We Bet Ted Cruz Feels Like an Idiot Now

You gotta hand it to Ted Cruz- he’s hilarious, even if a lot of times we’re laughing AT him and not with him.  Proof?  His Facebook poll on Obamacare totally blew up in his face.  How stupid does he look now?  Find out for yourself in this article.


Are you impressed with Senator Ted Cruz’s stupidity?

Diaster please pray...

I haven’t been on here much lately because I’ve been super busy with school, getting ready for comicon, work, and traveling to see my best friend graduate from AF boot camp but on Saturday morning a huge landslide happened about 25 miles from where I live in a town called Oso, Washington. It is effecting everyone, the death toll is up to 8 people and there are still a lot of people missing. About 30 homes were destroyed and the Stillaguamish River is currently backed up and its getting worse so there has been a full evacuation in that area and downriver in case the dam thats been made breaks and there is a flash flood. This is effecting so many people in my quiet town and it scares… You see it happen other places but you never think something so horrible could happen in your town. Also because of this another town has almost be completely isolated, to get out they have to drive about an hour and a half north and back west to the freeway. Please will you pray we find some of the missing alive, and no one else gets hurts….. Please we could really use your prayers right now…