washed out colours

AU where alexander actually takes a break and none of the act ii stuff (you know which one i mean) happen :)))))) 

@minky-for-short suggested i draw some fluffy hamliza cuz we dont have enough, so this came out!

Happy Birthday to Seventeen’s precious sunflower The8~<3 Drew him with some chrysanthemums since they are the flower of November and I draw The8 a lot with sunflowers ;;; The lighting washed out the colours a bit too ahh TT TT

On a side note i will be uploading the inktober pieces probably next week as i left my inktober sketchbook at the apartment before leaving to go home ;; sorry for the wait ;;;

before you get on my case by telling me “cheyenne!!!!  ofc the beauty and the beast was colourful look at all those colours!”

look me in the eye and tell me that this entire movie didn’t just look like the Masquerade scene from the 2004 Phantom movie.

like look at that, and then look at these stills from the new movie:

now look at these stills from the original animated movie:

look at those fucking beautiful colours!  all that beautiful contrast!

everything just looks so muted in the new one and everything’s some shade of gold with maybe a little bit of blue mixed in, but even when the blue is there it’s so muted it might as well not even be there?  it’s just so unbelievably boring and i am unbelievably tired of washed out colours and zero contrast just.  ugh.  Belle’s dress is boring enough, but there’s nothing for it to stand out against in that background.  where are you supposed to look?  even Gaston doesn’t stand out, especially since other people in that scene are wearing similar colours; the only reason he stands out even a little is because he’s been placed on a physically higher level than the other characters.  basically every single one of these costumes blends in to the background when it should stand out against it.

i’m not an artist, i’m not a designer, but there’s just no focus.  what is an audience supposed to focus on when the characters look more like part of the woodwork than the focus of the movie?  where are our eyes supposed to go?  this movie is just a couple hours of bland aesthetic when it should be bright and vibrant.  at the very least i should not feel like i’m looking at a bunch of fucking chameleons scurrying around a dead forest.  this movie is supposed to be bright and vibrant so why doesn’t it look bright and vibrant?  this isn’t Saving Private Ryan, so why is every single movie trying to code its colours to be that?

it’s frustrating and it looks ugly and dull.  there is no contrast where this movie desperately needs it, and to be honest it’s feels like looking at a talking hardwood floor for ninety minutes.


9th of Inktober! Prompt: broken

Remus Lupin in the Shrieking Shack :(


Kong skull island.
I have always loved a monster movie since I was tiny.
This movie was a romp, a real adventure with all the cast giving it their all. Someone put on line that Tom would have been lost without the others, well yes because he’d have had no one to play with on screen. Kong had a great cast of different and diverse characters that each offered something to the script. The CGI monsters where so well done, Kong was beautiful and had an awesome butt, not many movies can say that. This is a really good fun movie with scenery to die for, that was not dulled down or had its colour wash out. It had jump in your seat moments, and out right laughs don’t forget to stay to the very end of credits.

“…Like your idea is any better!!”

Decided to try something out with perspective this weekend. I’m still really bad about my backgrounds and perspective is difficult for me, especially when I’m being naughty and only drawing characters’ faces and bodies instead of where they belong in space. Also washed the colours out like crazy expecting to put some colour into the flats, but I don’t know if I’ll get around to that. Perhaps perhaps.

Some of the background is loosely inspired by my airport. The crisscross runway arrangement and broad parking lot certainly is, the rest is just schmutz because I didn’t lay out a plan.
In spite of all this, I really like how it came out. I love billowing clouds and dull tones that are easy on my eyes.

Gordon and James have an argument somewhere, maybe on a nicer part of the mainland. Gordon is stubborn and James is whiny. I love these two.