washington band

ok but get this, Hamilton marching band au

 so long story short i saw this trumpet player dude who looked an awful lot like John Laurens/Anthony Ramos at band rehearsal today and this came to my head so have some headcanons

* Washington as the angry band director 

* Alex is a clarinet and a drum major

* TJeff is also a drum major

* and he plays trombone with Madison

* Laurens is a trumpet 

* Laf is a flute 

* Hercules is a Tuba bc LOUD

* King George is like, the choir director or something

* Eliza is an alto sax for sure 

*  Angelica and Peggy are flutes

* Aaron is also an alto 

* Baritone Theodosia???????

* Maria Reynolds could be a clarinet

* Samuel Seabury is probably that kid that isnt actually in band but hangs out with the band kids anyway

anywAY i love this idea

EDIT: seabury plays the kazoo
Hamilton High School Marching Band AU
  • Washington is the band director
  • Hamilton is a drum major, and he also plays trumpet. He’s basically a walking trumpet ego stereotype. 
  • He’s literally always practicing
  • Burr is a mediocre clarinet player
  • Outside of rehearsal, he acts like he’s too cool for band and doesn’t like it very much
  • Lafayette plays trombone and is the #1 source of sexual band jokes
  • Laurens plays clarinet
  • Whenever they start a new drill he prays that he has dots near Hamilton
  • Hercules plays percussion. He’s always drumming on something. If there’s no drum handy, he drums on Lafayette’s head
  • Washington is not amused
  • Jefferson is the other drum major, and he plays saxophone
  • His favorite part about being a drum major is getting to wear a cape
  • Hamilton and Jefferson fight all the time about stupid things
  • “Your conducting that run was terrible, no wonder everyone crashed and burned!” “Yeah, well at least I know how to march!”
  • Washington tells them to knock it off but he secretly thinks Jefferson isn’t very good and supports Hamilton
  • Madison plays saxophone too, but he has to sit out a lot because he’s not feeling well
  • He always backs Jefferson up in his arguments against Hamilton, but somehow Hamilton still always wins
  • Angelica is the trumpet section leader
  • She is always loud, both on her instrument and when she talks
  • Her little sister Eliza plays the flute
  • Eliza has a crush on Hamilton, but Angelica warns her against talking to him because he’s older than her and pretty obnoxious
  • Or maybe it’s because Angelica likes him too
  • Angelica and Eliza’s little sister Peggy is in middle school band, but she shows up to rehearsal one time with an out of tune piccolo and pretends she can march
  • Jefferson wants to kick her out, but Hamilton thinks it’s adorable
  • Maria is in color guard. According to rumor she made out with Hamilton under the bleachers during a football game.

Neck Deep/Life’s Not Out to Get You