washington band

Hamilton characters as things my band director has said in pit orchestra rehearsal
  • Alexander: I get the God mike.
  • Burr: What? What did I do? What?
  • Laurens: I just heard a cat noise come out of your mike.
  • Lafayette: “Were you specifically instructed to say it like “Ganndi”? It’s “Gahndi”. Oh, god, that’s awful.
  • Mulligan: We get to wear whatever we want---pajamas, college day...dress like me day.
  • Jefferson: Well there used to be one bar...and now there are two bars---oh, and one is slanty! I’ll Facebook live it to you.
  • Angelica: We’re starting here, singers, that’s where you sing the really sexist bit.
  • Peggy: The pit and I want to know how you spell that. F-L-A-P or F-A-L-L-A-P?
  • Eliza: Yes you can burn the books. We can all go over to my house, and you can meet my plant.
  • Philip: I want to be just like [our leading man, who was goofing off on stage] when I grow up
  • Washington: I love you all, very much, I would take a bullet for any one of you, but from three until six, I am going to be an ass.
  • Madison: I’ve got the in-ear mike now, so I can hear every one of your mistakes. FIX THEM BEFORE I GO INSANE.
  • George Eacker: It’s really offensive. Like, really offensive. It’s also really funny. In the most offensive way possible.
  • Maria: It’s not at all what I asked for...and also structurally unsound.
  • King George: You worry about me. I worry about everyone else. You follow me. Look at me!
ok but get this, Hamilton marching band au

 so long story short i saw this trumpet player dude who looked an awful lot like John Laurens/Anthony Ramos at band rehearsal today and this came to my head so have some headcanons

* Washington as the angry band director 

* Alex is a clarinet and a drum major

* TJeff is also a drum major

* and he plays trombone with Madison

* Laurens is a trumpet 

* Laf is a flute 

* Hercules is a Tuba bc LOUD

* King George is like, the choir director or something

* Eliza is an alto sax for sure 

*  Angelica and Peggy are flutes

* Aaron is also an alto 

* Baritone Theodosia???????

* Maria Reynolds could be a clarinet

* Samuel Seabury is probably that kid that isnt actually in band but hangs out with the band kids anyway

anywAY i love this idea

EDIT: seabury plays the kazoo