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Star Trek: Deep Space 9 | Q-Less | Quodo Is Real and I Hate You All

AU where alexander actually takes a break and none of the act ii stuff (you know which one i mean) happen :)))))) 

@minky-for-short suggested i draw some fluffy hamliza cuz we dont have enough, so this came out!




4.10.2017 // 8:30 PM

8/100 days of productivity

More maths and essay writing sessions today. It’s exhausting, but I think it’ll be worth it! I finished my important modern history homework (I have to watch a movie for the last part) and got some results that I have some mixed feelings about…


Your brown eyes like the universe a door into your soul

Hair like the dark of a black hole

Personality like a supernova

Exploding in every direction

Feelings of orange and yellow

Immersive and free

You are the sun to my solar system

When you speak life is given as your words dance in my eardrums

A Real Family

Summary: For the first eight years of your life, it’s just you and Jensen against the world. He had you at quite a young age, and you were very much a daddy’s girl, but you welcome Danneel into your family as you witness your father falling in love.
Jensen’s Daughter!Reader, Jensen x Danneel
Words: 2.2k
Warnings: fluff
Beta: @blacksiren

A/N: this was written for @winchesters-favorite-girl’s one year celebration! My prompt was “Is it supposed to look like that?”

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You were eight years old when your father fell in love with a pretty girl.

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You can try prying grape coloured young Zarkon out of my naturally cold hands.

@sanjuno Hi. This is for you.

sketchywhz101  asked:

Hey roshheruu when blending what are some tips I can give me

sup, ya i can try, its going under a read more tho!

1. don’t over use the water colour tool / blur tool to blend things or try and not use it, at all? try and find other brushes, usually with low opacity and high blending and textures that you can use to blend your colours. I use my acrylic brush for this, as seen and better explained here. It gives the image texture.

You see here when I drew satya: 

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taehyung scenario | 364 days dead

Originally posted by jeonyween

prompt: I’m a ghost that haunts you, but somehow we became friends and now there’s a full on prank war going on???

pairing: ghost taehyung x reader

requested by anon | 1.1k words | fluff, angst

When you first saw Taehyung you screamed.

That didn’t surprise him. Most humans react that way when they first see a ghost. What surprised him was what happened afterwards.

Rather than turning and running away, you had stayed in place, giving yourself a second to recover, and then asked, “Excuse me… but what are you doing in my house?”

It was then that Taehyung fell in love.

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missdowns-hift  asked:

I'm about 90% certain you've answered this question before, but I couldn't find the post, but how do you dye your hair, and how long does it last for you?

here you go! mine lasts a long time, going through into pastel shades over quite a number of weeks, but that depends on the colour you dye it and how well your hair takes the dye