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Hannibal fic prompt: Will Graham is way too pretty
  • will graham: i’m a grouchy unsociable loner
  • jack crawford: you have 14 restraining orders against ex-girlfriends, ex-hairdressers, and ex-coworkers who randomly fell in love with you after seeing you once in the Quantico cafeteria
  • will graham: where i eat ALONE at a table by the window ALONE
  • beverly katz: people literally choke on their food around you because they forget how to breathe and chew at the same time
  • will graham: no one likes me or invites me to social events
  • beverly katz: you got invited to mark's retirement party just last week, you ruined three relationships just by walking around the room once, the only thing you told mark was 'sorry to see you go' and the poor old bastard offered to leave his wife of 25 years for you
  • will graham: i sweat like a pig
  • jimmy price: you don't sweat like a pig, you glisten like a sea-sprayed statue of antinous
  • will graham: my unironic lumberjack clothes fit me poorly
  • brian zeller: you made 'lumberjack slob' the leading fashion trend in the Washington metropolitan area.
  • will graham: my students applauded me once for shooting a suspect, it was inappropriate
  • beverly katz: wanna talk inappropriate, your students once gave you a five-minute standing ovation for drinking from a water bottle
  • will graham: alana rejected my awkward and fumbling advances
  • alana bloom: my self-esteem couldn't handle me not being the pretty one in the relationship
  • will graham: supermarket tabloids cast aspersions on my character
  • freddie lounds: how else am i going to justify devoting 8 pages to long-range photos of you playing with your dogs or wandering around your property in your underwear? btw calvin klein's people called, they're ready to offer you six figures to model those cute little boxer briefs you favor
  • will graham: help me jack i am so broken and vulnerable!..
  • jack crawford: sorry buddy, i'm going to have to talk with my back to you from now on, bella told me not to look at you ever again after i called out your name during our anniversary sex
  • dr. hannibal lecter: ...
  • dr. hannibal lecter: hello! i know we literally just met, but all i want to do for the rest of my life is cook you delicious meals and fill my mansion with drawings of your face and butt
  • will graham: ...
  • dr. hannibal lecter: sorry, i don't think i'm saying this right. my apologies, english is my fifth language.
  • will graham: ah ok
  • dr. hannibal lecter: what i meant to say was, i want to give you all my infinite money and also babies
  • will graham: fml

The District might be the stage where highly important people debate the future of a nation, but it’s also home for heroes that stand from the very bottom to make things better. Like this crossing guard, who makes everyone’s morning more agreeable. In the background of the image, the Hughes Memorial tower (the tallest structure in the Baltimore-Washington metropolitan area, with 761ft) rises above the gray patch of shops in Georgia Avenue NW.

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Representation Matters: Working in the French Banlieues

When I first applied to teach abroad, there was a section of the application that asked if I was willing to work in a Zone Urbaine Sensible (ZUS). Sensitive Urban Zone is just a fancy term for po’ & run down. A ZUS typically has a high percentage of public housing, high rates of unemployment, and very low percentages of high school degrees. In the United States we tend to refer to these places as the inner-city, but in Paris most of these neighborhoods are found in les banlieues just outside of the city. 

So knowing all of this before applying, I reluctantly marked a check in the square box. Why on earth would I agree to this, you ask? A couple reasons. The main reason being I was desperate to get into the program and thought that since many people would say no, this might help my chances. The second reason is because I wanted to have students from diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds. I grew up in the Washington, DC metropolitan area and I am just in general used to that type of environment. But I didn’t imagine how much I would enjoy the experience. 

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Hello, my name is Steven . I’m a 19 year old freelance model based in the Washington D.C. “DMV” metropolitan area. I recently got in contact with one of the online associates “Kyrs”( Kyrstan) on the American apparel website and she directed me to this email to the team for models. I’m really interested in modeling for the brand. You guys are more then welcome to Check out my IG for more work @melaninboy.

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Producers at the cable-news outlet, owned by Time Warner, this evening decided to see what was said at the press event, according to a person familiar with the network, then play relevant parts as deemed necessary. Despite a robust amount of evidence to the contrary, Spicer during the conference insisted that Trump’s inauguration Friday drew “the largest audience to witness an inauguration, period.” The statement is a deliberate falsehood: TV ratings data issued Saturday by Nielsen show that fewer people watched Trump’s swearing-in than President Obama’s inauguration in 2009. What’s more, photos of Friday’s crowds showed that a smaller number of people had come out to Washington, D.C.’s Mall to take part. Data from the Washington Area Metropolitan Transit Authority also suggested fewer people were attending the inauguration than in years past.

Spicer chastised the press for reporting the evidence about inauguration attendance accurately, then declined to respond to questions. CNN declined to make executives available for comment.

Trump and CNN have already sparred. During a press conference that took place before the inauguration, Trump labeled CNN as “fake news” after it reported that a synopsis of memos containing allegations against Trump had been included in classified materials presented to both him and former President Barack Obama.

Now, at a time when TV-news outlets have seen their ratings thrive thanks coverage of the colorful and fiery politician, CNN’s decision could be a momentous one: Trump and his representatives have been known to obfuscate and lie. CNN’s refusal to take the live feed suggests executives there are reluctant to put false statements on air, and, what’s more, do not think the new White House press representative is entirely credible. President Trump accused CNN of peddling fake news, and perhaps CNN is now doing the same.

CNN’s decision to not air the press conference live illustrates a recognition that the role of the press must be different under Trump. When the White House holds press briefings to promote demonstrably false information and refuses to take questions, then press ‘access’ becomes meaningless at best and complicit at worst,” said Danna Young, an associate professor at the University of Delaware who studies politics and the media. “Democracy works best when journalists have access to the executive branch, of course. But that holds true if and only if that access leads to verifiable, accurate information. The decision on behalf of CNN to wait and verify before airing it live suggests that the media are adapting quickly to this new era.”

To be certain, news outlets routinely make decisions about whether to air press events live, usually based on projections about news value. But this press conference, held just a day after the President’s inauguration, would have been a hot prospect for a cable-news outlet, and could have sparked hours of debate and follow-up on CNN’s schedule. In an unusual and aggressive maneuver, CNN aired its regular weekday lineup this Saturday, underscoring heavy interest in breaking news of a series of massive protests by women across the nation in response to Trump’s presidency as well as the new President’s first few days in office.


better late than never

The story of Jews for Urban Justice, a strongly Jewish-identified New Left group based in the metropolitan Washington, D.C. area, has been written out of the history books. Its existence and the several projects in which it was involved are discussed minimally or not at all in accounts of New Left activities of the 1960s and in histories of postwar American Jewry. Nor does it merit more than fleeting mention in the far fewer texts on the decade’s radical Jewish movement—and this despite the fact that JUJ was the first radical Jewish group of the 1960s. …From the group’s inception in 1967 onward, and increasingly after 1969, JUJ gained not only notoriety but growing numbers of adherents as well, both through the leadership role it played within the National Jewish Organizing Project, which had affiliates across the United States, and through the heightened visibility of its activities after JUJ organized the first and second Passover Freedom Seders, held in the District of Columbia in April of 1969 and 1970. The seders gained remarkable media attention both for their incorporation of black liberation concerns into the Haggadah and for their interracial attendance. The text of the radical Haggadah sold tens of thousands of copies nationwide. 

…Early activism of Jews for Urban Justice addressed what it identified as the indifference of the local Jewish community to racial injustice in the metropolitan Washington area. It all began in the summer of 1966, when a small group of open housing activists set up a picket line in front of Buckingham Apartments, a “whites only” building just outside Washington. Organized by an antisegregationist group known as ACCESS (Action Coordinating Committee to End Segregation in the Suburbs), the activists had conducted similar pickets for more than a year throughout the metropolitan area. Most landlords, interestingly, agreed to meet with ACCESS to discuss open housing practices. However, in this particular instance, Allie Freed, the owner of Buckingham Apartments, would not budge, and when ACCESS turned to her rabbi to ask him to mediate a meeting with her, he insisted “that the business practices of his congregants were no concern of his.” Shocked by this, eight Jewish members of ACCESS leafleted at Washington Hebrew Congregation (Reform), Freed’s synagogue, on Yom Kippur 1966. (Washington Hebrew Congregation was one of the most prestigious synagogues in the capital, and a key symbol of the Jewish community for non-Jewish Washingtonians.) The leaflet named Freed and outlined her “whites only” housing practices, and noted that the rabbi had declined to get involved. The leaflet read in part:

We are here today because we feel that individuals do not have to wait for a law to pass before they choose to do something that is morally right. We have chosen the Washington Hebrew Congregation because the Rabbi has chosen to remain silent and we as individuals, as human beings, and as Jews, are ashamed!

Predictably, congregants were disgusted that the Jewish members of ACCESS were, as they put it, “ruining the High Holy Day services,” and in the weeks that followed, ACCESS was asked by leaders of Washington’s Jewish community not to “wash out dirty linen in public.”

Michael E. Staub. Torn at the Roots: The Crisis of Jewish Liberalism in Postwar America. 2004.

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Words: 2,615
Notes: This incredibly silly thing owes its existence to the scene in Age of Ultron where Thor and Steve are seen passing around a Captain America action figure, together with Mark Ruffalo’s extremely valid question about why we can’t have more Black Widow merchandise. 

(I wanted to get it out while working on a much more serious, and much longer, piece. That’ll come next.)

This takes place sometime between CA: TWS and AOU. You’ve been warned.

Natasha sets a box down on the desk between them, leans forward on both elbows, and waits.

“Open it,” she says. A sharp, sidelong mischief lights her expression from below. “And don’t try telling me you’ll save it for later. I’ve gotta see your face when you find out what it is.”

Bruce dog-ears a page in the book he’s reading, the margins of which are already half-filled with compressed, skirmishing notes, and leans forward as well. Their reflections move closer together in the desk’s darkened glass surface.

The box is about five inches high by four inches wide, wrapped tidily in what looks like the remains of a paper shopping bag. She’s even taped a green bow to the top, with a stick-on label that reads “TO BRUCE/THE BIG GUY” in purple permanent marker. 

He picks it up, gingerly, with the very tips of his fingers, and can hear something clunk against the box’s sides as he gives it an experimental shake.

“…I could trust you to tell me if it was another guinea pig, right?”

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Detra Battle, Soprano Soloist Preforms at the “Sing for King” Concert, dedicated to the Life of Dr.Martin Luther King, Jr

Ms. Battle preforms in the Baltimore-Washington, D.c. metropolitan area and has appeared as a featured guest with the National Symphony Orchestra, Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra, Baltimore National Cathedral Choral Society, National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception and a guest soloist at the White House.


Khalil Tatum’s body has been found dead of an apparent suicide. Relisha Rudd is still missing. The FBI and the DC police are urgently looking for her. Please reblog the UPDATED plea for help found HERE with all the new information

AMBER ALERT for the Washington, DC metropolitan area

I know a lot of my followers are local to this area so I thought I’d spread this on tumble.

Name: Relisha Rudd

Age: 8 years old

Sex: Female

Skin: Black

Hair: Black

Eyes: Brown

Height: 4’ 0"

Weight: 70 to 80 pounds

Last Seen: in the 1900 block of Massachusetts Ave SE March 7th

Relisha Tenau Rudd, 8, went missing from a local homeless shelter in southeast Washington D.C. on Wednesday, March 19. The original Amber Alert issued mentioned that she might be traveling in a red SUV or black Honda, and on Thursday, March 20, someone spotted both vehicles at a local motel.

Police rushed to the Oxon Hill Red Roof Inn to search the premises, and unfortunately found the deceased body of an unidentified adult woman in a first floor room. The cars mentioned in the Amber Alert had been abandoned and were parked outside of the room. Sadly, Relisha was nowhere to be found. According to police, the woman’s body had suffered severe physical trauma.

On Thursday night, police issued an updated Amber Alert for Relisha, stating that she might be in the custody of Kahlil Tatum, the owner of one of the vehicles, and his friendRicky Lyles.

Please contact police at 202-727-9099 or call 911 if you have any information.

Tanuja Chavan

Tanuja was initiated into the Kuchipudi style of dance under the guidance of guru Smt. Lakshmi Babu and has been performing and teaching Kuchipudi dance in the Washington Metropolitan area for the past 10 years under the guidance of her guru. Tanuja is currently furthering her training under the guidance of legendary Kuchipudi guru “Nrityachoodamani” Padmashree Dr. Sobha Naidu. Tanuja has been fortunate to accompany both her gurus during various dance ballets in the US. She has also participated in numerous summer workshops conducted by guru Pasumarthy Venkateswara Sarma garu, guru Master Vempati Ravi Shankar and guru Jaikishore Mosalikanti. Tanuja’ s goal is to perform and teach Kuchipudi dance to all audiences without compromising its integrity and traditions as she believes that Indian classical dance is one of the best ways for today’s generation to learn and come closer to the rich culture and history of India. Tanuja’s dance portfolio started with receiving a Gold Medal at the age of 18 during an inter-collegiate dance competition held in Mumbai. To add to her portfolio she has won numerous, trophies, awards, and recognitions throughout her dance career.