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From Fightin' Frenchman to Father

* Lafayette × Reader
* 36: Does he know about the baby?
* Hamiltime

A/N: as I said I reached 100 followers and it made me insanely happy! You guys make my day and are the reason I lose sleep writing. I try to have a story to posted daily for you guys and apparently it paid off. Anyway, enjoy my new longest story!

History is happin’ in Manhattan! The revolution was in full swing and you and your friends couldn’t be happier. Angelica was full of hope for finding a man with strong ideals. Eliza was anxiously waiting to see what kind of future freedom would bring. And the boys…well they were just plain happy.

They dreamed of revolution. Some for the chance to prove themselves, some to take a chance to do more, others for a chance to promote freedom. And one who found the cause noble and sailed here from France seeking glory from it. That man would be Marie-Joseph Paul Yves Roch Gilbert du Motier de Lafayette.

Washington was holding a winter’s ball and you were excited to see all your friends again. The Schuylers invited you to prepare for the evening with them. You were glad for the assistance with your corset and the buttons on your gown. Angelica insisted on doing something with your hair and pulled half of it back with a hair clip and left the rest down. You went with them to their carriage to ride to the ball.

“Well we all know that Angelica is going to try and find a guy tonight.” Peggy joked. “What about you Y/N?”

“We’ll see.” You told them. They knew you had befriended a few soldiers and would see them tonight. What they didn’t know was how much you cared for the awkward Frenchman. He was sweet and full of energy, always trying to improve his English which led to hilarious encounters when he’d use the wrong word.

“I think Eliza should look for someone.” Angelica spoke up.

“I will meet someone eventually. They just have to be special, like if I see them I’ll know they’re the one.” She said. You smiled at her. Eliza was always a dreamer and an optimist. Still, if anyone could tell they found the one with a glance it’d be Eliza.

The carriage rumbled and shook as it continued down the cobblestone streets and you kept joking and talking with the sisters. Eventually it slowed in front of the Washington Manor. There were a few carriages dropping off other guests as you guys arrived. You all headed in, and you felt excitement at seeing your friends again.

The ball was in full swing and it was breath taking. Colorful gowns were everywhere, some spinning on the dance floor. Men in nice suits, and some in uniforms. The room was softly lit from candelabras and lanterns and an orchestra provided soft and beautiful music.

You scanned the room for your friends and spotted wild curls being restrained in a pony tail. You smiled and walked over. “Y/N!” Alexander said happily when he saw you. His hair was also pulled back, common among soliders, and he was were the blue coat of a soldier. “You should know you are talking to the general’s right hand man.” He told you.

“No way!” You said happily. You gave him a huge hug. “That’s awesome.”

“And he’s upset because he still doesn’t have his own battalion.” John cut in, you got a laugh out of you with his retort.

“I’m just glad you’re all ok.” You told them.

“I am glad for the chance to see you.” Lafayette spoke up. You smiled at him. You and him were always dancing along the edge of being something more than friends. However, you both preferred to ignore that fact. “May I have a dance with you?” He asked while offering you his hand. You smiled and nodded allowing him to lead you to the dance floor.

You put a hand on his shoulder while he placed his on your hip. He took your other hand in hiz and began spinning you around the floor. While Lafayette rarely talked about France, he was clearly brought up well. He knew how to dance, how to treat a woman. He knew how to be a gentlemen. You danced a few songs before you required a break.

You wandered off to find the Schuylers again. Eliza happened to find you first. “Uh Y/N who is your friend?”

“Who? Lafayette?” You asked.

“No, no. The other one you spoke to when we got here. He said something and you gave him a hug.” She explained.

“Oh that’s Alexander. Why?” You asked.

“Oh no reason…” she trailed off. You smirked. You walked off and found Angelica currently talking to a soldier.

“I’m sorry but I need my friend.” You told the man. He nodded and walked off.

“Y/N! He was really nice and smart.”

“Yes but Eliza is completely taken with someone here and you need to go intervene and get them speaking.” You told here. You could tell Alexander to speak to Eliza but Angelica would intrigue him more.

“Is she?”

“Yes. That man there.” You said pointing out your friend.

“Oh I can see why.” She commented. You rolled your eyes, of course all your friends found him attractive. Angelica looked over at Eliza. “Oh boy she is helpless.” She said.

“Oh yes she is.” You agreed.

“Alright, let me handle this.” She said and headed off.

“What was that about?” Lafayette asked as he walked up to you.

“Oh just playing matchmaker for Alexander.” You told him. The two of you watched as Angelica led him over to Eliza. They hit it off instantly. “Yes!” You celebrated.

“Y/N, may we take a walk?” Lafayette asked you.

“Of course Laf.” You answered. He offered you his arm and you linked yours around his. He led you outside and through Washington’s gardens.

“Y/N it’s quite obvious we’ve been avoiding having an important conversation for some time.” He started. That’s what this was about? You feared having this talk, you didn’t know what would come of it.

“I suppose it is…” You trailed off.

“Y/N I uhm…” He was searching for the right words. “I would like to, how you say, court you.” He finally managed. You smiled.

“Lafayette I would be honored.” You said happily. He smiled his wide and bright smile. He took you in his arms, wrapping you in a warm embrace.

“Must you leave?” You asked holding back tears. Lafayette was returning home to get assistance for the war.

“Yes I must mon cheri. We need the help of my people if we are to win this war.” He pressed a kiss to the top of your head. “I shall write as often as possible.”

“I’ll miss you everyday until you return.” You told him. He pulled you close and pressed a sweet and tender kiss to your lips. He pulled back and climbed up onto the ship. As the ship started sailing away he found his way to the back of the ship. You waved at him. And he waved back before turning away. You wiped a few stray tears away.

The few months without Lafayette went slowly. You received letters every few weeks. You got quite a few in the first week. You learned he was house arrest for eight days and claimed he had little to do other than write you.

You spent time with the Schuyler sisters. Eliza was also in poor spirits as Alexander was off fighting. That left Angelica and Peggy to cheer the both of you up. They did a good job but nothing made you happier than Lafayette’s letter saying he was returning home.

His return was much more of a spectacle then his leave. Washington and your friends where there as well as other soldiers. Lafayette’s ship came in with more trailing behind. He indeed did bring the calvary. Washington shook his hand and welcomed him home. You were off to the side smiling with pride.

You couldn’t clearly hear what he said but he held up his pointer finger asking Washington to wait. He turned from his general and toward you. He walked over and pressed a needy kiss to your lips. “It has been much too long mon cheri.” He said.

“Yes it has.” You said with a smile. He grabbed your hand and pulled you along with him so he could resume his conversations. You felt slightly out of place with the soldiers and generals but Lafayette’s hand never left yours. You were grateful for his return.

That night he was able to get dinner with you. “Mon cheri the war will soon be over!” He said happily. He told you the plans for Yorktown and how they planned to trap the British.

“You have to promise me one thing.” You told him


“Come back to me alive.”

“Of course my love.”

Church bells cut through the air. You and the Schuylers exchanged a look and ran outside. The boys did it! They fought and won the war! You and Eliza laughed and hugged each other, you knew the men would be home soon, both certain your love survived.

Sure enough the next week all four of your friends returned. (A/N: Yes I know Laurens didn’t but I don’t care, he’s gonna survive.) They came and met you at Alexander’s home where you and Eliza were waiting.

You ran and jumped into Lafayette’s arms. He spun you around while you cried tears of joy and relief. He put you down and kissed you soundly. “I came back alive my love.” He said. You smiled and hugged him again.

“Hey we all came back alive, don’t we get hugs too?” Laurens asked, ruining the moment. You laughed anyway and did indeed give them all a hug, grateful to have them all home.

Lafayette was reluctant to return home, so he stayed in America. George Washington allowed him to stay with him. You would have allowed him to stay with you, only as you two weren’t married it would be improper. That didn’t keep Lafayette from coming and spending the night with you every now and then.

You and him were walking around town when he suddenly said “I must return home.”

You stopped walking and turned to face him. “What?” You asked.

“Mon cheri you always knew this was temporary. I was always going to return home eventually.”

“You act like that makes it ok! Lafayette you’re going to another country!”

“Mon cheri you could-” he started but thought better of it.

“What?” You urged him to continue.

“Nothing it was a horrible idea.” He shook his head. “Mon cheri, I urge you to find a new man to provide for you. You deserve the best.” He said.

“But you’re the best. At least the best thing for me.” You told him with tears in your eyes.

“Mon cheri please don’t make this harder for me.”

“Oh I’d hate to make this break up hard for you!” You said sarcastically.

“You think this is easy for me?!” He was growing angry now too. “Y/N je t'aime!” He shouted.

“What?” You gasped. He realized what he said. He had never said those words to you.

“Je t'aime Y/N.” He said quietly. “That’s why this is so hard. But I must return, the monarchy must be fought, France must be free as America now is. No one else will stand up.” He said.

“I know.” You said sadly. “I love you Marquis De Lafayette.”

A few weeks later you were standing at a port, once again bidding farewell to Lafayette. Laurens accompanied you but was standing back to give the two of you privacy.

You were crying while Lafayette was holding you. “I don’t want you to go.” You admitted sadly.

He leaned in and kissed you softly. “And I wish I could stay. But I must go.”

“I know.” You took a shuttering breath. “I love you Marquis De Lafayette”

“Je t'aime Y/N L/C.” He pressed one more kiss to your lips. “Please never forget how true those words are.” He went and boarded the ship. And again he went to the end as the ship pulled away. Only this time he stayed there. You could see him reach up to wipe his eyes.

You stood there watching the ship until you could no longer make out Lafayette. “I’ll miss you.” You said quietly. You placed a hand on your stomach, which was still flat. “We both will.” You said brokenly. That’s when you broke into sobs. Laurens came running over and wrapped his arms around you. You buried your face in his chest and cried. You cried for losing both your love and the father of your future child.

You woke with an pounding headache. The events of yesterday came back and you felt the sadness come back and well. Laurens came in to your room with a steaming mug of tea for you. “A nice warm cup of tea.” He said walking over to you.

“Why are you still here?” You asked confused. You knew he accompanied you home and held you while you continued crying. You must have cried your self to sleep.

“Lafayette made me promise to care for you so I’m not leaving this home until you smile again.” He said.

“I fear you’ll be sleeping on the couch for some time.” You told him. You took a sip of the tea, allowing the warm liquid to sooth your thoat which was raw from crying. However, as soon as it was swallowed your stomach turned. You shoved the mug into John’s hands. You jumped from the bed and ran outside before your vomited. John came running out behind you.

“Y/N!” He said worriedly. “Are you alright?”

“I’m fine.” You told him as you righted yourself.

“I’ll make you a fresh cup of tea.” He said confusing the reason for your sickness.

“Oh it’s fine, it wasn’t the tea I only took a sip.”

“Then what was it?” He asked.

“Probably just something I ate.” And that lie worked. Until you threw up again the next two mornings.

“Y/N let me take you to the doctor’s. I’m getting worried.” John asked one day. He was staying true to his word and hadn’t left yet.

“John it’s fine. I know what’s wrong.” You told him.

“Don’t try and tell me bad food again because it’s clearly not that. It would’ve passed by now.”

You had to tell him, you needed to tell someone. “John, I’m pregnant.” You said queitly.

“You’re what?!” He asked.

“I’m expecting a child.” You tried again.

“Is it Lafayette’s?” You could only nod your head as the tears started again. John took you into his arms and began rubbing your back soothingly. “Oh Y/N…Does he know about the baby?” You shook your head.

“I wanted to tell him but I only found out a few days before he left. I couldn’t tell him, it would be too much.”

“He never would have left.” John added and you nodded.

“He dreamed of freeing his people. I didn’t want to stop him.”

“Y/N you need to tell him. He deserves that much.” John told you. You nodded sadly.

My dearest, Lafayette,

I hope your days in France have been well. I miss you terribly. John has not left my side, holding up his promise to watch over me. I thank you for asking that of him as I don’t wish to be alone at this time.

My love, there is something I must tell you. I regret doing this in a letter but you deserve to know this. I recently learned that I’m expecting. I know you can’t possibly return now that France has declared independence but you should know.

I do hope this child shares your determination and bravery. I hope they have your eyes and your smile as I miss those dearly.

You should know I only have plans to speak highly of you when they ask about their father. You are a good man with a bad situation. You had a difficult decision to make and I don’t have any anger at your answer.

Once again I’m terribly sorry for delivering such news in a letter. But you had every right to know. I miss you my love and long to see you again.

Your love,

You didn’t receive a letter back, and you didn’t expect to. The news would be life altering and Lafayette would be stuck in France. He would be angry at himself for leaving.

John had practically moved in, disregarding how it would appear to the public. He kept you sane and, honestly, healthy. He was doing everything Lafayette would have to make this pregnancy as easy as it could be. The boys and Schuylers learned of your condition condition and were regular visitors. Eliza more than others.

She knew how hard it was to carry a child and tried to help you. One day when she was over there was a knock at the door. “I got it.” John said and ran to open the door. From your place in the foyer you couldn’t see the door so you turned back to Eliza. You placed a hand on your growing stomach. You weren’t large yet but you had a noticeable bump. “Holy shit.” You heard John said.

“What’s wrong?” You said rising from your chair, Eliza mirroring you. You walked toward the door but John walked out and slammed it before you could see who it was. Then he was shouting. You and Eliza traded a glance and ran to the door. You flung it open and froze.

Standing there was Lafayette. John stopped yelling when you came outside. Lafayette had the same look of astonishment on his face as you and his eyes traveled to you stomach. They widened when he noticed the bump.

“Y/N.” He said quietly.

“Lafayette.” You stood still before you ran the few steps to him and locked your arms around him. You had tears on your face.

“I’m so sorry my love.” He pressed a kiss to your hair. “Why didn’t you tell me?” He asked.

“I couldn’t do that to you. It would break your heart when you left.”

“No. Because I would’ve asked you to accompany me.” He said. You stared at him.

“You want me to come with you?” You asked.

“Please?” He begged you. You smiled.

Sailing sucks. But it was much easier with Lafayette at your side. When you arrived in France it was a bit of a whirlwind. Lafayette was welcomed warmly by many nobles and was asked to meet with King Louis upon his arrival.

He had someone escort you to his house. You were happy to be with Lafayette but you weren’t sure about this. You knew no one but Lafayette.

Months passed and it was nice to have him with you when he could get away. He was at your side when your son was born. You agreed upon the name George Washington de Lafayette.

Lafayette and you celebrated at the winning of France’s revoltion. Then Lafayette was asked to join a committee to help the nation. You starting seeing less of him. One night he came home and you weren’t in the foyer.

He found you in the nursery holding your son and rocking him. He was asleep but you still had yet to return him to his crib. “So your uncle Alexander led his battalion and Uncle Laurens was in South Carolina freeing people to lead. And Daddy was waiting in Chesapeake Bay to keep the mean British from running away.” He smiled as he realized you were telling him stories. You hadn’t noticed him standing in the doorway. “They would love you so much.” You said, your voice cracking with emotion.

Lafayette made his presence known then by pushing off the doorframe and walking up to you. He crouched in front of you. He pressed a light kiss to George’s head then leaned up and pressed a kiss you your lips. You stood and laid your baby in his crib and walked out.

“Y/N please talk to me.” Lafayette was pleading. You walked and left the nursery behind before turning to him. “Something is bothering you.” He said.

“Oh yeah, but where do I start? How about I don’t know anyone here nor do I speak fluent French. I hardly see you as your building this nation. And none of our friends have even met our son. I just wish John could as he was there for me during the worst months of my life and the first of my pregnacy.” You said. All the things you’ve been holding back finally came tumbling out.

“Mon cheri are you unhappy here?” Lafayette asked you.

“I am happy at your side but not in France.” You answered. He got a thoughtful expression before giving you a curt nod and striding out of the house without a word.

A few weeks after that conversation Lafayette asked you to take George out around the town. So you dressed him and put him in a pram to take him around. “Just make sure to meet me at this restaurant for le déjeuner at 1. Alright?” He handed you a slip of paper with the name of a french restaurant written on it.

“Uh ok, hopefully I can find it.” You said.

“You’ll be fine mon cheri.”

“Lafayette, are you going to tell me what you’re planning?” You asked. He had been running around and mumbling to himself for a while.

“What?” He said with faked innocence. “I’m not planning anything mon cheri.” He said with a tone letting you know that he was in fact doing what you suggested.

“Alright, I’ll find out eventually you know.” You said and pressed a short and sweet kiss to his lips.

“Oh I don’t doubt it.” He said with a smile. Then he squatted down to look in the pram. “Prendre soin de maman, ne pas laisser passer trop mcuh aujourd'hui.” (Take care of mommy, don’t let her spend too much today) He said in fluent french to your child. Who just cooed in response. “Have a good day my love.”

“Oh I’m sure we will, right George?” You asked. Again you only heard happy coos. And you did enjoy your day. You bought a few things but mostly enjoyed window shopping with your small son. Then you stumbled through asking for directions to the restaurant. A kind older women, who luckily knew English as well, walked with you to the restaurant.

“Oh I didn’t realize it was on the ocean.” You said. It was indeed right next to the water.

“Ah yes, that’s what it’s famous for.” She said.

“Thank you for helping me find it.” You told her.

“Not a problem at all.” She said before turning to go about her day. You sat with George at a table and waited for Lafayette. He showed up with a happy spring in his step.

“Ready?” He asked you.

“For what?” You asked.

“Come on and I’ll show you.” He took the pram and began pushing it. You followed with a smile. “Ready for this?” He asked. He stopped and gestured to a boat.

“Are you saying what I think you’re saying?” You asked hopefully.

“I’m saying we are going home Y/N.” Lafayette told you. “I never wish to see you unhappy.” So you boarded a boat once more. Lafayette had already gotten most of you luggage aboard. He would send for the rest of your objects eventually. You managed to avoid a horrible boat ride. Both you and Lafayette got sick at different points during th journey but luckily George never did.

When land finally came in view you stood at the front of the ship just watching it get closer and closer.

“John we’ve come here the last five days.” Alexander groaned.

“Well I’m sorry I can’t perfectly estimate when a ship will finally dock.” He shot back. He received a letter from Lafayette letting him know that the two of you would be returning. He planned to be waiting with your friends at the dock.

“Dear just think how happy they’ll be to see use when they arrive.” Eliza said.

“I suppose you’re right.” He said.

“A ship!” Hercules shouted. The group; the Hamiltons, Hercules, Laurens, and the Schuylers; came closer to the edge and sure enough there was a ship slowly coming toward the docks.

“Lafayette look!” You shouted as you grew closer to New York.

“Hm?” he asked. He walked over and had George in his arms. He looked and could see the old band of friends. Hercules was waving calmly. John was waving his arm wildly. Alexander had his hand straight up, turn his hand slightly. You swung your arm up over your head wildly.

As the boat docked you practically sprinted down the steps off the boat. You hugged all of them happily. Lafayette came down behind you later, having got caught in the mess of people leaving the boat. “Guys, there’s someone you need to meet.” You said and took George from Lafayette. “Meet George Washington de Lafayette.” You said.

You weren’t surprised when John was the first one to take him from your arms. The child was about 18 months old as this point. “He beautiful you guys.” He told you.

Eliza took him next and Alexander looked at him over her shoulder. “George Washington guys? Really?” He asked with a smile. You shrugged while Laf grinned widely. Everyone took a turn cooing over the child before you put him back in the pram and Lafayette got your luggage that had been unloaded from the cargo.

“Wait where will we stay?” You asked him.

“Don’t worry about it.” Laurens was the one who answered you. “Laf has been planning this for a while now.”

“Huh?” You asked.

“Well mon cheri, you wanted to go home so I made sure you’d get to go home.” He said smiling.

“You mean…” you trailed off processing what he was saying.

“I got enough money to buy back your estate mon cheri. You will be able to raise our family there like you always dreamed of.”

“Thank you so much!” You said, wrapping your arms around him.

“Anything for you. Je t'aime Y/N L/C.”

“I love you Marquis De Lafayette.”

bad room // i hate high school, man

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lowenburgtears  asked:

22. [random historical fact about the place you're living in right now]

22. [random historical fact about the place you’re living in right now]

I hate my town but we actually have a few interesting things!

  1. William Cullen Bryant, a poet (and namesake of Bryant Park in Manhattan) used to live in my town, and he used to ride his own boat to Manhattan every day for work!  His manor is still here and it’s honestly kinda creepy but they recently made it into a museum.
  2. George Washington once had dinner here!  The building where he ate is now a restaurant (it used to be called “George Washington Manor” but they’ve changed the name).

{ history asks }

Pool Party

* Lafayette × Reader
* 2-45: All I know is that the stars have never looked brighter than in this moment with you
* Modern

A/N: OK I gift thee another Lafayette imagine! Uh so I got a new phone, which I use to write, so there may be more typos than normal as this phone is currently going nuts with auto correct. Besides that, enjoy!

Word Count: 2,867


You wish you could say you were glad that summer break had finally rolled around. It was the end of your first year of college, and sure you were happy for the break. You were not so happy about being apart from your new friends.

Hercules Mulligan went back to New York. John Laurens complained for weeks about returning home to South Carolina. And Alexander Hamilton and Lafayette went back to Virginia to their foster parents the Washingtons.

You missed them all so much. You missed Hercules’ loud booming voice. You missed watching and laughing at John’s shameless flirting. You missed counting how many cups of coffee Alexander drank daily. And you missed Lafayette. There were too many thinks about him you liked and missed to just narrow it down to one.

He was handsome and funny and kind and he had an accent and his habit of slipping back into french. He could bake and he always went out of his way to cheer up anyone of the gang. He was pretty amazing.

With your longing to see them all again, you were happy that Alexander suggested the gang all meets up at his house for a week or two. Of course everyone readily agreed which led to an insane amount of planning. You, Hercules, and John tried to get planes that came in the same day. And surprisingly you succeeded. And your plane would be the first one into Virginia of that day.

So you sat in plane, anxiously tapping your foot which was annoying your seat mate. You tried to listen to music or read a book but you we so excited to see Alexander and Lafayette and the guys again. Finally, the plane landed so you grabbed you personal bag and went to the baggage claim.

Standing near the arrival board were Alexander and Lafayette. There backs were turned as they tried to figure out which flight was yours and where your luggage would be. Still, it was hard to mistake the pair. Alexander was short compared to Lafayette and Lafayette’s hair was easy to spot. Wild curls detained in a fluffy pony tail.

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All Lit Up by Lynn Davison-Suckow
Via Flickr:
Sharpstein Manor is an apartment house that always does it up right at Christmas time. In 2008 I was on my way home from a meeting at church and just happened to have my camera and tripod along. I was halfway home when I remembered I NEEDED to get a good picture of these lights and made a u-turn. They also have Christmas music playing softly. The Sharpstein Manor (Queen Anne architecture) in Walla Walla, WA was built 1892-93 by Charles and Addie (Sharpstein) Upton. Four years after Mr. Upton died his widow sold the house and property to Ida Cowan for $13,500. In 1938 the house became the Palouse Apartments and a side wing was added. In 1984 the building was renamed Sharpstein Manor. Three of the original ornate cherry wood fireplaces remain. The curved windows, sometimes termed “bent”, are Austrian hand poured crystal and are non-insurable according to the owner.


Washington Manor

Usually when I play the sims I like to start from scratch, but today I felt like doing something a little different! So I made a new family called the Washington family that I will introduce tomorrow. First, I will show off their lovely home!

One of the bedrooms isn’t shown (half because I had no good screenshots, half because this post is already pretty long). It’s quite a classic styled house and I didn’t fill it with clutter like I usually do because I do intend on expanding and evolving the house as I play. 

As usual, the house has been uploaded to the gallery, and you can find it @nerdyshoes. Just remember to check the filters to allow unowned content because I used a few cc items (mostly decor items). Enjoy!


D Man & C Thuggah / MTP performing Street Habits at the Dub V Fest in Beckley,WV. DHGW Films