washed out colours

AU where alexander actually takes a break and none of the act ii stuff (you know which one i mean) happen :)))))) 

@minky-for-short suggested i draw some fluffy hamliza cuz we dont have enough, so this came out!

A Trish I coloured with watercolours recently! Painting this was surprisingly fun, it’d be nice to do more watercolour stuff in the future maybe….. :^))

Warding and protecting floor wash

You will need:

  1. ½ cup Bay leaves (these can be fresh if you like)
  2. A couple of tablespoons of whole black pepper corns
  3. water (Plain or sea water works too)
  4. 1 teaspoon sea salt
  5. ¼ cup liquid castile soap
  6. You can also add four thieves vinegar 
  • boil your water with your added herbs until the colours are condensed.
  • add your salt and then wait for it to cool
  • once cool, add your four thieves vinegar and enough castile soap to make the wash not too concentrated but strong enough for it to bubble up when you shake the bottle.
  • Pour into a glass container (make sure its cold though or you might have issues with exploding glass) 

The wash is meant to be a dark blackish colour but… I used liquid laundry detergent for this one as I had nothing else at the time. The detergent was blue so the wash turned out greenish in colour. Its also great to put in a spray bottle and use to wipe bench tops etc… I use it on my altars when cleaning day comes along… but always take special precaution not to get it on my spirit vessels and the spirit belongings as it contains salt and vinegars. The wash is best made on a full moon. 

Apollo pt. 8

Apollo Masterlist

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Summary: Writer blocks can be really frustrating, and sometimes having a “muse” doesn’t really help either. - Specially when your inspiration might not be there with you forever. ModernAU!

Warnings: Sad sex(? I wouldn’t consider this smut though. None of my smut could be considered smutty.

Words: 3986

A/N: There’s a sudden change of pronouns concerning the reader, and there’s a reason behind it. Please send me an ask with your theories, I’d love to know what do you guys think!

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“I know you know where she is, please!” Bucky tried to take a step forward into Wanda’s apartment, her tiny body impeding it. She looked exhausted, tired of talking about the issue. “I have gone all over NYC trying to find somebody willing to share her location, I’m drained.”

“We haven’t talked for months, Buck. I’m as worried as you.” Her head hit the frame of the door, eyes closed as her soft voice tried to persuade him. He tilted his head, confused, as if she hadn’t been telling him the same thing over and over since he knocked on her door.

“What do you mean?”

“It’s been awhile since we last hanged out. You can ask Nat, though. I think she’s still in touch with (y/n).” Bucky swallowed, immediately discarding that option. By how she knocked the shit out of him that night, it wasn’t hard to predict that she wasn’t going to say a word about it.

“Is she being picky about choosing friends?” He asked, trying to joke a little bit, to lighten the situation. “Money has changed her, huh?” Her expression hardened, tensing up her whole body as she finally grabbed the doorknob.

“Just go look for her somewhere else, Buck.” Bucky noticed her tired and evading demeanour, and he somehow figured out that this issue was hurting her. At the same time in his mind multiple alarms started to sound, warning him that something was off with you, even though he haven’t had the opportunity of seeing you yet. 

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before you get on my case by telling me “cheyenne!!!!  ofc the beauty and the beast was colourful look at all those colours!”

look me in the eye and tell me that this entire movie didn’t just look like the Masquerade scene from the 2004 Phantom movie.

like look at that, and then look at these stills from the new movie:

now look at these stills from the original animated movie:

look at those fucking beautiful colours!  all that beautiful contrast!

everything just looks so muted in the new one and everything’s some shade of gold with maybe a little bit of blue mixed in, but even when the blue is there it’s so muted it might as well not even be there?  it’s just so unbelievably boring and i am unbelievably tired of washed out colours and zero contrast just.  ugh.  Belle’s dress is boring enough, but there’s nothing for it to stand out against in that background.  where are you supposed to look?  even Gaston doesn’t stand out, especially since other people in that scene are wearing similar colours; the only reason he stands out even a little is because he’s been placed on a physically higher level than the other characters.  basically every single one of these costumes blends in to the background when it should stand out against it.

i’m not an artist, i’m not a designer, but there’s just no focus.  what is an audience supposed to focus on when the characters look more like part of the woodwork than the focus of the movie?  where are our eyes supposed to go?  this movie is just a couple hours of bland aesthetic when it should be bright and vibrant.  at the very least i should not feel like i’m looking at a bunch of fucking chameleons scurrying around a dead forest.  this movie is supposed to be bright and vibrant so why doesn’t it look bright and vibrant?  this isn’t Saving Private Ryan, so why is every single movie trying to code its colours to be that?

it’s frustrating and it looks ugly and dull.  there is no contrast where this movie desperately needs it, and to be honest it’s feels like looking at a talking hardwood floor for ninety minutes.

gothcosmos  asked:

please dont endorse products that whitewash frida kahlo

She is not being whitewashed. The artist has explained that the lighting of the photograph has washed out the colours of all the posters and in reality, are much richer and darker than they appear. It can be super hard to take photos of printed works and keep all the colours as vibrant as they are, especially when using artificial light.

I shared the post as I knew what the original drawing looked like and while you meant well it doesn’t hurt to contact the artist first before sending messages like this one.

You can see the same full drawing (printed) here and (digital) here.


MORE SKETCHBOOK STUFF!!!!!!!! My scanner really washed out the colours :/

More trashy than the first ;) oh hell. (Ignore my English Lit homework I am a struggling student please and thanks)

A While Now | Oh Sehun


Word Count1.2k

Summary - In which you are EXO’s stylist noona and the boys are constantly trying to hint Sehun’s huge crush on you.



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“Noona! Baekhyun took my chicken again!” Jongin belted from across the dressing room as I spotted Baekhyun next to him with a smug smile and a finished chicken bone.

“Y/N ah! Kyungsoo punched me again” Chanyeol wailed, clutching onto his injury while I stood there contemplating my life choices. I’d gotten a job as SM’s head idol stylist a few months ago and never in my life had I worked with a group this disruptive yet so weirdly wonderful. The boys were always open with me whenever we’d be together before shows or other events, especially because I was older than some of them so it made it easier for them to share things with me. With the exception of one obviously,  Sehun. He’d never exactly been the type to talk to me rather than when he had to tell me how hot the water was and what not. The lack of conversation didn’t particularly irk me, but it wasn’t too pleasant that I got to talk to all of them besides him.

“Guys for the last time, I’m your stylist. Not your babysitter!” I pointed, putting the last bit if hairspray in Junmyeon’s hair and ruffling his locks, smiling at him through the mirror before making my way to the wardrobe.

“But you’re our favourite stylist! So we like complaining to you” Baekhyun insisted, walking up behind me and lightly tickling my sides. I rolled my eyes at his not so subtle attempt at flirting, and lightly smacked his arm.

“Baekhyun stop messing around” I heard the very rare sound of a certain maknae’s voice. I slowly turned to look at his slightly annoyed demeanour, looking somewhat comical with the strips of foil in his hair.

“Okay grumpy” Baekhyun mumbled, going back to his chair. My breath came out slightly ragged as I heard the timer go off; looking around for an assistant to wash out Sehun’s hair dye.

“Noona! It’s time to wash out Sehun’s dye” Jongdae sing-songed from his chair, flashing me a cheeky grin.

“I am highly aware Jongdae” I replied with an equally cheery tone, sarcasm lacing each of my words. I let out a small breath before I walked towards his chair, watching as his eyes instantly darted towards his phone.

“Um do you want to come over to the sink?” I offered, taking out a towel to wrap around his shoulders

“You bet he does” Baekhyun winked from beside his beagle accomplice, high-fiving Jongdae as he managed to get a tint of pink onto Sehun’s cheeks. I rolled my eyes at their antics for the nth time before walking over to the sink where Sehun was not so patiently waiting to get his hair dye washed out.

“You really like having your colour washed out don’t you?” I giggled at the satisfied sigh that left his lips as the warm water came into contact with his scalp.

“Mmhm… I don’t really like the smell of it” He scrunched his nose up and I lightly laughed his explanation. “Plus, I really like it when your small fingers run through my hair” He subconsciously mumbled, his eyes instantly snapping open at the realisation of what he’d confessed.

“Please forget that I ever said that while I go die in a hole” He pleaded, his eyes tightly shutting in his embarrassment.

“I’ll definitely want to forget this for you, but do you really think our little spies over there didn’t hear you?” I quipped, pointing over at the hugging pair who was watching us with hopeful eyes.

“It’s okay, I’ll make them forget. Kyungsoo hyung said he’d help if it needed anything” He happily informed, smiling with his eyes.

“That… That’s nice” I chuckled ruffling the towel through his wet hair. I placed the wet towel across his shoulders once more as he got up to sit at his chair, waiting for me to dry his hair.

“Sehun do you like your brown hair?” Minseok asked him, sounding almost childish with his tone and choice of words.

“Yeah” He simply replied, going back to his phone as a sign of ‘do not disturb me’

“That would be because Y/N ah dyed it” Junmyeon decided to join in on the long reigned joke of Sehun’s infamous crush on me, which definitely was not the case.

“Hyung…” Sehun whined, eliciting a round of laughter from the boys in the large room.

Turning the hair dryer off, I ran my fingers through his soft newly dyed hair. I absolutely loved it when it was brown and especially when I styled it in his classic middle parting.

“I mean you could try and create a new style but I don’t think simply running your fingers through my hair is going to get you anywhere” He chuckled at me through the mirror. I abruptly stopped my repetitive actions, smiling nervously back at him.

“I uh- I’m sorry. I just really like… The new conditioner I used on you” I covered up, walking to the cart to grab a can of hairspray but being stopped by his light grip on my wrist.

“Do you like this colour on me?” He asked looking serious as ever. I was more taken aback by the fact that Oh Sehun was actually talking to me, rather than his actual question.

“Um… I think it looks very good. You look really mature and I think you really suit the shade” I spoke honestly, my voice slightly shaking at the sudden conversation

“Your voice doesn’t really sound confident” He pointed, his fingers still wrapped around my wrist.

“I’m sorry, it’s just that we don’t usually talk” I admitted chuckling at my nervousness.

“Yeah, I’m sorry about that” He smiled at me again, as I walked towards the front of his chair to fix his fringe.

I leaned up slightly to fix his parting, still thinking about why he’d be apologising about us not talking often.

“Noona!-” Jongin called for me once more as I suddenly snapped out of the trans I didn’t realise I was in, causing me to lose my balance and grab onto the first thing I could so I didn’t fall over; which happened to be Sehun’s shoulders. The snickers really started to show when Sehun’s hands flew up to steady me by my waist, hearing Baek and Jongdae high-fiving in their glory once more.

“Yes… Jongin?” I muttered through gritted teeth as I slowly looked over at him.

“Oh nothing I figured out the zipper now” He flashed me the most innocent smile he could produce.

“Wonderful. That- that’s wonderful” I huffed, turning back to Sehun. “Do you want me to do anything for you? It’s a pretty long performance” I pointed, running my fingers through his hair once again.

“Can I have your number?” He suddenly asked; the whoops and hollers that filled the room at his question suddenly felt a bit overwhelming.

“Um… Yeah sure” I smiled down at the ground, tucking a strand of hair behind my ear. “How long have you waited to do that by the way?” I asked, placing my hands on his shoulder’s again as his arms snaked around my waist; a cheeky yet shy smile taking over his face.

“A while now” He shook his head.

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Lunyx Driving AU Part 2 Headcanons

Link to part one of Luna learning to drive Here

  • Luna looking into buying a car for herself (secondhand tho cause tenebraean currency rate is shit)
  • Absolutely brings Nyx to check it out when she decides on one
  • It’s a hideous, washed out blue colour that makes his eyes hurt
  • She follows him around the car while he points out all the things she should make sure of before paying
  • the seller is just this confused dude like ‘Who are these boss ass people??’ since Luna didn’t bother mentioning her name cause reasons
  • like, they totally look like a couple, just a guy helping his girlfriend buy a second hand vehicle…but there’s something off? She carries herself so well and he’s got this swagger to his walk that the seller doesn’t normally see
  • “I guess we could repaint it, make it fit for a princess.”
  • Whoops, Nyx Ulric slipped
  • Seller lowkey loses his shit cause the oracle and princess of tenebrae wants to buy his shitbucket of a car
  • “I like the colour.”
  • Lunafreya gets what she wants. The hideous blue stays
  • They finish checking the outside and under the hood (It’s old but no major concerns) and they get inside to make sure the radio is good and the brake and gas work
  • Luna is trying to contain her excitement as she runs her fingers over the worn leather of the wheel
  • Nyx sees that smile. She’s getting this shitbucket
  • “What do you think?” She asks him, testing her seat
  • “I should be asking you that, it’s gonna be your car after all.” He plays with the knobs on the radio and the lights inside the car.
  • “Do you find it comfortable?” Her eyes are sparkling at him
  • What is air Nyx Ulric
  • How does he even answer anything short of her expectations when she’s looking at him like that, sitting in the awful blue, shitty car that-okay, isn’t that shitty but still…
  • “Yeah, I can already feel my body molding into the passenger seat.” Cause it’s true, the foam seat is broken in enough that he sinks into it with relaxed ease
  • Luna can’t turn down the watts on her smile when she chuckles
  • Nyx is blinded by the light
  • “Trying to make me a permanent fixture in it?”
  • Luna looks at him as if it’s exactly what she’s thinking
  • And it is
  • She’s already imagining him in the passenger’s seat, wind rippling through his hair, one arm sticking out the window while the other is fiddling with the radio, or maybe holding her hand over the clutch
  • It doesn’t matter
  • He’s gonna be in the passenger seat of her car
  • Seller is so anxious when they get out and fork over the cash
  • what if she gets into a fatal car accident cause the old transmission slips?? What if the muffler falls off mid-drive and the sparks of it running against the ground cause the car to combust into flames?? Imagine the headlines??
  • “Oracle and Princess of Tenebrae, Lady Lunafreya Nox Fleuret dies in shitty car sold to her by Area Man”
  • He doesn’t want to sell her the car, Nyx can see it in his eyes
  • But oh no, Lunafreya is getting the shitty blue car so help him
  • Victory is theirs
  • Nyx spends the rest of the ride back into the city trying to immortalize the altogether too-pleased-with-herself look of the radiant woman driving him into his head
  • His hand may also be holding hers over the clutch
A Game of Tag

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Prompt: Can I ask you something to write ? I had this idea in my head for a long time, now. Can you write Negan x girl reader with maternal instinct ? Something fluffly and cute like Negan saw her playing with a child and he begins to be interested in her and often comes to Alexandria to see her and talk to her. At the beginning, she ignored him but soon after she opens up to him and tells him why she loves the children so much. Something like that ! ^^’ - @shawn-and-aiden-frost-9

Ships: Negan x Maternal!Reader
Words: 1,594
Warnings: Curses
Category: Fluff

Negan was stood before his large windows which were thick with dust and grime. He was standing with Lucille slung over his shoulder and one hand on his hip. He was smiling, as he usually was, for that at this very moment down below the support team was gearing up for an assault at a new camp that was having trouble adjusting to his rule.

Negan was looking out at the old carpark that back in the day would’ve housed many cars of the workers that used to work at the old cement factory that they now called the Sanctuary. Out on the carpark there were now hundreds of Walkers, groaning and moaning and shuffling around toward any noise. The noise was sometimes unbearable, but the protection was priceless.

Negan looked down at the courtyard that lay before the carpark that was dubbed ‘The Zoo’ and he could see five figures running around. Negan frowned as he stepped forward a few steps so that his nose brushed against the grimy glass. A frown laced his brows as he stared down at the figures, deliberating if he should put a stop to his. He decided to investigate.

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One time, she killed an Assyrian king in Single Combat

(It was awesome).

For being a being a self-serving hedonist who just wants to eat some people


Rockstar 101 - Rihanna | Problem - Natalia Kills | 6 Inch (feat. The Weeknd) - Beyonce | Miss Jackson (feat LoLo) - Panic! at the Disco | Creator - Santigold | Killin’ It - Krewella | Massive Attack (feat. Sean Garret) - Nicki Minaj | Hard (feat. Jeezy) - Rihanna | Dangerous Animals -Arctic Monkeys | Kill of the Night - Gin Wigmore

bonus: Maneater - Daryl Hall & John Oates


other Pantheon mixes:

[lucifer] [persephone] [inanna][baphomet][luci x laura]