade
one by one
and then I feel yr tongue
pushing across the roof of my mouth
into my throat
there is love in yr saliva
squeeze hands as the sun implodes and the void passes thru us
maybe forever maybe just a thousand years.

Whoever said things will work out didn’t live in nyc in 2014
wasn’t flooded by the images bleeding through the Internet from gaza
the ‘it gets better’ campaign forgot about all the ones buried
choices and culture hasn’t felt the famine
the hunger is real
it’s not fed by the internet.

As I strolled thru Washington Square park a piece of me wanted to stop and smell the flowers
but then I remembered I ain’t got no time for that
like literally
working for a slave wage
so I might wander the streets late at night and pull food from garbage bags
but I did call out to the lavender and daisies and lambs ear and thyme “yr the future, the future”….