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I had a dream last night that there was this little known Shrek horror movie that started off in a cheesy “so bad it’s good” fashion but then suddenly it was about people losing things into the sewer system where nothing but mutated rats could survive.

Fiona loses a shoe or something down there along with this plot relevant key, because they live in this slum apartment building where the washing machine drum inexplicably has a doggy door to a chute that leads to the sewers.

Eventually both are brought back to them by Donkey, who is soldiering on somehow in the sewers and begging to be rescued (all openings have thick bars over them). He’s caked in mud and thin as a rail, blathering about rats. One scuttles in and Donkey cowers in a corner as it goes into a nearby hole…into a room filled with poisonous gas. The rat calls out in its death throes for revenge to be taken on Donkey and there’s a cut to this huge, buff bipedial rat who sends out assassins.

This plot thread never gets resolved.

Shrek and Fiona also keep coming across this small Japanese man who looks like he’s about 200 years old, and who moves around like he’s stop motion animated. His face sometimes flashes over the screen at seemingly random times to scare the viewer.

So anyway, Shrek and Fiona somehow manage to take a look into the past where they learn that at some point Yubaba slipped on some children’s drawings that were on display in the sewer for some reason and died. There’s also a trip to like sengoku jidai Japan where they see a mail carrier kid they later realize is the old guy they keep seeing.

Then all of that gets abandoned and it becomes a live action film where a cop finds a man responsible for a series of heinous crimes pleasuring himself in the bathtub while being arrested.

In the dream I had suggested watching the Halloween Shrek not knowing what it was and my horror-loving friend was enthusiastic. After watching it though I was trying to figure out how to let him down gently when said friend walked in, smacked the movie out of my hand, and began to stomp on it.

@soraruru ツアーやらなんやらで洗濯物が溜まりすぎてるから160年ぶりに洗濯物干す

Soraru: When i go for tour, the amount of dirty clothes pile up and now i have to wash 160 years worth of clothes

@soraruru  もうずっと乾燥機付きのドラム式せんたっき使ってるんだけど乾燥かけても全然乾いてくれない(´・ω・`)やはりケチって安いやつ買ったのがだめなのか 普通のやつなら一回でちゃんと乾いてくれるの?

Soraru: I’ve been using a drum washing machine with built in dryer but it’s not drying at all(´・ω・`) As i thought… was it because i was too stingy and bought the cheap one, that it’s not working well. If i were to buy a normal priced one, will 1 round suffice to dry the clothes?

@lastnote_ :@soraruru 僕のドラム式洗濯乾燥機は8時間くらい乾燥した上で生乾きです

Last Note: My drum washing machine takes around 8 hours and it’s half dried

@soraruru:@lastnote_ 一緒にいいやつにしましょう

Soraru: Let’s go together to buy a good one

@soraruru 洗濯物干したら雨降ってきた・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・

Soraru: After i hung my clothes up to dry, it started raining………….

Orbiting War Machine
Orbiting War Machine

Drumming Washing Machine 
Sounds of War - Petteri Sainio 
Leaving Earth - Mass Effect 3 Soundtrack

Because it was 2AM and I wanted to smash a washing machine and epic music together. I’ve never edited audio before, but that sounded like an awesome way to break the ice.

Behold, nightblogging in its state of attempted productivity.

Saccharine Christmas Berena alerts

Bah. Don’t quite believe I’m posting this but head canon came as I walked the dog. Sorry not sorry for the cloying levels of candy floss in this fic. There’s possibly more if anyone wants type two diabetes…

Iona herself only remembers a few images from the day they found it. She was only a few months old herself.

Her nose catching on a frozen puddle; her favourite mix of wet grass, grit and mud between her toes; and that thing that caught her attention the most. It came as a gamey thrilling wisp at first and she pulled hard at her leash whining and desperate to find it source.

“Hold your horses” muttered her owner, cigarette between her teeth, she hears the familiar hiss, click, flare and long exhalation. A strong hand drops down and deftly releases her. No instruction required, Iona bounds down the canal path following the scent. She sees the red flash first. Like the bright red jumper the tallest human wore all week and the women in the house laughed and hugged him all the more for it.

It’s like the scents in the cracks between the floor and skirting board and the under the stair cupboard smell but so much more heady. Iona brings her nose to cordoruy brown and red matted fur and experimentally licks. Her tongue tells her more. Beetles and worms have been here as well as another creature. A top note of urine; sharp and citrus. Cat.

Heavy footsteps approach. Ugh, think both. But while her owner stands above staring at the dead rabbit, Iona is onto the new scent and it leads her into a small scrubland, littered with abandoned domestic detritus. The scent is stronger now with an edge of sweat and fear. What occurs next is in a blur as she skids up to an abandoned washing machine drum she hears a small yowl. Then her nose is gushing with her own blood and saliva. She whelps ducking down under the drum where her owner finds her whimpering.

“Been in the wars I see” she admonishes. “And what, or should I say, who is this?” A hand dips in the drum while Iona lets out a warning bark. A small grey bundle is fished out. The creature squirms a while and then goes limp. Iona’s owner brings the kitten up to her face, observes it cooly and raises her eyes to the surrounding area with the same careful appraisal. A decision is made and Bernie drops the kitten almost casually into the outer pocket of her waxed jacket. Riding pillion thus, they continue onto the house.

Serena is curled up nodding off on the sofa. A half-finished crossword in her lap. “Mmm, hello there, Boozy Snoozy,” Bernie saunters over unwrapping her scarf and kneels down on the rug beside her. Iona pads up and tucks her head enquiringly under Bernie’s elbow.

Serena’s kiss is languid and she shudders a little, feeling a tell-tale squirm in her belly, Serena glances down Bernie’s coat.

“Did you borrow my hat for your walk?. Oh Bernie you know you shouldn’t treat it like that.” The hat wriggles.

Bernie blushes. “I got distracted and forgot I had a guest riding shotgun.”

She proffers the now sleeping kitten on a large hand. Like a diffident magus ready to snatch it back should the gift be deemed unworthy.

Serena looks on astonished. The Major apparently was getting soft. A situation like the one presented to her would normally had just involved an short phone call to the RSPCA.

“I didn’t want to bother a charity. They’d have their hands full at this time of year… ” Bernie trails off. Serena looks at Iona who thumps a tattoo of approval with her tail on the wooden floor, brown eyes adoring". Her collection of waifs and strays looking on at her.

“One week”

A week becomes a fortnight because the stray refuses to eat. Bernie offers her dog food, bits of leftover Christmas turkey, stuffing balls and pigs in blankets. All is resolutely refused. “You’re spoiling it” Serena raises an eyebrow “Well, you can’t have her looking like we put her on half-rations,” said Bernie, slightly defensive. Instead the cat escounces herself under the kitchen table refusing to budge from that place.

It isn’t until the New Year’s party, when a thoroughly cheesed off kitten sulks, aggravated as the formerly quiet kitchen is full of noisy human talking and laughter. She peers at the dozens of shoes surrounding her island. Some of the glittery ones look almost worth chasing down if she didn’t feel so lethargic.

A particular pair draws her attention. Leopardskin tilted at the heel and then a “drat”. A creamy morsel falls to the floor. It looks like a dab of butter. The kitten tongues it cautiously. Delicious bird butter. She now begins to eat rapaciously.

Serena bends down looking for the canapé she has dropped from the serving platter. She sees she has been anticipated. “Mmh. Expensive tastes. Interesting”. Serena’s eyes find Bernie who wordlessly reaches over the table to take the tray off her hands but not before Serena herself removes one crostini.

She scoops up the kitten with its tiny heart beating rapidly between its rib cage, fur and not much between, she feels. Raising up the canapé, the kitten licks at her minute meal enthusiastically. “Well, I never, foie gras. Who’d have thought it? Only the finest. Just like her mother.”

Bernie grins and catching Serena’s eye says one word which is immediately understood and Serena nods her assent, “Pechinku.”

Translation: Myojo April 2014- JUMP shopping memo

Okamoto Keito: kotatsu, humidifier, aroma candle
Because my room is cold and I always head straight to my bed, I bought a *kotatsu.
Now I can spend useful time in my room and I am very satisfied ♡

Yaotome Hikaru: washing machine
I bought a drum-type washing machine that comes with a dryer. It was huge and I am a little worried on whether it can fit in my house (laugh)

Takaki Yuya: sneakers
When my whole family went shopping together, my mother bought everyone shoes. I got a pair of black leather sneakers ♪

Chinen Yuri: maguro voucher
This is for JUMP’s annual Christmas gift exchange. Keito got this even though he hates fish! All of us used it for a meal.

Inoo Kei: cotton buds
My mother said “there aren’t any more cotton buds left, buy some on your way home from work!” Since I was asked to, I bought them and my mission was successful!

Yamada Ryosuke: speakers
Hikaru got these for JUMP’s Christmas present exchange. I was inspired and went to buy them too.

Nakajima Yuto: waterproof smartphone case
I bought this so that I could use it in the bath but the touch sensitivity is very bad… Using the Ziploc bags for food storage is probably way better!

Yabu Kota: humidifier x 2
I bought new humidifiers for the living room and bedroom. Previously, I overdid the humidity and the wallpaper on my walls started peeling, so now I have to use it moderately…

Arioka Daiki: novel
I wanted to read books so I went to the bookstore. I got mystery novels which I love!

*kotatsu- table with electrical heater below

please credit if sharing.