So yeah, white-washing is bad, but more often than not unintentional. 

As mentioned above, there have been a few blogs recently that make the claim of being against white washing, yet continuously misdiagnose and lack any fundamental understanding of basic color theory or anatomy. So, the intent of this post is to help give people a vocabulary through which they can address the issue of white washing, while presenting solutions in a way  that other artists can understand and learn from.

White washing is inexcusable, but “too pale” won’t fix it.

Daenerys: *Reclaims her ancestral home in a touching and powerful scene*

Me: *Can’t stop remembering the time Stannis and Melisandre had sex on that table*

stammi vicino

Another print for Anime Midwest! (Which is happening this weekend, so come say hi if you’re attending!) 

I’m so glad I finally was able to draw these two.


Best of Teen Wolf 166/???


this “american” adaptation of Death Note is just wrong in so many ways.
firstly, it’s “american” which apparently equals white, even tho japanese/asian americans exist. the argument that no asians who spoke “good” english auditioned to play any of the characters is stupid in every way. Edward Zo who was born and raised in california, auditioned but was turned down because “they were not looking to see asian actors for the role of Light Yagami.
with this netflix “reimagining” they’re taking everything death note is known for and making it white™
by bleaching the heck out of death note, it’s no longer death note and just falls into the action movie cliché. death note’s whole story revolves around Japan’s justice system that’s not really based on race. in america race is a big thing and we know that most of the prisons are filled with black people and that white people get away with crimes a lot of the time.
so light tuner is just a white guy killing people and getting away with it, and if they follow through the story of death note then a white guy is gonna end up killing a black guy….. YIKES

asians are one of the least represented groups in america, when was the last time you saw a asian lead actor, in a successful movie? when was the last time you saw an asian in a movie when they didn’t play a stereotype? Light Yagami is a handsome, straight A student, light tuner™ looks like a crazy person, someone you’d expect to be Kira.

please just don’t support the release on netflix, if you wanna watch it, please stream it somewhere else. (シ_ _)シ

as for old and new death note fans, watch the original anime, Japanese movies, the drama with kento yamazaki and masataka kubota ♡, the musical, and read the manga! please don’t not support the netflix version.

and let’s use the hashtag “#dead note” instead of “#death note”, let’s keep that movie out of the death note tag.

please spread this 〜 ψ(。。)