washington and lee

George Washington by Charles Wilson Peale, 1772

George Washington by Charles Wilson Peale, 1779

George Washington by John Trumbull

Portrait of George Washington and William “Billy” Lee, 1780  by John Trumbull

George Washington, 1783

George Washington, 1785

George Washington by James Peale, 1787

George Washington by John Trumbull, 1790

George Washington by Gilbert Stuart, 1796

George Washington by Gilbert Stuart, 1796

George Washington by Gilbert Stuart, 1797

  • Hamilton: he looked at me like I was stupid im not stupid
  • Narrator: he was, in fact, stupid
Proof of Lafayette’s Sassiness in Real life:

Apparently, George Washington prided himself on his level temper, and he always refrained from swearing. However, during the battle of Monmouth, he cussed out General Lee.

How would one describe it? Well, according to Lafayette: “Charming! Delightful! Never have I enjoyed such swearing before or since.” 

  • Jefferson: "When you've been in politics as long as I have, you develop thick skin."
  • Hamilton: "Magenta is not your color."
  • Jefferson: "Magenta brINGS OUT MY EYES, YOU PRICK!"

Me and Musical Hamilton could chill and drink tea but I’d deck the hell out of Historical Hamilton.

  • Burr: Good morning.
  • Jefferson: Good morning.
  • Madison: Good morning.
  • Washington: You all sound like robots, why don't you spice it up a bit?

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what each state is most known for
  • Alabama: racism
  • Alaska: cold, north, big
  • Arizona: hot, immigration
  • Arkansas: diamonds
  • California: surf, hollywood, big
  • Colorado: ski, mairjuana
  • Connecticut: not rhode island
  • Delaware: first state, “crossing it”
  • Florida, theme parks, oranges, hot
  • Georgia, peaches, peanuts
  • Hawaii: hawaii
  • Idaho: potatoes
  • Illinois: corn, corruption
  • Indiana: corn, better version of illinois
  • Iowa: corn, perhaps?
  • Kansas: the setting for the 2006 post-apocalyptic action-drama series jericho
  • Kentucky: the derby
  • Louisiana: new orleans, the bayou
  • Maine: like canada
  • Maryland: weird shape
  • Massachusetts: accents, 1776
  • Michigan: car manufacturing
  • Minnesota: lakes
  • Mississippi: racism, overweight (info from supersize me)
  • Missouri: st louis
  • Montana: big, empty
  • Nebraska: don’t know what this is, sorry
  • Nevada: vegas
  • New Hampshire: the one touching maine
  • New Jersey: we all know
  • New Mexico: manhattan project
  • New York: NY NY
  • North Carolina: better version of sc
  • North Dakota: new oil
  • Ohio: rust belt
  • Oklahoma: panhandle
  • Oregon: portland vibe
  • Pennsylvania: liberty bell, benjamin franklin
  • Rhode Island: smallest
  • South Carolina: fort sumter
  • South Dakota: mt rushmore
  • Tennessee: appalachia
  • Texas: remember
  • Utah: mormons, great salt
  • Vermont: the one not touching maine
  • Virginia: robert e lee
  • Washington: seattle needle
  • West Virginia: yikes, hunger games
  • Wisconsin: cheese
  • Wyoming: the capital is cheyenne and that is it
  • Alexander: What a beautiful day
  • John: *walks by*
  • Alexander: What a beautiful gay