More pages from the duct-tape travel journal I kept when I was in Massachusetts/D.C. a couple of weeks ago.  I only took a limited amount of art supplies with me:

  • Duct-tape journal I put together the day before leaving (I used a cereal box, scrap paper, duct-tape and washi-tape)
  • 2 rolls of washi-tape
  • A black biro pen
  • A pencil
  • An eraser
  • Silver and white gel pens

The rest of the material was ephemera I picked up on the way.  It was really fun keeping a journal like this!

So, there are about a million things you can do to your walls, like create the perfect gallery wall, hang up some clipboards, or even stick on some washi tape. But did you ever think to decoupage them? Yeah, I didn’t think so. Take a cue from one of Annie Sloan’s painters in residence Janice Issitt and put some of your favorite illustrations (or Tiger Beat covers?) to work as a wall covering.

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cutiepanser asked:

BUt why doesn't Nozomi steal the boob of Eli? I mean obviously Eli has pretty big ones so if Nozomi stole them she could upgrade her own and then carry more things in them, so why not?

Ok so I was thinking about this on the bus and I came to a couple conclusions. One, Nozomi steals the boob of those who don’t need it aka those with small figures. Two, Nozomi is rly gay and if she stole Eli’s boob, there would be no more boob for other activities and she can’t have that. Three, Eli is rly scary and she zoomed in on Nozomi’s washi washi tendencies right away and she made scary angry faces whenever Nozomi tried to get near the boob outside of special boob time in the bedroom 


How I plan and organize a research paper!

Whenever I have a big paper (those 5 or more pages requiring many sources) I do it in step, keeping everything in a folder.


Any folder will work. I didn’t have any two pocket folders (those work best) so I just grabbed a manilla folder and washi tape. I’m more apt to do something if it looks cute, haha. The folder is just to hold everything, so I know when I throw it in my backpack in the morning, I have everything I need to work on it during breaks on campus. 

To-Do List

At the beginning of the folder, I make a quick today list, or the process in which I want to start gathering materials and information. I state my topic here and a brief description of the the requirements so I can refer back to it. I make a list of the order I want to do things, i.e find summaries, find critical articles, pick out quotes from play/sources, do citations, make brief outline.

Index Cards

The index cards are used in different ways. I make one for each source I use and go ahead and make the MLA citation. I hate doing it, so I get it out of the way first. When I find a quote I want to use, I highlight it in the article and then I jot it down on an index card and label it with its source. It is so much easier than thumbing through 40 pages of articles looking for one quote you highlighted and wanted to use in a specific section. This is not for everyone, and I haven’t always used this method. Big papers, however, are harder for me to keep organized, so for this assignment they will be more helpful than time consuming. I just clip them to the folder


I create a little dashboard to the side using post its to track my progress and plan out what I need to do on certain nights to finish in a timely manner. I love this because everything is in the same place. I don’t have to have my planner, notebook, and book out. It’s all there.


I print my articles, staple them, and put then in the folder. There’s not really a system to this, they are just nice to always have on hand and not in electronic copy. I do not think having only a .pdf file will help. It is too easily lost and they are a pain to annotate. Also, I keep 2 copies of an outline in here. 2 just seems like a good number.

Rough Draft, Final Draft

When I finish writing the paper, I put a copy in the folder to proofread. I like to make my corrections on paper and go back, so I do not lose the original. Once everything is done, I also put a copy of the final in the folder and file it away. I hoard everything.


High school students typically have to write their first thorough research paper by junior year. This is a good way to keep them organized and to make sure they have everything. If they turn in a folder this extensive, you can follow their thought process and better help them to improve on the next. It’s easy to use this method to show them the step by step process of writing a research paper.

Any questions, just ask!