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Liches are permanently stuck in the clothes they turned into liches in, that’s canon. So Lydia and Edward were in dark robes, and Lup and Barry were wearing their full hooded IPRE ones. It was dawn when they did the ceremony, maybe it was chilly. Maybe they just wanted to really commit to the lich aesthetic. 

But, like, imagine if they’d been wearing crop tops, or if they’d gone through it in matching double denim. What if on a whim Lup suggested they cut holes in sheets and turn into liches while looking like some classic cheap ghosts. Psychological warfare, everyone’s afraid of a charmingly floral patterned specter right out of your Halloween daydreams. 

“Well, we call them the red robes. In reality, it’s possible you might need to look out for them in other forms as well…. ah, we have records of liches in coordinating pajamas. If you see them, just run.”

Brontide ;

Brontide; (n.) the low rumble of a distant thunder.

Words : 399 words, lmao not even surprised.

Genre : Smut ? I seriously doubt my existence. It turned out more cliche than I thought it would.

Warnings : Just 18+ that’s all.

“Please, Tae.”

[Y/N whined in his ear in downright desperation; hinting her unrivalled need.]

[He chuckled as he slid his fingers all the way in, pumping them sluggishly. Barely even knuckle deep. He curled his fingers, brushing them against the sweet spot on her pounding wall, continuing in the anguishly slow pace. She bucked her hips closer to his hand, wishing he would go faster.]

“If…if you’re not going to go faster…then at least use your cock…”

[She spoke in between breaths.]


“Shall we?”

[Y/N looked at Taehyung through the mirror, as she finished getting ready.]

Hair; check! Makeup; check! Outfit; check! Earrings; check! What could possibly go wrong?


[Came his trailing-off-reply. He was flopped on the couch, slouched to the very end, dressed in a pair of washed ripped denims, white shirt topped with a black leather jacket and tanned suede timberlands. Eyeing her down, watching her every move, how she brushed her index finger over her lips to evenly spread the chapstick. How she rubbed the perfume on her wrists. As quiet as a still river, so hushed – even in the silent room his breathing couldn’t be heard.]


[She turned 90 degrees to face him]

“Shall we leave babe?”

“You got me so hard babe, I don’t think I can contain the urge. Take care of this for me why don’t you?”

“Not funny Tae, let’s go please, if I’m late, they are going to eat me up alive”

“I can do that you know”

“Do what?”

[She leaned down to fasten the belt of her wedges.]

“Eat you up, nice and good, just the way you like”

[He croaked out with a lump forming at the back of his throat as he imagined her going down him.]

“Tae, come please”

[Y/N cooed as she came to him, trying to get him on his feet by tugging on his arm.]

[Taehyung stood up, his eyes had turned black. His pupils; dilated to the very brim of his lens.]

“Baby please, I’ll be quick I promise”

“I’ll leave you alone here, come please don’t make m–”

[She was cut off from the sound coming from Taehyung’s phone.]

[He took it out, groaning; irritated. His phone flashed, ‘Hobi Hyung’. Taehyung took a deep breath before picking up the phone]

“Yes, hyung?”

“Aish, Tae where are you? We all have reached and everyone’s asking about you and Y/N, not doing something naughty right?”

[Taehyung could hear his hyung chuckling from the other side as he let a sigh; a composed one. He just had to mention it, didn’t he?]

“No, hyung, we are coming, don’t worry, we’ll be there right up!”

[Taehyung replied trying to sound as cheerful as he could be. It was a small outing they all had planned, after coming from tour for over three months. They were back and today the girls were free too, but Taehyung had his mind wound up somewhere else.]

“See, even Hobi oppa called! Now come please”

[Y/N said as she grabbed Taehyung’s wrist before dragging him out of her room closing the door.]


“You’re too excited”

[She smirked, watching him unbuckle his jeans. Taehyung pinned her against any hard surface he could find, nothing mattered at that moment, all he could see was Y/N. ]

“Shut the fuck up, see what you do to me?”

[He muttered, shoving her dress up and sitting her down on the table after sweeping the objects off the table with the swipe of his arm. Y/N was beginning to get excited too, wrapping her arms around his neck to pull him closer to her. She lightly placed her lips on his, but Taehyung smashed his against her’s. He forcefully put his tongue in her mouth, swirling it around her mouth intensely, he wanted to taste every inch of her tonight. She was wet as she spread her legs widely apart.]

[Taehyung pushed her underwear to the side, slowly and carefully, the nail of his index finger touching her folds slightly. The slightest of touch and she let a small whimper.]


“Sorry guys we are a bit late”

[Y/N said as she seated herself on an empty chair, which was at the very end of the oval end of the table. Taehyung followed and sat beside her, offering a swift smile to everyone.]

“Look who are finally here!”

[Commented Myra (Jimin’s girl) : she was sitting on Y/N’s left beside Jimin, only to be greeted with Y/N’s slap on her arm.]

“Dude, this is abuse”

“Animal abuse? You bet it is!”,

[Replied Y/N sardonically.]

[Y/N heard Jimin chuckling with his drink in his hand]

“See even oppa agrees with me”

“I know I’m a panda, you don’t need to tell me”

The comment filled the whole table with laughter.

Y/N listened to Namjoon talking about how Jin would yell 'ssak da bultaewora’ and the other boys would yell back 'bow wow wow’ in the middle of the night.

[Y/N almost choked on her food laughing as she glanced at Taehyung. Her smile faded as she watched his expression, it was scary to even look at him, his face was so serious and emotionless, all she could see was lust in his dilated eyes.]

[She gulped down her food and turned her gaze back to Namjoon, pretending to listening to him. Taehyung kept his hand on her bare thigh, playing with the hem of her dress, pulling it up a bit. Y/N didn’t mind and let him. But to her horror, his hand already made it’s way up to her underwear, brushing against her folds through the fabric of the underwear.]

[She immediately straightened her posture and stuffed food in her mouth making sure no sound escaped from her lips.]

[Taehyung grew all the more frustrated seeing her still, he took out his phone and typed a text with his free hand.]

[09/03, 20:03] Tae 💕 : I want to fuck the life out of you

[Y/N took out her phone as it vibrated. She opened the message and she would be lying if she says she wasn’t flustered but she kept a perfect straight face.]

[09/03, 20:04] Y/N : Okay

[Taehyung groaned to himself, irritated beyond limits.]

[09/03, 20:04] Tae 💕 : multiple times

[09/03, 20:05] Y/N : sounds good.

[Taehyung took a deep breath and thought of another way out.]

[09/03, 20:06] Tae 💕 : these underwear make your ass look so great

[09/03, 20:07] Tae 💕 : so round and soft

[Y/N took a deep breath before replying]

[09/03, 20:07] Y/N  :

[09/03, 20:08] Tae 💕 : and that chapstick, I want to taste the flavor, wait it would taste better around my cock

[Y/N’s eyes went wide open.]

[09/03, 20:08] Y/N  : Tae, you do realize we’re in public right? Take. Your. Hand. Off . There!

[09/03, 20:09] Tae 💕 :
But why babe? My fingers are molding great around your folds

[Taehyung texted as he rubbed his thumb in a circular motion around her folds.]

[09/03, 20:09] Y/N  : Tae, stop!!

[09/03, 20:10] Tae 💕 : stop what? Rubbing you through your underwear? You’re dripping baby

[09/03, 20:11] Y/N : no! No! NO!

[09/03, 20:11] Tae 💕 : and I just have barely begun

[09/03, 20:14] Tae 💕 :
baby girl I can’t wait, I can’t wait to feel you all clenched up around my cock, my finger isn’t enough is it?

[09/03, 20:15] Y/N  : I’ll tell your hyungs Tae!

[Taehyung let a chuckle before replying]

[09/03, 20:16] Tae 💕 : shush baby girl, don’t make much noise or the hyungs will know by themselves

[Y/N groaned seeing the reply.]

“Something wrong?”

[Myra looked at Y/N concerned.]

[Y/N gently shook her head.]

[09/03, 20:17] Tae 💕 : I want to make you come with just my hand

[09/03, 20:17] Tae 💕 : and then I’m going to eat you out till you scream

[09/03, 20:17] Tae 💕 : then I’ll make you suck my fingers, suck them crystal clean, letting you know how you incredibly good you taste

[09/03, 20:18] Tae 💕 : then I’ll fuck you till you’ll forget your own name

[09/03, 20:19] Tae 💕 :
hearing you scream

[09/03, 20:19] Tae 💕 :
hearing you moan

[09/03, 20:19] Tae 💕 : I miss listening to you begging for it

[09/03, 20:20] Tae 💕 : I just want you, around my cock, hard and tight

[Y/N watched the screen of the chat scrolling up, with all the new messages coming, vibrating each time. Her throat going dry as she read each one of them.]

[She pushed his hand away as she stood up, her legs shaking already.]

“I’ll be be right back, I really need to take this call from the board”

[Everyone nodded as they went back to doing what they were doing.]

[She glared at Taehyung before walking away, after she passed the lobby from where the other’s couldn’t see her, she took her phone out and replied to Taehyung]

[09/03, 20:24] Y/N : come fuck me hard

[09/03, 20:24] Y/N : daddy.

[Taehyung munched quietly on his food when his phone vibrated, smirking to himself he stood up excusing himself to the washroom.]

[He came to her, grabbing her by her arm harshly and wandered about in the lobby trying to look for any place to just fuck her. He looked around carefully and his eyes landed upon the 'Staff only’ room, which is supposed to be locked, but wasn’t. He rushed her inside the room, slamming the door shut and locking it securely before turning to her and attacking her with his lips on hers.]

[She yanked him on top of her and they kissed, hard and messy and passionately. He sucked her tongue into his mouth. She bit his lip a little longer and harder than she usually does. She dug her nails into his back, which she knew he liked. They were sharp, pointed at the tips.]

“I’m going to fuck you so hard,”

[He whispered.]

[She grabbed his hand and placed it on her clit. He began to move his fingers in slow circles the way he knew she liked, then sped it up.]

“Do you feel that?”

[He asked.]

“Do you feel how bad I want you?”

[He groaned.]

“I want you to make me feel good –” [She managed to say] “– so good”

[She slid down on his dick and both of them gasped. He grabbed her breasts, big handful, squeezed them tight.]

[Then his hands were in her hair and he pulled, pulled and yanked so tightly that if she was a girl with thinner, less-resilient hair, she would be afraid. But she was not, and she fucking loved it. She arched her back underneath him and their mouths met.]

[He got hold of his bottom lip and he bit it – hard. Really hard. She dragged her nails even deeper up and down his back, trying to leave big red marks for him to wince over in the next day.]

“Make me feel good”

[She whispered this time.]

[He lost control, and consumed her whole mouth with his. She could feel how hard he was.]

[She was really wet, wanting him to shove inside her and make her feel good. She wanted it furiously.]

“Stand up,”

[He commanded said.]

“Get up.”

[He yanked off her underwear and shoved her facedown on the table, putting his head against her folds, inserting as slow as possible. He pulled his cock out almost completely earning a frown from Y/N, before pushing it back inside. Taehyung continued to do that for about 3 minutes straight, until he couldn’t take it anymore. It was getting physically painful for him as well. She moaned uncontrollably already, only pushing him to go further.]

[He thrusted inside her, every inch of his big, hard dick slipping in and out. He took another yank of her hair making her yelp. He was thrusting fast, hard, his breath came in big ragged gasps. She tilted her ass up and brought her legs together so her clit felt tighter – His lips crashed against hers, giving her sloppy, wet kisses. Taehyung groaned against her lips, picking up her leg to gain better entrance inside of her and spreading her as much as possible.]

“Shit, shit”

[She gasped, trying to help him hold up her thigh. He began to move in a steady pace. She reached for him, digging her fingers anywhere they could touch, scratching.]

“Grab my balls”

[He instructed, and she did as told, reaching out under him and cupping them firmly in her palm.]

“Uh huh, baby, just like that.”

[Came his moan.]


[She whined and he moaned along. He leaned himself into her more, biting her shoulder as his thrusts grew quicker. She bucked her hips every time he slammed back into her, making her get closer to finishing.]

[While he picked up speed again, she had to steady herself by holding onto his shoulders tightly. Both of Taehyung’s hands held her thighs, one of them lightly caressing against her skin.]


[He stopped biting her skin, and burrowed his head into the crook of her neck.]

[Y/N wrapped her legs around Taehyung, allowing him to slide his hands on her still dressed torso. He pushed her dress up, ending up taking it off completely.]

“Are you getting close?”

[He inquired in a wound up voice, and she nodded.]

[Taehyung moved to a different spot inside of her, making her gape in pleasure. Moaning again, she felt Taehyung trailing kisses up her jaw marking his way all the way up to her mouth.]


[She gasped against his lips, and he pressed her harder into the kiss. He knew she was almost done. Taehyung moved in such an irregular pace, she knew he was close too.]

[Her uncontrollable moans filled the room, and he pulled his face away from her, leaning his head down, biting on her breast, nipping on her pink hard buds.]

[She cursed loudly closing her eyes. Taehyung inserted his finger deep in, fucking her simultaneously.]

“Yeah, right there! Oh my God Kim Taehyung!”

[She cried out as Taehyung inserted two more fingers, pushing them in and out her like his cock and making her come all over his tight cock.]

[He slowed down, fingering her faster before he picked up his pace again chasing his high.]

[She felt his orgasm ripple through her from her lips to her toes. They stayed like that for a minute, his hands still holding her ass, until their breathing went back to normal.]


“It’s ruined now”

[Y/N spoke up as she dressed up again.]

“What is?”

[Taehyung looked at her affectionately, buckling his belt.]

“The dress, it’s wrinkled now, if anyone notices how will I explain this?”

[He came to her, swinging his arms around her waist, softly.]

“You’re worrying about that? I wonder how you’re going to explain all these marks babe, good luck”,

[He said as he pressed a soft peck against her temple before leaving the room and joining the others again.]

Levi’s Vintage Clothing - “Barrel” Wash 1954 501

Gitman Vintage - Aloha Shirt

Gitman Vintage - Chambray Scarf

Ashland Leather - Bi Fold Wallet in Natural Chromexcel

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Missed Moments

Sorry it’s the 28th, not the 27th, but I changed the whole concept at the last minute. This is set in the middle of Brigham at Halloween time. It’s FLUFF FRIDAY! Harvard/Brigham series can be found here.


The ‘I’m fine’ thing. If a man says it, it usually means 'I’m fine’. Coming from a woman, it could mean 'please ask me a questions until I admit what is bothering me’, 'I’m in a terrible mood- help’, 'You’ve done something wrong- figure it out yourself’, 'I’m not fine’, and of course the least likely of them all- 'I’m fine’. So when Owen Hunt asks me how I am as he saunters into the room to scrub next to me, and I want to say how upset I am, how angry I am, how disappointed I am, I simply reply with, “I’m fine.”

“I know that 'I’m fine’,” he smirks, “You’re not fine. Tell me Snow White, what’s the problem?” Damn him for knowing me so well, and for being so charming about it too.

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