Went shopping in Lakewood. Stopped at Target, Ross and Michaels. Bought the rug, the new throw blanket, new wall decor and got the Target debit card since we are very frequent Target-goers.
Looking back to where my husband and I first lived, before we were even married when I was a student and he was a PFC, I still get shocked at what we have come to own now. We have never had any credit cards (wise advice from multiple people before I moved away from my parents’), no debt other than our car & phone payments (and I guess all the bills if you want to throw that in there), we were always told that if you can’t pay out of pocket for something, don’t buy it. So we always bought used. Thrift stores were our favorite as far as furniture was concerned and we never turned down a decent item being sold on a yard sale page on Facebook. Now, I sit in my living room with my son while missing my husband and think about how grateful we are. My husband has been an amazing provider and I’ve been amazing at knowing what we need versus what we want. And now, we find ourselves in this place of comfort where checking the account isn’t a daily thing. It isn’t even a weekly thing. Some may think that’s a bad idea, but we are just familiar with what money comes in and we know our limits. But we’re comfortable. We’re content. This little house we have in Washington has been turned into a home with no problem. We have come a very long way as husband and wife, and this year marks our fifth anniversary. 5 years of marriage later, and this is what we have to call ours compared to what we did when we first got married. These are all just things, but every “thing” in this room makes us happy.