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hockey edit meme: 1/5 friendships

Alex Ovechkin & Nicklas Backstrom :

To outsiders, Ovechkin and Backstrom appear polar opposites. But Ovechkin, a rambunctious extrovert, cautioned that Backstrom isn’t as quiet as many believe.

“He don’t like to show his excitement with people,” Ovechkin said. “But with his close friends, he’s a funny guy.”

Backstrom conceded there may be some truth to that: “I’m not like him, but I like to have fun and get loud. I don’t scream all the time. I have to be normal sometimes. Alex is not normal. He’s crazy.”

The two always seem to be in one another’s company, whether it’s dinner at a trendy restaurant, catching a movie at the theater, shopping or playing video games at Ovechkin’s home.