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Recipes for People Who Sort of Cook- Japanese-Style Mayo

I don’t know why I do this to myself.  I really don’t.

So I decided to make sushi for dinner, except I couldn’t find any mayo for the crab salad.  NBD, right?  Just leave it out.


Ok, here’s the deal.  Japanese mayo is different from American mayo.  2 reasons!  Sugar and rice wine vinegar.  Sugar and rice wine vinegar and MSG.  We skip the MSG, but if you’re a stickler about making sure your umami is there, a lil dashi will work.  Say a teaspoon.

Get a nice bowl, and a whisk.  Crack an egg yolk into the bowl.  Save the egg white.  Put it on your face after you exfoliate and wash.  Trust me.

Whisk up the egg yolk a little, then add 1 tsp sugar, a lil salt (a couple pinches is plenty), and 1 tbsp of rice wine vinegar.  I also threw in about a tsp of lemon juice cuz i had it on hand, and wasn’t using mustard.  Whisk again.

In fact, just never stop whisking if physically possible.  

A tiny bit of mustard is ok, too.  Either powder or dijon, say about a tsp.  

You need ¾ths a cup of neutral flavored oil.  Canola.  Vegetable oil.  This is what you want.  Olive oil (and garlic) makes it an aioli, in case you were wondering.

Add a few drops of the oil.  Like a tiny splash.  Whisk for maybe 30 seconds to a minute, then add a little bit more oil, and a little bit more.  You’re going to notice the consistency changing.

Before it was kind of frothy, but it’ll start to smooth out as you add more oil.  Once it starts looking more smooth, start adding the oil consistently, just tilt it slowly and add a very small stream as you whisk.  If you notice it losing that smooth consistency, stop the oil and whisk until it’s incorporated.  

It will get shiny, and sort of hold its shape when you drag the whisk through it.  That’s how you know it’s working.  Keep whisking, add all the oil, slowly.  Once the oil is all incorporated, whisk it just a little more, and then taste-test it.  It should take you between 5-8 minutes, depending on how badass of a whisker you are.

That’s it.  That’s a facsimile of japanese mayo.  And now your arm kind of hurts.

Hey, if you wanna make it american mayo, take out the sugar, add a little more salt, and make the rice wine vinegar white vinegar.

If you want to make it miracle whip, dump in a metric crapton of sugar.

This makes a killer egg salad, incidentally.  And yes, the sushi was good.