Washington’s National Theatre announced its upcoming season Tuesday morning, confirming the Broadway tryout of Mean Girls, adapted from the 2004 Paramount film by scripter Tina Fey, with a score by Emmy-winning composer Jeff Richmond (Fey’s husband) and lyricist Neil Benjamin. Aladdin‘s Casey Nicholaw again does double duty as director/choreographer. The musical is being produced by Lorne Michaels (his first time on Broadway with a big show; he previously backed gigs by Gilda Radner and Colin Quinn) with Main Stem veteran Stuart Thompson. A search is on for the lead played in the film by Lindsay Lohan, with a developmental workshop slated for next month in New York that only Russian intelligence will have access to.


And here’s an interesting tidbit from the announcement: Part of the draw for subscribers is the offer of tickets to Hamilton, which is slated to run at the neighboring Kennedy Center in 2018 from June through September. National Theatre season packages start at $210. Adding in Hamilton to the package will bump the cost to $425. Translation: Base price of tickets for the Hamilton national tour will run you $210 – about $10 more than the (all-but-unobtainable) non-premium top price on Broadway.

#WomensMarch is trending #1 on Twitter right with reports attendees outnumber those who attended his Inauguration

This ones my fave:

March on Ladies

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Finally decided to do a Character Design Challenge. This months theme is Hippie. Her name is Eleanor and her cat is called Rigby. She has been woke since the 60s. Greatly inspired by recent events

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The Women's March went smoothly because of white supremacy.

Let me be clear on something, as a person who attended the DC March. There were no arrests and no “riots” because this march was organized and largely attended by white women. Yes, there were people of many races and cultures in attendance, but it was a largely white event. I was there. I saw it.

My white ass was walking down a street–that had to be blocked off–screaming “Black lives matter!” and nothing happened.

And you know what? There was little police presence. Honestly. I was warned to wear a bandana for tear gas and to bring clear bags in case the huge militarized police presence wanted to take my bag. I was told to not be frightened by the tanks and to know that I was practicing my right to peaceful protest.

But y'all, there were no tanks. I saw one military vehicle and maybe four cop cars. I saw more police and military in the metro on the way in.

And there was a reason for that. Had these marches been organized and largely attended by women of color, this would have gone so differently. There were people climbing on cars and on porta-johns and in the trees. Offenses that have earned tear gas and tasing and vitriol from law enforcement at MUCH SMALLER and manageable events. Don’t look at this as “Well they were polite for once.” I’m sorry to tell you this, but that is a racist statement.

We acted the same as any number of peaceful protests that saw police brutality. Just the same. But we were shielded by our white-ness and that is important to recognize. I was privileged to be allowed to SHUT DOWN the entirety of Capital Hill because my fellow marchers and I were white. Recognize this, even if it makes you uncomfortable. You did a good thing, but realize *why* you were able to do it.