Sheffield 29.10.15

i’m so god damn fucking tired of this trendy faux white feminism going around like….

  • i don’t wanna see your instagram post of your malnourished white body with your a-cups out screaming about freeing the nipple
  • i don’t care about your etsy store with the thin white girls modeling shirts with jenny holzer quotes
  • i don’t wanna read another fucking sylvia plath quote
  • you’re not somehow breaking beauty standards because you have a flat chest if you’re still extremely thin and white and otherwise conventionally attractive. in fact, you made the “pear body” the most desirable body, so much so that other bodies are starting to face ridicule
  • your messy hair and bored expression in a washed out polaroid photo is not ~radical~ just because you’re naked and a woman
  • your thick brows and armpit hair are not shocking and WOC aren’t drooled over for these traits
  • stop reblogging models that are clearly underweight
  • stop supporting artists like audrey wollen
  • stop pretending there’s any substance to waify “free the nipple” girls. 

this shit is only mediocre white women looking for ways to force themselves upon you while also being hailed as brave and radical. 

these things only harm women of color and plus size women and it’s reaching young impressionable girls who are literally forming eating disorders and body image issues because now even “feminism” is telling them how they’re supposed to look

A client wasn’t happy with the photo I’d used for a splash page for the app I was designing for them.

Client: I don’t like this photo. Use this one instead.

They sent me a blurry, washed out photo of a living room. 

Me: Okay, but without anything in focus the splash page will look blank. 

Client:  Put this on top, then.

They send me another photo of a pile of books, shot at a different angle and in clear focus. I put it on the photo to show them how ridiculous it looked, floating in the middle of a blurry living room.

They loved it.