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Flood my Mornings Bonus Scene: Touch

Notes from Mod Bonnie:

  • This story takes place in an AU in which Jamie travels through the stones two years after Culloden and finds Claire and his child in 1950 Boston.
  • Today’s post is just a wee scenelet that I nearly cut because didn’t fit well with either of the flanking chapters, nor did I feel it was long enough to take up a whole day in the imagine queue, but didn’t want to lose entirely. So…BONUS SCENE! 

ANON ASKED:  here’s an idea for your Boston au, how about Jamie and Claire sharing a hot bath or a shower


“Bide there for a time, aye, wee Bree?” Jamie cajoled, gingerly placing the lass in her Crib. He had minded her happily for the past half hour since breakfast while Claire made TelePhone calls; but when he’d become aware of the sounds from the washroom—the squeak of Shower handles and the whoosh of water being summoned forth—he had felt the lack of her so acutely as to be painful. He needed to be holding his wife. Only her.

He watched her silently from the door. She was naked, silver, and lean, one graceful leg extended behind her as she bent to test the heat of the water. As she stepped into the tub and turned to pull the curtain shut, though, she caught sight of him and started so violently that she slipped and began to fall.

Jamie lunged forward. “Christ, are ye—?”

Fine,” she said, shaky and breathless, managing to catch her balance before he reached her. She closed her eyes and shook her head as though to dispel an ache. “Fine, I just—oh God, for just that moment…” She gave a little sob, clutched the edge of the curtain hard, and looked up. “…I’d forgotten…”

Mo chridhe…”

How many times already in these precious first hours had he felt the same jolt? That shock of pure, astonished ecstasy at the fact of her presence…and the inability to keep at bay the ghosts of memory that associated her face with the agony and grief of her loss?   

It was the same with her, he knew, for her face was transparent as ever, her eyes misted over with equal measures of pain and love. She held out a hand to him and brought him to her.  

She still fit perfectly to him, just the right height to lean his head against hers. He held her in the steaming downpour by back and nape, letting the water wash over them.

He hadn’t had a proper washing since Oxford, and the feeling of the hot water was glorious in and of itself; but it was Claire that brought solace into his very bones. She moved slowly, trance-like, her eyes closed, making small sounds of love against him as she washed and caressed him. He surrendered himself to her, not by way of seduction, for—by some unspoken understanding—neither sought to tease or arouse the other; but rather in the way that marble submits to the sculptor: expectant of the promise that one person’s touch will create beauty. She traced him with her hands, slow and seeking; traveling over the contours of him with her lips; discovering every muscle and bone of him; learning him; confirming him.

There were sounds all around them: the thrum of the water on their skin and on the ground. Their breathing. Contented babbles from the next room. Birdsong from outdoors.

But Claire’s touch on his body rang out as a silent proclamation, drowning out the rest.

You exist. And you are mine. 

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How to look like Spider-Man’s girlfriend, a pretty little liar, or a vampire-doppelganger.

These 3 lovely starlets have gorgeous styles on-screen, but don’t overlook their off-screen OOTDs. Whether you’re going for Emma’s fun casual style, Lucy’s relaxed jet-set look, or Nina’s chic red hot swag, we’ve dissected their celeb style outfits for you! Don’t worry, we mixed and matched the pieces so you won’t have to pay thousands to get their pretty little ensembles.

Emma Stone: Casual Cardi

Blue Cardigan | Blocky Sunglasses | Bowling Bag | Light Wash Jeans | Colored Oxford Shoes

Lucy Hale: Relaxed Vacay

Panam Hat | Wayfarer Sunglasses | Relaxed Blouse | Quilted Bag | Skinny Jeans | Leopard Flats

Nina Dobrev: Mod Blazer

White Blazer | Red Bandeau Dress | Blocky Sunglasses | Flats

Whose amazing OOTD style inspires you the most? Let us know, or better yet, show us your style diary!